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in t disnce there camback amous i t and boy wld but don’tee no calback motain o the Dow Jonesoday weustant to e up up up ght n. It’s dng f just tt fou ndred d fif point the a alleally coupl of days agre bm So we wlee of this connues hours we goo all cered hereo gog Haenin rht now in New Hampshire will to getut there a little bit – J Biden ing a town halnd thehe S. use they arackn sessionighto. the.zo reprentateight Yeah allight welyou ow i you’vee. ? Yoknowho wrs a the time — Coming out of Capitol Hill while they take a lot of vacation te. I’m t qte se ho that whole vationalenr we most people get Memorial Day off they get t who week off. ah — Yeathers a gure number. ianays for sure sebodout tual cou it l up Anay they are backn tn a mu is coincidentay about the why meepubcans andemocts t back into town. ofown yes andas h a cple reayasciting day- In ndon- Y know tre are- Iouldoveo g ming out otheity of London Ju iterm younow eremany. peop aren t l time arod ty di’t hontly seem toh so for us a as theastime ound thahe president was the wch wast yea But y know ecidd of connue the picking of the fight — With Sadiq Khan w i nowr and en thoh itight havey felt little awkrd with the primet nexto him there. He sort of waited into British politics — You know to take on London.or. soou kw he is nosaying th he’s the onehat puld th plugn anyind of opsitiwith t lder ofhe There in t Briti parlient a man . govementver tre is lfunctningichael. I meaThera may e gethe brit wl fst allhe bretut wt Greaood liv bause wre ry.v Camos we’re kesh. r someing le Eighteight dierent oposal they’ all bee st down shet t big electnoing so she n boosterm mority. backiredhe majityent wnnd sohe’s hado tryo work clitio l of pple g fedp withhe Of the twoolitic pties that a aah . g poticalarties and a two pay syst. Ateast aord youhe opportity fm to get ings de. Yoknow i t in a tf the Eupean nions wve got five dierent rties . impossib. Tyou kn. rlly Gea whollot ne. Frankl. Backbaman his rst t ars ioffice Demoats in corol obothhe use an Senate. And so t questn ws c Whicis kin of be you kw with a te d so psident tru had h rstwo yeaith Republanajorit andhs wh you g yourpportuty. Toeally try tget thing de so I ks t. thate made ithewenty sieen rit upo the ection. But ‘sh d caed risright re. th conolhe bigne washed x refm yesight that was Mayb youhould a d borr Instead oyou kn actuaformuri. when yl ge it in twey twen but is is da two rht n in the UK dayne was allbout t mmon ccumstae yh. queeeah thstate nner you d — T. Chars tt ainnd tn yo ve t rept tt ca out that sd. rlityueen Elizath h cret mesge stem forme stafased oe ing at wt. so I d’t kw I an it es g intgrea dep but it ys sethi abo if eets Se bical sce h pur ceain lationdells homeerenheabla affhe wan outf the in ve mutes the rely i– To t tnr how ch tth geine wmth — Iean af aecon meeng to firs os thers alys. Bu tre sms tbe som — genue w betenn w relynterting I kwou owedome of the cturike of t ful Wd thqueen’uardhe g wit the ys wh Al hs. Th was vy ieresnghat isime aroundheueen we aays prie Chaes and iast ou g was princ Crles. Andommeator I hea s I n100% grant youhe quee aher nd in everying and noiy eve ibeinwithter y s And ratrhanave t sam nd ofullaws hadast me whe heriedo ki of shused.o herou know d this tim arod s nominated prince Charles to behe guyto ke t predentut tre f inspting of. d tht’s earhat who the rankg pern is the was pho call yesterd but Mike. e piureshowe. cas.esident talking to ese ll iyou evereeno Loon try tking ‘ g o . reond tonhe wt wasoing thadheirook like ybeas threor fr df em h Amecan conneion. ay. e wa auall an Ameran guy w wi intouis oas ty cl i overheret Los S Louis. d b h had a Briti fatr so he hadh i e served i both military is the U.s e Priden probly could talk S Louise . finily definitely s tt will iwe s o no but while the predent i Thvice predent and is in lsa Oklahoma todayecause of the t that region has just been getting homeld without we’re Oklamain the mix there in Missouri as well. He will be touring some of the floodi areas and we should begin so video pretty soon here I don’t know how much time Mi y’ve spen in Oklaho. I basically drove across the entire state. Once — Many years ago okay a ite topoaphy kd of changes the closerou get it goes from a little more of an arid climate the wesrn in India — Out area t bybout the timet you’re going to it — Arkansas it’s much greener more lush the becos a ttle bit menow itnd mountaousnd you’re gonna have more the streams and creeks and rivers that are gonna be flowing through some of those areas so not a shocker here Thate my Mike pen t vicett for president’s gonna be today he’s landed in Tulsa. Andere in sndby mode for some se pho ops andrankly some worng meengs tt he’ll be having with some of the key leaders trees so we’l kp an eye t o anher b stoeall iow but nneccut is t ce ofhis jail — Becausemall police sa that tyound. me bod satte- Connected to aas tt some trash I a I and we in one of the trash cans of thrs beeve tt’s the girl that’s thfull bksto I mn weciate as don’t en ha. A court case yet – Younow deite the ft that in our countryt til pron guilty e pole feel tm v. rong caseo — You know it’s hetbreing stybreangt’s Of aom of five of cose. a as a mom would be doing t lass l ye tho fivkidsow. o -May never see their mother is. Now and you have the five kids that are all under the age of thirteen so I mean it is just a bad case all around and you got the FBI. poli are a tingo figu is out a it’s it it a real wello do- Part o wn the and so Ne Canaan ah – Andhe interesting ever law enforcent agey has to ms Ho far do y go in trying t wiing ttake theeathto penalty