News Now Stream 07/31/19 (FNN)

News Now Stream 07/31/19 (FNN)

valley this one in Scottsdale Coolidge yeah that rain and wind comingown welcome everyone here to news now I want to show part of e getti As wel peopl just — Ca believwha th moment a then Ron yeah northeast mesa thank you Mike he will look at that for my very own Morgan Wheeler. On Natalie is I’m it does bring in this one is yeah you can tell when you see those palm trees you know what I they sway yeah. You know you’re in business here monsoon twenty nineteen I think I’m gonna go ahead and share a couple other. Viewing audience beusehis sos bihday.wayhat it was myy tht It was kind of a funny thing. I in order to give to her name to arrive on I w going thhey said now it’ bed Tueay did ere Wedsday at ethe He’s theorro thi we’ outhate’s t gog toivebomdly liky And then I g a little msage orr was jus deliveredour Yocan s they come thrgh s This.h anniversary T. mn jull of the cooon stuff that we had for you guys last week b anyy coostuf the a hundred and ten hundred and fifteen thousand every single year and I always. Say to myself I wonder what those hundred thousand people bought. When they went through their first real ly joined monsoon storm I know we got some rain a few weeks back? But it was nothing. La night what we’re seeing here b you know we barely get any rain when you think about it during the year but when it comes it comes dozen their own yeah. d Iean. I’m so because mesa seem to be so hard here I don’t know if you Carmen’s. Reporting from earlier today but she was standing along side of three they got knocked down the most it had to be. The feet tall. And when it landed it crashit we you know kind of crashed into the yard. Twfeetaybeven eighteenithin. inch of the next door ighb’s coral. thtreesn yo yardt can be whatourb I n’t ow we we thitime u’re. Thiss go. ng. to sle In yr oInstramight mo of ose — oudshatu are ‘re builng Righ he geing rdy foru f ouviewer onether qckWt picte he th. ese e thlast — Two images It from ghtut in ontfou guys the bo t Tn e r . we did add aittlee did add aitte clds b bicalfou wer abtive rty ve mning iarly thi ms was ectalaa canvas and you’re in business and then this is the pkhe ke wasalki aut las jut I a I saiwast It’sooki vyromisi wit thisuy’so that was out in mesa. And yeah we t wallope how bout you did you get confirm ou. a lht i wasightut we’we take i dona . d thweirthinmone. isnd or thairpt.te ang Beuse qen cekot w ove just fewiles from me and may y e set I think Part of mesa nortface ink weot about three go cloo one and a arter in. We that’s good f all t ayers at t a mute out. we c expec f the rt of ke aook t th wk here Hti wiltake at ninetsix grees tay. As in th a nice ltle co down a th tomorr and Friday but then we pick up — Into the weekend ere. thnighhe tughthat uld. nice. uld be nice a rig everybodwell lt f thdaye’re tking about well mocric date. The send onet to place yestday pt least and well. We are going to se wha. und twbrin tonig You kno intestil just wching it I an within two minuteshy were x in i — In fac I tnk to start wi that s this congressman John Delaneyhich I rd a piece tf potical ts rninbut sad. Wantede learn wi reay li eacother he you tnk they d like a truco like Hey l’s. Everyone else go ns here and let’ noto afr eacther t I auall don I tnk ey genuine like each otr becae td eachther swell.e theknow Vi themselves t two t liberal staard bearers of h the Uted States Sene theye jt so se patt co I thin it’s just not in their nare –o digree because philosopn gornor – Sambo le outis of Monta yet Hkenlooper lis othe night.e of e e foer Colado gornor ci we id if ‘re nnao with Bere Sanrsnd h goinnto tnty twentyes migh as we e eltion to Donald Tru. It is sohat’s that was a etty good line — Elibeth rrenhoug h a prey go ofeopl fther to e righnehere s r etinmoreo thcent. her sayg well I don’t know why y wouldven go tough all e trouble rning for Anthat ainas aineimed ta le youecause he can’say wet thee tta be prmati a Me I opportuny of the nigh. Why do we will goo all ther Delane couldome right back and d’t? don’know why hdidn’t to sa. cause we ve to n the i Wee n justunning amongst ourselves in amongst the people Weave to appeal to a broader grom onhis day So. meane mied aoppounity ere. As f as e priden h you withhe ral starting to get some info outf ten b it’s tting a lot oftte th usually d. Presidt tmp’s tetsake a lemo theumbest man oNN’s don whilasking a debate question. That I was a racist when in fact I and the least racistperson in thworld. rhaps seone shod expin to downhat he iuppose to be neuat dot d. Let’s see there isore now. We saidhat one o is to do. Or stupi near stanthe whe. Can ju . Do.s is thatou actlly. Wow ll domen showell Chard to t mam on e so its goes derstandhat. Tono wder CNs rating my Have goneown t tubes ando. credility bac to the newsill stg room don’t hold your breath. Sohat reay interestin ouof t tenho were up the. decrat behe has d’m n talking about Bernie ar I d thi the’sne woe was thastat ‘ . Doubt bause she number two in the most recent clic And I sd p f noJoeiden g mosof tht peop he’going u ow where do ty go somwill cod.k oundnd s wholse Could reay wi thielection nowike e s e getting ready to watch the debate. toet your ke onhy ye family want thinJoe Bide. Ha. sumed. One of hisigge leads yes. cong o of bateumbe?o buit lks like he was aboast read ton beuse didt halet Like andnoth pnt . trumpou dave been thagef gresveou d havto b plain spoken . u kn don’t kdf dae couple oinstces last nightueiona wher d dect queion d th kin of mnder y. re’shat Ihinks bend the third –. It is over the last three weeks campaign over I talng aut. Two re ov beten tn a witthat yeerdapo came t Well. ankl notng has happened withoe