#Mississippi #Walmart Incident #BreakingNews #DutyRon

#Mississippi #Walmart Incident #BreakingNews #DutyRon

good afternoon YouTube DutyRon a Retired NYPD Detective here back
again with a quick video I hate to do these kind of videos but unfortunately
that’s what’s happening that’s what’s going on in this day and age we got a
bunch of craziness going on in the US of A another shooting in a Mississippi
Walmart I hate to go live and talk about this but this is what’s happening here
in in the USA this morning at around 6:55 a.m. our Mississippi time in the
town of South Haven South Haven community took the largest community in
the state of Mississippi of 49 thousand a disgruntled employee went into the
Walmart and began shooting two people dead the gunman has been shot by a
responding police officer and a police officer was saved by his bulletproof
vest and active shooter training came into place here in this incident hello
Shelly good to see ya nature’s beauty unfortunately again it’s a tough
conversation to have but this is what’s happening hi missed me how are you good
to see you thanks for joining Dylan good to see a duty blue so looks like early
this morning around 655 am Papa Frank I agree not necessarily with the open
carry I agree with concealed carry open carry and my eyes is dangerous because
you become you become a potential victim if you’re outnumbered by three or four
bad guys that can wrestle you gun away from you I believe in concealed carry
definitely not open carry for safety reasons so good to see you hello good to
see everyone assembled here thank you for so much coming in German shepherds
is a good weapon that is a good he’s a great watchdog that Riley is fantastic
Stephanie yes again another shooting Kate wants good to see you hello hello
Alena good to see you thank you for joining in Jay Hart
polka dot Susan Frank Starlite good to see you thank you for
joining hello Daphne so it looks like a disgruntled employee in Walmart in a
Walmart in a certain in the suburbs near Mississippi Tennessee border the town
Southaven South Southaven Mississippi it was a Walmart might have been a 24-hour
Walmart because it was early in the morning
disgruntled employee came in and opened fire responding police who were trained
and active shooters scenarios engaged immediately instead of waiting outside
and you know getting a tactical advantage they rushed into the location
engaged the shooter the officer was shot in his bulletproof vest that saved his
life and he shot the perpetrator ending the threat however the the gunman did
shoot and killed two employees hello at ease mom good to see you thanks for
joining so it looks like um it was a disgruntled grievance employee he went
after the manager and I’m assuming that he shot the manager or the mayor has
given a press conference there 24 hours around by me too but I don’t know you
know throughout the country if that’s how they operate he he it was a
disgruntled employee I don’t know if he was already fired or was gonna be fired
I don’t have the particulars on it but um the the suspect was engaged by
responding police officers from the surrounding area the officer took one or
more shots to his bulletproof vest and he was saved by his vest
so life vests bulletproof vest saved police officers lives it’s a it’s a fact
it’s a known fact so um hello official Rach good to see
you some do some don’t there you go James
so hello Joe good to see it thanks for thanks for coming in anyone know why he
was fired Ryan we don’t know we don’t know hello Meg good to see a Meg low in
the building so um Castrol good to see you thank you for joining my friend from
the Philippines there he is everyone check out his channel let me
share this on a public post real quick and then we’ll get right back into it
I’m going to talk to you guys briefly about what I think what I think should
be put into place to try to help stop these types of scenarios from going on
and again these types of scenarios are very difficult to fight and to arm and
to stop but it takes a lot of resources to do this that’s the reason why there’s
not an armed person in every location because it costs upwards as high as 50
or 50 or more dollars per hour for armed security guards you know a regular
security guard without a gun is the $15 an hour guy here in the Northeast that’s
the going rate around $15 for a regular security guard but a security guard
without a gun in this instance is just another victim in my eyes so um so at
the end of the day an unarmed security guard really doesn’t do anything for
protection I’m just I’m just creating a community
post here guys yes so it the rate varies but what I’m saying is is you know to
pay an armed security guard in every location across America is would just it
would just cost trillions of dollars a year it would cost trillions of dollars
a year but we’re we’re we’re toeing the line where we’re gonna be looking at
that’s gonna be the only places where you can feel remotely safe you know you
