NCT 127 🌟 9 Things You Didn’t Know About the K-pop Group | MTV News

NCT 127 🌟 9 Things You Didn’t Know About the K-pop Group | MTV News

– [Taeyong] Five, six, seven eight. – (group intro in Korean) (group speaks over each other) – Whoa, I thought we were
dancing for a second. (Taeyong counts) – (group intro in Korean) Hi, we are NCT 127. – Here are the top 9 things
you guys don’t know about us. One thing you guys don’t know about me is that in high school, I could eat a whole large pizza by myself. (group reacts)
– How surprising! – Ohh!
– Woo! – Nobody knew that one! – I could see you eat one. – My favorite pizza was pepperoni pizza, but one of my favorite things to do would get barbecue sauce
instead of the tomato sauce. Was that too in-detail? But anyways, that’s the
best way to eat pizza – [Mark] Wow, that’s good.
– Not gonna lie, yeah. I used to be in a school
band for playing the flute. – You lie.
– Why? – When I was in elementary,
middle school, yeah. – I’ve never seen you play the flute. – Yeah, exactly. I haven’t touched a flute in a while. – I wish there was a flute
so we could test you. – Yeah.
(group laughs) Alright. (flute noise) Alright, hold up, hold up. I think I’m pressing something wrong. (flute noise) (flute noise)
(laughs) (laughs)
00:01:23,166 –>00:01:22,415
– Wait, hold up, hold up, wait. (flute noise) Wait hold on–
(laughs) Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up.
00:01:31,174 –>00:01:28,254
(flute noise) (laughter) – Wait, hold up, I thought this was a D. I was in a band, so we played a lot and we went on tour and stuff. – You went on tour? – To other schools, not like a tour tour, but like– He’s making everything big,
(Johnny laughs) but it’s just a school band, you know. The average– – The average band that goes on tour. – [Group] Oh.
– [Johnny] No, I’ve never actually seen him scared of bugs, though. – [Mark] Yeah.
– [Johnny] Yeah. (group laughs) – Every day
– We knew that. We knew that. – Oh my baby! Come on, I’m gonna eat you so good!
00:02:33,153 –>00:02:08,663
(Jungwoo yells) (group laughs)
00:02:37,532 –>00:02:23,791
One day, six meals. – Six meals (laughs)
– I’m– – Yeah, one day six–
– I’m food fighter. (group laughs) Come on, food! (Jungwoo yells)
00:02:49,836 –>00:02:39,326
– When I shoot photo, I usually use my right face. – Ah, always.
– His right side. – Left face, not bad. Right face, good. – Our Japanese album came
out recently as well, and we were going through it, and literally, we could only
see the right side of his face. (group laughs) (group laughs) – He has the right amount,
well, according to him, yeah. – Everywhere, everywhere.
(group laughs) – Oh! – Very smooth, very smooth. – We don’t see his bare body a lot,
00:03:33,630 –>00:03:13,223
but once in a while when we do– (laughing)
– His arm is smooth. – It’s very clean, if you
guys know what I mean. I don’t know, I don’t know
how am I supposed to say this.
00:03:42,222 –>00:03:24,704
– Shining.
(group laughs) Whoo! – Shining, shining.
– Yeah, shining. – Shiny body.
– The right amount. – Shiny body!
– Shiny body. – Yeah, just calm down my mind. Thank you. (group laughs) – For me, I hit the highest
notes of our members. – [Group] Ohhh. – True facts. – You guys didn’t know that. – I can make the sound of a dolphin. – Show us, show us! – Um–
– Show it! – Okay, okay. (squeaks) Okay, okay! Thank you!
(group laughs) – I think he’s the same as
Ariana Grande, you know?
00:04:34,065 –>00:04:11,626
(group laughs) – Ariana Grande, same note– – Oh yeah.
– Same note, same note. – I hope to do a note battle with her. – Thank you, next time. – Okay, it’s a very dangerous secret. – Okay.
– You ready? – [Group] We’re ready, we’re ready. – You guys ready? (Taeyong laughs) (sighs) Okay. My New York roommate is Johnny. – [Group] Oh my god. – Wow.
– Really? – Really?
– Wow! – Oh my god.
– We didn’t know that! – That is shocking.
– Thank you. – I told you, it’s a dangerous secret. (laughing) – Well, in the morning when we got ready, we got ready in our room, so everyone went in and
out so it is very dirty. – But we are… Clean boys. (group laughs) We’re nice and clean. (flute trills offkey) (flute trills offkey)
(laughing) (flute trills offkey) – Oh dude, I really forgot,
I’m so sorry though.

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  1. eu te entendo Mark, é horrível tocar flauta com gente perto. se você rir não dá pra tocar. eu te entendo!!

  2. "I changed the tomato sauce for Barbecue sauce" = "I'M SITTING THERE,BARBECUE SAUCE ON MY TIDDIES" 👁👅👁👌

  3. No one:
    Not one in the entire world:
    Not even chenle:

    Johnny: wHaT tHe fLueT


    No one :
    Not a single soul:
    Not even me:
    Jaehyun: i cAn MaKe tHe sOund oF a DoLpHIn

    Chenle: boi if you get-

  4. this is my first nct video I’ve seen so here are my first impressions:

    Johnny: the funny one
    Mark: the dumb one/ immature one
    Yuta: the scared one
    Jungwoo: the cute one
    Doyoung: the other cute one
    Taeil: the baby
    Taeyong: the chill one
    Jaehyun: the vocalist?
    Haechan: the low key annoying one

    lmao i don’t know

  5. i feel like Jaehyun is the only one at 1:41 who really gets Johnnys sarcasm and Taeyong is like why are you laughing

  6. Taeyong: i like watching youtube videos
    Me: OH ShIT!!!!!!!!
    Taeyong: like raising animals and putting water in tank
    Me: oh thank god
    Taeyong: it helps me calm
    Me: wtf?

  7. Mark ois me when someone is asking me to do sth ive been doibg my whole life and can easily do, but suddenly forget al about in this moment…

  8. broooooo taeyong is literally a baby. he watched videos of animals and how to grow plants— THEY COMPARED HIM TO A CORGI

    i used to think taeyong was intimidating but omfg he’s a literal baby boy i wanna protect him😭

  9. I feel like Johnny new they were gonna test him afterwards, which is why he literally gave a detailed order on how he wants his pizza

  10. “In Highschool, I ate a whole large pizza by myself, yeah, I bet nobody knew that one!”

    Me: jokes on you, I did too.

  11. I'm so sorry for this. I'm like months late but I need to say it. As a flute player, Mark was pressing the right keys to play a D (I believe – can't really see.) But he was holding the flute at too much of an angle and did not have the correct amount of air pressure to get it out.

    I'm sorry, I needed to say it


  13. Ok. Mark is like… showing something that flute players hate. When you think that your pressing the right button but you're not ughh I hate when that happens

  14. A Mark no le sonaba la flauta, pq esa flauta es profesional, y si no cubre bn los huecos en las llaves, no suena;-;

  15. I wish Doyoung snatched the flute from Mark and played it himself, he knows how to flute and I would love to see him playing it for the first time.

  16. Mark: I remember playing the flute in middle school elementary

    Attempts to play flute and fails Miserably


    This is accurately the same way I play the clarinet in school

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