Okay, Listen. I got something wrong with me. That’s the first thing to know. I got threads in my heads! I got threads
in my heads, man! I twitch and shout a lot. If! Makes me look like
a damn freak show. Can’t you ever cut that out? I’m so – Touch it Baily!
I’m sorry. But inside my head’s
an even bigger mess. I can’t stop twisting
things around. Words and sounds especially. Have to keep playing with them
until they come out right. [BLOWS] Sorry. [BLOWS] Jeez, forget I asked. Like I said, a damn mess. Then I started
working for Frank. Frank Minna. Private eye. Boys. Frank frankly
frank-idy frank-o! He’s the one who taught me
how to use my head. Turn it into a strength. He gave me a place
in this crappy world. Until I screwed up. Frank! Brooklyn, she’s
in trouble now. Who? Does anybody know
what Frank was into on this? There’s somethin’
goin’ down and it’s big… and they were not happy
about what he found. We find who did this and we square accounts. If I figure it out, I’m
gonna make ’em regret it, I promise you that. That’s her. That’s the girl that
Frank was following. I think she found something. What happens to poor
people in this city… wasn’t news yesterday
and it won’t be tomorrow. Where’s everybody go? Mostly just disappear. This town is run
by Moses Randolph. When someone isn’t seen
for what they truly are, that’s a very dangerous thing. Do you have the first
inkling how power works? Power is knowing that you can do
whatever you want and not one person can stop you. No! Those people are invisible.
They don’t exist. If you threaten his work,
he will destroy you. You all alone? You got no idea. You’re webbed up
in this somehow, and these people
aren’t gonna stop. If. If. If! You got a head
just like mine. Always turnin’ things around. Some people call it a gift, but it’s a brain
affliction just the same. Do you remember what I said? She doesn’t know! She doesn’t know. What don’t I know?

100 Replies to “MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN – Official Trailer

  1. Thank you Joe Rogan Experience for making me aware of this! I was sold with it being Norton but Fucking Bruce "Die Hard" Willis too?!?!?!

  2. I boycott Alec Baldwin ever since he called his then 13 YR OLD daughter a "disgusting fat pig", because as a Dad, his "beer/liquor" muscles were "were doing the talking"! ZERO RESPECT FOR WOMEN!

  3. Man, am I think only one who thinks this movie looks insanely cheap? It's like they blew their entire $26 million budget on the admittedly impressive cast. The lighting and cinematography are incredibly flat and boring (a terrible idea in a noir film of all things!), many of the sets and locations don't look convincingly period (especially the streets with their obviously-modern street signs and traffic lights), and even some of the costumes are lacking. I own an identical Carhartt jacket to the one Norton wears, right down to the color. I think I bought it in 2012. I don't think that particular style of jacket has changed much over the years, but couldn't they at least have weathered it a bit? Mine is significantly more worn-looking. His looks like he just pulled it off of a rack at the store.

  4. How my boy Eddy N hasn't won an Oscar yet, I don't know, but I'm assuming it's a set-up of sorts.

    Hopefully this will be it. But if it isn't, I'm aware how the Academy Awards can be phony as fuck. If he don't get it, it's just another isn't of that, I guess.

  5. So it's his retard character from The Score or was it the Italian Job, I think The Score. That's cool I guess, I like Bruce in a movie with a reasonably decent script.

  6. Omg this looks incredible and my favorite actor ed norton. I swear he is never in a bad movie such a decorated actor.

  7. I just watched it and enjoyed it up to the level of fight club and Joker , i hear the voice of thom yorke also , am i right , it is brilliant and deserves 9.5 in imbd

  8. Everytime I watch a movie involves people with sickness and disabilities, it always reminds me why I wanted to be a scientist.
    after years of trainning in science, I failed, miserably, to the fact that I have no talent in science AT ALL.
    However, Im not going to give up, I will find other ways, to cure all sickness and disabilities.
    and that, will be the first step of the next phase of our great civilazation.

  9. Finally! Looks like a good film in theatres!

    Been waiting for something good…wasted my money on the joker, such an atrocity of a movie. I don't know how people thought it was good.
    I hope I'm not let down on this one

  10. This would be difficult to watch as it would trigger my ticks. Watching this almost triggered them. Looks good though.

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