Nancy Pelosi Breaks Things Down For Everyone | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Nancy Pelosi Breaks Things Down For Everyone | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Nancy Pelosi Breaks Things Down For Everyone | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Quid Pro Quo is not indecipherable to the average american. Not using the term bribery is not the reason Trumpublicans are sticking with Trump. They are sticking with Trump because they are perfectly fine with cheating to win, they are fine with extortion if it yields the outcome that they want. If democrats want to know the political opposition they need to remember the 2016 republican primary. Trump's behavior told the full story about his character. He was nominated precisely because his behavior was approved of by republicans. He was elected because democrats and independents who opposed his behavior did not get out the vote.

  2. The republicans screaming about Trump wanting Ukraine investigations on corruption and withholding aid to clarify. It falls apart because Trump had given them aid before without wanting any investigation into corruption. It wasn't until Biden 's name was on the polls for the election that Trump started implementing his scheme using conservative news as the mouthpiece of this conspiracy. It's a shame conservative news indoctrinates their viewers. No evidence of proof required.

  3. Unfortunately the republican senators will not remove Trump from office. They are proving to be complicit with his crimes. The American people will have to do it at the polls.

  4. This is not going to scratch the hard surface of obsessive Trump supporters, who a resistant to facts.

  5. The filth of man, spit right in your faces. You were all too busy, watching your 1% owners Reality TV and FakeBook, while your 1% owners were buying greedy, soulless politicians, via paid lobbyists. Marketing their B.S. propaganda these past 50 years, to con their way into power. But don't worry your Reality TV Idol god will never step down. Now that your owners are preparing to thin out their herds of human livestock. Your Idol god drumpf will be sending your children off to die in Syria, Saudi Arabia, or wherever for your 1% masters to make more money! What a great distraction! Watch as the 1% puppet drumpf, declares war, institutes martial law and suspends elections. Then the 1% owned senate and SCJ will bow down to their owners and grant him Puppethood! Your Democracy is dead, watch and understand… You should watch it all, but at least @ 8:23, you'll see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.

  6. It was a shame, actually, that Jim Wright was undone through that book sales scam. And all those Texans, far less liberal than Wright, who voted for him year after year because he was clearly Speaker material. He did Texas proud in one way – he was an OUTSTANDING storyteller.

  7. There use to be the father party, and the mother party, now it's the child party, and the adult party. A lessen kids need to learn and change.

  8. The Trump supporting Republicans that have children can never again, correct their children on right or wrong issues because, it's clear they don't have a clue. They are so afraid that Trump will tweet and say bad things about them then to stand up to him and tell him to grow up or give him a smack down. They need a lesson in how to play the dozens. Just call them jelly fish cause they have no spine.

  9. NP you keep changes our story to fit our ideas to smear Trump who won in 2016 and you want him gone. What next? Trump will win in 2020 and Binden is a criminal and a clown and a joke. Be careful you are going to have no Dems in Congress because they can not get a vote because of your lies. We thr people are not stupid.

  10. Trump is an obvious criminal.
    All those who continue to support him are equally culpable for enabling his corrupt behavior, full stop.

  11. Good heavens. Average? Looks like just under half of USA below average. How clear could it be? They must be excruciatingly embarrassed to have backed Donald Trump and have to continue backing him. It's like the mafia once you've bought in you're never going to leave. At least not in one piece an I mean figuratively too. Do they know that word. Jesus what do they teach in US schools? Whatever you do never loose face?

  12. I know someone that said they know someone that they met in a rest area along the interstate that might have pictures of Schiff and Pelosi molesting a goat for sale.

  13. TRIMP considers BRIBERY a way of making a "deal." This from the same CLOWN CON-man who said he was going to "Drain the Swamp." LMAO!!!! ONLY SUCKERS BELIEVED TRIMP LMAO!!!!!

  14. IT IS GOING TO BE HILARIOUS for Republi-KKK-ans to question TRIMP's $1 Milllion campaign donor Gordon Sondland = a.k.a. "EGG-Head" from the 60's BAT-MAN series.

  15. Liars all of you… are all a nasty stench in the Almighty's nostrils…you will all pay dearly.. Watch and see fools, watch and see.

  16. MSNBC FAKE NEWS! So Trump fired this life long leech, that nurses off that public tit! OBAMA FIRED EVERY AMBASSADOR APPOINTED BY GEORGE BUSH IN 2008 No one made a complaint about that!