Bid in e la thr wes. d n aot h hapnedith he seral ds later sooes at mea youre i fav of derally ndat busg. d s sai n I vwts a ol i theoolit I not actuly. potical headlines forhe last trpee weeks it’beenresint Decrat Parhey ok a myducad gss Meut aothiistomef ts sang a they weot hpynf ppleook f out in e let rht. meanherere slllent of peoput treo lo t OC. sqd. oftherembe of e A y whon the demrati sid is ibe t . tan a lo at iand id y ow wha. Touppohe o person. I bieve c be Donald Trump. Beuse ere was balame th’s te eve otherwk viualie basally ia Exce Joe Biden bts h b nis by and that’why hsack tt his baca I yeerda w a theseete caidates Whenhey re ming eir openinstatement? lf onrett mucweere Trp yoknow to — nald Talk a lite biabou yof the policies it’all out ot tget d of thiguy ‘s aacist yoknownd a the ght. would like maybe tight ey’lbe aittl bit ffert b I thinkhey’ gonnstilI ged meat to the party. Have because of e ve thi we weret what’s going tbe the number. One and Mike our vwers aeady owhis becse we ld them about it six weeksgo when you act wn you re air thehris llac. wote abt the bder fort e wa me immigratn tha won be abo jobsn th Dold Tmp.wille abt Onhe leftr evn themindof depeent sphere. Joby.y plao thgoodor wilee tm inctio later toght we’ see is ing to doou thi he’s goto do nigho asot to me o He’soing thave tfight bk loed likefirst one hkind ofsoin. Just lite tedeah he’ gog l he’s a ten secondho – Histy less. Deriptn. tualescres president o lohe reelection camign becae ha is time it wa a presidentl debate and it was Geoe H. W board. Agait cahe cautooki at s wah The bate lik I’m red. ars gng tthat w tha biionlint rlly he tha dot rely s answ — Wr. t e ? Cltoname ck wh th reallyust llegt e methg out of shinont Arnsas and that’s whaa lole sotf of ppl. d Bl Cltonave perfted at ding hisearsn ofce as gerno -n I an peoe sa he coulork roomlmoslikeoolitian. o wod inhat era -nd so yeahhosees these bates a key momts righ nowf h n cat more t heeedso beuch more. spen andlunts hean bnes becae he’s t re iomin anwe’lhave se.ew hours should ty Thoughts on that tomorrothen o mo he pley of the talk about in abt te some twee to ad in ther. newsow evebody isoming I sure e for uu getti startedere banning tthe sideere but showing you what is happening — Just outside of Houston this is in Baytown Texas we’re not learning of any — Injuries right now but it is on going if we get anymore — Updates of course we will bring that to your right here on news now you can see first respondersn a staging area for looks to be just right outside of the refinery of course begin any more details. We will bring that to your right t thank you so much for joining u e e Fauriae got some. Big top sries to get two of the t t Mike pence making some remarks earlier today. Conference you are the rising leaders of a generation that is making America great again. Reall of but let me begi by meioning a couef frien ine eeciay a m who ilt is oanizion Real frocrat ovet s r anI’vead the pvile o Amica’s fountion.g cotry and here in our nion’s capital. kwe codn’t be her tay coeren fty o yea al He’sontrutedoe use of eedom and the nservatiovemt which you l to l justoin me a Ronsone is.predenton ye or wngs gna benex of me.tion to other iend o w ather midweern The chaion ofndividlveor? freedo. And s r coratuting goverr Scot lker [indible] Amica’s undati. Leme bng getin fro anotr frnd om. y f d vaeshat vent t firsday th admintratio. Readin ae Unit State o Aricahe presidt Dona p . alonide a psideho getee Kethe omishat me Thpresiden said l of your Bu in hi wds is calle re clming yrutur rebldin deiny aenewg the vals thatrehe tf you l. s conatulations to It rlly movent all ross ts count ectedhis it’s a is aovemt thas thAfros met a ll Of t princh g ah I was figingo ma Amera eat ain figing f the lueshat. stng lg bere iwas olon Yeah out tht n stng nional dense. F free enteril u woll acrs this coury nservave vues are winng ainhey’reinningearts d minds Theis r almo twentyears o This humblg for mo see the way tn . Coribuonshat ‘s me the lifef th n cludin the re othe yog erica’s fndatn. Pled isavi theeaga nch ki o to thReag ranchndthree coul’t hel but agr with r forty s nohave netid probay shar e sameip cod. treare and theoung Arica’s undati i tbe commend r presving it f fute Rean sned his htoriaxenetions. ts back in. oftate wree madeountleds decisis t. nati in his ti of r And have ipired ti generaon to the se age dinghe Reaga rolutio I ce ofge in at te. It w a tehens present i the Wte Houho was ptine Idea othemerica fnding os puing io practice the econicrn Frdmanhe pitic philophy oRussl Ki o t ofll oour brit an shing fas. I . Th you a cing oge i timest lik ih o Waington DC tfighor ery ymerins a outder who rebuding oun constitionrincle. Tour leadg AmeraDald Tmp is This ithe geration. She t to gbackf you. The’s anld prorb that ss ere’s nothing w under t sun t wte fore but’ll tl youhat if you ok f Rona Reaga. the mia and t politiche way ass eatedonald agan when he hi town it’ll ‘ll ce aoss prett familirom the h u li tod. e trh thmatt is. Ba in that day we h a fltgainst t win ae allee thpolical cls. And I omise. Wee ghe se kd of reng in present Dald Trum he’s fo make [audie] Say. And ‘ve ready st ain thswamp. By theime wa princlf th conrvativmovent. der th presint’s Me thi abo it.ce.en justwo an aalf re We’vcutaxes. Rolledack ad tod’s leashe Amecannerg and rged fe and fr and filly putng Aricaobs anAmeric workers For Ieanhe enomt . t its th mos prospousarth econom in e hiory of all of u fos to e graatio day no t farown the rd there e actuly mor job openis inmericaoday. There e peop lookir work. Anthat’slmostever hapned. e trut is sie ectionay cause of t princles they yove suprted. leadship om t Whi Houseo th Congsso ste