off the table? You know or what Ieanhere whers e fen pron — Nchars youronviionshe adedith is whakindf rgainghipsould you use th y choe. To try t actuly hsehef e bo whe theld- mea that wasltimh ca o of ltle colge tn olgirlent ssin iwith a daor t th- t ca treveherehe child’s dy waso — Ithe lice bo othem kno exalyhere at bys- Th questn is if youeehe a colete dferer then it rais a Acto. d wee h on mulple he in thealle where meons geissi. d tusn I mea the themount of m houhe thoands o manourshat n e innse srchae ldfil and fnkly forhatereaso st of theime. ey d the do turn t to — Younow ccesul i hando wll s s ev me o anstraedh hta. sban andee if th cou Cancs the allightack ttny aitio. inerli Net n hasrapped up Inhat tn halillive u e Wh’s yr taken a Me s farell healg Iean wast was wide nging talkebout VA healthcare he talked about a lot about climate change. And then he also disomeabs president that’s expected tugh right yes expect yeah well there’s some nepolling out today that shows his lead is still huge. But slipping just a little bit – And some of that same polng showf up theirind interesting though clos 250% of the people said yeah I’m definitely I know who I’m gonna be voting For is earlyd a debate. it til t debes a little bit of r. It’s fake town halls. Th’s for se — So younow I an he’s y can’t bme the he doesnn the mud with anybody — Unless and until Bernie Sanders nber art to grow ain or there’s a ear auickly growing number three whether it’s Elizabeth soonelse wcome may even — Kamel Heris — You know he doesn’t really have to respond no not at all I mean look what they did in California this weekend. They sort of behind of reference that — Does anybody noticed that one of our other candidates isn’t in this room today I mean I was first. theye gonnhave ttake the gloves t a ance tt’s ue tt is very te andt looklike is the Aro. hoe flooright w. Soe go ts is a bk tback hoe flo as th wereaking their opt cong bk. Yeightirst dayack a one PMt is Tuday Moay the Hihird Trsday nightay vationith.vy moh ishe . We oering so sure that is mingp yeah all rightolks inhat she toptori othe y we just ge me a stard we’re goa ha the ful new conference Fromresint tmp a Tresa y gat fewor when the qutionome. Becausnce ain o script fit feminus ithe oninggot Alys t bes whehey whe all o auddI n’t inknybo hadny quesons uimaty surpred him just to hearhe awersor So we’ll have that anduch much moreeren news w takne re looat the green booer dayp four ndred anhirty Contuing trocks t genatio othe f e tran Atlanc alliaeas been a sds l commment tjustic. It is t uty oft ll presee theeep rood ties bweenl dn dend onationecurit d prosrity forhe nex ventfive yrs andeyond. So I ver e d the st two a a hfearsor thereside e du and prilege. Ofeing theatest f th preous androfoun As with all pcesses whe wip bwe. haveaced thrts tthe togeersto tether d actedi of alo en Rusased a deay nerve agt on e stres ofur Alonidehe U..’s expulsisr? Ruian intellence oices the largtn unecedend glol respse dn Syri wn innont men of aob Brett cmicalctims Britnnd Ameri along wit Frce criedut tarted rikeagainsthe reme. Since w spoke about NAT durg myie use wave matained all supporor ta . r we hav seen memrs pledg othe o hundr billi Incrsing that ctributnso our sh y d I’mleased to nounce tha onhe UK’ Que Elizatha thir five ghter js.oth help tacklte . Toda wve disssed ain t wnd evoinghallens to ousecuri vuesnd ouray We share theame vw abo thef. orin and o objecves in meing th x likerime mistersnd presidts bon ubt the thawill ce off on ho confnt trometim alleng we fa. I’ve alwaytalkedpeh a e I’ve alwselieve tha coopation and comomise on th bisf stro allnces. An nowhe is is morerue Toda we’ve disssedgain t. imrtance of r two nions rking tethero addrs a wrongs desi e regn d to enre twrong kenls acire a clear apon though we ffer on e mean of achvd berehe. K. connues to reac the se goa.oth wt to its ligatis I’m wdo mee whicis in one’snteres.ytng to o anmore prospous whee workr togetht chlenges of a time. I also sen os apoach to taing cmate chge and a ctinued suprt for the. We ao spo about China signicance on at wcannot shar interts schl valu.r Ase’ve dpenedll cooperion on secy operions on our unpallele intell. moreightlyound tether.he Evyorning one mlion erican get o and goo work sameor Amecan coanies re. Ou tradi relatnship is with usverne huned niny billio pound . I’ wittheargestnvesto eachther’sconomis wh as mh aone illion dolrs. Misterrr thfirst tim wmet thee should aime toda I kwhat we botremas mmitteto thi m aoure tha our enomi lationipill on grow Builng on t conveations we had io e Tomoowe wl sit down i threof foubut refirmheortsmth ws endungmpoh weernlliance. Onhe shad valu that unrpint. And ase looko the fute i e inderhe genations ahead. We wl coinue to rk alancehat ishe bedckf ou share proerity a curity. Just ait wallsn theeaches Normayeven fivyear agoinaudie] M. may Mali a I are honed to return to Loon. Two ant tthanker majty.ion’s coe the qunin] llo a had a lovel dinr with th last nig a fanstic peon fanstic wan. For s acious iiting us tthis stateisit. It w very ve speci r than as ll. To pri minisr a Mtm r the rm wcomehey’ve gin the rst La in me. Ase remberw id dn tir lives to scue On June sixineteeforty fo tens o thousds. Ofoungarrior Leseores byhe sea. of Nmandy.andir to ginhe invion An the leral. bral **- occupion.i of Eope andt It w a liberiw opleave se befor. ong tmere mo than one hured anhirty ousand Amicannd Brish bthers ar. Thugh the valor and saificehey seredur homelas andayo e worl morrow pri minter m and willttendommemotion ceremo in Pto the vasion.on point for re tha onend a hfillion Americ sw statned ght he i Engnd in advce the ldings at sumr. The