Navy secretary fired over handling of Eddie Gallagher case

Navy secretary fired over handling of Eddie Gallagher case

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  1. Navy secretary resigns so goodbye and good riddance. Just a reminder President 🇺🇸Trump is commander and chief and has the final word not you. Did you forget the chain of command. I bet you soon will have a job at Fake News CNN or MSNBC bashing the President daily.

  2. the alleged president thinks he has to poke his ignorant nose into everyone's business as it detracts from his own many shortcomings.

  3. So a man loses his job because another man wanted to feel like big guy on campus & pose with a dead human being….. truly sad & pathetic

  4. If E. Gallagher really had any honor, he'd stand up for the Secretary and the Navy he swore an oath to, regardless of how the case was handled. If I ever commit any crime, I'll be sure to complain on Fox news and have the president exonerate me.

  5. The troops needed a commander in chief who was on their side and that’s what they got. couldn’t be happier that our warriors aren’t second guessing if the govt is on their side. Thanks again to President Trump!

  6. He wasn’t fired. He laid down the gauntlet to President Russian Bone Spurs, who prefers war criminals over USA 🇺🇸 patriots.

  7. Trump just lost my vote!! Absolutely repulsive, especially because Navy secretary was absolutely right to push back on Trump's interference in the process!!!! I'm sorry Eddie Gallagher ,there consequences for your actions if they break law, code, or rules….. Trump says no there isn't ( am I the only Republican that finds that disturbing?)

  8. Our American military has put other people from other country in prison for forever for doing the same thing this trader has done and we are telling the world our military is know different than isis or Russia like Donald Drumpf said!

  9. These are the saddest days of the United States…

    And the people who will survive the wars to come in this land will learn from these times

  10. Y’all remember when Drumpf said America was know different than Russia he is trying hard on making that a fact and the republicans party is the most pro Russian pro communist party Drumpf has never said anything bad about Russia because Russia owns him that’s is what Drumpf jr said and that’s what his taxes will tell you that why he fighting to keep his taxes secret

  11. Spencer went against a superior, and he got his walking papers for it. It is that simple, until, you choose to listen to a democrat, and then it all of a sudden gets messy and convoluted, and then the accusations start, and we're off to the sham races again.

  12. bureaucrat/Deep State Obama appointments/ Elite are nothing more than MIC patsy to generate profits for them, and benefits for themselves in retirement.

  13. tell someone to do something really stupid and if he does it, then you own his soul..the Secretary would not eat Dump's poop…..God bless him

  14. Before Trump sent his Tweet in support of Gallagher, he asked if he was a Republican and if he supported anyone Trump didn't like. You see, the anti-military Trump has a clear history. He's disrespected gold star families, 4 star generals, an admiral, soldiers and war veterans. All because they didn't vote for him, or they had a different opinion. It's shameful to have a president who only supports those military people that bow to him and support him. Dictatorship 101. Guaranteed, if this Gallagher guy was a Democrat Trump would be Tweeting about him being a murderer and not worthy of being called a Navy Seal. This is what makes Trumps conditional support of only some veterans and soldiers such a disgrace. Trump is now tha anti-military and anti-constitution President. Gotta hat those "Phony" parts of the constitution that Trump disagree's with. I'm sure he's already suggested that he alter and re-write parts of the constitution. Poor little boy must have been steaming mad when they told him he couldn't touch it.

  15. I love CNN / CNBC, a mouthpiece of the DEEP STATE spewing propaganda trying to convince the American people that that they would be safer with their WORST CRIMINAL – their politicians having a monopoly on firearms ownership. The Second Amendment has NOTHING to do with sporting. It is about the American people defending themselves form a tyrannical government. Extremely bitter, hardly to swallow! But for some reason I find myself watching again and again! The constipated turd is a pesky turd! But sugar or cinnamon powder makes a big difference!! Sometimes I'll get a little surprise with a nut or a piece of corn or two, like crazy Anderson Cooper and Todd, Fake Tapper. They get stuck in my arrse. Gotta poop them out. I enjoy pooping them out every dam day.

