New Document Release Exposes Trump Connections To Parnas, Fruman | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

New Document Release Exposes Trump Connections To Parnas, Fruman | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. Pam Bondi is also the former AG of Florida that decided not to pursue charges against Trump University after his family foundation made a significant donation to her political campaign. Will this corruption ever end?

  2. No one with an IQ above 5 believes Donald Trump is innocent. The problem is the number of lawless people in government who are in support of his actions…………shameful.

  3. Ha! Keep on digging!! Non of this is done by the President. Just because Rudy says this or that does not mean it came from from Our President. Your "assuming" Respect the Office!

  4. Why doesn't MSNBC let America know that the republicans are purging legitimate voters every day, not a word. You can't win if you can't vote. Freedom my back side, the rich are free & we the tax payer pay for their freedom not ours.

  5. Too bad they picked Hyde to do surveillance on Ivanovitch, he was a marine,but
    his MOS was 3051. Explains why he made a mess of it.

  6. the corrupted people in the  house of representatives needed someone to part with them in their corrupting decisions and they found in our president the best person to work with!

  7. McConnell and Trump: two evil men working to destroy America with their corruption and lies. Both have disgraced their office and done generational harm to America's reputation.

  8. Parnas probably dropped Dow because the Moron probably wanted Parnas and Fruman to take the fall and then the Moron would do a quid pro quo for them later when he is re-elected.

  9. READ THIS; from Associated Press; "Parnas and his business partner, Igor Fruman, both U.S. citizens who emigrated from the former Soviet Union, were indicted last year on charges of conspiracy, making false statements and falsification of records. Prosecutors allege they made outsize campaign donations to Republican causes after receiving millions of dollars originating from Russia. The men have pleaded not guilty."
    Surprised Avenatti and Smollett haven't been called as witnesses,//

  10. So This dude, Mr. Madow, says Trump pretends he never met Parnas and insinuates there may be 9 pictures of them together and proceeds to ramble on about other people speaking to Parnas…?

  11. The most troubling aspect of this scandal is that Spanky honestly believes he has done nothing wrong. Everything he does is looked at through the lens of self. His definition of right is anything that benefits him or could possibly benefit him is right. Anything that presents him in a negative way whether true or not is wrong.

  12. I potentially see why an attorney wrapped up in it would represent Trump…IF they can clear Trump of criminal acts, intents, and any wrongdoings then they’ve a chance to be cleared themselves. It’ll certainly make them work all the harder; it’s not just a paycheck, but possibly their freedom!!

  13. President Trump is telling the truth. This can be possible of course. How many persons have you meet in your life? And how many of these houndreds or thousands of these people could you still remember? Greetings from Europe but not from Russia.

  14. To be honest I am not seeing the picture here. I am seeing the media making up wild stories in between some non information

  15. trump wanted a trial and to call witness but schiff said only can be witness they allow not the whistleblower or the bidens. they want them must be watching fake news

  16. Trump doesn't know anyone when they have to give information about the crimes he is GUILTY of pushing so people please stop trump is a TRAITER the end this is why trump was impeached We will not VOTE for him anyway

  17. A picture ? i guess the liar forgot ,about the ones taken with all his children.And the ones that go all the way back, to his first wife Ivana

  18. Love Love Rachael. Keep digging ,but now get some sleep. Another crazy week for the W.H.
    Love Lev Parnas continue to have courage America is all ears!

  19. When we choose leaders in future in our nation lets not look how much they have in their wallets as this will fool us to believe they are intelligent yet they are corrupt. This is not a presidential quality.

  20. Sekulow's involvement is awesome. Is he going to step away right before the Senate trial? Curious. This just keeps getting better. They're all involved. Yep, all my lawyers are crooks too.

  21. And you didn't even mention the most corrupt and deeply implicated of the President's lawyers; Pat Cipollone was responsible for unethically (and probably illegally…) hiding the transcripts of, probably, numerous Trump crimes…

    This is a blatant cover up of the most serious of crimes against the country but Cipollone has so far barely rated a mention… The only possible reason is that there are so many others, who are higher up the totem pole than him, who are seemingly guilty of even worse crimes…

  22. Trump own lawyers tie parnes and fruman to him and he still trying to pretend he doesn't know them. His white house lawyer is part of this corruption schemes and criminal activity.

  23. I'm surprised that the impeached President isn't claiming that the pictures of him and Parnas are not really him in the pictures.

  24. I would like to think that I'm speaking for everyone when it comes to opinions and I say that everyone wants their opinions to be right, but unfortunately that's apparently not the case. For anyone to form their own opinions they have to be open minded enough to listen to and consider all verifiable facts that are available to them. On the other hand people who only listen to the views and opinions they hear from any source that is obviously one sided may not realize this, but they are allowing others to form their opinions for them, which is exactly what the goal of that source is.

