Mitch McConnell Lays Out Rules, Schedule For Trump’s Impeachment | Hardball | MSNBC

Mitch McConnell Lays Out Rules, Schedule For Trump’s Impeachment | Hardball | MSNBC

67 Replies to “Mitch McConnell Lays Out Rules, Schedule For Trump’s Impeachment | Hardball | MSNBC

  1. This process has been nothing more than political theater by both parties. Republicans say they are going to expedite the process and vote to dismiss. Democrats hold on to the articles so the trial will pull multiple candidates away from the campaign trail, leaving only centrist establishment candidates and billionaires. I'm glad they are expediting the process. There is no way Republicans will convict Trump no matter how long the process so there is no reason to prolong the inevitable.

    Bill Clinton clearly lied under oath and was impeached by the house. Democrats inspite of having witnesses still refused to convict and remove Clinton. As long as justice is partisan impeachment is nothing more than a grand gesture. Americans are over useless political posturing.

  2. mc sally ie: 1/2 term, flush, omg where did that waste of skin go, oh well, better now than 15 or 20 yrs of hate. you can almost feel the venom in her, there is no healing with this unhealthy woman.

  3. Bone Spurs has sacrificed our national security to further his political ambitions and his desire to stay out of jail and his crazy meltdowns shouldn't be allowed to stand! 😳🤪

    So the "COVER UP" begins. The Republiclowns have gravely overplayed their hand. Moscow Mitch does it again. McConnell is a criminal and the Republiclowns are fools if they think the country will sit back and let them cover up the most corrupt president in the history of America‼

  5. Everyone will be taking their cues from mcConnell's new standard of lawlessness and disregard for the rule of law. Sales of handguns, rifles, ammo and scopes will be going off the charts.

  6. Dems should pull the same stunt repubs did when they "stormed" the intelligence hearings.
    They should arrive with witnesses like Parnas and make McTurtle forcibly throw them out in front of the world. It would show everyone how corrupt Moscow Mitch and his cronies are.

  7. Lest they not forget, the house can and likely will begin new articles of impeachment if they pull-off a sham trial. More related and unrelated evidence will emerge down the road. They can drag this out just before election time.

  8. New York New York and the clown of clever anti semitism. The slashing of the fur, the fur of the Polish Jew of trades. Polish Jews were not the smartest Jews on earth, they were though honest hard working folk, of the faith. New York New York, fur hate is simply a clever anti semitic ploy funny boy. Yes you are a funny one of clever acid tongue lashing fur slashing slashing.

  9. Since trump has assembled a made for TV reality show attorney team.
    And Mitch won’t allow witnesses or documents.
    Lev Parnas and John Bolton should team up and along with a federal judge hold a live TV news conference inviting reporters and journalists for questions.
    Start the news conference with the judge swearing them in under oath, then each man give an opening statement followed by questions from the reporters/journalists.
    When interview finish hand out copies of all documentation they have that can be released.
    Then the American people can have that to compare to the Mitch rigged senate hearing.
    Parnas and Bolton would look like the good guys trying to get the truth out there for the American people, while trump/Mitch/GOP/Barr are doing everything to hide it. So when Mitch and the GOP acquit trump the American people will have the video of Parnas/Bolton news conference forever in historic archives.
    Bolton could have his moment in history that he’s always wanted, and be the historical figure he’s spent his life trying to be. Parnas could clean his name and be seen as a hero instead of a shady character

  10. Mcconnel's plan is a COVER UP ! Impeached trump, Moscow mitch, Pence, Pompeo, Nunes, Graham, and pretty much the whole GOP, will be remembered by History as the ones who attempted to destroy the American republic (and if we don't actively fight back they might succeed) 😰😡😡😡😡😡

  11. #IMPEACHFAKENEWS MSNBC – The Muppet mockingbird puppets propagate leftists D-Rats agenda to further fuel division of the American people. The Impeachment Farce is baseless with invented non-crimes that are not within the parameters of the Constitution.

  12. Go by the rules…kick traitor Mitch out! Get an honest, intelligent replacement. If Mitch should be by some means deceased, who would pick up the Case? Get that person…but we must hurry! Mitch is causing his own usefulness because he has to lie and chief….it REALLY IS OBVIOUS, EVEN TO THOSE OF US NOT IN GOVERNMENT. THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN IN GOVERNMENT FOR YEARS AND STILL LOVE THIS COUNTRY

  13. Moscow Mitch is a rich man pandering, wattle necked maggot who is done for on 11/3/20 along with his pal the trumpster

  14. So sacrifice our whole country and Democracy for a casino owner. NEVER AGAIN, SHOULD A REPUBLICAN HAVE POWER.

  15. So, the Trumpublicans want the will of the minority of voters who elected Trump to prevail and keep our self admitted corrupt, criminal and traitorous president to continue to destroy America and the planet on which she resides. Go it.

