NBC News: Trump White House May Bring Forward Motion To Dismiss | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

NBC News: Trump White House May Bring Forward Motion To Dismiss | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

100 Replies to “NBC News: Trump White House May Bring Forward Motion To Dismiss | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. And the world looks on in wonder – this can't be happening in America.  I hope the republicans representatives walk down the street holding the head in shame. (NZ)

  2. Not gonna fly. Especially the thing to prove good intentions when we have #Tre45on on tape multiple times saying and asking for investigations into Biden. 😂

  3. Kangaroo kort
    Caught Trump handed bribing with tax money
    1974 Act Trump liar briber caught perfectly with co on line bar none they are caught in their last lie !!!

  4. Since when did the accused Donald John Trump get to call the shots in his Trial regarding when/if there will be a Trial, when/if he'll show up, what/if witnesses and evidence will be produced, how long the Trial will proceed, if at all, and so on. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts is more of a window dressing manikin in Macy's store window. Unreality Show. Is this the best we get after 254 years of constitutional democracy? Are we still locked into eighteenth century ritual?

  5. If they attempt to dismiss then it will prove without a shadow of a doubt Trump's guilt. An innocent man is not afraid of an honest trial.

  6. This is a no win scenario for trump even if he’s acquitted by Moscow Mitch.. Trump’s already the most disturbing and disliked president in American history. This trial will not improve trump’s popularity which equals political death…

  7. Impeachment trial? …. this is no trial! Where’s the long traditionally accepted notion of “legal due-process” here? Clearly it’s a brazen cover-up charade being recklessly rammed through the senate, ordered and directed by trump, deliberately engineered and executed by McConnell, and brazenly foisted on an unwitting and bewildered public. The United States is on a fast track to becoming a corrupt banana republic. A shift to a truly authoritative regime in the WH is in the making, no question.

  8. McConnell puts both Republicans and Democrats on the spot by applying maximum pressure. There’s no place for anyone to hide in a McConnell-run Senate.

  9. So what's the defence now exactly?
    That the president is allowed to abuse his power, the president claims he doesn't know anyone, that the call was "perferct" and "he did nothing wrong"?

    For real America?

  10. Republicans are cheating lying bunch of rats have broken their oaths and keep lying lying lying so much for a fair trial

  11. Trump & White House should just Ignore the Whole "trial", and not move AN INCH no matter what the senators vote . Its a meaningless sham from the Executive branches view point , And im sure the Army and all true Patriots are on Trump's side . IGNORE TRIAL and keep on Making America Great . Thanks and God Bless #2020 #Trump2020

  12. Why are you Americans not on the streets protesting the Republicans and their obvious corruption? they will do anything to defend Trump no matter what he does ! Your on a very slippery slope !!

  13. Hah you guys are gonna have a mental breakdown, Trump isnt going to be removed from office and he will win reelection, if you believe anything else you live in a fairytale dreamland.

  14. The Whole World knows TRUMP is a Russian Gangster and Republicans are Russian Gang Members….All are part of Putins Russian Mob. They Love their Russian Money More than America…..Send them all to PRISON 2020 FOR TRUMP

  15. Why are the dems still wasting my tax payer dollars with this malarkey? I symbolically impeach you dems now! There, now we're even… can you get back to the peoples' work now?

  16. Only person that should be apologizing is these crooked attorneys standing up for a crooked president, and maybe Democrats would have more evidence is trump did not stonewall evidence, this is waste of trump will get acquitted because of his demons covering for himP

  17. Obstruction of Congress is not a crime….. Abuse of power…. not a crime. Brian Williams lying on NBC nightly news… not a crime, but got him sent to the TDS news network.

  18. Democracy is dead; if it ever existed. It has been hijacked by croocked people to suit their need for enrichment, to suit their vanity! What could be less undemocratic than using the people's vote to control them, to con them into voting for their own demise? Involuntary suicide by attrition!?
    Machiabello could have not done it better!!

