Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 17th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 17th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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  2. China did get rid of the one child law…population control that got out of control? And screw you, Apple! Microsoft please come back! People didn't appreciate your phones, Mr. Gates! Bring Back windows! Gahhhhhhhhhh!

  3. Right now, I’m terrifying that this year of 2020 will get worsen alongside with coronavirus. Please God save our home and our world

  4. Apple and Iphone can go where the sun doesn't shine. You're worried about it now? If you worried about cooperating with a Dictatorship for cheap labor . All the big companies should pay to the WHO and have their business with countries that are democracies. Shame on you all for your greediness.
    People are dying !

  5. The problem with violence against women is that most police departments claim that their female job applicants "didn't qualify" – and yet won't qualify that statement with a provable, concrete explanation that isn't rooted in outright sexism against women. You put female police officers on the job, and guess what? WOMEN GET BELIEVED when we file those reports, because #YesALLWomen have been through it, and we know what to look for – we know when we're being told the TRUTH about each others' experiences, AND when we're being LIED TO. But most importantly, we know NOT to lie about it in the first place, because that only hurts us and our Sisters. Anyway, none of the violence against women will change until our police departments are 80% female (cis or trans). Mark my words on that.

  6. The plague boooooat; soon will be making another run. The plague booooooat; promises symptoms for everyone. Set a course for adventure, your mind on a new romance. But love, won't matter anymooooore. It's an open soooooar, on an unfriendly shooooooores. It's plaaaaaaaague! Welcome aboard it's plaaaaaa, AAAA, AGUE!!!

  7. _If many people don't present with symptoms until 28 days after they are affected!,_" then why are they letting peoples testing neg.- coming from the known source of the virus, to leave the quarantined hold, days short of the 28 days to go, and possibly affect others?. Are they not able to discern, and make sound, Potential, deadly, life threatening, decisions?. 02/18/[email protected]:37AM.

  8. Lmao thanks to your channel i can always finish my news report whenever we have cause we almost have a news report almost every day, yeah thanks!

  9. Record Locust in Africa, extreme fires around the world, flooding everywhere, famine, corvid 19 pandemic, the Kardashians… and the Antichrist in the White House. Add it up

  10. I've been saying for years to bring Apple phone production to the United states. Its one of our most prosperous and successful companies. Made for pennies off communist slave labor. We pay hundreds though. We Americans can make plastic hollow garbage too!!

  11. basically spreading it everywhere, why not have all ships doc one darn place that way some is not here and some there and then somewhere ever.(make sure their clear, spray all their stuff and vehicles)..Don't make a bit a sense, no wonder quarantine don't work, they take them everywhere and split them…

  12. I didn't appreciate Bloomberg jumping into the race just because he's loaded. But I see his money is being used for attack adds. These adds are welcomed.we need all the help we the people can get against traitor trump. this catastrophic administration needs to be removed.

  13. Hey traitor trump! We want our infrastructure fixed! You have done squat! Water first! Bridges then roads. Forget 3 billion for new nuclear weapons orange fool.

  14. He has BILLIONS, of course, they will let him in. UNLIKE our candidate they SMEARED and ignored another ignored and abandoned Vet SHAME on you all. This is far from over. He needs go home to Munchkin Land and resume his duties as wizard last thing we need is another freaking lizard! #VetsForTulsi #TulsiOrBust #StandWithTulsi

  15. When traitor trump was first elected, he asked his general,We have nuclear weapons, why can't we use them? I would have removed him right then and there. My God people. I'm a common worker who can tell you why we don't use nuclear weapons. Get him out now! !

  16. No one in the world should ever travel to China until the Corona virus is reported by the world, not the CCP, to be gone. Maybe no one should ever travel there afterward, cannot trust the CCP to not lie and coverup for another outbreak entrapping millions again.

  17. As for Americans saying global warming is fake for political, financial or ignorant reasons, are you still refusing to believe it is fake? Lol.