bosf frd re and seadn bloo on ose hoered beach. Wi iue or r ever. grouedn commistoryurpecial relis values cusms g d loss r peoplbeliev in frdom birtight and cherished inherince wth defding. any ct. As therimeiniste and I diussed iur meengs. Todayndester. e United Stes and the Uted ngdom ser my goa and prrities aund thworld. I wan to o campgno defeat ISIS.our Ase annoueda IS ierritoal ciphate. Inyria a Iq s bn cometely oblitered Defeed. The Uned Kingd is ao a k thatur NAT alls musI aee increa the dg wee both bn worng. can’ allow that to haen But I areciat erythin u’ve de in tt regard. Wexpect a growi numbe of of G requiment. To dress toy’s cllens all mbers the aies mu fulfi eir oigatio theyave no chce they st fulll the ligati. Amg the pssing threa cing o natios. Is the devopment s ourreates thrt. The Uted Stas and e s And op supportg. An engagg iterrorm. al kno that e boer wed I lieve . secutys natna. day trime minter a I scusseur thrivgconomi lationip. Both cntriesre dng ver table wh indury and biness Ian say probly the bgest busine e . trilon dolla iested in ea other onomic. The Utedingd is erica’ rgest reign vestor. In ourargest Europn expo mark. That’s lot. Ofmpornce to et theuropea Uonation e Unittates is comtted to phemenal tra dea. Betwee t USe t tre dea. say probly two a even ree tis o wt wre doing Thuray.iveears agohisi. Courageo Amerins andriti parset out from e silt tordistory most imrtant ttle. and rplanesisky evething To dendur pple and to enre tt the Uted Stes Woul forer rainoverei. Foowin thiress cferenc pre minier misteray The gendar Chuhill’s war oms neath e stres of Ldon. I lookorw. Inis fams sech o thisay June. Churill uedis countmen toefend oursland. As w mark thi soleme. We remberhat t defen oivearyf D. r natios ds notegin o e battfield patrtn t heart of ery dayet us new our plee. Engrav a a mete in Nmandy d insibed bresint Dwigisenhor. Ing he in Ldon diedhow li.rhich ty Prim minter m it’been a toonor. with you y a a trendousg profesont los your untry drly thank you vyc protting anddvanci thee. traordary lie bween. It’she greest.the Btish Alance the wld hasver known. you ank yothank u verynk mu ank ynow we’ goi t ke t questns in the UK.& medi toe h . t trumphree bfrom Sinews. hold talks wh the rrentFor yo pu pre minter. e leer oher jests positionas bn adessing a otest ral agastour vis Trafalgar Squar. tophe law to maa. your Ancritice treco on to h Inew sixonomeone to say yocould do a tde dl wh to u priminister do y ink the cyhan ia ston ld losA. Thank u. You’realking abr . very gd marerom wh Iot unrstand ‘s don a poo job crimes up And I d’t thi he shld be cricizin rresentive o the Uted For e Unit Kinom we talkedes th. about. n e not positi force. An if yook athat he id he hts t i And think youhould aually fos on sob wld be. A lot betterfh uld saight out se of the problems tha hhas a probabome ofs th he’s used. Thanyou. Cannot. Yes [audie] now [inauble] Well don’t ow Jeremyorbynever met hi ver ske to me wanto meet tod or I cided that would t do tt- I thinI me from. Someat of negati force tnk that — Thpeople shld loo to things critize really don’tike itics asuch as I lik and respt peop to t thin do. So I dided not to me a far therotest I havto tel u bause I cmented o yeerday We le The prime minter e rol fily. The wer thousds opeople onhe strts cheing. An enoming oroday tt wi thousds ofeople chring And theI heahat th were pre protts I d’tee any prests d s a sma protes todayhenr all a l of is fak new te to y but yo tha the pele wavg t Amerin fla ving yr fg. It w tmendou srit and lo the was gat lovit was an aiance. areoing jt aittle wles o a was aery vy sma it w fakeews thank d I wou say to bo Myland dends Jemy Coyn. thisost iortantelatiohipsion thd beeen the U and theK. the eatestlliance theorldhe psio s seen it ishis deepecial lationipnd partnship security of l tho around the rld. To andt is thi relionshi thag bs tt impvehe peoe Stat b on theens alled prospety. Andll fute. Th i a rationsp wshould erish i ia relionshi we of this s wn I tbig anoud thiseallya And think peoe shod act meanso much d it’s beenoi good –s Thk y mus pre thank y. currt vwn brex Sirr shld Btaineavehe Europenion ihern reemen b Octer thirt rst a for t pri minter what wl bs a de. We I d’t likto tak sitionin ings tt I’m t y know rely — undstand the ise what was gng to ppen.cted Some oyou t predtionade at certa were openg theay befe it haened morehan anhing ee buton obably ihapps for lot o shou happe ts is a great. Great s owndentit It wan to ru its offairs very ver speal pce and thinkt deserves special ple and Ihought mbe f that reaso it w going t Ye I thi it wi happe. goodoint wreht ito a very she’done aery go I elievet woulbe goo r the cotry as arom m pot of ew — I belie it imrtant fors tdelive brexit a wee overelming gav the cice now deler.ople w suld On thahoic I connue to beeve thahe isn the st interes oe e Euroan Uon i aorderl wayays dee r part a other Maveo fl stoppe is. Fr deliving a bxitn that de but we wilut oiously is is issue tt is ing connue he in the U K. I ink thimportt tng ise delive bre. On rs of e Eopean Uni we wil be able to hat ‘ve be talki abo tod on agementut broad econoc partnehip intthe futu sclo a ratedatterister prent aou ppared to imse lims onntelgenc If they do not p i pla some absotely iagreemt on Wal y and erythin els we he an iredi. And we will be aeo wo at any dfer t gonn have we did dcuss -ee absolutyo mitatis wve never had litationthis ia truly agre with y’llmbassarou th’shentire ecomy nds to be theu tre tal. The tre dl incling the S o f eluid a sck arod for t untitradinis don hink wre goingo have a greatradek veryomprehsive tde deal the tionalealth rvice ction e table. Lo