New FOX News Poll: Most Americans Want Trump Impeached And Out Of Office | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

New FOX News Poll: Most Americans Want Trump Impeached And Out Of Office | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

100 Replies to “New FOX News Poll: Most Americans Want Trump Impeached And Out Of Office | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. There will be no impeachment ! You think the democrats will be able to survive the uproar of the Americans that think the witch hunt has gone too far! Obama gave our sworn enemy billions in cash, he should be put before a firing squad!

  2. Lol…whata crock of sh*t! Keep lying to the American people "MSN.COM" so everyone can see the deceptive low-down manipulative, controlling S.O.B.'s you really are, soon everyone will see you for the P.O.S. you really are. The elections are coming up soon and your time is very limited, better brace for what happens when people see what you and others like you intended on doing. You and all the "Elites" around the world are the worst kind of scum that plagues the earth today….that's all coming to an end. P.S. Hey everyone want to know how I know??…just look at the number of thumbs down as apposed to the thumbs up, look at those numbers…they can't hide what they're trying to lie to you about because it's the truth. Soon it will be so-long to, the most deceptive underhanded crooked syndicate the "Elites" ever had publicly exposed besides Disney/different feet of the same animal.

  3. Impeach the cancer that holds the highest office and abuses it. The most corrupted President and administration ever!


  5. Dems will NEVER get it done. They just want the story line to continue over and over because that's all they have going. Biden is over and will now dwindle. Warren is too radical and centrist Dems will never vote for her, Independents certainly will not. When it eventually get handed to the Supreme Court they will certify it a dead horse. That will flatten the DNC for 2020.

  6. The Fox Poll is fallacious when you equate the number of supporters that roll up to his rallies. Each rally each supporter would be in a group of like minded people. One person at the Rally would know at least 10 others with the same belief multiplied by the number of people at the rallies and you have over a million people who are loyal Trump supporters. This and the percentage of Dems in the debates are polling lower % combined as a group you would find that they would come in as 40% of the total voting public. You would need to see what weasel words that were used to evaluate the true affects of the poll

  7. polls are crap I support the president 100% andso do my neighbors and ny co workers and my church the democrates need to be arrested for the coup they are attempting

  8. When Barr's report comes out, it'll be 50 years before the American people will ever trust the Government and the Democraps again.

  9. 30 million Americans will not vote for trump this election that voted for him prior!. Gun control and banning vapes! Not good for u mr trumpy dump

  10. Here we go again, talk talk talk talk
    Trump is committing genocide and you are just talking
    Guess who is going to be next to experience genocide, America, your days are coming. Cowards, evil people that sit by and do nothing. Shame on you

  11. “Kiss what”? Dear Mister President, did you ever hear of the characteristic phrase’s presidential dignity or common courtesies?

  12. lol..just look at how many people show up at his rallies, and then look at what sleepy joe and Pocahontas bring..trumps going to win in a landslide, and he will never be impeached

  13. Pole most recent scam! Pole was over taken and more Democrats were poled than regular Republicans and independents! Liars all! They know democrat corruption in Ukraine!

  14. CIA/FBI/MSM TRAITORS: We the People do not believe your LIES. Now that sotero"s COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for Treason begin? The U.S Constitution has a cure for Treason. Love of country Trumps hate for Donald. MAGA

  15. Impeachment was the word from the beginning of Trumps presidency. Democrats have no shame. They will do anything to get their revenge over their big loss. They will loose even bigger in 2020. God bless America.

  16. wrong again socialists FAKE RESULTS FAKE NEWS

  17. Not really that stunning, fake news msnbc. Not watching this but in case it WASN'T MENTIONED: 1. the Fox poll was BIASED and SKEWED. Most of the participants were democrats. Of course it would read 51%. 2. You know which side pedos would take in this political war, right? Correct. Disney bought Fox so of course it would favor the impeachment of President Trump.

  18. You morons living in your fantasy land are truly sick. Trump WILL NOT be impeached. Trump WILL WIN in a landslide 2020!

  19. because of fear of lash back from violent leftist and other democrats who think they can bully their ideology upon others there is a percentage of republican supporters who wont give an honest answer to the polls….unless you account for this percentage the polls are and will be heavily skewed to the left….

  20. If anything can be learned about poles it should've been learned in the 2016 race. Hillary was projected to win by a landslide. Well… she lost by a landslide! Poles are taken by a handful of people; as if that handful speaks for the whole. The pole ought to include political leanings so we can determine- of the 51%, how many were registered republicans? I work elections and i've not overheard one republican say they were displeased with the GOP. However, many registered dems have expressed their disgust in the "godless, immoral DNC" and have announced their intentions to change their party affiliation. Of course as a worker i just smile but the Democratic is dying fast!

  21. “May God protect President Donald J. Clown from the truth and may his lies and unconstitutional acts be left unpunished.” – Enemies of the United States

  22. When are people going to wake up and realize everyone around Trump is going to jail Republicans are retiring getting indicted while screaming how corrupt the Democrats are they've had oversight since 2012 there's no such thing as a deep state I can't believe how dumb people are

  23. Every time trump overestimated his properties for the banks , every time he underestimated his properties for his taxes, every time he paid his women with campaign funds, every time he used charity money for his personal use, every time he scammed his insurance he should get jail time.

