Navarro: USMCA would pass if Pelosi wasn’t focused on impeachment

Navarro: USMCA would pass if Pelosi wasn’t focused on impeachment

100 Replies to “Navarro: USMCA would pass if Pelosi wasn’t focused on impeachment

  1. Nancy Pelosi should resign or be impeached she's no good she's working for the illegal immigrants she's disgrace to America She should be in prison with Adam shift Nadler Schumer and so many evil Democrats in Congress all should be prosecuted and put in prison for life.

  2. has anyone in this forum even looked at one sentence of the usmca?? its the tpp with a new name, and some of the countries are different. so, how come tpp bad, now usmca good?

  3. treaties give things to other countries, you see? we may get something, but since our labor costs are so high and our high tech output so spotty, why do we need foreigners in this country, boisting our labor force, with full benefits?

  4. Wait so they want to make us like the EU with Mexico and Canada hu it's not working over there what makes you think it's going to work here? One world government anyone

  5. All three countries want USMCA, but Nancy won't allow it. It is truly tragic that the democrats cannot see anything wrong with Nancy holding up USMCA.


  7. Peolosi has been around for years and when first elected she was the AOC of her time. Extremely radical and highly partisan. If the people of San Francisco want her to be their representative in congress that's ok but she has no business being Speaker. She hates President Trump and will do nothing that might benefit him or the country. Americans made a big mistake giving the House majority to democrats.

  8. if you want the USMACA to pass just tell Pelosi she will get all the credit and Trump gets none. And she will stop this impeachment long enough to get a vote to pass it.

  9. Lol. China ain’t buying crap. <10% isn’t impressive. What’s this bozo on about? Pork? Nope. Vietnam, and Thailand replaced that. Soy? Lol. Vietnam Again. I phones? Lol. Who buys iPhones?

  10. Corporate tax should be abolished to increase minimum wage and provide more welfare benefits for the working class which can include medical insurance. A full-time can have reduced hours but with good compensation package in order to hire more people working in different shifts.

  11. Exports should be increased to balance the trade deficit. What are the technological inventions which can be exported and why is EU exporting electric buses?

  12. Libs lead with emotion and are too concerned with personality instead of policy. Dem voters should be paying attention to the Dem politicians wasting the votes they were given in 18, congress has done NOTHING since they took the house. NOTHING.

  13. You want competitve advantage for exports with regards to quantity, price and unit, robotics is the answer. The human workforce is for sales, logistics, tech support and collection.

  14. I have come to the conclusion that mental illness seems to be rife in the Demorat party. Pelosi is the latest victim. Her comments yesterday were so dumb. Schiff and Pelosi have caught the disease in a bad way and should be institutionalized. Then the country can see Congress doing the work they are getting paid to do by the people.

  15. There are so many ideas for product development, the concentration is on the stock market and global brands. No market disruption means stagnancy in the market as well.

  16. I am dead serious, I want to develop the cannabis oil since I knew my experiments on aromatic and essential oils that induces relaxation mood. I will lose in IP if I carry on, Americans are also known for IP theft.

  17. They say if you shout on top of the White House, everybody will hear you. Your products must be popular first in America before it takes the world into the storm.

  18. Be creative, if you are waiting for the Republicans to take the grandslam win again, but initial investment for product development must start somewhere else and the companies plus manufacturing can be relocated to the US after the election.

  19. Physics have lots of researches and nothing on product launching in the market, who benefits from the Research funds? Socialist professors and students, DISINGENOUS VS. INGENUITY.

  20. News flash moron. Farmers have struggled for a long time. Its possibly the hardest business to succeed at and some I know work a fulltime job and then work the farm half of the night. Many have lost the family farm in past years. At least they see a way out now. The farmers can see thier hard work starting to pay off. Way more than Obamas dumbass did for them. He thought the worlds food came from the welfare office.

  21. Pelosi is dragging her feet because she doesn't want to give President Trump a victory. Pelosi is a clear and present danger to our Nation.

