20 Replies to “News Now Stream 07/25/19 (FNN)

  1. Ya Know ,, Everytime The Complaining , It Becomes More Maddness , SO NOW , They Refuse To Put Any $$$$Out , Congress Time They Did Somethi.g , Our President Has Done So Much , All You Do Is Trash Him , Harrass Him , Ect.

  2. We are full up! Everybody who is fleeing here, or fleeing there, or anywhere they are so called running from, they are suppose to be in a Democratic country. Mexico! Why does everybody think that we have the means to absorb all of the people who want to come here to receive every kind of FREE things that this country is suppose to provide to everybody who can sneak across the border. It's like if they can get across the border then they will be taken care of and until they can be found a way for them to contribute to their own care, everything that they want will be handed to them for free by the US Gov't., or rather from the citizens that contribute to an unfair tax code that is forced upon it's citizens whether they want to contribute their money or not. They take and take and take more and more of people's hard earned money every payday to pay for all of the people that can get past the border and into this country. Once they are here we have to provide for child care, birth expenses and everything that you can think of. They are even provided free cell phones to these people who committed a crime when they crossed the border illegally. But that's OK we will give and give and give until we have nothing left to give and then our country will not be able to feed it's own citizens, we will not have the money to provide for the defense of this nation, we will really be invaded and overrun and then we will all become slaves.

  3. You people in Congress should give up your pay and give it to all those illegals …all you do is talk Blahblahblah….If they want to be here they should do so legally….Do something already!

  4. Put whole Latin America into the US and be Happy. If there remain some space than put whole Africa there also…

  5. After watching the hearings I realize just how much the President lies. The country seems more divided since he was elected. I guess that is why the Russians wanted him to win. They knew he was an incompetent fool and would damage the country if he became President. You gotta hand it to those Ruskies, they are pretty clever! I mean we have interfered in their elections for years, so Trump is just payback.

  6. 2019.07.25 (Afghanistan)
    An Islamic State suicide bomber massacre eight civilians including five women and a child.

    2019.07.25 (Afghanistan)
    Six woman and three children are slaughtered by Taliban bombers while on their way to a wedding.

  7. tRump is better than Jesus Christ. We need Putin to destroy the faith in our democracies around the world. Putin tRump 2020. Do not protect the elections. Thanks Mitch McConnell. Зола

  8. 國際聯合國美國首席該以聯合國民主.民權主旨:(以普世國際為大眾民主和協要回香港主治權意).(歸還英國的香港).(以戡亂國際法條侵害.威脅.滲透.加害個國戡亂令)

  9. Fox 10 you need to check your camera work – making Trump look poxed and wrinkled while you pan to others very crisp – come on guys – get it together.

  10. President Trump sounds tired, he need to slow down a bit! Take care Sr. We need you,,, I mean us conservatives!!

  11. THE HAARETZ / RIGHTEOUS JEW Gideon Levy / The Protest Dispersed. Then an ISRAEL SNIPER Shot a 9-year-old Palestinian Boy in the Head

    From 100 meters away, an IDF soldier shot a boy in the head in the West Bank village of Kafr Qaddum. The bullet exploded into dozens of fragments in the child's brain and he's now in an induced coma

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