100 Replies to “New Recording Appears To Show Trump Discussing Dismissal Of Ukraine Ambassador | NBC Nightly News

  1. But wait, Trump has claimed more than 20 times that he didn't know Lev Parnas.😲
    What's done in the dark will eventually come to the light.

  2. Trump tells one lie, and that lie begets two more lies, and those lies, begets four more lies, which inevitably results in a chain reaction of lies similar to a nuclear reaction.

  3. The president could have replaced every one around the world. Keep digging for a reason to remove our president we the people put in office.

  4. Trump is a petty crook compared to Parnas' OG…. Parnas wasn't taking a chance that he would be hung out to dry without taking down the real boss …

  5. Thank You Lev, You May Be A Part of Saving Our Country From This Cowards Illegal Activity. " There's no doubt in my mind he knew you very well" The dude is a compulsive liar. Good job! 🙃😁😂

  6. Who cares. She did a horrible job. Look at Ukraine she aloud her constituents to steal from the people of Ukraine. She's lucky she isn't in jail.

  7. Trump didn’t even know who she was. All he needed to hear was she’d been around 20+ years to know new blood was needed. It was at the solicitation of someone else too. Big fat nothing burger here

  8. but, it was a perfect phone call mommy. joe biden made me do it, mommy. it's all biden's fault, mommy. you can't impeach me now mommy, cause i'm still killing terrorists like jamal khashoggi and jeff Epstein.

  9. This is so disgustingly horrible. How could our prized businesses goals be discussed with these thugs. First the meeting conversations are rampant, jumping from one topic to another. Hillary, Sanders, Obama, are jokingly rambled over. Emphasis is made on Presidential privilege. Code 424 mentioned in relation to big trucks.The entire world, European Union, all disgracefully talked about. Under water nuclear energy, wad not missed. What deviation from our political, reputable US citizens? Ukraine runs our country!!! All good intentions, discussed with our own businesses, and well meant politicians, come to naught. How could directions and advice regarding, our prized assets be ever in the "solution-tongues" of out-siders.Why have adversaries tell us to set up a committe of not politicians, but private people? Why should our prized amenities be propelled by such companions, friends, or, should I ask, "adversarial trustees"? Why on earth are such heavy weight subjects be the subjects entertained by the individuals at this private dinner? Why? Why? Again the question, why the obvious selection, the specific pumping of ideas and subjects, (pivotal and sensitive), subjects be in their hands)? Why any decision making by outsiders, who are definitely adversarial to US? Turkey, Russia, remain the hot bed of their rambling. The word communist is distinctly heard. Like I stated earlier, all business purchases and sales, have not being exempted. Other topics, borders, trade, vehicles, gas, electric cars, coal, cable TV. you name it, were on the table, with the clanking of the dinnerware and cutlery adding to the confusion. Every thing money wise, was factored in , at that loud, boisterous, unmanaged gathering. Why should our alleged Pres-di-dent, haul in such characters, including one woman . Who knows, if it was that same lawyer found to be wrapping up deals. Why work with such strangers? Is there anything else left to be discovered, by this supposed Pres-di -dent? When are we going to be able to hold our heads high, verses hanging them down, in shame and embarrassment?

  10. Trump is the third president in U.S. history to be impeached and to have that permanent stain on his legacy. Trump hero of the stupid

  11. The ambassador said “we don’t need to listen to trump since he’s going to get impeached.” She is deep state and trump can fire whoever he wants.

  12. LOL dummies… destroys your implication trump was concerned about biden as an opponent "The recording is from a dinner in 2018" LOL and biden "The 2020 presidential campaign of Joe Biden began on April 25, 2019" SO FUNNY YOU LOSE… THANKS MADDOW!!! #trumptapes

  13. This actually hurts the dems case. All it proves it that trump was looking into the corruption in Ukraine a full year before Biden announced he would run for president. Which shows it was not about "getting dirt on a political rival" he was worried about corruption in 2018

  14. I can't wait til the commies give up nbc,CBS,npr your days are numbered If Hillary ever was good for anything her words of "If Trump's president we all go to jail". Her worth in the universe is complete

  15. Yes, just like Nixon's plumbers. More defense excuses coming I am sure. RE: fake tape etc.
    Fake reality from this administration.

  16. You wasting your breath if you think somethings going to happen to trump, it's always people who will believe you and they know you lying, because you have just as much blame as the person lying BEACUSE YOU LISTENED!!!!!!

  17. This was 2018, when did biden announce he was running for President? 2019. So how could he be investigating biden before he is even a candidate.

  18. They wanted to impeach him 1 year before the Ukraine scandal… actually since he won…. That's what i learned from the audio and it is very alarming and pathetic at the same time.

  19. the entire conversation has been posted on utube. its over an hour long. he was aware,as well as all others present,that it was being recorded. do people actually think hes going to say anything out of the way?why is the media trying to put so much emphasis on this conversation when he has every right to hire and fire the ambassadors? just another bunch of bs fake drama that means NOTHING. lmao. #TRUMP2020🇺🇸

  20. The Smoking Gun tape of 2020.
    He is so going to be convicted in the impeachment trial. If not, he will be aquitted.

  21. Bro USA isn’t a prestigious as it was before what a joke. Y’all trump supporters just support for the sake of hating on other minorities don’t come at me with a BS.

  22. Democrats are going to leak to their medias all the evidence they werent allowed to present in the trial. Just as predicted. Dems have no quailms to use their corrupt medias in such dirty way.

  23. Really! So what! If the president wants to fire an ambassador for any reason that's his prerogative. People get your head out of the sand. Every ambassador can be fired right now if the president wishes too! Get it.

  24. He has the power to take her job away folks. What kind of commie son a b!-:; are you. Packing your phone and filming dishes and to chicken shot to sit still five seconds to prove it trump. I feel like all this is made in a Hollywood basement. I still see no wrong in wanting your own ambassadors and doing as you wish. No high crime. If you look at the big picture it’s the new world order against the man. Still has my vote.

  25. Trump is like a typical mafia boss, he has his cult and his goons by his side also. Hmmm didn't somebody that behaved like this start WW2?

  26. why can't trump discuss this virus and ban any Chinese from this country that recently traveled back home so it doesn't spread.

  27. Twitter Troll tRump caught in his 16k lie. I don’t know Lev. DonTheCon is a corrupt crusader to root out corruption around the world🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
    It’s harder to defend Twitter Troll tRump than OJ. Witnesses and documents needed.

  28. Criminal Trump have go court and Respond for
    Killed people!
    Not paid Tax
    Sexsual Harrassment
    For helping Dictator Vladimir Putin!

  29. Criminal and Angry Trump is Enemy of USA !!! His place in Jail or Every body will do everything Criminal Trump did!!!


  30. Are all you people so stupid that you don't realize a president has the right to hire/fire ambassadors at will. Ambassadors are chosen by the president. They are not elected officials. If they do not support and propagate the presidents foreign policy they should be fired. Look it up presidents firing ambassadors is nothing new.

  31. Ambassadors work for the President, he can fire them whenever he wants. The video clearly shows that he wanted her gone because Parnas told him that she wants him impeached.

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