88 Replies to “National Hurricane Center issues public advisory on Hurricane Dorian, live stream

  1. More heat more water. More heat more power. Dumbo Donny says that there is no global warming. All of this is obviously an illusion.

  2. Again there will be numerous stupid Americans who will not follow the rules, will stay at home and will die, because they are sooo stupid !!!

    A welcome cleanup of the gen-pool, since they will not be able reproduce their stupidity !

  3. gas will get expensive again and water will be gone by Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. Prepare guys, put up some wood boards on your windows, get some snacks, some sort of an electric cooker for rice, get some batteries, flashlights for every person in the home, have extra clothes, med kits, medicine, hats, rope, and spray paint in case you gotta write any massage. Stay safe.

  4. We can blame global warming for stronger storms. That is a fact of science. As for Trump he will be sure to raise his chosen orange hand and sign the FEMA check for Mara A Lago if even one drop of rain falls. The rest of Florida can pull themselves up by their soggy boot straps because the chosen one diverted FEMA funds to building cages to imprison kidnapped children of refugees.

  5. Jesus Christ is my peace stop the panic fake fake news GOD'S CHOICE PRESIDENT TRUMP for a reason stop you sin coming from democrats Anti- Christ.

  6. 85+ degree F(for originally f'ing up the measurement but I think everyone's here is smart enough to understand the mistake and not turn it into a left-wing conspiracy)water. That is superheated. Seeing that eye constantly trying to form is reminiscent of recent pacific super typhoons. I can see this reaching a cat 5 at some point.

  7. Whoever Insures Mar-a-Lago should cancel Trump's Policy or he'll file another Inflated Fraudulent Insurance Claim!!!!!!!!!

  8. Nahum 1
    2 "God is jealous, and the LORD revengeth; the LORD revengeth, and is furious; the LORD will take vengeance on his adversaries, and he reserveth wrath for his enemies."
    3 "The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the LORD hath his way in the "whirlwind" and in the "storm", and the clouds are the dust of his feet."

  9. This must be due to climate change! Where’s O’Rourke the climate dork when we need him?? We gotta get to the bottom of this!

  10. As God the Ghost and I mocked Trump by pushing it away from Puerto Rico to also give it power now we are slowing it to yet give it more power Trump must be removed to avoid impact your crimes against Humanity must also stop the Ghost can increase this to any size am asking for a 5 or 6.

  11. We live in a mobile home in Dania and always have to evacuate.

    One of the hardest parts is trying to figure out when to go to the hotel.

    Right now I can’t figure out if we should get the hotel for Monday and Tuesday night or Tuesday and Wednesday night. For example if it’s coming Tuesday morning then we will need Monday night.… But if it’s coming Tuesday night and Monday night would be wasting money. Any ideas?

    Then there’s also the Strategizing I have to do to get the hotel in time before they’re all booked up. They won’t say what time it is hitting on Tuesday so I’m stuck. AGAIN.

    Hoping to have the night after the hurricane since we probably won’t have electricity for a day or two. Our generator died and we can’t afford another one so… It’s gonna be really hot for a few days.

    If the hotel allows we might be able to afford to add on another day but because our budget is tight we are trying to time it for our first hotel night being when Dorian actually hits.

    Confusing, I know. I’m a 48 year-old native. My birthday is September 3. Won’t be my first birthday spent hiding from a hurricane.

    Good luck everybody! God bless you!

    ? ? ?????
    ????❤️?? ? ?

  12. Could this possibly slow down to the point of not making landfall until Tuesday night or Wednesday morning? Or are we passed that I know. Does anybody know?

  13. Well MAYBE floridians would take you seriously if u STOPPED exaggerating for every hurricane and try to suck up our money! MAYBE if y'all stopped crying WOLF we would trust u and prepare more!

  14. As a Canadian, I just want to ask my American brothers and sisters a question: Didn't Trump say he wanted to nuke hurricanes? Hopefully he doesn't follow through with that plan 😉

  15. As a Canadian Americans better not ask for foreign Aid from Canada for hurricane relief help. Americans have never helped Canada in times of need so we shouldn't help USA. Americans are cut off from Canadian help!! ?

  16. Do you think you guys can hire that new reporter who likes to pretend its blowing himself off his feet ? He works for the weather channel. That guy was hallarious !

  17. This is looking like another Houston situation on a grander scale. Praying in hopes that it doesn’t become that.

  18. This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; (2 Timothy Chapter 3) Silly people..you can discern the weather but cannot discern the signs of the times! Wake Up!!

  19. Make sure you got your automobile on full and cut your grass down just in case power lines fall and you can see them into the wet grass and be safe

  20. Everyone's talking about Florida but dude, that state is part of a powerful country. What about the smaller countries in hurricane Dorian's way that don't necessarily have all the ressources to come back from it?

  21. Well now trump is getting smarter ! he ain't gonna be here anyways climate plans are intensifying with results .

  22. I feel so bad for the animals who lose their lives in these storms. It is shameful that people continue to live in these hurricane and flood-prone parts of the country. At some point, you just need to move!

  23. I don’t normal watch news but if it has something to do with MY STATE then im DEFINITELY watching the news. Florida always reacts like this so there is totally nothing to worry about. If it looks like it’s gonna get flooded then make sure to evacuate from florida. It is for your own GOOD. May god bless us all??
    “MY STATE”, i mean that i live there.

  24. Forecasters never have the answers, just speculation. Two days ago, Florida was put into panic mode by the weather freaks who are begging for something to happen

  25. People when they tell you to evacuate don't leave your pets behind ! that would be like you leaving your children behind and of course your not going to do that are you ? so don't put your animals In Harm's Way either please ! ???????? no matter what kind of animal !! Thank you ! ????✌?

  26. The Weather Channel has become the meteorologists that always cry wolf. Anyone else think that they've possibly bought up stocks in gas, water, batteries and other emergency related goods?!

  27. Current stat on F13 live analysis is that it's a cat5 with 160 mph winds! Going to be a very, strong storm with a catastrophic impact.

  28. these people don't know when or where it will turn north. Expect a direct hit between coca and Deerfeild beach. This storm no joke if your staying you better be in a brick structure.

  29. cat 3. 110 mph winds. 16 inches rain.

    Now it's cat 5. 185 mph winds. and 30 inches rain.

    Nice job with the predictions, guys.

  30. The best house for this area is a bunker 🙂 you're always safe https://files.guidedanmark.org/files/439/203829_Bunkerne.jpg?qfix

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