have situations where schools universities places of higher education
you know universities high schools grade schools kindergarten we have almost
every place that we can think of in the United States has been fallen victim to
mass shootings night clubs concerts it’s just from me it’s mind-boggling that the
federal government or somebody the powers that be do not step in and put a
plan in place you know where it’s it’s a federally mandated that you have armed
security at you know major major locations and look at even our houses of
worship nobody’s safe even when you go to pray nice to meet you Michelle thank
you so much for coming in you know you think about it you you go to pray at a
house of worship and you can’t even pray in peace you know whether you’re Muslim
whether you’re Catholic whether you’re a Jew you know you have to worry about you
know about your safety while you’re praying it’s a sad situation so I just tweeted it out I’m just gonna
listen to a little bit of my local news thank you for the prayers there
truth-teller online shopping and online grocery will
be picking up business yeah I agree truth teller I agree it this is a
conversation that’s not comfortable to have but unfortunately we have to have
it and in my eyes if I if I’m a business owner of I own of major corporation like
Walmart that’s making billions of dollars in revenue every year or
millions whatever their numbers are I don’t know what their numbers are but
they are Walmart is a big company you know Amazon’s a big company so some of
these places that are taking in millions and millions of dollars a year what
would it take for you them to pay have a budget of say three hundred thousand
dollars of the year and have armed security at the locations what would it
take off of their their profit it wouldn’t take much I think I got the flu
from one of my patients I’ll catch you next time miss me I hope you feel better
much love and respect to you and for what you do in your job I appreciate
everything that you do and thanks for being a friend hey why do I see
Stephanie good to see you thank you for joining anyone here to grow up okay
anyways alright so listen we’re gonna keep it on topic there’s been a shooting
in Mississippi the Mississippi Tennessee border and it looks like from all
everything that we everything that we’ve collected information wise a disgruntled
employee again the timing is you know kind of crazy because we just are
getting over the the shooting over in California at the Garlic Festival we
talked about that two nights ago and here we are than in another in a in two
more days hey what’s up Trump winning good to see you thank you for joining so
you know here we are talking again about you know another shooting as a retired
law enforcement professional we need to secure up our houses of worship our
schools our our places of business and we need to be able to be safe and where
we go if you go to the shopping mall we don’t want to expect to get shot up
at the mall we don’t expect to get shot and killed while we’re praying you don’t
I mean so um we can’t you know back down from this we need to take action and
something needs to change and something needs to change quick because if we
don’t do something or something if the plan does not put in place soon there’s
going to be more of this type of stuff and I and I I know that to be a fact
good to see your Winky how are you good to see you hi Beth hi there thank you so
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guys don’t mind here in New Zealand we’re with our strict gun laws we still
had a crazy man shoot yeah over at the mosque right it’s just you know
nowhere are we completely safe thank you thank you thank you I appreciate that
a Lina a is the screen name I know that you know from Facebook it’s different
but I’m calling you out on your YouTube screen and good to see you Alexis thank
you so much for joining Joe I’m flying in New York of two weeks unarmed that I
hate it well get your HR to 18 and you can carry it over here you know get the
HR 218 brother it is very unfortunate it’s a conversation that you really
don’t want to have but unfortunately I don’t even feel comfortable when I send
my kids out you know I have grown adults hello jasmine entertaining good to see
you thanks for joining I have grown adult children and when they go out and
say dad I’m gonna go to a concert I’m gonna go to EDC concert I’m gonna go to
this concert I’m gonna go down to Miami I’m gonna take a plane I’m gonna go down
at this one I get in the back of my head I get nervous I don’t tell them about it
but Here I am as a parent thinking I don’t want to send my adult kids to a
concert because I’m worried about a shooting you know that’s that’s effed up
that’s really not cool you know that we go through this you know we shouldn’t
have that happening hope you guys day is going well Joshua H is
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you with it polka dot Suzanne my son who is a cop
