13 Replies to “News Now Stream 07/31/19 (FNN)

  1. I am in Fear the Democrats are Terrorist Treasonous Traitors to America does that mean we can have them all charged and Gitmo'd now?

  2. The problem was when Epstein was sentenced for his crimes the crooks themselves were in charge always have to go back to the beginning punishment means punishment if it was anyone else they would be punished to the max to make a good example of our great judicial system which is now great wasn’t great back then that was the problem

  3. No way his last charge was not handled properly. Check out there money deposits at the last trial from people who let them off! That was a crooked move. They should be held accountable for wrong doing. They allowed this man to continue abusing girls. SHAME. Our poor children.

  4. This jerk was never tried , because those that were involved in the case were involved in the same crime with the accused , not to mention they lied under oath, lied to the victims, broke more laws to get him off, a d these charges are alot , like 10 times more severe in olving half of freaking DC and California, New Yourk, Saudi Arabia, Haiti, . Just tell the damn truth you all need him gone , fixed, waxed, murdered, then yall will eat the evidence , HIM!! TALK ABOUT A STINCH,

  5. Hey, Gloria. You should go too, after the woman or women who brought those girls to him. It was because of them that he had access to these teenagers. The mothers of these under age girls are also responsible for not keeping an eye on them. Bring them to Court to answer how was possible for them to ignore the fact their girls were in possession of big dollars.

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