70 Replies to “News Now Stream 02/06/20 (FNN)

  1. Isn't Warren a millionaire? What's she talking about rich people for! Nothing wrong with making it in America. She's a fraud….KAG2020!

  2. There's no-one like Trump, no-one can do what they say except Trump! Any other vote is useless, he's been investigated and come up clean every time, he's the man, forget the rest!!!

  3. I am voting for trump we can't allow people like Warren to take control they have no idea how to pay for the crap they are preaching.

  4. An attempt to overthrow the President of the United States of America is TREASON and TREASON is punishable by D—–H……Fake News  NOT exempt… It’s coming. Be prepared.

  5. At the 5:10 mark Nancy Mussolini was going insane!! Well said president Donald J Trump!! How dare that fakeass Catholic say she prays for the president. She's lying through her false teeth!! And she has no hate in her heart!! For you Mr President. You called her out, and properly so!!!

  6. I think there should be a new law that states if you are a representative or senator you cannot campaign for president without first resigning your position.

  7. The animated way she expressed her points , this Warren woman is as unhinged as the Greta environmentalist girl. Full of frustrations , rancour , desperation and anger. For what…I lost it and I couldn't fathomed.

  8. Toaster oven's. WOW. SHE WATCHED too many Flintstone Cartoon's. Nice how she will bankrupt our Country with spending OUR money.

  9. Did you noticed that the row of pigeons sitting behind Yang look like a row of clueless sparrows on a phone line in the dead of winter. Very low energy…. unlike the usually very enthusiastic Trump supporters.

  10. I am just janitor and with our president I am content with my lot. I eat. I have a home. I have a job. And it has all been better. And more appreciated with our current President

  11. Pelosi can’t even talk straight without lifting her hands to convince hah what a joke oh BTW she’s repeating what the President said in his SOTU

  12. Can Nasty Pukeloudly lie any more!! When she tore up the Presidents speech it was planned ahead of time!! I can't wait to she that DemonRat & her little Minions IN JAIL!

  13. In the bible, the apostle Paul would warn people of those that hurt him in his letters. Our President Trump, his family, his cabinet, his supporters have been hurt, verbally, physically and have been falsely accused, investigated and jailed. The Democrats have severely hurt our nation. God is watching and in His Word, he does promises to punish the wicked.

  14. President Trump has done more for religious freedom than any other President. President Trump is a blessing to us. But Democrats have done more to hurt religious freedom, especially Christians, than any other party.

  15. To me, the Democrat party, is the party that the devil is using to start his one world government where he will declare himself the only god.

    4 more years USA USA 💞💜💞and keep SENATE and TAKE back HOUSE SPEAKERSHIP so DRAINING the SWAMP will be possible..💞💜💞🙏💞💜💞.
    WE EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS are PRAYING for you Pres TRUMP and Family for healing and protection likewise VP. MIKE PENCE & Family & REPUBLICANS except some Rhinos! 💞💜💞🙏💞💞💜💞💞🇺🇸🇺🇸💞💞💜💞💞.
    GOD BLESS AMERICA, the BEST is YET to COME 💞💜💞🙏💞💜💞.
    STUPID PELOSI, AMERICA was BANKCRUPT when OBAMA left the WHITE HOUSE. THE REASON why Nancy Pelosi and some DEMOCRATS are so against TRUMP is BECAUSE they don't have KICKBUCKS, TRUMP is not a Politician!! and they lost COKIE JARS in Ukraine, Iran and China.😊😊😇😇🤗🤗.

  17. I watched him speak off the cuff. I think President Trump is amazing! He is smart, funny, interesting, and has a great memory. It was excellent.


  19. I felt ever thing he said in my soul God Bless Our Potus his famley our team our train prayers to god for our train.

  20. FOX 10 is on the corruption and the fall of America. Wake up America. While America was watching the show the democrats are on their way in making this county a communist country. TUCKER IS SPILLING THE BEANS. Liberal democrats love communism.. THE NEW FORWARD ACT IS A MOVE TO COMMUNISM. NO MEDIA IS INTENTIONAL. THEY ARE IN ON THE CORRUPTION AND THE FALL OF AMERICA. KNOW YOUR ENEMY OR LOSE THE WAR. 3TV IS EVIL.

  21. The assault weapon NRA funded republicans. I am sure that each and every republican sends condolences to each and every family destroyed by these portable machine guns. The republican party used to be the party of family values. Not anymore

  22. the democrats never had a real proof. no evidence. nothing. just hearing saying of hearing something .America is doing so well and it was good at the end that Trump challenged the Chinese..the other u.s presidents allowed china to take over more and more. now agreements are reached. Also very good that Trump withdraw from NAFDA..at the end u.s.a are benefiting from it.

  23. So sad .. why won;t Trump show his taxes? why won't he allow witnesses? why does he call people names all the time? Why doesn't he help stop global warming? why won't he support back ground checks for guns? Why doesn't he believe our spy agency's?.. why does he say he is smarter than anyone?.. why is his head orange? Why is he so uneducated on current events? cause he is the most treasonous, slim bag you have ever had in office and it's funny how supposedly smart people don"t want to fact check that stupid, moron?

  24. In the name of the father in the name of the son and in the name of the Holy spirit, I make the commitment that every day that I pray, not only will pray for our president Donald J Trump, but include his entire family, staff and the nation of the USA….in Jesus name I pray… Amen…

  25. Silicon Valley, the Democrats and corporate media are beyond the pale, resorting to ripping up speeches they hate to subduing the volume of applause for those they hate. I was at this speech. The applause was deafening when Trump came to the podium, but you can barely hear it here on YouTube. So petty. I wish I could say their crimes are petty too. Unfortunately they'll go down in history as the biggest mob mafioso in the the world, not just in the U.S. Go Mr. President. Lock every one of them up, from their digital denizens, to their political possies and corporate carpet baggers. Their treason goes to depths unimaginable, which few know about, let alone understand. That some Americans can even consider they deserve the White House is scarey.

  26. Why we are so fortunate enough to have Mr. Trump as our president is beyond me. Not only having him, but his own wonderful family. America is so fortunate.

  27. Warren can barely fill a small room with her supporters. In the meantime Trump fills stadiums. It’s quite obvious who will win in 2020.

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