NASCAR: Ryan Newman in serious condition, injuries ‘not life threatening’

NASCAR: Ryan Newman in serious condition, injuries ‘not life threatening’

11 Replies to “NASCAR: Ryan Newman in serious condition, injuries ‘not life threatening’

  1. When these news stations dont have spoon feed info it really shows how dumb these reporters really are and they have no basic knowledge of the topics they cover.

  2. I wonder if his neck is broken,that b pillar is pushed waaay in at the head area.heard on Twitter neck broken but dunno.

  3. I think they should forefit the race … that was a purposely dirty move of desperation to win that race .. Go Ryan Newman

  4. Hamlin won, dumping Newman, like Dale Sr and it almost cost Ryan his life. NASCAR, I blame you, for opening up the restrictor plate to give them 100 more horsepower. Do you want another death? Then, start enforcing your rules about locking onto the bumper, funny how you said drivers could not lock onto bumpers, yet, you allowed Toyota to do it for almost a complete lap. I going over to watch Indy and Road Racing, you lost me as a fan!!! Like the idiots running this country, you only enforce rules that penalize other manufacturers. This was nothing more than a demolition derby at Daytona….I can get that in iRacing….bye!

  5. You didnt lose anybody as a Fan.. It is a Racing accident ! Watch the Video, Newman was Blocking Once, Twice and got spun on the Third Block. Part of Racing. I am a Big Newman fan, and I sure wish He had finished with a W. We all hope and Pray for a speedy recovery for Ryan.

  6. No injury update is worrying. Just cause he is alive doesnt mean its great news. Paralyzed or brain damage is fairly horrific wish him the best hope he pulls through

  7. I wish Ryan Newman the best and healed soon. I have always enjoyed watching him and do much better person than all the whining little boys out there now.

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