  17. The difference between this channel and Fox is that Fox is showing documents and bringing witnesses, and this channel is speculating and calling it facts. Where is the proof for any of this?

  18. I have this vision of Nancy Pelosi at home, in front of her fire place, sharpening her axe with one of those foot pedal spinning stone wheel things. With this massive grin on her face. Lol

  19. Sondland might lie again if they send some Russian thugs and Barr that advise him not to end up like Epstein and get a sudden case of "supposed" attempted suicide. That said I hope he is in some kind of protective custody. Granted his testimony won't sway the racists and deplorables Trump does not like it.

  20. Idiots. This is blackmail.
    He wasn't offering money. He was withholding funds allocated to a country.
    Essentially holding a country's economy as hostage. And they downplay it as a bribe? lol

  21. What Nancy Pelosi is dealing with is a Neo-Nazi Party. Not left or right. The America People are dealing with lawless people in the White House.

  22. What brain dead did today just drove another nail in his coffin…the truth shall prevail…keep tweeting. NO one with nothing to hide behaves like this…no one period!!!!!

  23. Hang down your head,John Brennan
    Hang down your head and cry
    Hang down your head John Brennan…poor boy, you're going to die


  25. How much is Nancy's son getting paid by Ukraine to help sell fossil fuels ? The Biden's and Pelosi's believe in climate change so much they help Ukrainian fossil fuel companies seel their product. Kind of like how Obama believes in that "consensus' thing so much that he and Michelle just bought a $15million dollar palace in the Hampton's… at sea level. Right… got it!

  26. Well Pelosi maybe we the People of United States of America should accuse you of theft when the last recession you used inside trading information and your hubby and you made 35 million dollars while people in this country started losing their homes prove your innocence to us!!!

  27. Criminal behaviour? How about lying to the American people? There is no evidence for bribery and I have been following the proceedings. They amount to the biggest nothing burger I have ever had the displeasure of witnessing. Nancy Pelosi should go back to her district and clean the $hit off her streets. Disgraceful.

  28. Even "bribery" isn't strong enough or accurate enough. It's criminal extortion. We don't need for it to be "bribery" just because that word is specifically used in the Constitution. It could be easily argued that extortion is a malicious form of bribery. It would also be easy to argue that it is a "high crime".

  29. Where did the latin slogan go (quid pro quo)? Oh, the Dems did a word test and discovered that their dumbarse supporters didn't know what that meant, so they began using the easier word, bribery. Hehehehe….. How's that new app coming along Nancy? You know the one that informs people where the sh*t piles are in your city. November 27th, 10am….. Remember that date.

  30. "Everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad" says the man with three wives, six bankruptcies, failed University and airline, numerous lawsuits by contractors he refused to pay, one felonious charity, G-d knows how many associates of his in jail and one country that hasn't been this divided since the US Civil War. Lastly, lets not forget that he can’t write well and has turned the nation into utter turmoil…the chutzpah of the ‘mob boss & his miserable family’, whom occupy the WH!

  31. Trump works for Russia, and that includes ANYONE defending him. We'll be voting BLUE across the board in 2020 – it's our duty to defend our democracy.

  32. Trump owes Russia so much that Putin owns him. It wouldn't surprise me to hear that the lives of Trump and/or his family are under threat of death if he doesn't do exactly what he's told to do.

  33. Soon these sellouts of cnn will have to eat crow. It's good to be a thinker and not a puppet believer. Wake up people, do your research and learn to conclude for yourself.

  34. Nancy already regretting her hasty move after she read the transcripts she told schifty we can't impeach on this !!!!! Idiots this coup attempt will end the Dem party!!!!

  35. …looks to me like President Trump was bulldozing his way to "who-knows-what" by lying & cheating to get there before "karma" caught up with him. Ugly, isn't it? His self-inflicted, mortal wounds are on the verge of bleeding out! TIC TOC

  36. 🚨Okay lazy do nothing Democrat speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi and your democrat party. Tell me where Is the USMCA Vote? It’s been sitting on your desk for almost a year. It’s time to pass it and help out corporate America and businesses across to USA 🇺🇸

  37. Good move putting Jim Squeaky Jordan on the Repub side in these inquiries. Hahahaha. So much fodder for late night comedy!

  38. MSNBC FAKE NEWS! Both diplomats agreed they "never seen, heard, or know of a crime", so where does "Nervous Nancy" get that evidence of bribery? Second third, & fourth hand "sewing circle gossip", as the man said, where is the impeachable offense?