always carries I’m carrying right now I carry everywhere I go Thank You Castro
thank you so much for sharing I greatly appreciate that um what about retired
truth-teller I was just going to get to that truth teller I was going to tell
you that right now retired police officers detectives veterans people of
the military they all have talent guys they all have a talent and their talent
is is that they know how to protect people safely so um you’re already gonna
be hiring someone who has who has hold on a second hold on who has experience
in the field so the training would be minimal for that guy or girl the
training would be minimum for minimal for that guy or girl they’ve already
received training from the the government if they’re the military
they’ve already received training from the police department if they’re a
retired police officer and I feel that those would be qualified candidates to
keep us safe with our children if we go out with our children if you’re a mom if
you’re a mother or a father of young kids and you want to go out with your
kids and take them to the mall you want to be able to be safe if you’re not safe
when you travel out to through to our regular places that we go then the
terrorist terrorist type atmosphere they win you know what I’m saying Katina good
to see you thank you for joining thank you to everybody that’s come on into the
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good to see you Matt thanks for joining December of 65 it was a great year good
to see everyone Erin thank you for moderating thank you for positively
interacting in the comments this is an unfortunate situation that is becoming
common everyday conversation in America and all throughout the world as a matter
of fact and this is a very unfortunate situation guys you know I don’t want to
go live and speak about this but unfortunately this is what is going on
in front of us you know you know this is what’s happening in front of us you know
it’s a sad sad situation but you know like I said as parents we should be able
to send our kids to school and not have to worry about them you know there’s a
ton of young parents out there there’s a ton of parents like me who already
raised their children to adults and you still shouldn’t have to be worried about
it you know two more losses of life that is completely unnecessary and could have
been avoided if there was an armed security guard at that Walmart location
now to put an armed security guard at every Walmart would be costly but how do
we put a price tag on people’s lives you can’t put a price tag on anyone’s life
you know so as far as I see it we should be able to get our federal government to
fund partially the armed guard initiative throughout America throughout
the country we should be able to get federal funding in part and then the
companies which are making millions and sometimes billions of dollars should
fund it as well it should be like a subsidized funding just like we have a
you know social security welfare food stamps you know all of those subsidies
are necessary and for people who need it right but we as Americans who are
taxpaying citizens we deserve to be able to be safe when we travel freely about
our country and if we’re not safely traveling the
government’s gotta step in and we need our companies who are making listen
Walmart Amazon all these big companies overstocked Best Buy all of these
companies that are out there they are making millions of dollars in profit
Maddie boy good to see it thanks for joining they’re making millions and
millions of dollars in profit what would it take for them to just Institute a
security program where you can ensure that your employees and your customers
are safe because I think here in this case not a hundred percent sure but I
think in this case it was a disgruntled employee that went after a manager that
probably fired him because he was not a good worker or whatever the case may be
we don’t know so um thank you guys for interacting with each other while I get
my point across I’m not intentionally ignoring comments but it’s when I start
answering comments I kind of lose my train of thought so just please excuse
me on that there you go Rick I mean that’s that’s
another concept that you look at it right there you know but it’s got to be
part in part federally funded through our government so that we can have a
nationwide plan you know a nationwide plan
hello Garfield good to see you think about everyone about to go to Walmart
for school supplies shopping yeah it could cause a lot of major anxiety
throughout the world you know I don’t know by a show of hands by your show of
hands just put a one in the chat if you get a little anxiety when you hear about
this stuff about going out or sending your kids or your grandkids out if
anybody has just a little bit of anxiety put a one in the chat I just would like
to see how many people here there’s a hundred and eight how many people
experience I can put a one in the chat I’m gonna do that myself right now I’m
