Multiple people struck by lightning at PGA tour championship in Atlanta

Multiple people struck by lightning at PGA tour championship in Atlanta


100 Replies to “Multiple people struck by lightning at PGA tour championship in Atlanta

  1. You have a better chance being struck by lightning than winning the lottery. For all those laying on the ground, get your tickets.

  2. Well dummies maybe when a storm is brewing you should take shelter instead of standing on a flipping golf course. Didn't you learn anything from Benjamin Franklin?

  3. CNN: it was a Russian lightning bolt… they took Trumps Tee Time, it was inevitable…
    Trumps Racist attack on Minority walkers… with the green new deal: people wont be struck by Lightning anymore, they will have " unsuspected ion discharge events"…SMH.

  4. ONLY White people were struck – I'm thinking this is a RACIST PLOT!!!

    We DEMAND Congress investigate – where's Mueller now?

  5. So it’s a mass lightning now?? Goddamn ..,, time to blame the NRA , sue the PGA and pass a bill against Mother Nature

  6. That's my father at 0:19 with the black shirt and khaki shorts in the middle. He's a doctor and helped out until the paramedics arrived. I'm proud of him.

  7. Based on the comments I've lost hope for humanity. And by the way can you do more than recycle the same 3 jokes. Jesus Christ.

  8. Any of them work at Ikea? … Customers are turned away at the Charlotte location… presumably for "water-sprinkler" issues.

  9. I was there, I knew something was up, we were in a tent only 40 yards and we heard it? It was loud so we knew it was close and we thought it hit the water but I guess we were wrong when I saw an ambulance over by a tree so I knew… it wasn’t life threatening I heard though.

  10. They must've have never watched…"CADDYSHACK"! 🤫⚡⛳🏌️🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♂️👀🇺🇲🤡🔫🐸👌

  11. Just look at these comments from zombies who can't help but make any and every story about politics. Not insightful comments either, just rehashing the same tired old tropes. Still moaning about Bill Clinton and Roseanne Barr. You're not smart people.

  12. How do people see something about how there were people injured by lightning and then go on racist/political tirades? Oh right, Fox News.

  13. Ban all fully semiautomatic lightning. Free lightning rods for everyone. How did this happen in a lightning free zone. Congress needs to act. Global warming lightning is all Trumps fault.

  14. Seriously 😳 when it’s lightening outside go inside before this can happen to you! Especially around trees 🤦‍♂️…I just hope nobody died…

  15. If you don't break 80 on a regular basis, you dont know enough about golf to criticize it.
    Playing golf or watching golf is not for everybody. Thank God.

  16. Repent and put your faith and trust in the lord Jesus Christ. He is at the door. Jesus is calling you. Are you going to answer and let him in your heart or decline him and perish.
    May Jesus bless you

  17. Irma, Hurricane Jose: Mother! Hollywood Lunatic Jennifer Lawrence suggests lightning storms are nature's 'wrath' against Donald Trump…

  18. Trump’s solution; 👐🏻“We have the best bombs, ‘cause Reagan built them, not Obama , so LETS NUKE ☢️ LIGHTNING🌩⚡️ !! i have the best brain, got it from my uncle’s MIT science skills”👐🏻

  19. Dang Climate Change anyhow! If ya hear thunder, that means it's got lightening too. They should of gotten people off the course.

  20. HAHAHAHAHA thats whats happens when you cut down all the trees so you fags can run around with your ugly clothes and hit your little ball

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