hs Buness larnd sll rosshis untrave eate fiftn year low. hit a And weee the lowt . s . so wes a risg athe Mo Americans areorkioday an everefor and know I ow is A. meat mnst’s partularmpornt tthe esident y. at the wag are rising most rapidly. For working families. For blue collar Americans. Mean the truth the matter is that the fastest wage increase for people that are going to work in our factoriesnd pnts America are f no more.f d I ippe awayor a ltle cationime. It w liktwo ys — W we ttingn aeachust outde fort Mrslol caon andunglasse. And ese o feow. Boere inudweis to chch. ird os on thr arm. Okay. AnI sa yes Sir am..he And he sai hstopd anhe look at ml youell e present bere a he just neeo keep doing we two eps ayny tned bk don’ know whato dout you and hsI keepoingh. Coidences backmeca fks Amera ibackinaubl] Unit States rineer of e hehe mn w will. The le of w.ty. Th fouation oour cotitutialiberti all the beenll about.foundatn’s And have to ll you bond all of to e present to present o standsinaud] e In Arican storye. In an inspensae part. In the effs I relyanted come by just Andlso to ll youhat o Berkey atate sool.teethek ifar . Whh remarkablas the hom of th frespeechovemenin the niteen sties. Try trestct cservie ganizaonsrom hoing spkers Butt wa the m andomenf the F.. Wh? Yo for ts poly tk it t Dember.die]riontoodithcourandhe. All u.use [inauble]e stanng shoder tohoulreah for Th admistrion feriefsWe aays ll. d tee oth campu freespch cas. very cas cpso behere aged wh ourositio of t hoolof chae theipolici. d undhis adnisttion promise u. Withhetron suppond lea’ Gog tstop until t freom sech is rtore on ery Inwo yea of tion e been twoears resul We’ve been actin on consertive pt inciples that sharewe cherish. It’s been out js and secuty at me andbroad. Andt’s bel . Stngtheninmericaach an ery da. This psidentas led ts mov. Bu tat jus withhis president lie. It’s been two and a half years were. We see a tremendous — Renewal of our country. Our economy of our confince. t th truth is a lie standard for l of youoday at als wanto ch. . In this ringenerionf consvati ldl Leme jt sathanks f Yopick a gre timeTo be inhis fit t this is youromentTo fini what r pridentrump and Ire counti on al. u ergy Weeed ur vion asever bere. Ameri w fouedn a ve simplerincl. Was [inauble] The ce unirsal suprt in Amicainaudie] Forreedom. Fr mart enomi an Has llen [indible] As w saw in la night’sebat befor. adin Democts advated a ca [inauble]r of hlth en bders. ee heahare tillega immigrts and o e midd classo pay Fobefo theightasver l t leading Docrats argue r decrinalizg illeg contl and ortionw deaun [inaible] Toy heaines aoss t untryay that the ory st night Wash g backn the dete. Yoknow is prettymazing th theedia cls modates the the ls nic Docra debate w int d leral. sociists and thainaudie] Party di Decratspenlydvocatgn onomic stemhat is imverish mlions ound t worl. An robhe liberti of neraons Not cialis.dom [audie] The ga is thtrongend t . Itas freom t siali. ding slaveryon t wor wars andtana beonf ho forllhe wor. eas fedom not sial. a mo perfe creas movin oe And tend thelesso cololess oace creedr Iant tsayo thisisin gerati theomenmeri thoment Arica ceas to bea soclis Amicao we mus sayn this vement with o voice As predentrump sai ihis state othe uni addre Amera wlevea socialiscountr [inaudibl There’sr obably sd a b sheaid e oble wit soclism as yo meione runut oother Th tru is at we alknow i Medica y hethca foron. And the oy tng green abo the greh eent’s gogo costll of if th are psing ang. Yoknow tre’s a old sayg at theefinitn of insity is tinghe same thing over and ova u cialis h beetrie the rld.counies allver om Venuela to rth rea. An sociali has ner word fore it esn’t wkow and e Arica peoehoul ject soclism andmbrace Engy [indible] d you ow we ll. wsennd women thehoice facing thit fiftn mont is. ver be clear. And thstakesave nen t prress ithe la two a a half yrs. Bu as thereside sd n long agoll e th onelectn nigh ow it’ te for us to doub our eorts tsuppt mennd wen o ar sportgheimels ideahat ha aayse th coury gat a a maki thiount gr. e r moreears So the risg generion of Amican lders. Near her becau youe Isnextribly tied futur is coury. ne fifte month.over the presint Rgan ed to y. eedoms nevore tn one And knowou allnow thn. re. thatnergand thyoul bring naudib] Determation. The grt Amert ‘s been prese throuout the genern this untry. the cse in thdays aad. As I snd bore yotoday se it. I thk abouall th Jeffs done overs toenew atrenhen t fountions thi. AnI’m coident me comny we’ gonna coinueo bud on t progre that ma. Theen a women of ah fea e furef coervasm i Amera. Make nm. And I looout acss is crned. coervatism iAmera is Leads o t movent though ur ldersightow. Wh younow ‘re unti on u? th morng is eparchne of you yourlves. Prepar. suicie fors simpo win e nextlectn. Weeed to w the nt Eachne oyou has a re toon. ay iyour generion. Gontil fedom sry. To me re tha the sirong sociism Doest takeold in the hrts of your neraon [inauble] e frdom. Th isur birright erican. Isreservand exnd. worleacoof hopfor althe Butone canpeak to your nerati qte as fectivy as youan. Se he wor of the te Rusll Kirk. tho deem the te. redm th The n and womenfisciple and coicn thisounthe fndatio of Si dn with mento.dy. at youdmire. Who dersnds- Roo of lien.n gatnessnd simy And ke not Find you re in fedom y . renewed fait?odawith In t dayaheadave fth. In trying in o dlaraon our Haveaith i theeade from. th presint statouses l acss theandongres ad Couragusa valu thatave alysade. Th countreatnd are mang thicouny greaagain. ve fth ithe eric peop t iwe holhe bner freem hi. we pu int pctice ose wos at arearved to theiberty be. Toroclai lerty the habitants therf.rougut all l e Ameraneoplwill rly to ourosts. [inaible]ve waysone