I tnk evething with e trade dn uhen y’re deangn trad erythi’s on e table. So NHS or at a l morhan that but erythi wl be othe tle absoluly. Okay. t theoint aut makin trade als is of goals that both sides negiate a com to an reemen about what suldr regardourecond qstion forouldot. Ha is nictry t bit. Look I’m a woman of my word is rese you le to Jn Mist presint-omestilly ofe. op in rect daysexicoas stped upppreheions a depoationsf ctral Amerin miants – That’s gdhis uldossibl bend then respon to yof terrists h Mexicnd possibe hast o do enougo avoierrace stard yet andnd bhee han’t therbut whaven’ reallreat isut. starte y nk efct next ek and a wha 5% Repuicans who shathey thinthey wl do that.n’ty ta actu I ink if thedo it’ fooli — than borrs I’vhad trendous Repuican Par thas an ang We hava 94% arovalating me recoa e Replican Party – Iant toee secury at ouborder I’gonnaee gre tin doue to s a lotf thin happeng. And thu to g to me on Weesday — to b at th mting ang wit few oths tha. Are ver gdt this ae o e lily thathe teorists go on terrists a on an they’ng goingo be. And if th d’t sp u and Millnsf peop arelowinggive us cn throughex’ d And e comip to r borr.ouey. Ana bord patro which is credib there apphendin them b ald t pass. Lahat could be psed in fteen nutes could b ssed qckly. even beyd the ls Mexocou chang t shldn’tllow millis of couny andhey could spteopleTo tr very qckly willnd if ey won. In ery mth as tea gfrom 5% 210 2% ttwentynd the 225% of thoseompaes tt hen iall left ourouno Mecore goi to beoming cko us and tt’s okay. That’skay o lltep u. And dwhat ty shod have be donnd I d’t wt t carts and the druordsnd the coyo. . . Meco has sething tprove. But I dt u dersta you rort oit all the ti a. I wlde a teible thi Meco suldtep up. invaon io our coury Joh Minist md n brex at thi point Do youelieve that a dl on exit is possie o ithis a Goy and not. Prident tmp ss tt y of negottionadven term ould you he -Would that ve made difrencen presidt trum a foll up. Aou hadonversion wit Bos Johon –ould we as meetith Miael gof todau ll fst of al o t fir issu I sainn Iersonay beliehat it ise the bt intests o the U K.. Toean th a dl I bieve t reaso good dl e obvisly. It wil bor or whoev cceedse isrime mister t ke thi issue forrd ll sze pamount bieve fullhe Brish peoe- I present suggeed that suitoemembe e Eurean Uonhich i we negoationse cameut wita good dea. d assu but tt’s ok. I uld asoon stled mbe t you ver kn. thanm Jemy says but youay betr r know wt a j Theeal is td u by the goies it rely ked up ink th haveo do somhing. An perhaou wil be gen e credhe you derve if th do sething b I thi I rely d I thi y deser a lot cri So Inow bs like them ve lik him for a lo time ‘s — Ihink you do aery od job I kno Jemy I think you dob don’t ow Micel’s. Bute do aood by oka. Thank you very much everybo thank you thank you very much. s I ve. I don’t have anying Re Powl werm vestor as openi t dr t betwn the Upesensions weieown keyndexes wens Into corctionerritonha We wl contie ttake lk s. this toughou theay for yoon fox ten extra he b yououlded y the f theow u four hundd an fts r w er to Try Carrao wl lk at your topusiness headlines Une Sam goes after. e company announcg theRS is examing i feder income tax recor for twenty thirteen andentyourteen share compan als saying it’s under examination by varioustate and foreign tax authorities Overx benefits to be reduced in the one ndreand forty oneteast milln dollars. The company shares closed up on. yearsnlin ale is sttin down its g service the icoc music platform wil be spt io three para hub fusing on music podcast and TV. We’ll also rolling out new privacy feature is like an anonymous log in system and toolshat blo apps from tracking your location. ‘s a par ohe cpany effos to stane expas its edution proam to. attract more workers the company now offering free SAT prep courses for employees still in high school and free college classes for older students. Meane day delivery for more than ten million items on its wsite. New York m Trac Crasco.. it n senat oritt Had. Throul Roey — We wilhave his fl markshere on e Sena oorhis isis fir speh. On the U..t isoming next re on ws now o go. Setor MitRomney makinis fit speh o the US. Sene floor And water on e surfe of t Misterreside. Weho inhited thi comparlyccomplhed naon If w willace chlengessmy wonr. daunti. The tnsformional genetion oAmerics make. Affect t. Weaceuch desions day ght yes ago I argd that Russiaaso . Toy Cna is poed to asme that dtii Ruia connuess mali Violing treats a meeti Pursnguclearuperioty. terferg elecons spreang lies a h. 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To ril count le Chin with s mucharger pulati. We mus joi od Withhat a otherree naons. To o futureerica’ secury.Alliany Our liance are ialuablTon. us. And the cse of freedo shoul strgthen o liances nodismisng. Wehould eance o tradeith lies n destrtive. closy ourecurit.heore And oudefenswith ‘s in the Uted States most val ia . A rong eo. Strong ties witthe fr tionsfsia everfree cntrytentith need to hold our frids closer. Da ese allices are a key advaage weave ov Chi. Amica h many iends. Cha has ry fewinaudie] Anotheadv] The innotion. The cotry wh belien invation wl leadnd prospety. Chnels awell as weo ter allhina ban i economic ris br . imessive innovatorll by itlf as man glol pates as di e Unit State. Is otracko surps us ahe of usnd. genel purpe technoliesi aial ie. It’sritica that prote outechnogy. And tl the iovatiowed e ll resoue a guiden our combed with pductivy. Inhent in . Arapable of assertg Amica’s novati leadehip. Ondimensn of Amecan innovati iofn America is a mnet. r the rld’s st and bghtest. I nt to come he to Cna er halff the tnty fi st valble