    For anyone who wants their opinions to be right and is open minded enough to listen to and consider all VERIFIABLE facts I would like to offer you a link that you should find useful to help you form your own opinions:

    I would also like to suggest scratching off the msm and folks like Rachel completely off of your list of reliable sources of "information". They are NOT reliable sources of any information, especially not verifiable facts on political subjects.

  25. An indicted criminal making up story for a reduced sentence? Move along Liberals, nothing new here just the normal circus from the left.

  26. Yovanovich prevented the Ukrainian official from entering the States, so Parnas and the gang wanted her removed. Political operative Richard Hyde was talking about having her killed.

  27. Hey Rachel!! Nice 2 meet u. I like that u made ur videos shorter in time. I did stop watching u when ur videos were 20-30 minutes long, Thank u MSNBC!!

  28. What if Trump has compromising video's on all the republicans when they visit his Cess Pool Trump Hotel.. What if Lev Parnas is a double agent for Putin..

  29. This conspiracy goes a LOT DEEPER than just Ukraine. Saudi, UAE, Turkey, and RUSSIA. Thank Republicans for taking russian money, especially McConnell and Graham.

  30. When is it going to come out that Fred Trump sexually abused a young donald? When he refers to other peoples "deep mental problems for obvious reasons" we know he is talking about himself.

  31. This was definitely a prelude to a hit job. Trump would have done it, just for some "dirt" to be dug up.. Trump is officially a mass murderer now, btw. This is absolutely unforgivable. It's treason. Hope he eats a bullet burrito.

  32. Today (Friday) on the view Sonny said Liv worked for Donald's father Fred in the 80's .This should be easy to verify or not, and if is true You KNOW Trump knew him!

  33. Even if you do not like Trump don't let left wing media lie to you.. To put things in perspective. If something happened to the left say like they all got busted and and caught in lies and many sent to jail… Do you think it would be covered on CNN? You know they would do whatever damage control they could to make things better for themselves even if it was humorously obvious to the public.. Why? It's because they want to get get in that presidential power seat so they are gonna lie, cheat and steal and do whateer Trump is accused of doing and worse to get there…. They will never say die so just keep that in mind and filter through their BS…When they make stupid mistakes that cost them millions in law suits you can see that they are so desperate to win that they are getting careless and not double checking or checking at all.. as to what the facts really are….. and they end up defaming and postentially harming a child…They are so used to attacking the president daily and getting away with it they think they can do that to anyone and get away with it.. Will they learn their lesson after losing 80 million?. They really got some nerve and they didn't even appologize to the American people after having to pay out or risk losing more in a lengthy embaressing lawsuit covered on tv…. They paid out Hush money the kind of money they accused the president of paying out.. The finger points right back at them.

  34. How could Trump agree to provide a legal representation to a stranger? Trump truly has taken Americans for real mugs.

  35. Crazy madcow, seriously how do you know Trump is pretending.
    This one is seriously suffering from Trump Derangement syndrome.

  36. Looks like the crazies have a new Messiah, Jim Comey didn't work, Muller was a flop, the only fact witness in the house says he didn't do anything just his assumption.
    When are you gonna learn, the more you go after him the more they love him.
    This impeachment is a badge of honour and a golden ticket for another guarantee win for Trump 2020.
    This time the GOP will gain the house too.

  37. These waters are so murky that they will have to invent an unbelievably powerful filter to clean them – or simply fire trump.

  38. One of Trump's attorney's defence is Trump is not guilty of these charges because he should of been charged with much worse.

  39. There is no defense for Trump's team, the evidence is clear and precise. Only way Trump avoids any wrongdoing is by sucide. I hope Lev is well protected because I wouldn't be surprised if someone tries to harm him.

  40. trump sure does love hanging out with a bunch of guys different guys at that I bet trump is wore out I bet he can't sit without a chair sliding up his a****

  41. Another "bombshell"? This Parnas guy's entry is timely, he's after "the truth", "national security", clearing his soul, staying out of jail. Where's Igor? Man, ya can't make this stuff up, but America's TV audience can choke down ANY turd. None of the criminals in Obama admin. were supposed to get caught, Hillary was a sure thing, it's why they were so sloppy. "It ain't the crime the gets you, it's the cover-up." Quote from another impeachment saga.

  42. Trump building an empire in the White House; these should be marked in history as America's darkest days….. only if Americans choose to end it soonest!

  43. President has the right to protect the American people from corrupted presidential candidate.✅
    How can he inform the Congress before collecting all the evidence, when the person who committing the crime is one of the democrats. 👿

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