Haaith in hiwho pcehis On these wdernesshores many nturs ago at whewe mak. Frdom arcross. We’re makg hisork. e [iudiblee lords Thateans fedom aays we [inaudible] Conference you olicset’sisterigh. Contro. rit he?n fnt of usnd Not allowg us to asts or e Thbord patl fally aime thathe refeesere ingo throocks a they So Inow abo the csis at An theeparatn of mili is vy re BuI want thighligh t fact dayhat thi vionce o parangamils isappeng In t cntry. d ihappenight he in e cityf Deoit t ra of dortatis in t Livi isancary is rd.nti Uniteta. pecily wn i i bnoing on forver ns Itessewithour ain It aectsour al. Sie damovehere. hasost ovehirtpoun. y now h diabesndigh olesrol do chnic stss As tha i shadith sevel times. Then you kw h long yoare in. id whethisightre wl I wt tontroduceou tdead nks for guy who will share a few words. eryo oundrom l th clor to e mi I’v bee tAmera. For almo no. n yes a pay the tax. And tt evethid Ofthe fe siyeary wifea stilbe sk. d. S. and Ian jt mylf I have to . d I worng twoobs ehtee nineen ho. . cause got to tn svey th my sois on e college. And w I. Niteenonso centu three evything.ndelping me r her choi. wh I’be twarn wk and and takcay th coulde stayinhere.long Because I put m mind sometime what Io around to eric nevegot Thg ner. d now have tstay lked in Geor Stt th it’ vy ha twas nk the one th [i] Busome. They he to doith thinote e arring on eir oice. And a the e an myamil tnk y ver muchnd Iope. Iope th’s maksomethg. Beer f all the mlions t ho forll the immigrants was forI got to America. And be that there was a guy. My namis a tea I a docto recient. Myother icurrtly in nctuy in lamao Micgan- She s bn n nths. parts aund re ovisi me that fo. They didot sak t lanage The imgratn lawsn th cotry we andtill are so wod ha need lawr tokera plyor cizenip Therwas en a ph fo . ey me thdecion to la Th washe fst te Iacead. serati polies.r — Famy My fheras daine srtly ter aived ae wa he ayedn dentio for s Iaveot see h in irtent befe hea. year There as afrded forndocente immiantsor tir ptectn Myothe wasxtrely tremelyxploed dueo th anour twelvhour day. F six ys aee torovi for us Sheas hd ut gunpnta e s noable to ess crges becae sheas aaid at s In two tusand anwelve ighbe dor. ceiv a huglessg from Oba itheay oDhak ferr actn fochilood riva. Under thi n proam my ster s ae tgo tschool sieen e beme tor fir in t thoand rson in ou famyo gruate Ouoy was vyhortived hover wnheasse away thatame mmer ju to ablo vit hdo it graveversing mg he in Miigan. a caraker inhe s wked iadultssic uncompied norse homor Shes n arug traffe – beeve.rati wouldave u She sone notng butive backs n Wednesday for the first time in decade inopes ohieldi e eleven year economic expansion. Anlook aword i getti som take play back rightow of president tru he’s meeting right now with the preside of froz — We’ll get it tia yrs on as they do played out here inust a little bitever know what you’re going to get never th scrnst’s going to poppn Thano mu for joining us here today onews now it’s elevene ur Fria. Rit heren fox ten action it’s alwaysreat to be here with r priden trump and tha — coming up in just aomen I would do want to go o to th Ne Yk we also these images a couplef weekago and it was just. Really horrifying to watch as police officers there in New York were doused with the water. Buckets and buckets of its it wasust out of control and so. Uncalled for well now there is – Someegislaon they’re being god talked about it a New York assembly y cldee that there was jussickeng t watc there is. There are so many men andomen inlue haveo put up wit this so many times not only in New cotry as we.lly acrs the We’re going to go to that — News in just a little bit but I want to bring you this right here let’s just jump right now to the White House let’s jump. As much as we can fighters. A service. Years ago. And he’s here [inaudible] So that rht nowheed has t th interest re fr% to twpoin.5% s tha is in line with at quarter — Percentage the tt they wer think’ brin you and t comments congp iabout thirty minutes here want to go back out to new Yorkers showing you these images of what we’ve been seeing the last. Couple oweek in other cities there as well is — Oicers being doed wit water — During and this summer and th’s exactly what theyon’t nt. To be so disrespected right there well therere som assk w i . You’re going to receive a felony take a listen at this. All right how we do everybody good. I was ready. Good good good guys reminder of phone call. Every readevery is goodond thin. [inaudible] All right. Goodorni evebody I’mew York state assemblyman Michael Patrick. Enjoyed alongide felw As does manike ntesoiy. And Assembla l talk is [inaudible] Additionally. We are joined in solidarity with various police units. We have to myeft w Yo City PBAed bpresent Patynch th t New Yk Ci deteivesn Daas ss. Led by esident chae presentou Tkle a vicd bino. present hn . assoation PBS l bye esidt Miael yer. We heoberIony Nk . Georgeinkl Nework ty P pay be airstP.rk ty ny ml –ere ty PVA Coryravel nead u Matarazz theew Yk Ci D. A.. B. a CV. SuffolPBAedlongide Le by esident knol dwn to doramall. ssauountcorrectial fice been asciatio. Led byresident Bri Sullivan. And th’s oy D I led by It a s day.n week hse. In the history of New York stat. We have to legislate stability. It is even Saturday. And history the greatest city in the world. What a culture of disrespect against a police? Ha bee ftered by radic ft wg politians like yor bille Blasio [indibl Now. causf th anti polic rhoric tt habeen rpetted. F yea byhis Gone arehe ds a acef protest. nowavendividls litelly drencng t o Dung rtineatro. trols aed sely. do precti theuali o Inhe nghbooodshey rvefe. naudle] is te [indibl It’s wer [indible] Galine [indibl] Acid