  16. If your boss tells you to do something and you don't comply what do you think will happen? Glad he is leaving and get someone who will do a better job and follow orders.

  17. Hey right wingers, if your borther/father/son were an innocent civilian gutted by a man with a large knife …..would you be alright with that? Trump is.

  18. Such BS. FOX DELETES COMMENTS THAT DON’T ALIGN WITH THEIR VIEWS. I posted some comments and they got deleted. Thanks for continually proving you are nothing more than a propaganda machine for the White House. What a disgrace. 😒

  19. Just like on "The Apprentice" every week Trump fires one of his own senior people out of the pool of those who haven't been indicted yet. It's a good thing that he can't fire Senators and Congressmen!

  20. Republicans are personally responsible for allowing trump's growing tyrannical behavior. They have created a monster that will swallow them all.

  21. Fire the Secretary of the Navy for upholding his oath to the constitution but let the guy who desecrated an enemy combatant keep his Trident Pin…. This country has lost everything.

  22. Richard, thank you for your service. It is reassuring that there are still a few who will stand up for what’s right no matter the consequences.

  23. The Hemisphere is under siege by the largest, most powerful and complex criminal organization the world has ever seen. It includes China, Russia, Cuba, Iran, Turkey, MEXICO the FARC and ELN, and MANY BANKS!, among other smaller players like SPAIN. It includes the DEMOCRAT LEFT and other DEEP STATE Senate members.

    EIGHT years under OBAMA, who OPENED THE DOORS to doing "business" with CUBA, a "tyranny", which has been the ENABLER and operative. A senate and other POLTITIANS who have been taking BLOOD MONEY ( politcal contributions) from Venezuela's PDVSA and their whole network of FRAUDULENT COMPANIES.

    WE ARE INVOLVED IN A WAR in a place where they BEHEAD people for religious and political beliefs for THOUSANDS of years.

    I for ONE, agree with the PRESIDENT regardless. It was handled TERRIBLY by the NAVY.

  24. Lol why would our criminal pres trump intervene in a “potential war crimes” case? trump is America’s supreme dim whit who only sides with interests that are largely against American values … why can’t this infidel just stay out of anything who knows very little about? Which Americans seeking truth and dignity in our White House admin now recognize is anything to do with being president of the United States

  25. Vets for Secretary of the Navy, Richard V. Spencer, who morally and ethically can not continue to work under the ethics lacking president. VETS FOR IMPEACHMENT!

  26. Trump's authoritarianism resembles that of Stalin. The fool can't listen to anyone's advice, so all experts have to go, and only more fools remain.

  27. EVERYWHERE Trump goes turns bad. Ironic psychological projecting again on his part, this time in his Yovanovitch tweet.

  28. Good God. The number of sheep in this comment section who follow along with their dear leader no matter what he does is ridiculous. He did what he did because he thinks it will get him more votes, not because it is at all right. If people like you picked up a book every now and then and put some time into educating yourselves instead of circle jerking over Fox News and their state agenda, maybe we could actually have politicians who do the right thing instead of catering to uneducated, chest ponding, self appointed “Patriots”

  29. The reputation of the Navy is at stake.

    That's why the top brass was willing to risk everything

    to show that Eddie Gallagher is unworthy of honor.

  30. Trump is trying to grandstand as the noble champion of our soldiers and sailors in order to win votes with the photo ops. Intelligent Americans realize that in doing so he is completely destroying the chain of command, the system of military justice, and the order and discipline of our armed forces. Gullible simpletons think Trump is a strong, noble leader who "supports our military." He is, in fact, doing great harm to our military in order to seek popularity from right-wingers, and if the Republican right-wingers really care about and support our military, they will be outraged at Trump's irresponsible, selfish interference. This is another example of the fact that honest, responsible people with integrity cannot work with a corrupt, self-obsessed, foolish, jackass president!

  31. He is flushing out the top military who won't go along with his corruption, so when he gets voted out and he WILL get voted out, he simply will refuse to leave. I hope we are preparing for that outcome….

  32. Is Trump ever NOT involved with bad behavior. Trump, again, overstepped his boundaries. Just to remind Fox News and Republicans. Trump is not suppose to be a Dictator.

