Newt Gingrich: Iran is very close to breaking

Newt Gingrich: Iran is very close to breaking

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  1. The Republicans should when they have the one democratic candidate wait until they spell out their policys then take all the speeches they have made then flipped on and show the people how wishy washy they are

  2. Look laws are not always seen as the best thing but they are our laws and must be followed. I understand immigrants are scared living in there country’s but it is what it is. There governments must fix there own issues they want to do what they want and not work with the United States then I’m sorry take care of your people. The bottom line it’s not our problem we will help but in the end it’s your country fix it.

  3. We have 4 freshman Democrats who have not even cut there teeth yet and they want to change this country why for there own rule not the people but there own agenda. This should not be let to fester in this country we need to teach our people about why America is great not just sit back and cast blame. In the end everything ends we have dodged the ball but it will come back and without proper teaching America as we all know and love will end.

  4. sigh…. newt you are so 1970's … you are like kissinger… so far out of touch you should go back under your rock …. with mcconnell and lindsey and have a threesome … douchbags

  5. President Trump: Lets have Lunch!
    Kim: O-Tay!
    President Trump: Lets see what happens!
    Kim: But my fire crackers…. I still have few…!

  6. Let's face it Democrats are not smart enough to strategize, the only thing they can look at is covering their own asses for real action that is why we must have term limits to terms in your out I'll get another job work like the rest of us get taxed like you want us to be taxed!!! I'm a senior citizen who was mandated to pay into Social Security not so it can be dispensed to illegal aliens there are too many of us seniors unable to make it on our own earned Medicare, what about our veterans living homeless on the streets???!!! The democRATS cannot develop policy run them out of DC!!!

  7. The native American nations said that everyone from across the atlantic is illegal. They don't care, if you like it or not
    They want everyone from across the Atlantic out.

  8. We kept our oil,during WWII we formed the strategic oil reserves, and bought oil from foreign countries OPEC , its no secret that the United States kept our oil incase of another world war , now they can drink there oil, with a cherry on top, Trump knew this and so did I, know your enemies and history or be doomed to repeat it……

  9. Had in not been U.S. econ sanctions placed on Iran combined with a kind of "bounty' sought by instigators who seized the Iranian vessel first / earlier? Not much on this in news until the UK's cargo ship seized in Hormuz…
    Keep pushing boundaries at leading edge Fox/Rupert

  10. My wife says North Korea needs a lot of prayer. They need to get rid of nuclear weapons and get them some American things, like MacDonalds etc to say we're behind you, and in good faith, we will help you, and gradually get rid of sanctions.

  11. I am glad the most American people know the difference between activist news propaganda and true journalist news reporters ..i seriously believe the communist Chinese government paid billions to CNN to campaign big in America to broadcast activists news propaganda against president trump so the Democrats will get their way with no border wall and the drugs cartels and the deep state traitor will get their socialist ways to vote president trump out of public office not to serve the United states of America in the next election 2020. The drug cartels will be very happy to see no borders wall and illegal undocumented immigrants will be happy to get more free stuff from hard working Americans worker's and the Democrats will be laughing all the way too the bank happy to spend your illegally imposed taxes on hard working Americans giving away any way they please to illegal undocumented immigrants in America and house Democratic speaker Nancy Pelosi will be making from over 400million to 800million American taxpayers dollars added to her assets. And the elite rich Democratic party will say. How good it is to skew the hard working Americans worker's 4 more years, now we elite rich Democrats will assemble behind closed doors and figure out how to lie to the American people and make them take the bate . Democrats hope American citizens intelligently have a IQ of herd mentality and rich elite Democrats still laughing their way to the bank to collect your hard earned taxes so the Democrats can spend your hard earned money as the Democrats wish forcing American into socialism. By the way Democratic voters. Look up people killed under socialism on u-tube. Your free stuff will end one day and guess who is going to pay for it.

  12. His wife is the ambassador to the Vatican. If there's any sneaky stuff going on, they're behind it, just like they always have.