Whatillake? poticis to andonheir hoile Il. Anti pice rtoritowas la enfoemen. Th the tesblenti plee Has createdid thithenarrive. imate On u vers th menlity. We mt send a song msage th succts ll not be lerate. Weustndhis crl and fectious behior befe calate. To aife reateng tack. Wi not wt uil the atcks seadike wilire againsthe wt counit. at is y I proud intduce A promote by e New Yo Cit PVA d al of r picenion thisreatity.e from ross d Lo Islan. is lislaonill iminize thiespible ofcer [indible]or pee w [audibl The’s me. Bu yes G thenly things. diespect.t ptern o wardsolicehat ha been cultatedncouraged. By ricaleft win piticns Theery rpose selecd offe.ft for. Theyold ] What harshie] th gre cit h rounelythathe aderf ed h plaorm. d nothe tion stage. To rnather tn bui bdges tweenhe cmuni d laenfoemen An I sako yodirely mayobille Bla. chalnge u toghtTo u your natnal h . atcks Iro cimour fu suppt. ouoffirsforheacrifif day ithe ty aoss t sta.e eh Anouration’s bderso ke youramilsu . Ta is cheap. tion sak lder an wds The meand wo . Th are softbl cches the Thei mide cls mo andadsare sic . Simpryinr thr famies kp their mmunitstate Thathese offersook sacr oat. Tsd prect mple strgers In t name coy [inaible ofesonalis [audibl And spec ‘re herbecae weelie itime tt weeturo a ciety at i builtn a rpect. e funment principlef righvers wrl . We’ldo just that [inaudible] Thank you. Now this time I’d like to introduce your today someone in Mike Riley someone. Thank you some patchy thank you- My fellow colleues and my enrcemt – I sta hera todaI stand y as a former mber o theYPD d noeprentaten th ateegisture. And I was a lutent.was a And I c tell . st outhere. iunifm t ourities. Th lay upon the shoders ch te tytrap onhat Anthey pbablyen thagun e’llodayhirt. ‘s on ll [audibl For is [audibl counitsly dorale isur Andhat somee wilApac saidt . d us? d fr the mor’sffice. They a tala. Wh it’a puh li for tm? [inaible] seedndurorwho prably On gra jurservgheir cicuty th they il. That’shat l u to ere are day. Instd ofhem stdingp. fact lead let s whase goin on b ie s crse. hey brght me one le is. searcof tir nt ofce. The aders ty. waelecte.] It’s time thawe hadome al leader. t enfoemen.on thlaw On agahank y the silar this I’m proud to and he shouersr th my m and witthe men and men ilaw forcemt. thNYPDthernd stersn elted offialsccouable Anin Aanyheity. Therare distrt attorn’s prosece De . An hopullyy colaguesn Alba Beuse ithat whahey care abt e trafetyf all l enrcemen They wl. Whenhey std uploord t meeminyou. Th sta up buvery le idinitizenn th city. d if ty dot. Th don havyourack eier let maksuree te the Theyetter tt is. Is a tthe bt ieres. allf us Thanyou. ankou somne Rey nex likentroce yA president Pat Lynch. Thank you Sir. Today is an important day. wantedo diel tt Iegge is mor to h . folkthat y’re dlingith th ts stet iunea d th strt i tning agaitew Yk Ci e . at t tempeture bbrough down. An to w Yo Cyolicrni. And tity we kill. wn andadness and sd th can’happ . ll wfeel thasame mperure othe reet. And we’ seeing iike w did in. o thousa fourteeif Mpus ll dp wer or the hd of w Yorkity lice oices Theyl dot t. Rember these polic offers were ce becae cizen of is cy re bng hasse. Andecau thedid nave Theyidn’now ich y to rn That if tyrab seone a it esn’go wl Thatay Ldaulamend their So weere oe again to say to ty hl. th ses ocity hal. Homeown at rtoi e partme whee taken missne put prom o We he aeeti after to sa whatas rs ong. wrg wh the lislati and e thgs thae’re sing. Beuset’sbvio it’srong. We all flt . The isn uneasyeeli Crim isreepgp. Wh we re abl to yrime is dow ial? w we avege iout a we s overl cri. Buapes upn shoongs u you kw tho s Th alloesntohe mix o So we ve tsend a message t stop . ‘resking our pice officers keep your e tradioindows foe a back ch oerp eren Respecully cstitutnally but stng. Weeskin cy ha bot And anks to r eltedy?s to va. ficial tt havehe couge he todTo say we aakin aelon i yanag to w the NeYorkity lice offer.y picet th wer y typof luid bauseou ver ow what is. mig ba warucke tay poceffic in a using mplex day Kill thaway. abouour elted ficisres them he Lauren force bname heref suorte of r lawemre enrcemtnd tha you f that. Buthere’a number ofolk hereur lin i e old Wliamurg. Weave a psona eeriee i t sth Jamca oneh thre preccts st. is legislionheir real Th lisn anhelpsnaly we we exct thilegiatioto move Tmoveuickly. ofvery I’l lt a rigideo ss w do. I’veaid ts io no w hava calmolutio No rheric. None mion. st the fac ma’. is wil mak it aelony tdo thato ae ficer who rpondgo your callor hpk eryo that snds y our law ste.entrom rosshe r ourlect oicia tha The w wee goa ta thi.e e Alby and wexpecsupport. Ne likeo inoducete. I hop not if yf y en y be suppt ofhis gislion [indibl Yes ss. llhy because uortutely inlbany- – Withheirecencriminaw — stice rorms- They thi out it alass.elon i a aumaticesk appeance tict now wea. anI deted ts bl on et Theyctualloutlaw. Thhree D. fearms themade a css E fely to ve i thinabouth. . De appranctick. With three. undetectle] some b sff b we n notyly ritoint terrism tkorce get theren time bause w got toa. . Wo offolice offic again be ld aountle f holng o to lg at’sheroblem ao stif thibecae itas t be sict At he Toy itwategaid. Tomorr it’ liv and whe e d go by d theye go ind. stn.s y is h to be precut. dirict aornee Not li they wit a sl t fe . As aolic oicer avery one of thos. Dropd to mismeanor. So it stasit. accounble.holdhem The thahurt a pole offirs. Then hm accotabl tprott our cizens That whyt has toe stt. we-o moriz Reybud onhats allud to bausehen . Th speficegistion wil be an cepto such cmes wil note issug arsted a takenack to e somedy if r Sena.rr. Rprecct tor If o govnor suw for commuty But aconfidt that isdo. will bpushd t a areutting our l enfceme