NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 23rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 23rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Don't you dare change yourself or your values for ANYONE! Here is this young man about to graduate from high school and he's being blatantly discriminated against because of the way he wears his hair. Not for bringing a gun to school and threatening to shoot up everyone, but for honoring who he is as a young intelligent upstanding member of society. It's time to stop this nonsense!! I hope his parents do not back down. WHAT DOES HIS HAIR HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING!?

  2. It's a revised dress code, this kids hair grew out before the changes so he should NOT have to cut off his hair!

  3. Cut your hair (so you can show damages), graduate and then sue the h… out of them for every cent they have. Amazing how people will change their behavior when you hit them in the wallet.

  4. No surprise about Weinstein showing what actresses are willing to do for the silver screen… and now that they can't get any more parts Oh… this happened to me 20 years ago stop the madness the moment you didn't call for help shown what you were willing to do.

  5. Parents should be aware of school policies prior to enrolling the kids at a particular school, however establishing policies against ethic/cultural hair styles, cuts or management is ignorant, bordering on racist. White people don't seem to comprehend the hair challenges mainly faced by Citizens of African descent. Its cultural appropriation for black women to adopt white hair styles, so I not surprised by the increasing popularity in natural hair styles. Natural hair styles take less time to do, maintain and don't require harsh chemicals or heat applications.

  6. Has everyone already forgotten about the years of “payola”? The music industry’s probably been dirty/corrupt from the very beginning! Likewise the film industry, and organized crime. So why not the Grammys, Oscars, etc?

  7. i'm so god damned sick of "white male" being used as a derogatory term. and you wonder why the white nationalist movement has exploded in numbers.

  8. What goes around comes around.Its called Karma. The Chinese treat so inhumanly and now Karma is returning their favor in kind. Well deserved.

  9. Leave cultural identity out of the public schools keep it in the private ones. The young mans hair is perfectly appropriate for his personal well being.

  10. Funny how Trump's team stonewalls and they don't testify, executive privlege . Cry after for not being heard , this is criminal action . Try to make these hearings a hoax. Evidence is out we all see it .


  12. They have discovered the pregnancy racket just now!! It's been going for decades,well-off people in Egypt do it all the time

  13. Witnesses and documents would open up the floodgates and be the end of trump and many others as well. This is why Moscow Mitch is so desperate to prevent this from happening. Are Senate Republicans nothing more than robots? Or are they human? We will soon find out.

  14. *Hair Story: What a total disgrace that students in school are being discriminated against in this day and age. *Question: Should a school superintendent be allowed to wear a goatee ??? It might be offensive to some. 👀

  15. That kid with the locks is a perfect example of parents raising millennial children to always be victims. No mom. Your son needs to cut his hair. It looks like a mess. Does he plan on getting a good job one day? I’ve seen first hand bosses tell perspective hires that if they seriously want the job they are applying for then they need to cut their hair off. It is a distraction. Now unless he wants to open his own business that’s fine but he may turn a lot of his clients off looking like that. He won’t be taken seriously. Grow up. It’s the truth.

  16. Democrats have lost at least the next two elections with their nonstop attack on President Trump since he took office.

  17. He cant what because its part of the Constitution!!! YOU HYPOCRITES!! YOU HAVE. MADE UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW REGULARLY– Mandatory insurance, state inspections of your car, licencing of both you and your car ( FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT WHITHIN THE NATION) You pushed obuma care ( contracts are to be WILLFUL, VOLENTARY, and INTENTIONAL ) THIS IS ONLY A FEW OF YOUR UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS AND YOU HAVE THE GULL TO COMPLAIN. ABOUT TRUMP. YOU HYPOCRITES!!!! FAKE NEWS

  18. *Grammy Awards: If… "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder," 👁️👁️ then … 🎶 "Music is in the Ear of its Listener", too …🎶

  19. 12 cities closes to Wuhan and roughly 35 million locked down down this morning 1 hour ago. 26 dead, 830 plus cases 177 in severe condition. 12 possible cases in the US. hmm

  20. Most of the elusive criminal seems to be whites…could that be because of discriminatives use of power power and priorities of the justice system?

  21. We human's are going thru what Almighty God and Jesus said long time ago when he came to tell us to see what is going to happen and the end of evil! Be happy , who ever is not blind to these Times of righteous people. Pray for your soul and love ones.😐

  22. It is not so much about hair as it is respect for authority. Personally I love dreads, yes they are cultural but also can be religous . Cutting the players hair just before the game was horrible, these things need to be addressed in a different manner. School AND workplace dress codes are needed and should be respected and followed. If long hair on males is not allowed it must be addressed long before graduation, if it was ok all this time it should be ok to walk with his classmates at commencement. An ordinance not enforced continually is null and void.He should walk with his long dreads!!

  23. You are kidding about the hair. Sounds pretty racist to me. The entire class should boycott this sham of a schools idea of length! Lordy if this happened in my school most of the school would be suspended. (1070-1974 Cony High Augusta Maine.) Please white school officials worry about real problems like phentanal, heroin, and slam the dealers in jail for a very long time.

  24. So the kid has had that hair all year?? And they are choosing NOW to enforce the code? Sounds like a bunch of BS! Any attorneys watching this?

