News anchor delivers breaking news of her friend’s death

News anchor delivers breaking news of her friend’s death

Breaking news just in It is reported that the CtiTVs news anchor Eric Shih has been found today in his house commited suicide with plastic bag over his head There was no note His wife has become extremely distraught since she found out the fact The case is being investigated by the Taipei City police department We will keep you updated

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  1. So they're giving away the precise method of how the poor soul decided to take his life away? "suffocation" alone would do. Describing the manner in which he was found is graphic and kinda taints the memory of him 🙁 Especially if you knew that person, you cant help but to picture that.

  2. I can't help myself thinking that she wasn't informed about his death on purpose. Like it was a marketing strategy playing on her feelings, so her reaction can become viral. Maybe it sounds delusional but one can't know what to expect nowadays from crossmedia (e.g. death, sex, drama selling)

  3. Admirably professional. I feel her sadness. I can't imagine reporting live on a colleague's suicide news. Tragic.

  4. Wow, I got to say she did a good job not completely losing it on television. I would have lost it. 

  5. You could see that when she took that deep breath in the middle that she was going to break down, but she powered through it the sadness. It's professional. My condolences to her and the victim's friends and family.

  6. "Μια έκτακτη είδηση", λέει η παρουσιάστρια του καναλιού. "Ο Eric Shih, παρουσιαστής ειδήσεων του καναλιού CtiTV, βρέθηκε σήμερα νεκρός στο σπίτι του. Ο θάνατός του οφείλεται σε αυτοκτονία. Βρέθηκε με μια πλαστική σακούλα στο κεφάλι του. Δεν βρέθηκε σημείωμα. Η σύζυγός του είναι εξαιρετικά ταραγμένη από τότε που πληροφορήθηκε το νέο. Η Αστυνομία της Ταϊπέι εξετάζει την υπόθεση – όταν έχουμε νεότερα για την υπόθεση θα σας ενημερώσουμε".  Πηγή:

  7. Παρουσιάστρια ειδήσεων μαθαίνει το θάνατο φίλου της στον αέρα Πηγή:

  8. A good friend of mine committed suicide last week. Watching this tears me up.
    It is so unfair to your loved ones…

  9. Why don't just focus on this professional reporter and have to link to racism ?!
    This is not a place for people to say i hate asian or european !!!!!!!!!

  10. i just looked at the comments here, and… hell…
    what a fucking damn people we got in our world….

  11. It's very tragic, and yes you can hear It and see her eyes water up.

    So, it means she has feelings so what??
    Maybe everyone here who comment stupid shit have to find theirs because this Is not funny at all.

  12. I don't get why people try so hard to control their emotions even when it seems very reasonable for them to react in that way at that moment. Sometimes professionalism is taken waaay too seriously!!

  13. Heartless bitch didn't even made a sad face or shed a tear! She busted out laughing at the end but it got cut off. What a cold hearted bitch!

  14. to be honest chinese is a very dis-united ethnic group throughout the history who always like to split up and form different sub states and even go hostile towards one another due to their large population/land/regional variations ,they could never be as united as japanese or koreans.Even nowaday there are quite a number of chinese sub states existing throughout asia,including republic of china(taiwan),hongkong,macau,certain areas of myanmar and thailand and even singapore,whether you admit it or not,although nowadays many singaporean chinese don't admit they are chinese by giving excuses like sg's official language is english and sg is multi racial,but in the end sg is still a chinese ruled nation,sg doesn't allow other non chinese races especially the muslims getting into their air force and elite units that tells everything.Even mainland china now also pracitises such policy as banning the "han chinese identity" due to the fact that prc china itself has around 10% non chinese population such as manchus,muslims,mongols and so on,so as to minimize ethnic conflicts they impletement such education to elimitae the han chinese identity,so nowadays we see more and more prcs are brainwashed to called themselves zhonghuaminzu(china race) rathe than chinese and many don't even admit that they are ethnically han chinese.

  15. You are all nothing but a disgrace. Invalid arguments over the net. What is this? Year 2000 again?

  16. You are all nothing but a disgrace. Invalid arguments over the net. What is this? Year 2000 again?

  17. I would think that a lot of people are jealous at the Chinese for achieving so much in such a short time. From one of the poorest country in the world to having the highest foreign reserve in the world in just maybe 20 years. You can continue to despise the Chinese civilization, but the Chinese will just get better. I have never seen the West being so worry before, all because of China.

  18. I've just realised that in almost every thread down there, there's always that one person that says something insensitive, rude or racist. And then it sparks a whole line of discussion and arguments. Some people should just keep their little thoughts private. (No offense to those who actually give correct facts.)

  19. You can see and hear she is trying to not cry and to hide her feelings. I just find it something worth typing.

  20. She looked like she was almost going to cry…
    Tears kinda welled up in her eyes as she was reporting it.  🙁
    This video was uploaded not a long time ago…
    This news anchor, get over it…

  21. In my opinion, the news department should have let her mourn over the death of her friend and just get another person to do it. Everyone who's making fun of her just stop cuz its hard to make a news report about your friend who had past away. (My opinion)

  22. I can tell that she is really upset. Her voice is very shaky once she realizes that he's really gone. I feel so bad for her. 🙁

  23. When western kids come home from school and say "Look daddy, what I made you today!" We get macaroni art. When Chinese kids come home and say "Look daddy, what I made you today!" They get Iphone 5.

  24. listen to this kind of drunk, sound a lil something like this,,,,earlier today my friend died cause of a malfunctioning cho cho that hit her shin….anyways rip prince!

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