17 Replies to “News Now Stream 02/05/20 (FNN)

  1. It's about time they quit him it wasn't nothing that man keeps saying no they had this and that they had no proof I watch their video they had no proof what's that President Trump and I'll do what's best for the country we didn't give him up quote to him what he had to do we put him in there for his knowledge and it's knowledge was to make America better and he has done that I have no complaints I will be voting for him again in 2020 and if all y'all people after got good sense you'll go Republican 2020 thank God for President Trump he stands up for America and the people that sing it damn where the Democrats

  2. Everyone. Remember to vote these corrupt traitors out in Nov. This was not an impeachment since there were no legitimate charges. It was a coup. These scum bags hate President Trump because he is revealing to the public how corrupt they all are. This was all about trying to hide their corruption and making the president look bad because they know they can not possibly win the election in Nov.. Impeaching him was the only way to stop him from serving a second term. These idiots have just guaranteed President Trump's re-election. They really are stupid. But then they are just doing the bidding of their masters who own them. Their corruption has made them worse slaves than any of us ever were.

  3. Those running for president should not be allowed to vote. Talk about a conflict of interest. Of course they will vote guilty. Sheech!

  4. The damage is done, He will not get reelected this November. Looking forward to voting in a new & improved President that won't have baggage.

  5. How did Nancy having such a terrible city in here district get or keep the job she has in our government something smells .all these America haters .how can it keep happening over and over .trump .pulling the red carpet out from under there feet making them walk in the muddy trash they made .they dont like it one bit

  6. Fyi kyrsten sinema is being groomed
    What for I dont know .open borders money for illegals some of her goals stone cold democratic policies groomed for what .vote her out .

  7. Did you notice the demo rats have no expressions?
    You know if Pres. Trump ran in a burning building and rescued 2 little children the demo rats would scream to impeach him…

  8. Romney never had half the character his father had. When you bother to look back you would clearly see that he was always a little crybaby brat who would have never gotten anywhere without his daddy changing his diapers at every turn, let alone the family name, which now will always be tainted because of his "sore loser" action.

  9. If you are a real American you will never support communism or socialism does not matter who you are Republican or Democrat. Freedom is above Socialism or communism. Always stand up for freedom and support America.

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