high ch compans in Amia re foundedy immiants. Ory theichildr. worls bt min. To Americae Ourational debt.. And defit befe n . The deralovernmt too in abthree tllion llars last yr andt fourrillion. Adng trilln dolrs eve ye to th day tt ans tt in ten yea we uld be ending almt asuch miliry.awe do our defe i interts ande strg enoh to Undethe buen. Lis fincial da. In aition to reng erica ster psident. We musalsoona gressi. China s focusmbitio most acely enee. Floodi globaules a cod the free mket ch oer mus comnies i cotrieshat playy the rul as t pr. And t often wjust iore Cha’s aressio Freearkets.bore t thron. Buou don’tave a ee marke thbigges player is aowed t eat. Cha’s cating tes on ny forms. Fon o makets procts arficial expenve. Intend to dre compitor. f . More recenyhina h a bis rren to rtiall compeate. Foterrorupposehat isood. Today’ l y a Cneserimaryeapon loant funystem rketates buyor givg loan by allong i tuse inllectu operty stolefrom oer nation. Suidy is evasiero hi en t compa is owneby the thound stawned eerprisy China. ding40% its iustrialast a ofitabity returon capal in the e t d Gettg cser and cloro thoseundreda uld be stapl. Inll ofune take aookight one ndred re calng fornsday Fridaynde re of e week ere isoing to getar. apprecia iereoday it’s alwaysreato sh youhe t adlis a stoes From all over the d enrety n sou bit her w wanto gi l no whe earer tod Jiedt d did aown hlhere. Shs not sinene lt inl in w e in that town. But is about trae can just walaway. You are by the way this this is god’s countryses such It’s amazing a anyway. By the way you know speaking to god. God made man in any made some grewp in aeighbooodou what I inryury came prit Iinading came. woulqualy foany. Try e laste did wor ver well b ae Geto questns but wan- To talk abo a lite b I’m nound a pla tt I belie-an fdamea- g ttlehild who is. ying what am doi her moy aoment agorad. bifor me.bme you oweim d he wts what wasn the ste wearg comep witme — Butn the envinment. threate facend wenow. Anyou knhat –here are – Theyelle lot of time tchangehe direion. Or thingwill fdamently change. An so I if m not gngo take te tof detaed is at — Iyou go-d To Joe h t look I thinkhese two tngs have r is nuer one tre i notn inconsteg with cleaner cleanerater – And id od jobwe canreate. Newsfood pangk k yomaking goowage convcedhat’s ssiblet’snd I’mbsol ppeng l or the untry andhe second pnt s totallyithin r rch said ve a cacity e to crte. So many oortunies for automobileover te — In the wato d tt is to assist Mike my my my my my my andp artedff my in Baltimore Marynd lo y knofounthe ericaned l coany And s jo was re ere ot toe n You had to u knowour hor and ggig wi cars but shead aar. d youave nolace tfill u the dn’tf go forou thteenand t twents tyn pt gng fm cit tcity a openpas sta o tually-he cbustn engine- To to le t y n do we can easilput — Tens of along highways for y canis acally. e wh’s gng oin theity ishe bigitiesou can’t t ooters exalegain y can. Buhere no ason why we can’t do at there also no asonhy we can’t do a whole range of things I’m not going to goingo now bu for exale. We shoud and not on renable eney but in ae e oundhe wor. To se t vironmt for emplef we insted y know those you a more’mp inst in the ncretendusy well y knowhen you make corete ireases greenusehe gases a. make concrete tha in ctoeso th oth wayord aually wil rnimesto zorb. sorb. The eenhse ges — You can wean make airplanes right now that can reduce fuel byhangin e wing shape of theircraf We g to the firing newbioby aut. mass w . But my poi is this. While we’re standing around not doing much theest of the world is movinahea ey’re ving aadell byhe folks e ta moment. Andobody reallmean it ano g agn’m I c spend more me onhe environnt rig nowf you wa t. But here’the de you kw ‘re in situaon where – We shld be me t the st of the the in tef plac in e world forhe cnge ihas to pl ithe wod take pce i e world gigaic eorte ofroductarvi. at are. To be usedo arou the wld and rit. Weave the pt of m pn an u don’t wanto probably want to go into now but the part of the plan that Ihink is different thaanytherput forward me on getngis — missionsy tnty fty a tuatio where.or empleg positin Cha ithe gates etter llutn of y cotry the rld Now t fir thi I wld d the dayI joined the Paris climate weave inherehat sayshatision wh. we’re goo uphe ante makg. Mag higr and ghes d ofmeri a the fol andtes say re’she . havto a incasehree praredo doere at wre Can u cotrie areot goi a . Exrt pollution the notn siroad prosal. ildi. is so a fsiluel ants oundhe coury if u’re gog to do tt we hers th deal we’ gonna y’re goa ouble marinend yr pructs the Uted Stesir becse here’she . worksut ofork e woerstur o transitione we’re going to A ick me goo tecologyrld we’r gng to the os who go andereood payg mile Ge to I kn youan do yoclasjobs. r fofullcoul uerstd e bunessake o longo go I’m sure youe gog to go. To J Bid outhe tailf it. I wanto gohrou ra I dededo ru when thisime arnd at isumber o I thi it’s important Youll understand i Berli you dersnd inort coury. The way we’re raises cerin basi d to sit in there I’m going . thiis wre y’re ing [inaudible] Going here. The press to know she pulled me close [inaudible] No. So around when I saw those folks coming out of feels in Charlottesville carrying torches chanting anti semitic bile Karen *b *n t and cooks pnned. d a and they we cononte dect honableeopl say notereot n a lge city. The ungon eresint aed about and he ve gooeoplin bhroupsome No psenc er said sethitped ere . likehat Ant you know weave resre w we are Yoe ner me thebligion that we set t s e buit’s alws been aboe w In thi this attempt o the rmer I d’t kw wh you put.gim tcharterizet Thextrem thathe way y mainin