  22. Nancy could care less about what is important or good for this country. Its all about the dems corrupt socialist communist cartel agendas.

  23. Nancy is killing our country with her stonewalling Trump the American people see this everyday unless they are the neverTrumpers . Hate these guys for not being able to chew gum and walk . The hate for Trump is only hurting the county .


  25. Pelosi May very well be holding up legislation to keep Trump from getting a political victory.

    McConnell in the Senate is doing the same thing to not give Democrats political victories. Where is your criticism of that fact?

  26. Yeah well all well and good but our corn is still sitting in the fields and it's not just the corn. Did you know China blasted the ionisphere with an ionisheric heater all last year and split polar vortex in half then played with it too sit over U.S. I'd Bet if you checked the weather maps they are at it again. Go ahead laugh. It's been proven. Now they are out to mess up all our food crops

  27. 2:59 that worse thing is the exact thing that China wants and the MAIN STREAM MEDIA serves the interests of China and the EU (who are their trading partner and a direct competitor to the US). So they want it in the public. The reason the Democrats (And thus Congress) oppose the USMCA is that these direct competitor allied nations (summed up by the term 'the EU') want their goods and services sold and not the US. They do not want true capitalism. They do not want real competition, and their trading supply chain partner China and them have a sweet deal that includes buying off Congress and many (but not all) American companies (and yes collude with top American corporations) to limit US goods and services, keep tariff's low and otherwise make international deals while these countries seek nationalist interest (and deals). Notice how Canada, champion of internationalism and post-national societies, got very nationalist in their trade deal. Turns out there is more going on.

    They don't like Trump because he is a leader who wants to make deals like the USMCA and they want deals that are, again, international in scope but primarily designed to NEUTER the US and they will be the primary beneficiaries. Deals they wanted and love like the TPP, or deals in the past like NAFTA, which was set up mostly due to the need to cement the EU into place *yes that is a real reason why they made NAFTA. and of course the Paris Climate deal and Iran deal, mostly which benefited Europe and China to access Iranian oil and which helped OPEC, but realize the US also is now largely energy independent from foreign oil from hostile and frenemy states so they seek to undo that energy independence. If they want climate deals notice how they seek to use that to limit the US economy and yet the biggest polluters are India and China, and yet do they demonize them constantly or push for China to sign on and if they did sign on then constant vigilance to hold them accountable. We know that China won't be unless forced.

    This is not merely Democrat or Republican either, they conspired to set up these relationships and deals way back in the day, go back to NIxon and then on and you'll see they managed the US decline. Point is they spent decades setting this up and one of the main reasons they seek to impeach Trump is he is a direct threat to this global regime. That is why you find both Democrat and Republicans who don't like or want him and why the Republican establishment didn't when he first ran. RINO's will NOT have the President's back and a good example of someone like that: John McCain and Mitt Romney. Yup. Let's get real about this and though Mitt might have brought a new set of policies on a subject like Mexican Cartels considering his background and family connection (so he'd be just like Trump in calling for a war with the Cartels) but in the end Mitt serves the global super-fund of money that these same global elite seek to protect and their tax havens. He doesn't serve the American People or American interest. That is why they didn't back him and vote for Mitt.

    Trump is what we need as a nation a true leader.

  28. Drumpfs MAGA baby hat rallies have hundreds upon hundreds of empty seats these days. The bumpkin base is jumping off the garbage scow. Hilarious!!!!

  29. heard Lousiana election this past weekend also went to the Demonrats that's three in a row how obvious does it have to be before people realize that 2020 is gonna be rigged two one maybe two but three no something is shady going on here

  30. 3:10 How stupid can the reporter be? The man has said EXPLICITLY that saying too much will only hurt the deal process… and he refuses to stop asking the same stupid question.

  31. The deal is sitting on her desk for 6 months. Democrats will do nothing to make Trump look good. 330 million people have to suffer because of politics. They do not need to be voted out ,they need severe beatings and worse.

  32. They were using the military tactics and Son Tzu's The Art of War I won't tell the tactic but they just substituted the farmers and tried to separate them from their leader mr. President Trump. But they need so much food to feed their people it is unsustainable for them to do that.