putting a 1 in the chat let’s see how many number ones we get so there’s a lot
of people you know I’m not saying over-the-top anxiety but it’s in the
back of your mind like I said when I said well my son’s tell me all dad I’m
gonna go to Miami for a street for a music festival I think about that Westside girl they should they should
have a security program a thing in place where you know when someone’s someone’s
let go that their special attention that there’s a security guard there without
his arm that can handle this thought okay so a lot of ones in the chat
Katrina good to see you thank you for joining Katrina thank you to life of MC
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think celebrated her 24th birthday so she’s a young mom who is also this
pertains to her I know she’s here because this is a concern she has a
child she may have in the future more and this is a concerning thing for us
parents and for everybody out there for everyone for that matter you don’t have
children you never had kids and you just you know trying to get through life this
is a big concern for safety for all of us you know and this is going on way too
long and I feel like our government we pay our taxes we pay every year I paste
so much in taxes take some of that money I would love to write a letter to the
President and say take some of that money and put some money aside and put a
program in place so we could send our kids to school safely we could go
shopping we could go to entertainment we can go and pray at the houses of worship
and not have to worry about it you know yeah Terry I I mean an unarmed and on no
disrespect but an unarmed guard it’s just like a sitting duck you know it’s a
sitting duck you know it’s it’s like auxilary police we had an auxilary
police officer killed in New York like four years ago he was in uniform and it
looked just the auxilary police who backup they don’t get paid they back up
the NYPD they have uniforms on that if you don’t know you would look at them
you would think that they’re a cop it was a gunman they saw him he was he
robbed a pizza place he was leaving he saw this auxilary cop and he just
executed him you know so a security guard just like another civilian
standing there they don’t have any tools in their tool shed to stop a shooter you
know the same thing at schools when schools say oh we can’t have guns we
can’t have armed guys at our schools well then then then what do we got you
got no protection for the kids if you resist having jnanis so many people that
are against it you know having armed guards at the schools then your kids are
sitting ducks you know the square badge is getting shot first of course of
course but if you have an armed guy who can engage an active shooter before he
gets started or soon after he gets started now you have a fighting chance
now you throwing the guy off even if it’s for 10 or 15 seconds you know you
take uh you take that risk the guy or girl who’s the armed security is putting
their lives on the line they’re just as brave as any police office or a military
person out there you know when you take on an armed guard job you’re putting
your life on the line to protect the public just like police do you know so
I’m great to see all my friends and family in here if you’re new in on my
channel I am duty Ron I’m a retired New York City police detective I served 20
plus years in the New York City Police Department I worked on patrol I worked
in the Narcotics Division I worked in plain clothes I worked in the warrants
squad I worked on the mayor’s security Dale detail I worked in dignitary
protection and I work computer crimes so I work as a detective
in a lot of different areas so I have a lot of knowledge in regards to keeping
the public safe I have a ton of training active shooter training I have interview
and interrogation training a whole bunch of stuff that I received through the New
York City Police Department through the Secret Service through the
US Army on interrogation on dignitary protection so I have a lot of tools in
my tool shed that I’m using now going forward with my own security business
I’m a securities consultant I am now working on a new contract in an Amazon
type affiliate warehouse and I’m doing exactly that armed protection for the
employees for the executives at a big Amazon type affiliate warehouse here in
the Northeast I’m the security director of a big company contracted through my
security business and that’s what I’m doing right now
so this is relevant to what’s happening that what just happened in Mississippi
at the Walmart and my thoughts and prayers are with the victims who were
shot and killed today to the police officer who was shot and wounded brave
brave police officer engaging the suspect shooting him taking him down I
don’t know the condition of the shooter but I have to say thank God to our 911
the first responders the ones that when you call 9-1-1 they respond our police
men and women are out there risking their lives every day day in and day out