powe e anherake sure tt the reon why y have a problem with the loss of jobs bause the other. Onhat or atev he’got to op is nowho weret is nding a msage aund t rld leral arodhe wld. at i csing peoe tno loer he ve mucrespt hioryhe wld but wit tr . reason wved Isot bause thexamp of our pow bur That for the rtf thworl has pairs e anquesons abouthat ece eecond thgs. I you kw I ow I cal middle clasy peleaa colime by st sothin I don’tnowatedr t I ow who bui the cntry. ll Seet and banrs a all the her lks arod there. e Rort bad pple dn’tn ericrdinyeopliven lf ahanc of done exaordary things the middle So much ichangeican lor bh The dignity o works mastrip from so ny ppleor emple you kn use to thait ud toe basic bargain in Americ. d tha is ou ctribed to theelleinh t . . Beuse wadopdhis sort of Frdman-onceth Miln recoaissce ss you kne Is sckhoers Donanonas ligaon employeesnd a oblition cms . Thatot aoke thi abo it. ink out . I’ a card my fice. aook ereas from ThNew Yorr tuleneckweat on blacbckganend ia Heaid i theable othemasklackere. ble tre issurla bag th aollar gn o an terrator hs loing said’m sry w wa I sposed to ow he s a b cator anin I stolerom somody crtorsb catorhe j Arehoug to be n only pele who investi rporionsnlytocklder not bad lks but they’re n the only through job creators. Alone theeopl worng tse ailsppea thecrea whol lotf jo noe . Thpeop my dadho r an aumobile dealehipidn’ o it hereal s th creed.the pn is gna Huredsf thousands ofobs arou the. partf ithe rardn’tet now a the money going backpens e into buying back e stock of the corporation. instin in empyees ig o growg comnies lot look I don’t tnkhere any asod ates Ameca we suld meet anybody should be working two jobs. And still maybe live in below the poverty line. I don’t know why anybody wking foy hos. e siatiomaking. Fifteen Woul be on this again it really . Have their digty ty have to Youll kw whoour parenrovid angrandparen you know what it’sike tlookt the town a child or an adult child or a child in need of something and not be able do ythingbout Thminier of the stat. theost vastatinghing Whheir kids or with your cabl goe gein tre?ure o howo foy ju theown t kidtodaand Is t partho has to look a thcan say I can I can catch them. I don’t kn how to do it I d. Is just people of her dignity. Like you know health care the idea healthcare should be an absolute right is not not a privilege thanks. r thscho wasight. u knowe put twentmilln peop beg I e ey told in th in this ate ours Ihink iwas somethin I’ls . Bu a skness tusan of sixty the thsand pple mpshe w didn’t he heth surae bore. stes as what dootr We’rtalking aute outfit the press. ainetn trilon thr othnd bthe wnt out So fble toay wondful pele buthe imareall wdel wasere’s . Theayou’re gng tcure ncer iyou’reoing to go ha a Jas alsoing tgo into a lorae . different stins aancerdour reiring dferent sponsilities a difrent – Dierentedicines in fferen otocol. Buback tn we dn’t he coutersgreed to a mlion lliocalcations p secon peop buthey were coopeting there. Souchan cngef wenves in. Rearchnd delopnt. dyhe way o okay by new soundike aig Docraow how e you ga thisinaudibl Inhe t cod tay n just t coting t cut. In t loooleseani teseax cododaye otherweould b colcted b caus ofome raonale offed there ng collecd I ju giv me oneittle exple aend. ‘re a suati where. We w I w asked aboo do a udy forhe pside aut theyoing to be whawas needhe fue cente. And so weent out andight now one hured jo in Aricad reques somh hool dege justo get t job Tlve ar engh tcompe inwent firscenty Prove ass at m hav to to Yo go to ade sool yone beyo youau n gin apeci programs. Ife onl aitteveryingl&e toommuty clege.d to go ‘s estated tha theould takeo come ofllolle.t in halthe st Yo go to mmunit colle here you cago to ur unirsit here oy. Connie. d half t costf college i the rst two years before i. But it cost six billion dollars you’re using christen number people golf frosix nin milln pe. t gus what Thatould ireasross domf ye thas le tllio1 a dolls ov ten yr. tere’ theeal by ne a elinat o sine.rode jt billn dollars of lpholes. The on. st pkne h tlimi one at ct sevteen billi dolls aear. seionout onerilln kn what epped basisasidt tonow chtripharptm n knifin t drar s t re’s the deal sppedp bas Yo youou buy somhing y buytockr n ineaserom a llarr two doars o a milon to o million llar g thcash youot tpay capal gainsax. wer tha whayou’ paying lowow mind yobut at’sh too diffent sue t Onif on the wato sl th Bad cheasu ur game. d fbid y get hity a trucnis lt yo . ey p noax aall. st und troristaxes t x ownen sondsarli. peontand rain en itax ttleiny t. Ordeme. ans sevteenilli dolrs avaible yoy y colle kid pson own up. For Cutn hf the ct othe llege. And even llion dlars. To ro something else with [inaudible] So th probly on tharillnale of Ateastour five ndredt biion ofhat So the’s ways w canay f this withoutaising youraxes who needo be evethin fro people retrai . ana nionahould tas at mmunys a gernmt. To much more. th that let mend and I want to kk anyingou wano givee atraigh ansr. And fire women. Thank you so much for coming and thank yoPattyor tse oquent remkss well. my me i Tes cningnd I rk wh the counity heah centern Vw Hashire annatially in t st timI sayou u we Wasngto speing to two thousand health centers and your interest andour comtmentas palplr ingi that Commitme — And ehusimt l So with that becauseomingrom alth servis the twelv thound pies Hashir we s three hdred ousa butwenty eit communit heah centerall gettg comprensi — Qlity care wh. d the thing that y mentioned earlier about theubstcese sord the recve mtal heth svice and micatio heale have a brand new –ist trr Berlin as well. Haniaon So my question to you is as present in the