  39. Stephen Miller looks to be on the losing end of genetics in every way which just makes his White Power even more ridiculous. I wonder if the racists even want that sad sack…?

  40. HEY YOU! ARE YOU STUPID or WHAT? ~ THE REPUBLICANS ARE BETTING YOU ARE, IN FACT THAT'S THEIR DEFENSE STRATEGY, NOT EVEN A DEFENSE FOR DONALD TRUMP! ~ OMG AMERICA, WAKE UP! ~ The Republicans are looking at everything non-criminal about Trump, everything irrelevant to the case, "looking" at everything except for the undisputed incriminating facts about the bribery and impeachment, and then saying there's no crime. Are they being stupid or expecting us to be? YES TO BOTH! ~ NO MORE STUPIDITY IN WASHINGTON PLEASE ~ HEY REPUBLICANS! STUPIDITY ASIDE AND DO WHAT YOU WERE ELECTED TO DO ~ HONOR YOUR OATH TO THE CONSTITUTION, HONOR YOUR COUNTRY AND YOUR PART IN HISTORY AND DO WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY! ~ NO MORE PLAYING STUPID FOR DONALD TRUMP, BECAUSE BELIEVE ME, AMERICA IS NOT STUPID! ~ NO MORE GAS LIGHTING!


  42. CLOWN TRUMP has been spanked by pornstars, he cannot spell basic words, he speaks at a grade school level, he paints his head orange, his children loathe him, he has a Combover, he's gone bankrupt many times, he's a racist, he's an UNINDICTED CO-CONSPIRATOR

  43. 1.
    MISS NANCY PELOSI, Look Clearly on above Video Clip where it show clearly the protestors of HK throw a the Brick at the an old cleaner which have killed him (2)
    Also (1) the protestors had even set an old man on fire where he hold a different political view against the protestors.. this two Incidents, is actually An Act Of ISIS, Outrageous of Humanity, Can You Miss Pelosi Answer the World, Are You Supporting Inhumanity???? Are You Supporting The ACT of ISIS????
    (3) below protestors insulting a German Lady on the street in HK


  44. This conversation was great, but Joe really needs to stop taunting Mika about baseball. It is not fun to watch. I just cringe through it when he does that. Please, Joe, stop.

  45. Nancy Pelosi…
    Sooo many face lifts the leftover skin was used to make 12 football's given to her favorite team the San francisco 69'er, and 7 basketballs given to the warriors…
    A couple more facelifts and she will be sporting a beard. Don't tell me she doesn't give back to the community. She sometimes drives through town and throws gold coins at the homeless just to amuse herself.  Her corruption and evil nature is legendary…  Once she killed a baby born alive bc the mother wanted an abortion earlier but couldn't afford it at the time.  Nancy should've been aborted… Is it too late???  We could classify her as a really really late abortion that her mother wanted but couldn't afford at tie time…  GREAT IDEA

  46. As Benjamin Franklin said as they were puting the articles of impeachment into the Constitution,
    "It's either impeachment or assassination."

  47. B..B..B..Break it down Nancy,tell us why you lied about why impeachment should only continue if it is accepted on both sides.

  48. Joe what about GOPs latest tactic that bribery isn't a crime under the constitution, that indeed if a crime isn't mentioned in the constitution its legal? You know the law, it's called precedents, it's why we have Citizens United, based on precedents that gave corporations extra human rights, ie can't prosecute CEOs for crimes their corporations make (unless you can prove they were the person in the corporation who did it), indeed, can't really prosecute corporations as they can't be forced to suffer as an individual does, loose all assets (ie a 10 million fine for ATT justifed as "so much bigger than an individuals" but nothing yet 100,000 to me, lifetime servitude to courts or I get locked up), spend 10 – 20 in a cell. Currently precedent is having US tax payers paying court fines levied on Trump officials for not obeying the law instead of the official ignoring the law. Don't tell me there's a law that says US gov't takes the fall for ANYTHING a gov't worker does, cause IT DON"T, just 'interperted' in favor of the rich ones. Precedents could have gone the other way, didn't for obvious reasons.

  49. So what is the Bribe Here? Pelosi – "The Bribe ah ah is ah ah ah to withhold ah ah aid for a fake ah ah statement ah ah to elections"


  50. we seem to have forgotten about the gop lawmakers and their trip to russia. what happened there, what type of kompromat may have occurred to explain their rabid defense of trumputin? also the nra/russia connection. these connections may clarify a great many things.

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