  19. MSNBC resurrects career of disgraced NBC reporter Brian Williams who lied about experiences in Iraq:

  20. From what I have seen, I think moving to dismiss the whole thing is probably the best thing. The truth is I have never seen a President that the congress did not feel that the President was abusing his power. And as far as obstruction of congress goes it is actually a large part of his job. From arguing with them when they try to pass a bad law or fight his policy that they may have to override if they have the votes. So there is no high crime or misdemeanor and the whole thing is just a waste of time, money and the charges are not worthy of impeachment. This whole thing is the Democrats are just a bunch of poor losers and had their feeling hurt.

  21. I have no more respect for this Republican Senate. I have no more respect for anyone who votes for them. The Whitehouse is filled with criminals. If we don't vote these people out of office you can say goodbye to the America we know.

  22. It's constantly being said that the Democrats have been out to get the president since he took office. Let's say that is so. If he conducted himself with HONESTY and INTEGRITY in the office of the Presidency, he would not be facing this impeachment. He needs to take responsibility for his actions. The process is not unfair.

  23. Those testifying are expected to exonerate Trump, while verifying the need for Treason and other serious charges to be filed against major political players including the Clinton's, Obama, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi etc.

  24. True Americans call your senators insist on a Real Trial no matter what side your on there needs to be witnesses what are they afraid of the truth?

  25. Schiff is a smart guy, he keeps repeating the bald facts of the case and cutting through the Republican line of BS such as Ukraine being unaware of the arms funding hold or Zelensky feeling no pressure. Schiff cites known evidence and documentation of the case without looking down once, Sekulow and Cippalone read their pointless bitchery from actual notes, sounding like 3rd rate drag queens in a cat fight: "Can we PLEEEZE get started?". How embarrassing. Meanwhile, Trump is OWNED by a 17yo activist at Davos as the whole world laughs. When this is over it won't be over.

  26. This senate will violate the oath of office!! Ignore evidence, shun witnesses and continue the criminal conspiracy!

  27. HABEAS CORPUS !!!!

    All wotnessrs, focumenys AND the orange mongrel i.e. the accused múst be brought to the trial.
    Drag him there if need be.

  28. Well, if I was accused of making a phone call that SOMEONE said I "demanded" an investigation, but never used that word.….if I was accused of with holding something from someone that someone else said that they heard it from someone else, and that person heard it from someone else that another person "felt" like it was withheld……and another person "felt" they were threatened, but couldn't prove any threatening situation, and that was suppose to prove that I "demanded" an "investigation"…..yeah, I'd expect a dismissal, too …..and then sue the accusers.

  29. Why dismiss if hes innocent? Why not prove the demsxwtong and testify himself (trump)….I mean …even O J. Testified lol

  30. If you carefully read the blogs, it is easy to stop the Russian troll comments. Their comments are designed to cover up the crimes committed by Trump and his chosen administrators, lawyers and aides.

  31. “The Worlds Greatest Deliberating Body” is what John Roberts called them! LOL!
    The GOP is nothing but a Cult of Narcissists addicted to power & control & enabling a Malignant Narcissistic Sociopath!! They come in packs!

  32. Blah blah who is worse traitor treason trump or the American ppl scared to fight this corrupt administration?? At this point it’s just complaining!!! Peaceful protests on a national level is way over due!!! Boycott big corporate!! Take the money out of trumps idiots pockets and they will impeach n remove the orange face real quick!!! Smh to the spineless citizens!!! Fight n stop complaining!! Freedom is won the streets not on some battlefield across the pond!! It has to be peaceful and full boycott of big corporate including nfl nba mlb etc.

  33. Anyone with half a brain knows we cannot allow presidents to illegally ask foriegn governments for help in our elections, let alone extort the help.

  34. With all these theese stupid things going on I think it would be better if we tell the Russian come and get the USA. then may be will all get rid of our headache. but only if they promise to Get rid of Trump, they know how to. it is a joke people Russia is in all ready


  36. "All of the evidence"? I thought the dems were asking for more time to get evidence. Apparently they didnt have the smoking gun information they said they did.

  37. The conclusion of this trial will be the 2020 election when the people will speak. I remember when so many republicans said a black man would never be an american president. But, the people had the final say and spoke clearly 2 times.