  25. It appears to me that these women were more interested in saving their careers than reporting the rapes. I'm not a fan of Harvey Weinstein, but I am suspicious of the numbers and no reporting to the authorities.

  26. Am so into this Grammy awards,
    Who cares
    They do not care ABOUT POOR people in USA
    They are greedy
    And lane music

  27. Hahaha she gets fired so she’s taking the WHOLE SHIP DOWN!! Haha
    Typical woman… equal rights equal rights until it’s on your door step.
    Take your pink slip like A MAN and disappear!

  28. Why have these criminals not been sued and imprisoned for defaming the president, fabricating evidence, and expressing treasonous intent, for four years, while The President has committed no crime, and done what is required, to ensure physical, and intellectual, security of the nation? Why are we not outraged that criminals are globally disgracing the nation, with their malicious impeachment campaign?

  29. This same school district suspended a four year old Caucasian boy in August of 2017 for the same offense. The boy's name is
    Jabez Oates, and his mother's name is
    Jessica Oates. The story was aired on Fox 26 news in August 23, 2017.
    The district is not refusing to allow the young man to wear dreads they want him to be in compliance with the hair policy.
    The parents knew the policy of the school districts hair length policy before they even allowed his hair to grow that long.

  30. The president of the United States is supposed to protect the rights of the people. Those people includes Joe Biden and his son.

  31. The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness: Animals have the physiological substrates (like humans) necessary for a fully aware, feeling, thinking consciousness.

    Looks out window.
    Birds chirping, sun shining, and children playing…..

  33. I’m backing up the other comments, who don’t want this young man to cut his hair. Yet, they had no problem with him during the school year. So, I personally, would tell them to bite me. The hair stays. We got your back sweetie 👍!!!!

  34. Good I'm glad he's Cracking down! you can't come over here an have a baby on US soil I'm with that! As for the Hair Get real Folks He has the right to wear his Hair as he Shall fit leave the kid Alone!

  35. Why would they pay $80000 to get here? They need enough for a visa, an airline ticket, and enough to stay and hospital bills. The job is INS to make legislation about what constitutes jus soli and what doesn't, including intent and purpose. Birth isn't accidental. It's imminent or null. Tourism permission isn't work visa nor is it intent to immigrate permanently. All these lines are currently muddled and overlapping due to arguments regarding ideas from humanitarianism.

  36. Dow Jones almost 29,000 , lowest unemployment ever, lowest black unemployment ever, over 2,000,000new jobs in past three years……… NBC fake news……. Crickets

  37. That's rich projection hypocrisy and transference,
    viz.: whereas multiples of Trump's Russian Kleptocrat oligarch's cabal (since
    2017) are reportedly being hosted at posh high-dollar Trump properties.

  38. Wells Fargo did it to me to when I had money coming off my account I pulled my money out of there bank. They did it in California to me .

  39. If you don't have rules and regulations all you have is chaos this is what civilization means to be able to follow Direction and live up to the rules and regulations if we all can't do that we are not civilized

  40. Let tha young man go back to school. He needs to graduate with his class. That is one of the biggest events in your life . I wish him the best in his future. He is going to have enuff challenges in his future. And I don't know what the problem is with dreadlocks.

  41. Why are these people always attacking black peoples' hairstyles? Every year, the same thing. Can't go to prom, can't go to graduation, can't play in the big game. Why are these people so terrified of style?

  42. Cutting that wrestlers hair before he was allowed to compete loojed just like the Nazi's shaving womens heads at concentration camps – discusting and Texas should be castrated off of the US along with Florida!

  43. I'm a white liberal, but I agree with trump on birther tourism. Shut down the businesses profiting from this…up to $80,000 to give birth here? On the other hand, how many ways are there to get around this!?

    And for Pete's sake, let that young man march at graduation with his long hair. His hair is beautiful.

  44. That is so laughable. Hair, really? These decision makers need to travel outside their pod. His hair is irrelevant. What if it were turned around? You cannot ever cut your hair, period. You would would be singled out sand severe punishment. Why are you scared of differences? Your world is too small. Include him in every way. Have him give a class on his original culture. I there was a day where woman wore dress to the floor.

  45. So why are we allowing Chinese into America if it's a pandemic. We should not allow anyone inn until the CDC has this Corona virus under control. Protect the American people!!! Please!

  46. How are they going to know if someone plans to have their children here? Visas are usually granted for ten years so are they going to ask women if they are pregnant or plan to her pregnant soon? Silly.

  47. What does his hair have to do with his education?
    If it is nearly kept in a ponytail or something similar, how is that different than a Caucasian male with long hair?

  48. As a republican, a good rule of thumb for me is if this were a Democrat President, would I be okay with his actions?

    If Trump feels he did nothing wrong, why the obstruction and cover-up? Allow people to testify, give the Democrats whatever documents they are seeking.

    Why hide things on a secret server?

    One thing is clear, if Joe Biden was not running for President, Trump would have never asked Ukraine for an investigation, Trump has zero interest identifying and eradicating corruption.
    If Trump was interested in eradicating corruption, why didn't he investigate Biden in the two years he was in office before he announced he was running for President?

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