News Reporters Should Be More Like Sports Reporters

News Reporters Should Be More Like Sports Reporters

other is a story for you from are
charlie cook as a clerk report it’s a national journal magazine adequate
report is one of the most well-respected uh… political of polling uh… reports this crazy comes out with
it does he really is the status of the
races then in the congressional places
including senators are the leading republican on the strongly republic
possibly democrat strongly democratic center and what’s happening is that uh… all do races are leaning towards the democrats and its totally unbalance the there well in an election in every election is
about the democrats and go out here but they’re not doing as
well they’re uh… republic has might be lee has some elections are you reported
as an s but in this election other problems they’re getting hammered
everywhere uh… they’re almost definitely going to
lose in virginia mark warner will pick up a seat for the democrat says john
warner retires i’d almost certainly does in new mexico value dole’s going to pick
up that senate seat and then there are a lot of trouble in
new hampshire and in uh… organic andy and kentucky in north carolina and the list goes on and on and the only
democratic seeking any kind of jeopardy phillips a show hold onto it but now
this is a race there is that the event recede in louisiana at now that’s a good story and
interesting and of itself at kolkata and concludes that the
democrats are likely to pick up a seven more senate seats at six which pickup that’s here it’s the views he would say so but but that is israel itself but i wanted to also report on this
because of that paragraph that precluded the such as the sender so that the
review but tenor of the article in the national
journalists like this very apologetic for reporting this bad news for the
republicans i give you this quote insist soap even though i’m not a partisan
analyst naturally desires to be balanced in the year like this if i can place
very little good news on the republican side of the scale but think about that person about this
all start your job is to report upholds which it is the political equivalent of the scores why do you have to be balanced in
reporting the score that’s absurd and i’ve done this man algae before but
it’s perfect here hits like uh… sports reporter saying
hill esupport and non uh… bias sports reporter strives to be
balanced but i’ve got to say the celtics won the championship you know why because the celtics won the championship you don’t need outside that you need to
report the score why do you need us to reporting with the
pulsar the pours out of all those it it looked
like at this point the idiot bastards just look at it smoking you see my point here the these reporters scared to death
somebody anything negative about their problems
even if it’s in pyar ko even fair society data or statistics importantly so why do we strive to be balanced here well you shouldn’t what exactly should
be trying to be balanced in reporting that you shouldn’t say well the facts
indicate that the democrats are going to win eleven thousand dollars a year by
pretending the republicans might lead sa valued essentially was that that’s a bias because you by saying your quality in an attempt to even things out when
they are not even at i’m on a campaign here amato warcraft political journalists need to be like
more like sports journalist believe it or not i think that leading uh… advocate of
sports journalism in america who has the report and score political journalists need to understand
there’s nothing wrong with that and they don’t apologize for and i’m not apologized for it and i’ll
tell you right now at this point andrew elections are so four months away andy
can change at this point republicans are looking to get their ask
handed to

16 Replies to “News Reporters Should Be More Like Sports Reporters

  1. I prefer non-bias news like it is in the UK(most of the time), and cant stand right and left-wing news like in the US

  2. I love how you have the gall to say that. The media has a right wing bias. Get over your stupidity and read something.

  3. Would you like to back that claim up with some fact?
    Hmm? …Anything? If not, then why are you watching the TYT videos?

  4. uh uh uh uh….this fool cant even talk properly without saying uh….so why uh is he uh even uh on uh the news….?????Please tell me…

  5. This fool "awong" can't even use proper grammar and punctuation, so why is he bothering to write comments on YouTube criticizing people for saying "uh"? Please tell me.

  6. Cenk is not a "news reporter". He doesn't have an expensive team of writers to come up with scripts and monologues for him. Let's say you talk for almost 3 hours a day with no script and see how many times you say "um". My point was that you shouldn't write such poor sentences if you're going to bash people for their communication skills next time. Fool. 🙂

  7. I live in Maine and Congressman Tom Allen is vying for Susan Collins Senate seat. It's going to be close, but I think Collins will win. Mainers hate letting go of their incumbants.

  8. That would be "I know how to use proper grammer, smart-ass. Why are you soooo worried about what I am saying. You need to get a life." You're welcome.

  9. We can't operate that way. We're all Americans first. If we say fuck all Republicans, we're buying into their idea that the only true American is a red stater. This country needs people on both sides of the aisle to work together.

  10. He needs to read sports reporting more. Facts and data often go by the wayside for some sports writer who has an axe to grind or needs to come up with a story that gets readers interested, even if it's not remotely true. And when all else fails, makeup a story and claim you have an anonymous source. Even if you do have a source, it doesn't need to be accurate in sports reporting. Shefter reporting the Vikings had a 'schism' over Favre was a great example of a BS story.

  11. @eirefrance except the concept of working together makes the concept of democracy broken. The idea is that voters choose which party they like better. It option A or Option B. If the only two parties work together then Option A = Option B. It breaks democracy, which is exactly what sissy handholding obama has done by giving the other side everything they wanted.

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