for all of us so I say thank you to the Mississippi police officer who was shot
today but he also prevented further injury further loss of life and I’m
thankful that he did that Jan McFadden great to see you thank you so much for
joining in on the broadcast yes yes you you guys are lucky you guys are lucky so
um thank you too um thank you to everyone I’m not ending the broadcast
but I just want to let you guys know that I do appreciate I thank each and
every one of you for the positive interaction here the armed or
that Gilroy acted fast within three seconds Mary there was our engagement
with the an engagement with the with the with the gunmen at the Gilroy event at
the Gilroy Garlic event so at that shooting within three to five seconds
that gunman was engaged because there was armed either police or security
there so that is unbelievable that is fantastic
you could see a Karen Parton thank you so much for the prayers in the hearts
you can see from those type of situations how important it is to have
somebody arm there so for those of you who are against good guys with guns
I’m all for good people with weapons because those are our first line of
defense okay I’m gonna tell you a quick story I’m not gonna go into names I’m
gonna go into a quick story about a retired lieutenant a retired lieutenant
from the New York City Police Department who was online getting his son a z-pack
his son was sick he went to the store to a pharmacy I’m not gonna say the name of
it he went to a pharmacy to get a z-pack that’s antibiotics for his son who was
sick and while he was waiting in line there was somebody with a gun that held
up the pharmacy for oxycodone put a gun up to the pharmacist and said you know
he heard it you know give me all your oxycodone now give it to me this was
years and years ago this was a long time ago like more than five years ago he’s
online he has this firearm on him because he’s a retired lieutenant now
the guy gets the oxycodone from the pharmacist they no problems but he
proceeds to now start going through the pockets of everybody online he was
robbing because he needed more money for his drug problem that was on Long Island
yes he proceeded to go and turn around with the gun and say okay take out you
know empty your pockets at and the lieutenant realized that if he didn’t
take action that he was going to go through his pockets and find out he’s a
cop and kill him so he pulled out his weapon and fired one shot and killed the
guy right there in the pharmacy so that is how important it
is to have someone who’s armed now that’s a good guy with a gun
Katrina thank you so much could true in a contrast support and respect duty
Ron love you love you right back thank you
for that super love Katrina much appreciated much appreciated
ok that guy was going to go through everyone’s pockets and perhaps kill
somebody that lieutenant stopped the threat one shot shot shot and killed the
guy but I think this world is a better place without that guy running around
just might that’s just me you guys could just you could say oh that’s horrible
duty Ron but that’s a guy who guys out a bad guy and I don’t think that guy was
going to contribute anything positive to this world okay I think that that guy
was going to continue on with his reign of terror because of his drug problem
over because of whatever his problem was he wasn’t good enough that he got the
drugs from the from the pharmacists he felt it necessary to start robbing all
the women and men that were on the line so this is a guy who but now Lisa
pharmacies are all enclosed you can’t really get into most of them and in the
big ones like Walgreens and CVS they have majors surveillance and some of
them are still open you know open windowed but they have direct line to
the police they have a direct line to the police they have the little buttons
that they press and but still you know I feel that you know that’s another place
where we need to work on and at our drug locations we need to know pharmacies to
be have on people in there are year ago in my town a police officer was shot and
killed with his own gun by a 19 year old those things happen museum is luleå MS
Lea it happens it’s part of the job part of the danger of the job a bulletproof
glass I agree I agree Thank You Jan thank you so a carolina
hillbilly 1961 that was a very good year as well thank you for the super chat
thank you thank you and welcome in to my channel if anybody’s new let me know
where you’re watching from let me know where you’re watching from city state
and country and I can give you a shout out um
Shawn Fitzgerald says your channel feels like an old-school cop on the beat who
knows his community and we come to you with our concerns that’s a pretty cool
analogy I like that I actually like how that sounds if that was a comment
underneath this video I would have pinned that it’s Shawn welcome ends
first time I’ve seen you as Sean Fitzgerald that comment if that was in
my comment section I would have definitely pinned that so maybe you