  24. Most americans? Says a poll taken from less then .005 percent of America. Remember the poll that said Hillary was going to win desicevelly? How did that turn out?

  25. 2k likes and 2.8k dislikes… seems like there are more people here that disagrees with the video’s take on what the poll truly is. MSNBC, I think you need to remove this vid before you reck yourself and get a bad rep like Fox.

  26. The media, Democrats, and intelligence communities have begun their coup, there's no going back from this irresponsible and slimy behavior, when the dust has settled and lives have been lost these traitors will hang for all to see.

  27. The Fake media is to dumb to understand the FOX poll was designed for them .It was play to get the Socialist to call for fu;; Impeachment .

  28. When Americans are killing each other we can thank the Democrats, instead of doing their jobs they are to busy ripping this country in half, IF they actually did susceed in impeachment, they are not even giving it one thought to what it would do to America, they think the other half of America will just stand by and support them? They are Like selfish little children only thinking about what they want, it's sad, It will not be Nancy Pelosi or Adam schif or the rest of the house leaders out in the streets when Americans start killing each other,

  29. Why can,t he simply be jailed? Can you or me do this and not be jailed? What else can he do and not be handcuffed, jailed, hanged?

  30. Even though the Constitution guarantees freedom of the press, the government does regulate some media. Print media are largely unregulated, and newspapers and magazines can print nearly anything as long as they don’t slander anyone. The Internet has also gone largely unregulated, despite congressional efforts to restrict some controversial content. Broadcast media, however, are subject to the most government regulation. Radio and television broadcasters must obtain a license from the government because, according to American law, the public owns the airwaves. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issues these licenses and is in charge of regulating the airwaves.

  31. all the corruption in the DNC and Trump makes a phone call…….democrats have been crying in the streets for how many years now?  so sorry…….feeling sad for you

  32. A huge win in the Russian effort to separate Turkey from NATO. Several European NATO allies have already halted arms supplies to Turkey in reaction to their incursion in Northern Syria. Coming on the heels of the halt of F-35 sales to Turkey, the NATO-Turkey relations appear to be on a slippery slope. With chaos ruling US politics, who's going to stop it? The EU? To busy with Brexit at the moment I'm afraid. This one seems to be well in Putins pocket already. Well played him.

  33. Fake poll based on majority of DEMS polled. ALL corporate network media tells us lies and refuses to tell us the truth. Late night shows, fake news media all saying the same thing with one voice. They LIE to us. This is why the people on all sides despise Network and their fake news. As always, someone needs to consistently stand in the middle and tell us the complete, objective and painful truth.

  34. I just listened to Obama's speech in Illinois today. Our country needed that speech. Reminding us of integrity and common ground. Reminding us of the integral common role we all have of protecting our constitutional democracy. How proud he is of the good in our country and reminding us how we work well together in our lives and in our days. I havent heard a positive uplifting speech for the unity of our country since he left office. I am tired of the current administration and radical news and radical politicians tearing that away from us. Thank you Obama. I miss you

  35. Oh I believe polls were telling the story. It shows at Trump Rallies with nearly 20,000 inside and 26,000 outside who could not get in.

  36. Schiff version of the Ukraine Phone call was certainly different from the print out story. Hmm August 12th the day BOTH WHISTLEBLOWER AND IMPEACHMENTIMPEACHMENT Rules CHANGED.

  37. Foreign Treaty by US/UKRAINE allows either Country cooperation to investigate Corruption. So Papers filed says years ago!

  38. Im definitely in support of the impeachment but i don't believe these polls at all anymore these same polls had Hillary winning by large margins and it was the complete opposite

  39. The real truth is that there are more dislikes of this video than likes so continue with your false polls. The problem with polls is they take them while Trump voters are working and don't have time to take their polls in this roaring economy.

  40. When are finally the REAL perpetrators on the line ??? R0THSCHILD is behind all Democrats actions.
    Just ask yourself: Who owns the MSM?
    Who owns the IMF (central bank funding)? Who owns the UN?

    Time to level up on evolution and create transparent PUBLIC banks and run this planet our way.

    The solution is easy – lets do this!!!!

  41. Trump is the best ringmaster we've had in decades. At least he entertains us unwashed masses, unlike other elite lampreys. Get your complimentary bread basket please, before you find your seat. The next show starts soon. SPQR forever, ya?

  42. 46% want the president impeached 48% don't. What is that saying? It says 46% are Democrats and 48% are Republicans! Hey, no one asked me or you, so the polls are inconclusive just like before the 2016 Election where they had Hillary way ahead of Trump. Their trying to have you change your mind that you must be wrong … Don't doubt yourself. Keep thinking TRUMP!

  43. This is a betrayal of conservative media.No one I know is calling for his impeachment, but Fox`s poll. I Is Fox is up to something underhanded.Is Fox mad because Trump is trying to get us out of Mideast business.Is Fox attempting to taint Trump because they will lose money If we are not in war?They are other news organizations.There`s no doubt that many Republicans are heavily invested in the military industrial complex along with their states.It`s time to begin downgrading our everlasting prominence everywhere.We cannot afford it.We need to take care of Americans for a change.I hope people can see through this.

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