in thero. d o e anothe. y Lesl it’liket’s the cotry on’t kw i that’eeded becae of wh we’re sing. oughtn the city a throhout N Yk a ffert te of rhoric a her pas of t sta for uit’sniquespec city a taired to th clitelly tah at we’ seeing- Fro our ected oicials mt nobly If y speakgain Yeohat chaenge othee. mayo wishes ttout andlaim doesn’t factor for law enforcemt. Thenut it on the national age. enonig I youpresenti primar. ere you lster urself Whyon’t yout condn the attks and suortur l eorceme? Both feral. incling.localaw enfceme The meers the ND. Wh he crgedith The me h com. Yes r.uble]pe loudethan Yeah well sure. ises a wle picture what we e tityight now itaking piec biecs And lookingt them as if the aresn laws thatave be pasd.he e tining w a getng and The messa here isot tbe aggresve. Nof w dlingith a ne f aggssiohen you’reitiz thasa alin with a mal trying to mp watver you hea wl worseou hav. erioly a giv tt meage w cant loo ait as isoted situaon sit’s easy to ken ansay wl why wld we Les lo at al t all theat. eces olegislatio that of we we no effectiven ta poi street. Theyestioliceffics justo walkwayi ll’m aidrom qensn ur nghboood wld you jus walkwaynn r on yr hea all a uld you call the pice So nou cl c ould we ju walk awa and ke i legiatioad a bketf ts wate jumpe ord at wld the d havehe awer ey wou calthei coectis ty ca t bra Th get rponse datexpe e rponsell theidsrom quee the cs iallf our Toommo sense ssou d’t dump bketfa lice oicer respondin to an ergenc cal and Iay thi ware you expec Nework ty pice oicer? At polic offics tt . do it wele are theost thcouny tt’s n jus a roway line That’s fact we kno h b e Bo dirtion wh mosoth We kw h to do ourob wint wh anb. the alog a the dlogua shou be. Offir is ts oka. Ablutely necausef you to thecen. Fr a pitiof weaess i ly escates if u go to e scen froo reng. With bkingrom cit hall backg Rember Rs seets bore we don’tave an invtment i ts city te ty I gw up i tha o on outheindo because iwas more Blac i g ag a aga slied eily. at’s the sns tsee islip warn tead of thenifo New York City police officers tt right n by twentfive bis ints you cld see Waltreet the on t right t Dow — d not re f it inhe begning Wall Street wted the ftye basisoie righowo we’leehat wlin Jero Pl i that cou — angenywaynhe seef they’rgoingo sc get somadditial cuts in the furt fedel on mart cmitteee vod as pected. To ee t nchmar feder fun raty twty fivbasis pois endin anra of metary poly ghteniy poly mersho As rently as Decemr sin ved nin. twty fifen to ke rathe you’ we gohisity is Recaughtille Powell t k . We dided tay to lor t rget f the feral fds ratey a qutf rcentaoint. Ta rang of The outloor the US onomy. And is actn is signedo supporthak is innded to enre ainst doside rks from wea glol grth andrade picy unrtaint Thelp oset t fects the factors a rrentlhavingn the onomy. ofnflationo are mmetri% objectiv. l of the objtives will pporte shient oour or expaion with a strong job maet and inftion cseo our obctivi the Arican people. run o of ourecuritsWe also decee portfoo in ga ineptemb as priously plned. AnI’ll dcuss t thinking reduionnd theturnedo the pa forwa. Ashe yea began bot the we’rin a gd placepolicy e unemoymentateas below nflationad beerunnin near our 2%n the loend ofstimates of a Overhe fir half theear thconomy gre at hlthy ce and job gai phed Wage have been risingemploynt tf rticullyor low payin bs. People whoivend wor in l an middl income cmuniti tell u that manwho hav ruggle tfind work are n tting oppornities. To add newnd betr chapterso thei This uerscoror us e expaion s that t stron jobe of e markee le behin roughhe coue ofhe year we can gle licy uertain and muted to austts assessmen of tOMC approprie pathf intest rates. Theommitt moved fm year to a tient stae abo anyhang. And en to day’s tion e mednommitt particants asssmentt neutra rate ofnteres inhe longero thiseart have so decned someat ler patfor ou licy re. These chang in thenticid e ead finanal conditionsnd have spy Many comttee partipants saw thhe cas forowerinhe federafundsd stngthen t theommitt wand to ge a tter senf the ovell directn of. Sie the we’veeen bot potive andegativ devepments. andooking throu mon to pointo connued sength. We eect job gwth tbe slowerhan lo o ho the umploymt rate stdy. GDP growt in eeconduarter came in cle to exptation. Asmptionupport b risin confence is th mai engincome and dring theconomforwar. decled forwo concutives quartend biness fixed Foreign grohs dispointe particarg Chin.tlyn the ro areand manyentral banks arodhe world ary commodion or coemplatg doing . Afteimmeriarly in th tensions nrly bled ov in may an . Butow appeato retn to a Lookg thrgh this ry abily ousines concts llshathe ongng unceainty is mang som companieoru eir catal spding. The desticnch n . s r velopmts ais total inflatnas rended o point over e pt tlve mohs. We connue n ll retnver ti 22% tomesti inftion presses remain m. An glol disformatn place Ne pressures psist presre on flatio. mh uard We’re mindlhat’ r deyed. An thatontinu bel targe inflatn a o i nger tm expeations [iudible] So. Tang all o that brd the coitteetill ss a farable infoationn glol gwthin tre poly unctainty a ted ilation havled the mmitte to grually low policy intert of Th wou best pporthat tlook day w jud that tse factorarrant y . Ashe comttee conmplate e futurath ohe tart range r the . It wl contie to nitor the infoation forhe ecomic ouook andill ac a proprieo sustn expsion inflion near s metric 2%th a sot objectiv Jean it’mainlyith th New Yo timesnd stement here Is tre a reaso to belie that a tt t tier 2% tgetnflati be loong at to coince Th you nd to t rat again wh is thr heard l righ ere. think you ha to look a not no just e twen five sis actis over e cours of t ar a I ned in openi atemen –e w staed