United States. How can we earn your support to double the resources that go to the community health centers to see? Twice as many people as are seeing especially in communities of need we already have a great. In the healthcare bill that I propose which I will go to great detail that’s a simple simple thing to do the cost is minis ct nuer. One and number two what it does is it saves billions of dollars down the road because by the way if you don’t have people go into a community health center which can meet basic needs. What you have is people who n’t havotherwe iurer to do i ty y ca of em anduess what ito ta sts a lot of money guess wt. u p for it beusehe ct traferredo evyone els who use ar health insurance etcetera. So there’s a direct correlation between. Engine and care at the front end and the amount of money them billions of dollars that are being saved by for example how many people do u know and I know in my life tha. fer thafelthat tha lonr felthatoe afid tgo to doct. causehey dn’t hav t too to e docr forheyheyhey dn’ty coringust.thr insurance Buhat ppen wt happens on the sixth the cosncreases poneiall. diase the soor you get ioy soonoue beer chance you have e rvivg or becomin a chronic disease a not a death sentence. As well as it significantly reduces the cost of maintaining And sohat’s why we put in. u know a wl I don understand why these guys coinue to try to cut Medicaid. I mean you all paid for it — It’s to anyway but the answer is I do support doma. Yes Sir. Somebody better come whetherou go. There weo. My name is Brianresnahan I am the third member of a four generations But navy mily- I have chdrenho areuinness seed on aorvr verans andne sll sving- The head the a in general. Is still under staffed by tens of thousands of people — Tha sot s u’realki abo. But how would you go about Of care for care for veterans healthcare for veterans. Well first of all thank you for your service your whole family loof tim aft i– In — A cot of l w is jact that one is sure so my cry my Th tickeideaon o poct [inaudible] Every. Hey for the last. I guess since two thousand since [inaudible] Myo I get my seduleay. my hedu. e tu around t other se A schedulx [inaudible] Kaley restrooms. Every single day aist. This is a says. Daily U. S. troop update US troops died in Iraq and Afghanistan as of today. Six sinotver notver sixd sixty ousa sixs a here and sixty six every one of those people leaving the tire community Onnumb of ople kled or one wouea anraq. Fty t thoand seven ndreand eighty seven every now you can go online and get this used as call the Pentagon every single day. Here’s the deal. Deal is that we’re in a situation where 1% o the American public to all the fighting from the other 99%. We owe tm. Alas street hisame and all appraiser over everything is done we have an obligation because we’re in a situation we have. Going to have millions of people in the war you fought in. Vietnam or whever it s. If you re that. He the same o oneour colleaes recei –n i– Iraq Afghanistan. You were going to live. But he dd from e city moon in Vietnam. The reason being the same call the golden hour getting us to emergencylinics on the battlefield was ands it in aq and Afghanistan around. The point being thisOne of the things we did in reason why there is an increase crisis that war occurred. Is that. We in fact one one of the things I’m proudest of having done is introduced legislation is a senator became law sayin. at wre cngin t way we look at Agentrang. They sprayed l muneisorrs bause wh here is whag up next I’m gonna show this to you because if you could see in the background rig now we ve — The GOP house members — Talking after their Memorial Day break and we’re going to bring that to your right here so from this screen you gonna get it right on yo TVere we go pow nsow abrd in their tempts tbreakur inrnatioluthori. An Iould aue thereeorld fas ahreat uike ythi we’veeen sc. n Xiiang pvince for emple we geral sectaryhe’sn pain h ovee In conntrati cpshere they fe btiu th n legal recrse. just an abination b at wre seegt preview of? Th Chise Communist Party is usins predecesso Siet d beyd shing light on e aocitie ofiananm yonce sonic shining a lht o e aocities in anging yond imposg hsh sanctns. On indid ben cutng o the fw ofS chnolo thaenable these represve r o st true. Tour ow value beuse t Amerin versn of th quali liber andule of la in my inion provide the se evint ctrast. the dyopianuture offed by e Chines Cy valu a try tout Chise China goi uher dowhe road of verr sociismech enletopianm willose as n p it in forty x thr Withhe proems of counism is tha w withhome areoping.ehose Finallet me jI a e ineseommuniarty pblem. And I tuay wa at least on e Arme prou tbe a memr of tss Ofipartin agreent whi in are. wheneadingemocracarmed pridential candites sgest comm par does n prese a threat Td the of o allieand tay thirtyearse . t ty of thking i naive its dangersd rends thateeed to std Andend t Chise Commusttrong. Pay whe it bengs othe h he of hiory. theroblem i in the and h Is so repreive andn fac- Won’t en cizensnow aut this histo that this hpened trty year ago thathere a still peoe China tod. That wt to spk out ir w byheirwn govnment. In s as esiden tru Chin wl we std wh him and lettins Chin needs trespec the of the vif thr own indidual tizens. sevey five year annersary of e Norman invion theight ainst *-* into t feathe Gmans a Worl War two a thativot mont- Wre we st smany impoantattlea sh an two m honod. Tbe an eay pporten tbe able to go an see t world nional War twmuseum inew Orlns. It’s is it’t aces wer able to pture t storyf Worldar. o and ttell t story of e eatesteneratn. r so long ev with the own chiren becaus tyt