  18. NBC gets big money from Bloomberg ads. Corrupt the whole bunch of them,they got Trump elected. MSNBC love Trumps tax breaks.

  19. Why is it that horse face?☺ lieying kellyann is still in the w house which all of them dump.shadow is out here making trouble and not in prison?☺ its want know one to tell you they who leave are under the cult w dump they all on touchable?☺ w the demon

  20. Oh you want to come at the farmers? How bout you don’t eat the food we provide for you. I bet you can’t grow it yourself. Farming is hard work but we do it every day for everyone in this country. We provide you with food and if there’s no farming there’s no food.

  21. I wish nothing bad on anyone that being said, Mississippi the baptists who claim that disasters happen to evil people like the fires in California…will you now realize that there is no evil other than global warming? Can you stop your nonstop blabbering about punishment from God??? Hmmm?

  22. About that tax thing. Everyone is saying they have a free service. So it looks like there may be a opportunity for the government to renege. All do to self filing. Or maybe we're all safe. That sounds right. I guess I have trust issues.

  23. Oh not to worry. WHO promises if we use this “window of opportunity “ ( give them enough money) they will come up with a vaccine. Phew, I was worried for a minute.

  24. Our aging infrastructure, how can this be? Trump is spending millions of bucks on his golfing while many cities need to modernize their infrastructure, what a shame and I thought he was making America great again,

  25. What we need to do is isolate China and it's people from the rest of the world and stop traveling to that infested nation that has brought nothing but diseases, and if Americans travel there then the should stay there…

  26. if your land is less than 10 feet higher than flood stage, build your house up off the ground. Concrete pads at ground level – REALLY ? "floating slabs" do NOT float. Why should the public pay for your ignorance ?

  27. It is being said by a Chinese Communist worker who got the so called virus, that it is NOT a virus but a bioweapon "Agent" that accidentally broke at the meat market. All the numbers are far worse than these MSM news are telling us. Over 470 MILLION are quarantined and starving to death in their homes in China. We will know the truth once the American doctors see what this so called virus does to its victims….unless they lie too.

  28. We need to speed,to find a cure for this Corona virus,just in case it blows all around,because people go everywhere now a days you know?And they don't tell everyone their business as well!!?

  29. Nine by nine out a hour every other day to shower and exercise, should only be possible for violent people who had a psychotic or pre meditated act of violence,and tbecriminaly violently psychotic insane. Probation and house arrest, and maintenance of employment to take care of ones self and or family, and a reasonable probation and restitution for other's who dont do violence and or armed robberies. Also the opportunities for assisting paying off fines through community services.

  30. Those who cry are those who would lie or cover up something for someone!Barr should get tougher!New laws should be made to protect people from out landish sentences of to much time for simple crimes,I'd say 3 years or a large fine and at least a year for lying.But 9 is out of a reasonable range of a justice area!Next he's not a young guy and of course should know better!What about 2000 hours of community service,Hmm.That would be worse then the time!

  31. The DEmocrat party should be outlawed and wear red badges for what THEY have done against the rule of Law in this country, their continual conspiracies, their Acts of Sedition, et al.

  32. why do these "therapist" telling others how to live their lives, always screwing up their own so badly? Read the bible, all the therapy needed.

  33. I noticed that not one of those people have an IV bag hanging by their beds. I’m sure part of the reason most of those people are dying is because of dehydration. Also there isn’t a nightstand with any water for these people actually should be drinking lots of. Most people over 50 can die just from dehydration if they are ill.

  34. The future of flight, is undiabe thats its awesome….. like straight u the coolest thing in the world was halo jumping at one time or some reason…but a jsiet pack, you can just fly on over to another island, or have gang of people flying in the sky instead of motor cycles or kyaks and 500k's or 5k's turn to 500k's maybe thousands f them… Yes i think we have races or know that we will have people flying kinda like car race but similiar to nascar there will be 70 or 80 people flying in loops, then like other things theres going to be go cart versions, like people just flying in there backyard for fun or derbies..

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