could copy and paste that and put it below in the comments and that’s a
guaranteed pin right there I’m like a beat cop that knows my family cameras
are useful they’re useless I mean they are useless until after the fact and
then it’s all over um so let’s see uh carry a welcome in
carries a Bisaya v-log hello Lisa hello I’m in USA Virginia Virginia Beach nice
– nice to see you again Angela Ortiz let’s see who else South
South Haven Mississippi enjoy your channel thank you so much that’s where
the shooting occurred I believe mind over why twister um thank you for the
links waiting on ads to watch hi Jackie thank you for waiting on the ads thank
you for everyone for being in here looks like we got 111 thank you so much for
joining hi Ron why are weapons in the USA so easy to buy for everyone they’re
easy to buy for everyone everywhere it’s not just the USA I hate to break it to
you people can get weapons on the black market anywhere so again shout out to
all my good friends and hear all the new people all the old continued repeat
viewers in on my broadcast joey brooklyn let me down today again i got a call out
Joey Brooklyn for being negligent I’m gonna call him right now on the phone
hold on let’s get Joey Brooklyn and let’s see
what his problem is I’m calling Joey Brooklyn live on the air with a hundred
and ten people listening so guys um again you know this is this
is a current problem within within our within the United States this is a
current problem Joey I’m live with a hundred and ten people on YouTube I’m
just wondering where you are Oh stay nice and cool in 95 degree
weather in my living room okay well I would respectfully as a good friend and
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okay I love you Joe I love you he wasn’t driving he’s home he’s home Maddie he’s
home Maddie boy so all right listen let’s get back into
it guys so for those of you who are just joining there was another shooting in
Mississippi this morning around 650 in the morning there was a shooting in it
was the border of Mississippi and Tennessee and in one of the larger towns
at a Walmart two people were shot and killed a police officer was wounded and
we have a situation where a disgruntled employee was able to come in with an
unknown type weapon and start massive mass shooting in this Walmart location
this is a on you know it’s an unexcusable event that it continually
happens here in America and I don’t know about you guys but I’m sick and tired of
hearing about it I’m sick and tired of hearing this I feel like this is this
has to end this has to end sooner than later welcome in Torey Hartman thank you
so much for joining this has to end sooner than later
but our political our politicians and our people who we pay our taxes to they
need to protect our citizens and if we can’t be get protection from our own
federal government then need to take matters into our own hands
the companies that employ these larger companies like Walmart Amazon Best Buy
Target they need to take some of the millions of dollars that they are
earning in their revenue and and set aside a security budget so the managers
and the workers that come to work if they hire or fire somebody don’t have to
worry about retribution and being shot while they’re at work so I feel that if
the federal government can’t subsidize programs I’m not asking and I’m not
saying or implying that they should pay for it all but there should be subsidies
there should be subsidies that go into funding armed security guards at houses
of worship at places of where mass people assemble like concerts and all of
the different venues throughout the United States where there are two days
ago at the Garlic Festival you know we had a shooting if there was a federal
program in place where it funded in part some of these armed security guards
there would have been more there there would have been more there and I think
that’s something that we need to look into I know it’s not easy to Institute
this type program but I am all for that you have retired military retired police
officers there’s hundreds of thousands of men and women that are fully trained
in in public safety in firearm safety and as firearms retention military
people who want to work put them to work put them to work at keeping all of us
safe and that’s all I’m saying so shout out to Torrey Hartman if you
guys aren’t subscribed to Torrey Hartman and Joey Brooklyn’s channel there he is
right there Joey Brooklyn my security director Torrey Hartman I’m honored to
call a very good friend yeah and Torrey that’s why the gunman
was engaged in three seconds the gunman was engaged in three seconds because
there was a police detail there and there was a security detail there but
not all these places have it look at what happens in the nightclubs the
nightclub shooting in Miami the you know these houses of worship the mosques the
you know the school shootings there’s no armed security at these locations so
again subscribe to my friend Tory Hartman