  16. Occupy every GOP Senators office until they vote for witnesses and procurement of documents by the WH! Boot these GOP cowards out of Office!

  17. The President does crimes ON TV and ON TAPE, Gets caught in blatant COVER-UPS, gives us a TRANSCRIPT of his crimes… And we have trouble getting Republicans to convict him!!!

  18. McConnel plays a pretty good game of chess and his maneuvers are pretty slick and it’s a great strategy the democrats are going to find hard to get around an yes it looks bad for getting anything done about a fair and balanced trial, but McConnel is not taking into account that Americans are actually watching what he’s doing , in the short term good strategy in the long run not so good because most people are fair minded and like their representative to be above board and honest which Mitch has proven not to be , folks are gonna remember the old sly McConnel at the voting 🗳.

  19. Diagnosis: Trump Derangement Psychosis
    Problem: The Media, academia, Hollywood and democrats have created a false target for you to hate!
    Result: Leads to confused thought, instead of rational facts!
    Answer: Realize that 91% of what you are told to think is a lie!
    Homework: Find the real truth and you will slowly start to realize WHEN you are being lied too and by whom!
    Difficulty: Very Hard!

  20. Moscow Much is giving the American Voter's Straight Out Showing Their Guilt. So, What Do We Do Get Rid Of Trump First. Then Moscow Mich. And bring Down the Rest of Trump's Abiders in his Crimes. Let's Vote Them Out. "Vote Blue" 🇺🇸 if they, United for Trump we will Unite For Our Country. Democracy, Constitution, Freedom To Vote As We Plz. Not What Puttin Or Trump Want. So, Let's Do This. " VOTE BLUE" 🇺🇸

  21. Don't broadcast this. It's not newsworthy. The only thing that would be newsworthy now is the American people waking up to the realisation that their congress is corrupt and actually DOING something about it.

  22. mcConnell will be Voted Out of Seat in 2020. Most Americans hate him and his Racist Conservative Views. History is in the making to counter his morality for the Herd (white republicans) who are too ignorant to Educate themselves of The Rule of Law.

  23. Although freedom of the press is guaranteed by the United States Constitution, it is not absolute. The government has the right to control or censor broadcasting on the grounds of national security and to prevent offense. This was specifically demonstrated on December 19, 1941, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the Office of Censorship days before the United States officially entered World War II. This agency had broad powers, including the right to shut down offending radio stations.[1] A Supreme Court ruling (New York Times vs. United States, 1971) underscored the right of the state to override the First Amendment guarantees against prior restraint such as the reporting on troop movements and other military activities if it constitutes "clear and present danger" to U.S. national security.[2]

  24. This is the same guy that said, "What's the rush to elect a supreme Court Justice" MOSCOW Mitch has no bottom! He plays dirty, and unethically. Kentucky voters please wake up to this Scum of a human being! He's a bully!! And doesn't care how he wins, cheating, lying, wouldn't surprise me even murderering. Hate what MOSCOW Mitch stands for.


  26. Multiculturalism is being promoted in every White country on the earth, and ONLY in White countries. The purpose of multiculturalism is to turn every White country into a non-White country. Under international law, that constitutes genocide. Any White person who objects to this is called a racist.
    But White people are now beginning to realize two things:
    That multiculturalism is a codeword for White genocide.
    That anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  27. The whole phrase, "I've done nothing Wong" is just a phrase. When it's a, true, statement, it reads, "I didn't do anything wrong". Right?

  28. Q: Is the Chief Justice a person r is he super human?
    Bcz it looks like it's not being taken n2 consideration tht the man will be wrkg 20 + hrs a day. Isn't tht going against ur own LAWS?
    Don't u have 2 have at least 8hrs off between a double shifts?
    Thts a triple shift!!! Who can last?
    We're talkg 20 hrs of work for him, & 6 dys in a row.
    Doesn't he need 2 bathe, rest, eat a proper meal & transport 2 & frm his hm 2 wrk.
    Is any1 takg tht n2 consideration B4 he has 2 officiate? R is it all abt the speedy " Cover Up"? Goodness gracious take ur "Morals" out of the garbage!!! And stop being selfish.

  29. This administration is a total disgrace to America….only trump would turn it it to a ratings show….cowardly little men …WEAK…For the ppl…I don't think so….

  30. Well face it – might as well be quick because they were never going to remove him. But all those who swore their oath and had already formed an opinion ( without hearing from Trump in person, or witnesses ) that he was not guilty or guilty should be recused/refused a vote on the grounds of partiality, perjury.

  31. March to your capital while singing the Internationale. Mitch & Lindsey Graham will be the first to defect to England.

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