  33. Dear Kids,
    Dont join the military til Trump leaves office. The President has undermined the Navy, plain and simple. Good order and discipline, faith in the chain of command, the UCMJ, and Navy core values were all undermined by this buffoon in the white house!!!
    Being that Trump is a draft dodging bankrupt conman who hires criminals like Pompeo and Abrams, it shouldn't come as a surprise. Gallagher should be in prison. His fellow Navy SEALs.
    For a Chief Petty Officer to face those charges, he'd have to be the shittiest of individuals as Navy E7-E9 typically act as a secret society and shield each other. So, if his peers and fellow SEALs are acknowledging he is bad news, HE IS BAD NEWS.
    My question is, who stood to gain something from Gallager's reinstatement. After, Mr Quid Pro Quo wouldn't sell his country for free.

  34. This morning, CNN claimed Spencer was fired by a "senior pentagon official", making it sound like the military was revolting against Trump.

  35. Eddie Gallagher's team mate testified he fired several warning shots to try and clear civilians out of Eddies line of fire, think on that. Of course, just the kind of person trump would defend…

  36. This is how Democracy changes to Oligarchy, one vote at a time, helped by hatred of others, fear of fear itself and another Oligarchy using dirt on our president to control him.

  37. He is one of many that obutthead had in the back room, doing the nasty. I guess he didn't want to help the former seals that was assisting the ambassador in bengazhi when all hell broke loose. Oh wait, hilliary was in charge of that one. Thanks Trump, drain the swamp, one leach at a time.

  38. So obvious we need a real professional warrior and moral leader. General Mattis needs to take over.
    MATTIS 2020!!!
    Semper Fidelis

  39. Gallagher was only acquitted of murdering the teenage prisoner when at the last moment at his trial a witness who had protection against being tried himself suddenly surprised the prosecutors by changing his testimony and saying that actually after Gallagher had stabbed the captive he jumped in and stabbed him again and that thats what killed him.This was widely seen as one Seal taking advantage of his immunity and getting another Seal off scott free. The shocked Seals who had turned Gallagher in because they were disgusted by his actions were then vilified by Gallagher who claimed that they only turned him in because they hated their commander. A real Hero – Trumps kind of guy.

  40. Trump is a Russian agent. AG William Barr is a Liar and lied to the USA people about the Mueller report.
    Trump is personally intervening in Eddie Gallagher's case for when Trump is Impeached and the time comes to remove Trump from office by force. When a person of authority has to go into the White House and remove Trump.
    Trump plans on hiring and shoring up his most loyal personnel with Private military contractors and Mercenaries. Trumps action to keep the Navy SEAL out of prison is to reassure them he has authority in military court to see that no punishment will be able to stick.Trump is not going to go without a fight. literally a firefight and the Democratic house of Representatives had better be prepared.

  41. I remember the Marine Gunny sent to prison when he released a round when a kid slapped his sunglasses off his head. That was too wrong. We send men into combat situations and don’t back them up. Thank you President Trump for standing up for our men and kicking the brasses’ azz.

  42. So many dumb people defending trump actions on a seal who shot civilians for no reason and took a picture with a dead isis fighter. You people are sad. Trump was wrong to not let this murderer stand justice. What does this say to our allies about no justice for our military members wrong doings?

  43. It’s a shame there are so many truly unpatriotic 45 supporters. Gallagher is gives his fellow brothers and sister a bad name. I sincerely hope Gallagher lives in fear for the rest of his life because whatever negative things may come his way he’d deserve every bit.

  44. Interesting that a Commander in Chief who dogged military action with bone spurs gets to call a true war hero (McCain) a coward and now allows Spencer who knows the military to get fired. I am not American but in my country McCain would be revered as an amazing hero while in the States he gets called a coward?

  45. If the shoe were on the other foot, we would be outraged. We can’t keep screwing our allies. It always comes back to haunt us.

  46. Trump is as ignorant and gullible as the rest of you inbreds, who are so easily brainwashed by these vile sadistic Fox media whores.

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