  13. Yes, let's Make Israehell Great Again, MIGA.. Netanyahu Words." Trump Is The Greatest President Israel Ever Had" BDS, Boycott, Divest , Sanction, Israel Will Fight Till Last American Soldier Standing –

  14. USA supporting Saudi Arabia, accusing Europe of trade with Iran "because there is a profit to be made".
    Douchebag obviously hasn't heard of the saying "throwing stones while sitting in a glass house"…

  15. These fools are so excited to start WW3, because there's one nation left progressing in this world, I can't bare to listen to them. Dems are no better. They think the audience are all idiots? People can now do their research online. It's either fascism or communism with these clowns. Choose your pick…

  16. Under stand the word DEAL when signed for that date Would only work in place for 10 year's then Iran after 10 year's 1 day the deal is retired This Is Way Its a BAD DEAL

  17. Iran's economy is getting worse, and now ISRAEL has THE ARROW so Iran's and Obuslim's Nuc Missiles will be worth SHIITE!!

  18. Short-term basic health care for those at the camps on the Mexico side of the border is one thing. No way we give them socialized medicine inside the U.S.

  19. The U.S. should just annex everthing to the Panama Canal and take the canal back. Much smaller southern border to protect afterwards.

  20. I love how MSM and Trump and rep. And Dem. Divide people and people buy into it, only in America, they let politicians lead them instead of leading themselves

  21. The important thing for all Iranians is to look at their cell phones and realize they only invented molesting goats and young boys.

  22. The Democrats will never come together and work with this President never so the only choice we have it's the win the house the senate in the presidency again take care of business this time neocon Republicans

  23. I thought I saw Newt Gingrich in Hawaii wearing a brown t shirt and shorts.  But it couldn't have been him because the man that I saw was shorter with brown skin.  However, he did BEAR a strong resemblance to Newt Gingrich, and  I can't help but notice that in this Fox news video clip that it appears his facial features are changing and is pudgy like Hawaiian features are. We don't want him to lose anymore of who he is otherwise we may be left with a totally different person!

  24. sure you can convince the corrupt eu to dump iran ..dump nato and the un…then start the tarriffs ….any questions???

  25. The other countries dont have a problem with them and they are ALL droping the dollar because our president uses it as a weapon

  26. Ah! Finally ! We have a President (D. Trump), that has true testicular fortitude (huevos rancheros with pico de gallo salsa on top). Last President we had like that was Ex-Pres. W. Bush (Let's Roll!), R. Reagan(Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this Wall !), L. Johnson(signs Civil Rights Act into effect), J. Kennedy(stares down Russia in October 1962, with their War Ships in Cuban waters, not to place and install armed Missiles in Cuba to be aimed at the U.S. and, wins. Russia concedes.). Chicano's(established Mexican-American Patriot Citizen) for Pres. Trump 2020. Que vaya con DIOS !

  27. Fox 🇮🇷 iranian will not call for peace if they feel they the uppermost.

    We will not support no longer iran's regime.
    When dems were strong on bordes it was good but became weak due to negligence.
    Now trump is doing something about our wall problem.

  28. Newt is right, of course. Please get a gun and bullets, one pistol (judge is the best choice) and a rifle (AK 47 is the best choice). The Hillary organization will have no pity in forcing you to surrender your rights; never assume that the Constitution will protect you from those who do not obey it.

  29. And this is why all Demacrates need to be killed for Treason agaisnt America

  30. The American are nothing but very very very very weaked
    They are casing Mexican out and want cheaper things others countries

  31. The US has to attack Iran to prop up our oil industry.
    The fracking booms is a scam the overhead makes the oil too expensive the sell.

  32. Socialism for the oil companies the US taxpayer get stuck with the bill to protect their failing businesses.

  33. I guess the illegal immigrant healthcare poll should have been asked to doctors.
    Are you (as doctors), willing to treat these people for free?
    If they are willing to work for free, so be it..

  34. Yes newt, very close to breaking. Another 40yrs and they should be ready to bomb. Does't anyone realise that Iran has been under pressure for a very long time? Since the revolution I believe.
    North Korea does not give a crap what the US does or say.
    Where is that wall? thats right, just the usual nonsense to get the votes.
    Ever think that the US is getting played like a violin? lol

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