New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Talks About Being A New Mom And World Leader | TODAY

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Talks About Being A New Mom And World Leader | TODAY

100 Replies to “New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Talks About Being A New Mom And World Leader | TODAY

  1. Apparently when Jacinda was a young girl she was riding her bike along a dirt road and fell off injuring her leg quite badly, when she returned home her mother said "what happened?" to which she replied "I fell off my bike and hurt my leg"…….

  2. I’m as a Muslim Alhamdullilah all praise is for Allah (God) alone
    Let’s be honest because Islam has taught us to speak the truth,
    In fact I have never seen any leaders Jews Christians including Muslims like the Prime Mister of New Zealand her solidarity isn’t just for the New Zealanders but for the whole world.
    May Allah swt (God) guides you to the straight path ameen
    Long live New Zealand ❤️
    Greetings from Kurdistan 🙏

  3. Congratulations 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  4. I am a man without children but it really ticks me off when the question is raised, will the mother be able to raise a child and work. But the father never gets the same question. Traditional gender-roles I know, but it is 2019 now.

  5. Yes, today she’s a new sister, mother , grandmother and grand grandmother to all Muslims in the New Zealand. Before, she’s been leader for dumb Maori and today she’s leader also to brainwashed Muslims. What a country, what a people.

  6. Respectable Prime Minister of New Zealand and the people of New Zealand are also respectable we love you

  7. Typical American morning show host not understanding how a parliamentary government is set up. I would expect this type of ignorance on a local program but not at the national level. A coalition government is when a group of like mind parties "join together" to determine a ruling path for the government. A coalition government does not consist of polar opposite parties uniting together to share the path forward as conveyed by the host. Embarrassing as I am an American and to see the lack of understanding from our media is appalling. I also picked up that the Madame PM heard the mistake from the presenter but knew well enough not to correct the host. 🙂

  8. She's a Marxist lefty loon and out of touch with reality. NZ's bucked toothed Prime Minister isn't liked by everyone.

  9. Deception is not a crime. It’s a crime.
    Misleading Muslims is not love. It’s a crime.
    Tricking the good people of New Zealand is not love. It’s a crime.
    Fraud is Not love. It’s a crime.
    Shame on the New Zealand government and New Zealand Prime Minister. They betrayed the citizens of New Zealand by using Muslims as a distraction. They used the female Prime Minister to trick New Zealand gun owners into giving up there guns and disarming. Now only a corrupt dictatorial government remains. No real freedom.

  10. She is a politician who used Christchurch to gain votes. But she is a mother who promotes abortion and euthanasia. Not a good person and not a good role model as she is an unmarried mother.

  11. في الجنة ونعيمها حبيبي اللي كانوا بيصلوا بالمساجد في نيوزيلاندا في أمان الله اقترفوا أنهي ذنب علشان المجرمين السفاحين يعملوا فيهم كده. ارحمنا يارب من الإرهاب والتحريض على قتل الأبرياء ارحمنا يارب من الدهوه اللي على سهوة

  12. بأمارة إيه أبونا تواضروس قصدي أب الأقباط بمصر ج م ع ياخد اتنين من الشباب العسل المصري ويغصب عليهما يقعدوا غصبا عنهما من غير شغله ولا مشغله أنا كده هزعل منكم أصلا سعد تواضروس راح هو ووالدته لابوهم افغانيوس لأن تواضروس كان خايف على عمر اللي خلفته عفوا اتجه لمستشفى كليفلاند كلينيك بأمريكا يطمن على صحته وفحولته المهم باختصار شديد من الجاني الحقيقي في هذه الجريمة الشنعاء وقتل ايفانيوس بخبطة لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله العلي العظيم اللي كانوا دخلوا في احباط واكتر من محاولة للانتحار داخل حمام الدير ياربي احنا كبشر ربنا خلقنا احرار فبالاها خنقه ولا خره اسود وشباب زي العسل تعدموا امه من القاهرة على اولادها سلام

  13. انت موتي في جلدك جاسيندا إنت كتبتي كتابك ولا لغاية دلوقتي zu bropieren اكتر من كده ويزيح عنك الشر

  14. I lost my virginity to Jacinda Adern (Possum) back in high school lol, I believe I was 6th form, she would've been 5th if I'm correct? This Would've been a good 22yrs ago? Those were the days. Keep doing well by us and our country Possum, you're doing a marvelous job so far. Good to see u done well in life 🙌 all my respect and blessings to you girl. Hope to see u one more time in person to thank u, and to let u know that I'm also doing great, and that I'll always support u and ur work.