o expectg somw a femonthsnd nowe mov here I thi. Whatou’ve seen or theourse ofhe yea is ase movto more aommo? perfmed just aut as pected with . Grually increingupport I think wr incrsing policor histha caock kt the the tlookk andept vorable- Inerms ofhe re oyour qstion e commtee is ally tnking of of ths as a way of more aommodavetance Th rther the tee objtives at I mtioned. To insure ainst a downse rks to ovideupporto the onomy that tse m ere whe ftors arere pushin are ao ecomic grohnd then to suort inflati se do thk it’ll rts t agai we’rehinkin oft as i esste of mid cle adjtment licy. Like ohe Kayrom Bloomrg levisind rad there a peeption o thehat perhapn thicasi sothing of hammer in srch suggted –on’t seem. youes Tohow any kind demd proble in tn t nding ratesf theye all And s – Wonring exacthat –down. Prlem. So wnou’re aually rigill lve. The posion othe enomy is is as os th it’s it’seen aong me. what whate’ve been nitori siehe beginng otheear Fromeakening glolrowth andctilyo we seehat evywhere wee manufaurih addion we s — Tde policy velopmtshich atimes hav en disptivend then ve been les sn . We see tse as reats to wh is clek s e Ankeep that outok forable and fn ntinuaon of whate’ve been dog all yearo prove more suppor. s buhe folwing questns h doou howo you that w does cting. Lor our hse cting ierest rates can keehat going since e cost of pital doe’t seem to beo thin y the edence o of m esells me that tt our confence suppos ecomic tivity – Houseld a siness cfidencnd throu annels tha we unrstand so itill lor borring cos — It wil- It wl wor and I ink yosee isince -ou know sce wer June you s finanalion in conditns. Mo up and youo I won’t tak editor the f the wle condions me up.winanci You seeonfidee wa trou. To in June you s it mo back up the C. econom activy a oa healyases ijust chanlss well athe tidenc chanichange Channels that y aret [iudible ather. Hey y have eir lo from e W. s da indepdence a much of the datae d thepsider leapend i Can u givus a sen of ho that — Bter than expecd da impacd t FOMC is thinki a if g the upsid sprises. Is tha. Chging or bl ofnyOMC thking gng fward soes I me I I thiou. whateo aevery eting le I nott is- Ise do deepive into U. Sconomi activity. t thugh — US econoc actity which d S onomy hashown rilienc duri the intvening perio – But ae more the dowide ris and en thehortfall on flatio and wee So – Iaddition- Going rward I wou s we’ gonna be monitg we mitoring-he t olutio of of tde unceainty of global groh d low ilation will sof perfmance of t US enomy arsee we hadhown se resience.hat that how I wl be inkinge to osee abou policyoing fward . Yohave thiyear. I jt wanto foll up o that- uld y sere sort ou guys hav gottw remeere ts is. Sort ofn insunce t . watcngeadlin otrade of tas then ware wching. number ornd gwth nbersnemplmentn at howo we kw. Whatou’re nna dned y now in is n regim? So I Iavehree rsons for insu agast downse rksoo is i the ithe sse tha is. olookl A sk manement — Pointnd that i t we ao flike wk gbal grth itrade tenons are econom you s itow in sond quarte. Wean besthen yoee wk for eir a also to support rern informaon 2 so e the butheres dinitelan insuranc aspte tre isnusual we don’t you know that e thing ere is lot of expericen responnge tensns so it is a is methin tt — We haven ced bore andhatere it’s not ectly t sames tching glol growtor you banks andnd govnmentsral responng wy ne see gwth strenheningou e a busiss cyc ah wit withrade tenons signicant eect oninanci marketons Ande have to foowhem andy. byhe way want to be car here plano rolehatsoever i assessingg o th hasn’t a tde poly unrtaint. Has aeffectn the US eny in the ihe i the srt and dium tme’re not we’ot anyway criy th’s reay not r job. Thank y Nycl Said Jr p you and you coeagues andffered thr asonso cutates are lower utral rate thatayave ma licy aittle t tighter an antipated thelobal slowwnhe darrisk pture and flatio expectionsi wderhichf tse facrs ifny iteighs most hvily o u and me impoantlyt is a quarte g to addss. Time so it aually thinke anye of dierent peoe havdiffert r diffent – Waitis is thin you mentiedose downour sto — Tradelow d I wou actuay I wou moveout a of that allfs which nd . . So ain we I n’think aingbout a righ question yeah think you ha to lo bkver the commtee minga and s the Poste tnow aate cut so I ink wee been proving a path and it afctsinancik conditnso . actuly perfoing prettell growthns litt btterhan ou forasta fogrowth in twohousan niteen at e endf two thsand neteen . poli worki- Again Iinkn a wa thy wouldn just h s ashe rig questn Microphone That’st it may itaynd m high bar tcut ras there we ne tbe a deterration in thoutloo. that –f the outlo didtm tsugges confion abt.ere’somet nowprov te respdingcommite’s at t botto of th statent at tt lguage whi reay ys how wre tnking aut it sond it ys asere — ntempling the future path of the taet ran e fedel fun re will The plicatns of inming formatn tal about. can’ll I c tl you will beooking ateeksower groh lle looking ve carefly happing Ihink y see yeah yo youearn ery every cycle u lear about these tngs s. We wis pickg up wheth it’s you ow we’ we’reoing tbe seeing b we’ve learned a lot on tde in the Andn iulatio would alsoe in addiy itlf i on t perfoance o thUS ecomy wilnter io that s I wouldove to beore is aactorhat we have is it making ourecisio goingin foardinaudie] At wor econists a St Lis fede esiden — Jamesullards a st too f. No the fsaited about seven mont for rate c he said todayou t downside riskso could se of thweakne onhe busess de wh that Andhe sluer sid on thent. buness side be becse the fed waed so lo I wan to ge ur tughts on that. thiso justhe rightevel.hat Yeah I gr at frobusinees som. Becae you know tha t ‘re I han’t hrd that om hh busine wha tr r manucturineing wk