  33. I want my tax money back. Im sure i can find a better use for it than giving it to a bunch of democrats trying to impeach the fellow i voted for and will vote for him in 2020. Sick of the nutts in the Democratic party.

  34. This deal with the USMCA is being held up by Nancy? Well, do you think she is going to move on it…folks these Democrats do not care about YOU!!!.. She is probably waiting to see what happens to Trump…Because….the 'Family Business' is not going to be able to take advantage of it…..Trump will call them out about it

  35. Pelosi will never pass the USMCA. The economy is doing too well already and politically they really cannot afford Trump's economy to hit and pass 4% gdp growth.

  36. Moscow Mitch, the only way I vote for you again is if you stop stalling the background check legislation, work on the USMCA and vote Trump out of office. Calling yourself the grim reaper is the only good thing you've done in years. I hope your paying attention to the elections in Kentucky, and others that you have pushed into the blue. The only thing trump can take credit for is the overwhelming blue flip in the House of Representitives. Most of the Senate Republicans were elected before trump and GOP leaning judges, many with no trial experience are courtesy of Moscow Mitch. If trump is getting so much done, why didn't the GOP get healthcare reform, infrastructure improvements and jail term reform done when he had NO. DEMOCRATS TO WORK AROUND???? Moscow Mitch is going to stall himself right out of his job!!!

  37. Nice try except the Democratic House has passed hundreds of bills that die at the hands of the Grim Reaper, Moscow Mitch McConMan, in the Senate

  38. The USMCA is as twice as big as the US-China Trade deal, so what's the big deal about the US-China trade deal? If China doesn't want to sign the trade deal, fine! We'll continue the current trade and tariffs China seemed to be quite content with. The tariff money on Chinese goods will surpass the $100 billion mark as a result of the new tariffs. The US farmers are also very content with the tariffs because they will get a fair share-about 20% of the tariff money on Chinese goods (over $20 billion) to be used to reimburse the US farmers for their farm produce, especially soybeans unfairly targeted by the Chinese. Last but not least, the US government will have about $80 billion left to spend on next year budget. Besides, the US-China trade deal accounts for only about 0.7% of the US GDP! It's not even worth spending more time talking about the US-China trade deal. Eventually, it's a win-win situation for all. China is happy, the US is happy and the US farmers are happy. That's all folks!

  39. If the agreement is addressed to have protection for workers, as has been requested, it will pass. So they should get to work and when they start finally working in the Senate, they can bring the numerous Bill's to the floor that the house worked hard to pass. This is not a time for double standards. They all suppose to be working for America's best interest, not trump's corrupt agenda.

  40. How about the farmers going bankrupt!! RAIN, RAIN, SNOW AND HUGE LOSS OF CROPS.. what are you going to sell to China? China needs pork, as they lost millions due to disease. and what feeds pigs—-grain.

  41. It is a fake set up by the Chinese………..crooked politicians activists for the showcases to Americans and worldwide entertainment……….enjoy……

  42. They’re mafia gangsters……they don’t given for nothing in returns…….they taken only…with or without any agreement or any rulings………

  43. Run rule that must absolutely be changed is that someone besides the speaker of the house should be able to bring legislation to the floor. That Nancy Pelosi or anyone else in her position is the sole benefactor of this privilege is in sane. I hope that after the fiasco Pelosi has been this route will be changed

  44. The medicine I need is more than I get but it's not only me but so many other seniors to schumer and all the PURE EVIL dems want this but let one of those pure evil things get sick and they use the tax money they've stolen from Good Americans to pay for their medicine and hospital bills it's just so sick what's going on with these PURE EVILNESS dems

  45. pelosi is wasting The Good Americans time and money for sure that should Good Americans just how PURE EVIL she is she doesn't care about anyone but herself and her lies

  46. Thank Mr. Peter Navaro for supporting Pres. Trump and for serving the country to stop the aggressive China from their ambition of controlling the world by spreading out their virus of communism .

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