  38. If the Republicans can’t step up and conduct a FAIR trial, like 70% of Americans want, they should all be voted out of office in 2020.

  39. Oh WH will play the card Donnie's doing his best to appear presidential while fudging economy employment and environment numbers

  40. I am sorry to say – but America has turned into the GUTTER POLITICS of the world. So embarrassing and shameful. Can't even hold a trial – just partisan politics. They forget they serve the Constitution and American people – not any President now or in the future! Presidents come and go – that's a fact. A Senate that is a Circus and a Farce!

  41. The Dems should not accept if they request to dismiss. The GOP are all corrupt and liars since they did not present anything to protect Trump. Enough is enough. How disgusting.

  42. If the GOP Senate will move to dismiss the charges, they will perpatrate the bigest treason of the Contitution in history but we the voters should remember and make them pay the political price of this treason.

  43. Adam Schiff argued: "If the House cannot call witnesses …it's not a fair trial, it's not a trial at all." But that's exactly what Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler did during the impeachment hearings. They didn’t allow the Republican representatives to call in their own witnesses. Hypocrites!

  44. THE ONLY THING REPUBLICANS BRING TO THE TABLE IS STUPIDITY! ~ NO DEFENSE FOR TRUMP! ~ VLADMIR PUTIN IS WINING, OUR DEMOCRACY IS DYING THIS WEEK, PER REPUBLICANS! ~ The Republicans will never change, they will play the victim when they are at the mercy of the Democrats, but when Republicans have any kind of advantage and choice, you better bet they will be ruthless, arrogant, corrupt, cunning and conniving in every way possible. A Democrat tries his or her best to be decent, honorable in looking out for America's interest. While Republicans are in it for themselves, the rich and couldn't care less for what is good for the country. As we can see. They have no defense for Donald Trump, their defense strategy is stupidity, playing stupid and pretending they don't understand why they will be attending an impeachment trial.
    The Republicans and Trump's supporters would support and defend Donald Trump no matter what he decides to do. NO RULES OR LAWS FOR TRUMP, HE IS THEIR KING. He calls our constitution a phony. ~ TRUMP IS ABOVE THE LAW, ABOVE THE CONSTITUTION, ABOVE ALL LOGIC, TRUTH AND REASON! ~ DONALD TRUMP CAN DO NO WRONG! That's Trumpism. ~ He might as well be called Jesus by his followers. ~ The scary thing is, I'm right on with this, I'm actually just reporting on what the world has seen in plain sight for the past 3 years. Nobody has ever thought of such worst case scenario! Nobody would think that our government could be so stupid as to allow this. ~ DONALD TRUMP IS EMPOWERED BY BLIND LOYALTY AND STUPIDITY! ~ ALL OF HIS SHEEP BOUGHT INTO AND ARE SOLD ON HIS AND RUSSIA'S FAKE NEWS, CONSPIRACY THEORIES MARKETING CAMPAIGN AND THE HYPE OF THE TRUMP BRAND. ~ SAVE AMERICA ~ WE NEED MORE RESPONSIBLE ADULTS IN WASHINGTON ~ VOTE BLUE ALWAYS!

  45. The GOP symbol should be an ostrich, not an elephant. Their specially is sticking their head in the sand and thinking "if we ignore the evidence, it doesn't exist!". Wait until election day. Dems will be hungry lions, feasting on ostrich.

  46. A traitor president who obstructs a trial concerning his earlier obstruction of justice, and who claims he can do whatever he likes, is a man who already considers himself your dictator. If you lamely tolerate this fiasco, he will have no fear of cancelling the next election and proclaiming himself your permanent leader. Americans, you are abandoning your own freedom with your inaction, and betraying future generations.

  47. Please stop democratic hatred against the Republicans. I think there's too much haters going on. End the impeachment. Republicans don't have to be manipulated by an inaccurate and unfair impeachment trial process. Stop the madness.

  48. If Mitch Mc Connell , and Senate Republicans move to dismiss the Impeachment of Trump, then every last one of them must be voted out of office. Also, the Republicans would be sending a message that Trump is above the law , and can break laws and not be held accountable.

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