28 Replies to “News Now Stream 01/15/20 (FNN)

  1. Nancy Skeletor Pelosi needs her son investigated and his Chinese connections exactly like Dianne Feinstein's husband is extremely wealthy thanks to his dealings with the Chinese Communist Party

  2. I'm a republican this is an election year can't wait for some dummycrat antifa clown come up to me they're going to fall down and bump their head accidentally of course I. APOVE OF THIS MESSAGE ROBERT 420

  3. Can the impeachment be expunged after he gets found not guilty of the impeachment charges in the Senate? Why can't the President just have the courts do the expungement? Lets say in 2021 the REPUBLICAN Win the house, can that congress body expunge the pass impeachment? You know Trump will insist on trying that .

  4. Will this dog and pony show ever end? If anyone think this BS is a good use of their hard earned tax dollar? This is costing millions of dollars, to date, let's say $20,000,000 and when through, with all done closer to the thick end of $50,000,000

    Make the bastards pay it back.


  6. While trump playing business man democrats paying people to start civil war so un under Obama can over throw the government all navy under U.N. Control now we will be put in dems camps and our heads will be cut off

  7. Crazy Pelosi is still doing the biddings of her true masters ‘the Squads.’ She might be quite an actress but she will be losing big with this gamble.

  8. Old nasty Nancy is in pure panic right now. If she doesn't pull this off (and she won't ) her puppetmasters are going to be furious and she knows it. Then she'll not only lose her job, She'll spend the rest of her miserable life in Prison for Treason or be executed and be indebted to the NWO cabal puppetmasters. That miserable demon woman is out, as she says, "one way or another". I think she knows it full well too.

  9. 1. Hunter Biden is crooked. I really think they were sending money to the Ukraine in order to launder it back to members of the DNC or in fact, the DNC itself.

    2. The whole thing in about the phone call and why the Dems focused so much on it is because of the fact that they are as guilty as sin in that party of the very things that they are accusing Trump on. They are incredibly worried that something is going to come to light so they are trying like hell to divert and subvert everything in order to keep things behind closed doors and in the dark from the American people.

    3. Why were they in such a hurry? Because they knew if the Ukraine DID investigate what the investigators would find, and they can't let that come to light. But then why did she hold it for at least two weeks?

    My theory is that they needed the extra time to destroy some evidence as much as possible. In order to find the guilty parties, follow the money. They've done something in the background during the wait for the transference to the Senate to destroy as much evidence as they can.

    Now, why not just throw someone under the bus and make them the fall guy? They can't because who they sent over to take care of the laundering is none other than one of the people and the most likely to be able to beat Trump at the next election …

    So why not hit two bird with one stone? Hold onto the articles of impeachment long enough to cover up your tracks AND at the same time, cause more trouble for the Senate and Trump at the same time.

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