Nancy Pelosi Discusses Mueller Investigation, Impeachment And More | TODAY

Nancy Pelosi Discusses Mueller Investigation, Impeachment And More | TODAY

95 Replies to “Nancy Pelosi Discusses Mueller Investigation, Impeachment And More | TODAY

  1. End the electoral college system that gave us Putin's puppets Trump and Pence. Elect future Presidents by direct popular vote.

  2. I think nancy needs some shock treatment,walking back the threats already.all these politicians(both sides) talk a good game until it`s time for action

  3. Savannah Guthrie, has secretly been a Trump Supporter, watch her on election night and see her in other interviews and you’ll see that this isn’t the first time Savannah asks these kinds of questions.


  5. That's the next President of the United States of America.
    Trump and Pence are going to jail before 2020.
    Also, stop freaking out over the questions. You have to allow the person to address the stupidity.

  6. Lie after lie. Pelosi is gagging for the Mueller Report to implicate the President so the Dems can try some impeachment BS. Remember how the Dems treated Justice Kav. However, maybe Pelosi will not last that long. She looks and sounds in terrible shape and sooner or later the Far Left Dems will turn on her.

  7. ASK her about the billions he spent & finds O but can't fund wall?? ASK her to name ONE thing Dem-O-feces have done in 3 yrs to help USA/Americans? ASK WHY she has a WALL/ARMED guards but spit on Americans who want their families secure w/a border wall! ASK why Dems put ILLEGALS over Americans? ASK if she'll take 1,000,000 to her home!

  8. she not do any thing for country, she think she is perfect person, try to find out imp President. crazy Polesi , have to look at be yourself

  9. NANCY PELOSI ES DE LA NUEVA ORDEN MUNDIAL. ( ÉLITE ) ojalá y de verdad no gane . Pues aprobara la pedofilia, confundirán a sus niños con el derecho según de igualdad de género. Es solo para poder manipulados y así haya más violaciones. Ojalá de verdad y no gane

  10. What a polarizing time we live in now. We certainly pick one side or the other. I’m no fan of Trump or Pelosi. If I had to pick a side, I’ll take hers. Ultimately it comes down to this; you’re either a person who doesn’t support Trump or a mindless sheep who does. Let the Mueller investigation play out and see what he uncovers. If Trump had nothing to hide, he wouldn’t be as defensive as he’s been.

  11. No hello see you I was sponsible for the shutdown you are not doing what the people have asked you are the one that refuses to pay for the wall that almost every single freaking American says that wall so you need to think about 2020

  12. good job asking her important policy questions and not going right to the trivial ones about vacations and theoretical impeachment proceedings. you treated the most powerful woman in the country and American history with some great respect.

  13. Just cut to the chase Nancy, on what grounds would you possibly impeach Donald Trump other than political reasons.

  14. Can someone please recommend using recycled tires that can can be repurposed .heres a link

  15. I say remove both parties Democrat and republican, they are both corrupted and should pay for their crimes. Independent parties should surge and take over.

  16. Pelosi is my hero. A grand lady. Never about herself but about American people. Never divisive politics but America as a whole. Sharp as nail. Tough while gracious. A positive role model. (This host is so idiotic. Her questions are all cliches. She doesn't do her homework so she cannot ask questions beyond skin deep. There are so many capable women looking for job why not get a better one.)

  17. The reptillian get together rofl such BS by both of them. Its so disgusting. YOU imbeciles caused this. MR Trump stand strong. Build that wall and throw them over the other side cz walls aren't needed 4 safety so once on the other side they got no wall ! !

  18. the United States of America is the greatest country the world has ever seen, because we are united. it sucks to see that big of a rift between the democrats, and the republicans.

  19. as of 2015 Nancy Pelosi's net worth was $100,643,521 she made in congress Harry Truman once said "the only people who get in office are criminals"

  20. Nancy Pelosi, being so adamantly opposed to President Trump, will go to great lengths to suppress his speech even as far as to feign concern for the safety and the welfare of her fellow congressmen and by extension the President during the upcoming SOTU address. This request to delay is yet another one of her ploys and evidence of how far out of touch she is with our servicemen, presumptively equating that having had their pay delayed somehow amounts with secret service and state police personnel not being able to faithfully discharge their duties. As a veteran I am deeply insulted by such a brash statement and that she could even suggest that individuals who took the very same oath (she did) to serve and protect this nation are merely motivated by money. Nancy, you keep calling this the @ yet you’re so clouded by your distain of the president that you won't even take into consideration the testiment of all the border patrol agents and subject matter experts who’ve stated on numerous occasions that you can’t have real border security without a barrier. It’s common sense! Did you enjoy people not respecting the sovereignty of your vineyard and trespassing as they pleased? America feels the same. Walls, irrespective of who proposes the legislation cannot and is not racist. Enforcement of laws enacted by the same governing body you claim to serve is not racist. Will you then continue to impede the government over this feud with the president? Or will you end this hypocrisy now and fund the wall.

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    Poor and broke,

    Take bus,
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    Nice man
    Treat me good in there,
    Say I need
    Go see Welfare.

    Welfare say,
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    We send cash
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    Welfare checks,
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    By and by,
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  22. It’s called the People’s House not Nancy Pelosi’s House. America is a representative republic not majority mob rule direct democracy.

  23. …. she is too old and her mind is mpt, she hait him … she is evil… her place is in the old testament sickness…so god help her and America..

  24. Just letting her know that she has her own place when it comes to the President, the Army calls it, staying in your lane. In three years she sill not even remeber her own name.

  25. I use to love this news station, but now it has turned to trash, nothing but trump hating Democrats fill your time slots, extremely biased news

  26. Nancy has a nice rack . She should show it off more and quit dressing like Hillary and Kim from Korea 😂😂😂 dress like Melania more and showcase them bad boys Nance 😂😂😂

  27. Hateful liar Pelosi says Trump doesn't know Hawaii is part of US, doesn't celebrate Christmas and doesn't know how to handle powerful women. All false statements by a divisive propagandist who puts politics before people. Trump 2020.

  28. lol people here saying interviewer was bad because she asked Nancy the hard questions and showed how unwilling she is to compromise. your just mad because Nancy dosent look good unless she is controlling the narrative of the conversation. classic dillusion of grandeur

  29. Pelosi, you're too old for your job, you must resign and let young people have opportunity to serve our country better

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