    Jesse (Bootsy)

  15. She is not a 'head of state,' she is a head of government. New Zealand's head of state is Queen Elizabeth II.

  16. I was trying to execute a project that i called as "Global_event" and later named "whiskey_Square-Global_event" it went to many or i may can say all Geneva base organisations and many or all European Governments directly to EU and UN more then year time 100's of mail about it its about more then all subjects which may concern on the earth and specifically about WAR or killing
    How ever i was failed find a help to launch the event maybe because of my poor communication skills but i was worrying a moment's to think if we had execute "whiskey_Square-Global_event" then we had already eliminate or prevent from New Zealand or Sri Lankan innocents killings

  17. This prime minister is a Transgender, OK.
    Angela Merkel is Transgender!
    Theresa May is Transgender!
    Trump is Transgender?
    Christine Lagard is Transgender…

  18. Man… this lady commands my respect! True Boss Lady!! 👏👏

    Who are the nitwits who think a woman cannot have a child and take care of the nation? Pity their tiny mentality.

    Utmost love and respect for this lady from India 🇮🇳

  19. This women(?) is a fiscally ignorant clown who is running NZ into the ground. If you don't live here then you got no idea what a fool this silly woman is. It's a pity she didn't get married before she had the kid, that might have set a better example for our young people. She is a through and through communist, it's ruining our farming /dairy industry, along with a dozen or more large industries we have here. The sooner this fool is gone the better off we in NZ will be….

  20. AHEM!! She is NOT a world leader, she TRADED her way into the job. More people voted against her than for her. FACT.

  21. Deception is not love. It’s a crime.
    Lies lies lies lies lies lies lies
    Games games games games
    Acting acting acting acting
    Deception is a heinous crime against humanity.

  22. Liberals, no matter where in the world the come from, are foolish. They love abortions, muslims and big government… degenerates

  23. Anyone who thinks Ardern is a great PM is sadly mistaken. Ardern is a complete traitor and a lying snake. Sad that she tricked so many kiwis and people overseas alike. Ardern is a UN plant and her father is a mason. Ardern is a nasty PM and anyone who disagrees has been brainwashed by the globalist media.

  24. well…times are a changing…heres how much she cares for other mothers…

  25. remember people this is the same woman who let a "high profile", newly convicted pedo into NZ just days before the mosque shootings…. yes im talking about john podesta

  26. She did not earn her position ! It was given to her ‼️‼️ She is a disgrace to go to China leaders to lecture them not to prosecute the Muslims ‼️ she never say any thing about Mass Christian killing in Sri Lanka ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
    This women in A total Loser ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  27. Transparent careerist politician, whose bunk up into the international arena was a mass murder.
    Jocasta,or what ever it's called will drop NZ like a hot potato when the job at the UN comes up.

  28. This unelected marxist has a check she is not the head of the the Queen is…..wait till she floods… the country with blackamoors. And hottentots she signed the marakessh agreement…..wait to be submergés ghastly woman

  29. New mom traveling leaving dad to mind the baby, and Aussies don't want NZ criminals remaining in our society, Ardern is getting them back!

  30. This world is mad. Why cant she be a mother and a prime minister. She is hardly going to be struggling having child care and help, oppossed to the many mothers, including single mothers raising children and working on thight budgets. Also, if male leaders can be fathers and leaders, why cant women be mothers and leaders.

  31. Don't be deceived, this person is a very dangerous ' Extremist ' and a member of IUSY Communist Party. Watch this video..

  32. FRIEDENSNOBELPREIS FÜR FRAU #JACINDAARDERN 👍! Da können sich die Rechtspopulisten Kurz und Trump etwas abschauen!

  33. Shes only concerned about her international profile, thosands of kiwi kids are staving, familoes are living in garages and cant make ends meet. We are still waiting on the cancer clinic she promised us. But its hard to see these problems when shes always overseas.

  34. I have been informed that this thing is an experienced and good pm.she is an imbecile, and now the Australian government is attacking Alan Jones,for saying the truth about this dare you defend this pig, when a.j.has every right to voice his opinion,which the majority of Oz and Kiwi's agree to.2 weeks back scomo said basically the same dirty do good dogs,how can you support this pig who wants to give your countryto Islam and muslims.grow up and stop supporting what the dog is doing for the your eyes.

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