NES & Super NES – December Game Updates – Nintendo Switch Online

NES & Super NES – December Game Updates – Nintendo Switch Online

[Nintendo Switch Snap] [peppy brass music] [music ends] [Super Mario World coin ding] [militaristic retro music] [intense retro music] [music ends] [cheery retro music] [retro rock music] [pained wail]
[music ends] [cheery retro music] [energetic retro music] [music ends] [retro orchestral music] [epic retro music] [music ends] [Super Mario Bros. coin ding] [heroic retro music] [intense retro music] [music ends] [cheery retro music] [offbeat retro music] [music ends]

100 Replies to “NES & Super NES – December Game Updates – Nintendo Switch Online

  1. Thank you for Kirby Super Star Coming and just in time for when my bro go on his vacation while I have the house to myself after I get off work ?✊?

  2. you are taking a step in the right direction nintendo
    try working on bringing n64 gamecube and ds games in the near future and we will be more than happy

  3. Please put Zombies Ate My Neighbors for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the Nintendo Entertainment System Please?!!

  4. Ok I need you guys to hurry up an pull out the stops for the SNES already.
    Super mario RPG, Chrono Trigger & Earthbound WHERE ARE THEY lol I realize there needs to be a difference in genre but for the love of the gods just do it already ?

  5. I am really looking forward to Crystalis as I grew up with that game on the NES. And I am glad it is the NES version and the GBC version has inferior music

  6. Thank you guys for finally updating this but come on I want to play Mario RPG sense I have never done so welll guess I’ll just have to wait 3 more months

  7. With star fox 2 on here now what is the point of purchasing a Snes classic

    Also where is super mario rpg, earthbound, and earthbound beginnings

  8. Wow
    I’m glad I wasn’t friends with some of your during my childhood. Because if these were the games you had over your house…
    You waited since sept to get these games?

    And don’t mention it’s a licensing issue
    3 systems had a better line up of classics and service was free.

  9. NINTENDO! What you NEED to do is bring the same backlog of games that were available on the Wii/Wii U to the Switch's E Shop, bringing 3DS games into the fold as well. This whole system of trickling out a few NES/SNES games here and there through Nintendo Online, many of which people haven't even heard of, is quite frankly silly on your part. I love the Switch, but it has soooo much potential that could EASILY be tapped into, but it isn't. You went 2 steps ahead with the hardware, but 3 steps back in terms of fan service. There's no reason the game backlog that was available on Wii/Wii U for reasonable prices, and spanned decades across all Nintendo systems, shouldn't be on Switch. It would take a couple of your low level employees a matter of hours to implement. In fact, I'll come do it for you ? Pure and simple, you are losing out on massive amounts of profit as a company by NOT doing this!

  10. I don’t see why they had to add another breath of fire game but I can’t complain, at least we’re getting more snes games

  11. DK Country? Earthbound? Mario RPG? All-Stars? Devil World? Nuts and Milk? Game Boy Online? N64 Online? You are missing out Nintendo.

  12. I just wanted to buy the cuphead game apparently u need to buy say a $30 card which i just bought from Eb-games then i believe i have to go into the Nintendo switch e shop

  13. You guys need to in a feature to invite your friends on playing snes games. I’d also love to see Chrono Trigger, DK country, Pop n’twinbee and space Megaforce on snes online service please!?

  14. What people want (based on comments/likes)

    1.mario rpg
    2.earthbound trilogy
    4.crono trigger
    5.n64 games
    6.virtual consol if your gonna drip feed us games

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