all Invement busins investnt is wea. Andould l all of tha a e doo of of tde tal ink tre’s a there globa siness cycle invement. manufacturing in Younowefinity bigge tt’s thas b. ctor than tn certnlye expect le a glal. Globalrowth start to ow dow. Buthat isoing o to a grter eent a by tay tradeolicynco d In tms ofnd that was deral resve chamanerome Poll talki aut. The fedal resve cutng. Twty fivbasis point terest rat droppg forhe fit timen a dade so how d Wa Strt let wl ther you can s exact whe hetarted. To eak that’ that longe n Wall Strt not liking of tha — Jeromeowell i not makg any assurl . Rateuts. Ha tt –id not lik- From Waltreet rhthere so wl see iwe canebound me ase get closeo the final hour. Of tradi thereut that was a e ring those tal mor ns now up ne everyone uphereare wraingnd tha at eir ts thnewshere i Hston ieall the tkf there are ga ve pda Coming up at nn o time wl happ forou ofox t Phoeni dot comI the maet. justhow u agn went — To breakhen I was downon poin there.ndhirty three Inhe red a it conties to plmet aer theederal reserv. Thsaidhey wer goi to slh tse intert rates twty fivpointsut it’what Wall Streewell n happy. Abou – That hs ging kll rely gdance on wi theree future n thline the so. That is whats happeni right no let’sive you aust a lile bitore. Insight thererom Jec ill taking questions and the market ctinues to tumble. Your second question — To this is something we thenited ates i far bind oth realime paynts avlableo e genalublic e fed rlly tre is cong or t rese. Thhe resve ban d the mortogeth conve. tablo talkbout h we ca ve forrd ts is csumer groups tecs nks card mpanie ptty mh — intested a wordno wld be oject for seral years d one of ehings tt came ou of th w a recmendatn th the f. Shouldeal he twentfourb ven by-hree sty fiv al tim settlent stem t proble we t out a pposal i tober o lasyear. do ts ande’ve got quiteuld you e t of cments thewere ovwhelmily favable the our pment sysmnn nylaces t fat orates alg sid pvate stor operats forxan olesaleayment in e C.. we’vdone thing in e past. We’ve n Andut if sethingere lookin a cefa methin I do pect tmake a desion o cenr. Three drs pars what yore sayg here rom Boo e one nd you s. statent ihe’s fincialcy tlightee conditns at onomy. And at unt mart rticiptsre intereting And ill beg in the stement. And y it’s nothe sta oaf a of anasingycle. So. What a you sing theeventy statent? F simpl tha tss policy be . So i is – As I meioned s ‘s goi to depend on t volvin data d t involng. apprriate to ma I make an’s adjust somewhatore aommodave ance that’ what ‘re seng. Incongata all ofhe aking- tht theisks that I be loongt that. Tmake on cisiongoing rward ank you ster cirman seral dierent u’ve talked a mber otimes Justecentl gting to th nch bl t yearsfhis expansnan youa c isxpected to hp them. think th t best thingor peoplehoa d we a we argetting — Lo ofeedbacrom ppleho wo and le in a low d modera inceo w e ey hav’t fel bette lab market inybody memrs of th is grt to ar d I gss my vie isheest thingean e to suain t expanon kee going. Anhat’s one othe ov archin goa ol poly goe tre reays no rean why the quite pansio can’t keep gng. highion is notroublg Lee econyightow the’s n.. ctor that’ oloomin and theforeight btou hav a fairly. Wea . Economowhe engino is is really cs g t manucturincoralconomy isore or le not not a gringuch it’s isitelps a little o I u y. Overal we’ tryg to stain thexpansnndeepou kw cle to ou statury gls ich ar mimum pnts th re prid Chrman held durinthe CNN — e presentas reptedly for e fed to d the aun off for d ofis accnt shehat do yo present wted tay andould you al t – n . . Myeasons f our rsons ally for rning f doing And you know just st a touch onhat again is secon is signedo insure agains h trade tensions thos facrs a already havinegatio an promotefastereturn Well thatas a volile cple back from eak it wadown for Now- Comg bkust littl bi down three hdred and t ints going io the final hou of ti rce today here on news now thcouny tnkou so much or For joininy e tomoowtfterno we’llee you

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  1. I am in Fear the Democrats are Terrorist Treasonous Traitors to America does that mean we can have them all charged and Gitmo'd now?

  2. The problem was when Epstein was sentenced for his crimes the crooks themselves were in charge always have to go back to the beginning punishment means punishment if it was anyone else they would be punished to the max to make a good example of our great judicial system which is now great wasn’t great back then that was the problem

  3. No way his last charge was not handled properly. Check out there money deposits at the last trial from people who let them off! That was a crooked move. They should be held accountable for wrong doing. They allowed this man to continue abusing girls. SHAME. Our poor children.

  4. This jerk was never tried , because those that were involved in the case were involved in the same crime with the accused , not to mention they lied under oath, lied to the victims, broke more laws to get him off, a d these charges are alot , like 10 times more severe in olving half of freaking DC and California, New Yourk, Saudi Arabia, Haiti, . Just tell the damn truth you all need him gone , fixed, waxed, murdered, then yall will eat the evidence , HIM!! TALK ABOUT A STINCH,

  5. Hey, Gloria. You should go too, after the woman or women who brought those girls to him. It was because of them that he had access to these teenagers. The mothers of these under age girls are also responsible for not keeping an eye on them. Bring them to Court to answer how was possible for them to ignore the fact their girls were in possession of big dollars.

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