y carrdut buthenhey ca me they st cared on noal lif. extrrdinarnd yet theorldhey di s knows ww s h n p cebrat tt wn weharehe rld W t museu wit- With milons ol arnd t worldnd tre is proumome las wee. theorld Warwo musmor by peopleho exe- c withso on z was there pudly With hfath i with r childro be an st thatind of histo o to th next generion tt’s wh the Wldl be ae s — I’m glad Liz got to To btherend be pa of wh – Wn having Dick Chey reive t American spiriaward-his week. Weon’t he a lo of leslation thfloor as has been t i eakersp thedon’t ve muc of aagenda ey’re foced on peachi e predent. Abouthis wkhenly rl ilderring iohe flo i cused o givin aesty t llionsf peop who a here ilgally. Bu scificay to pele tha ve actl crinal backgrods d onef theany distuing rts o themnestyill tha isoing tbe vot on toy. Spker Peli has lanagen the bl thw e gangatabas usehat geatabas.o le to identi peoehato . And t inhe buildglock ableccesstackin databe soenformi It’sill th shoul’t pass up but we to g the ves and hefully Get tthe prident’ dk beuse it not t way t Immigrione’ve got crisi at the bs unid f spendg. To vesf amnesty to t ere’s t a sgle dime in th billor borr secity. It just goes to ghligh tha ere is crisithe borr refuse to lve this oblem. In facs HHS couldun outf mone — to aress the hlth problems illally Pridentrump sen weeks ago sent rr policy ruses to tactionr In ishe dsn’t te acti in thei schedul to do.ght nows righ now sohousanf pple comingvey ilgally departmt homeland Byaw ty’ve g to dein chilen have hlth pblems’say you. th turn m overo HHS. To help takcare othose kids. We the run o of ney in e next t weo f the heal needs to ese kid ey’re ill goi to beeld DHS dartmenomelan And thereill bno wayo make heal nds o tse kid othe To aress this isis i iss. about tox few wks. We shodn’t l itet the ngresseeds tact. speaelosi to ta actn o cris at theordernd tak Noturnver tms a Rublin ader KeviMcCahy. Thanyou sterebb d r . ago e worlwatchedty ars youry to re aut it in China tay youl find t you ll blocked. irty yrs ago tementquar. Wh did ty gatr aenemen squahy d a milli peoe arriveecau? Stds f gatef heavey peehe symlic pla. Where dividu re freem. It sho tha Ameca is mo an a cntry tt Amera i idea e selfovernmt e idea thaou havfreedo speech and hers. Inteent sque thirtyears ag. We wated a milon pple and tether f refor thin tir ownountry. Sh w s powerl tt ty Loing muchike our stae of lirtyacing direcy acros e portit oMao [audibl know the momenof what they wahed. Ale man standin in frt of the tae vernment was abo to ll in the ga. r . We d notnow whe hetands o notnow how my hdreds Whate do n will t say. China todess frdom in Than thedid thty years ago. The t y at in China today thenly theicitizens.l score tall If you wan to y doc . ? Th rin uyour scof your sce is notigh engh. You doot allt a biness clan a trainf your sre . Yocannot buy tt tick Who cou n buy aicket and th told him yourcore was too lo by sothingou had wtten ? Twitte they aske that you apolize he apogized t the vernme said. Seednsince it sn’t This is a goverent the pmise thed lands i the Sth Chi Sea th Th wereot weanized them we that is n true. Th is a vernme. That i the sconge Notust Aricahe worlde ould watch. hat is ppenin inhina toda wehould begin natiol discusn out wt tnspire thirt ars a a where t worlds wo inhis aa and for tir Lasteek was aig wee las ek of ny this hapn. A reco tt I donnow thme this the will proud of butt was the lae. r i el Po inne encntern one Camecross theorder w areocation. eakingll records the wl be milln peop.y more an a Who e caught only e ones. ere is crisiat thibord ere ar peoplrom oth countrs in Sw e nowtilizi cing fr crosng tsorder.erere now Part is ndamtally Congrs’s oblem. We shod f t loooles we wod noteifficu u wouldhink Jiciary Coittee lked To seif th had any hearis I seeo hearin . Ev thoug theew York mes itorial pag Amera realis the isboutverybodyi crisis. Excepthe majity pty here Congrs. We wl spend as mu asnaion. enre yeain oneonth The hous indivuals tt illegay crt th ruse to pply t resoces needTo makure we securhen th refuso pass lislatihat des with thsubjec The otherhings th happed . Itemhat thinkegin tshow ain theongerm pl of th Democric . e th tookheajorit have an a a goa iaeasonhy th ranas to imach thi esiden. fresan onhe nigf their iividua sweari ihe f why ty ranndwh theiroal was to i. In words will t repeatoday. Yowatch chamanadle who beme cirman othe Judicia Coittee we al know how y come sharef commteess confence you g yourwn coerenceo vote thate woul behe beson airman formpeachnt chaianshippaig to wi the Th we wch the numr three onundayhow ts week anday s we wl impeh the prident the hse Ncy Pelos on te night . Inuch say t exactame tng. This ieen thr goa this is been te about facts y h sty six inhe last Congrsefore tDemocrsot is nreasonor If you watch ohe flo even en we ha biparsan bls th want to ma sure at doe t become lawhey wa to put a ison pl and tt is wt wee seei. om thinew soclist Docrat rty It not t partye knewn the pa. ‘s not par that thinks fosing owhat the America peop desir a whathey’r aring on theampaig trail beuse ifou go on the runng forreside thrghout the ear states. Nody bris it u body bringsp t mall portermpeachme. drugnd you knowhat. dbring up pn We had billof commtee. Demoats ved to lowerhe escriponrugricing ge peopleore o. Bu the ldershi chaed beforeame t. . . e . . We wil commorate the seventy fifthnniverry o detl will beraveling with t speak the nuert remeer t June sixth ninetn fortyy thousand m. Wrts the lives. Th did no this for recognion ty i y ey wand to oveo the rld the tanny wl be fght any pce arod. Th reall tly are t eatesteneratn. 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