100 Replies to “Murder Suspect Fires On Police During High-Speed Chase | TODAY

  1. Normal day in GTA. But seriously if you’re gonna run from the cops get something faster than a Prius with 100 horsepower lmao

  2. Honolulu Police Chase & Shooting.



  3. The thing about it was 2 white people did not get killed. And the man was shooting at the police? But unarmed black man get shot and killed every day by police…. Thank God for the heroin epidemic. White people graduate to heroin everyday ,so there is a balance in the universe….

  4. Was that his Girlfriend doing all the complying–should be locked up too,she should of park and got out running out of her vehicle..Woman always trying to repair damaged men.

  5. @:32 i couldn't help but to burst out laughing after that remark…just sounds funny…Prius/high speed. Hahahahha

  6. When i saw this I was laughing so hard knowing he tried to get away in a TOYOTA PRIUS aka slowest car on the planet


  7. When you're escaping in a Prius, and then realize you're not playing GTA, and that your shooting is worse than Big Smoke's since you're IRL.

  8. Felt like I seen this video before. But you could tell it was a woman driving by her hands on the steering wheel placement 😂

  9. And despite those tough California anti-gun laws, he still managed to get his hands on one. DEAR DEMOCRATS: TURNS OUT YOUR STUPID GUN CONTROL DOES NOT WORK. TOLD YOU. Not that I expect you halfwits to bother listening.

  10. 0:29 "as the Toyota Prius drives away at high speeds" prius and high speeds should never be in the same sentence.

  11. its not the ending that's graphic. The guy Gets shot and so does the driver when they get stuck behind that truck.

  12. Wait…why put them in the hospital when they could just have finished them off, set the car on fire with them inside and toasted some marshmallows….

  13. Jason abe dadivas is our.stalker alright snitch every thing him just trying to talk ewww our stalker alright ewww disgusting tries to.listen to the same music as me

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