subscribe to Joey Brooklyn all the great ones that are in here check them all out
I think I spoke enough about this situation for one day all the people who
is given super chat during this broadcast I greatly greatly appreciate
that thank you to all of my friends who positively interact with in the
community here that’s an important part of having a successful livestream Thank
You Katrina for the super love support your local police and support those
serving to protect you love you duty run love you right back super love right
from me to you Katrina love and respect across the board Serina thank you for
agreeing and life of MC thank you for that 1000 PHP on a super chat greatly
appreciated we had all Walmart shooting in Maine these things listen if I google
googled it and pulled up all the shootings that have happened there are
just too many to talk about I wouldn’t want to go into all of them because it’s
to me you know it’s just actions speak louder than words and I implore everyone
to write to their local local politician write letters to the president if you
have to and say we demand to be safe we demand to be safe within our houses of
worship within our higher education system when I send my grandchild to
grade school and kindergarten in high school and college I don’t want to be
worried about my grandchildren or my children I don’t want to be worried when
my grown adult children tell me dad I want to go to Florida to see a concert
now in the back of my head I tell them go and have fun but in my head I’m
saying oh my god you know my kid’s gonna be safe when they go or my boys don’t
grown boys are they gonna be okay like that is out Stan you know that is
outrageous that we have to think about that you know tweet at the Walmarts
tweet at the at you know your your your venues where their shootings are
occurring you know we have to speak about it we have to be vocal about it
because actions you know our our our vocal our armed voices have to be heard
you know the more that we shout and scream the
people will listen and I feel that it is important and it’s our god-given right
to be able to express how we demand to be safe you know if once we can’t travel
and we’ll move about freely then Terrorism wins then they won that’s the
that’s their number one goal is to is to instill and create fear and once that
happens it’s a rap it’s a rap we’re not at that point yet we’re not at that
point yet because you know there are still tons of arms citizens and
civilians that are good guys good guys and girls that have that walk around
freely are good people to have in situations when the crap hits the fan
and you have a shooter an active shooter you want a guy like duty Ron or you want
a guy like whoever’s who ever can be armed right next to you because that’ll
be a life saver for you you know I agree premiere hell I agree
it’s out of control it’s out of control but a good guy with
a gun is much better than a bad guy with a gun so I like like I said to my wife
last night or when I when I was out to dinner last night with my wife we had a
quick bite to eat after a long day’s work we had a quick bite to eat at a
small place and I said to her she asked me she said do you have quietly she said
do you have your gun with you and I said honey I always have my gun with me that
is not even a question that you have to ask me and you know what she said the
next thing she said to me she she said good I feel safe and this is my wife I’m
married to her 28 years and she said to me do you have you done with you quietly
and you know like across the table and I said of course I do I always have she
goes I feel safe you know that’s coming off the Garlic Festival shooting you
know there’s fear instilled in my wife that she had to ask me if I had my gun
with me with us it’s crazy it’s crazy listen guys thank you so much for being
in here I got to go I got to get back in and start doing some work here
so um peace and love to everyone subscribe to my channel hit the like
button leave me a comment in the comment section I love the comments I love to
answer them I love to read them thank you to everyone who
was given super chat to my patreon supporters love and respect to you thank
you Joe for always being here polka dot Suzanne Thank You Maddie boy Matthew
combs Coombs thank you so much for being in here Black Rose love you love and
respect Karen I Karen Parton says duty Ron check your donation I definitely
will check it anyone who’s given then I missed please
please please please um know that I appreciate it thank you
so so very much and I go around and I support a lot of other channels as well
most people here that know me know that I go around check out premiere hell
that’s a new friend of mine premiere hell that the channel sounds a little
odd the name but there’s a Rini there’s a meaning behind it and it’s pretty
funny so go check him out I always facesitting the door I always have my
eyes open my preference profile there’s a tongue twister you know what I’m
saying thank you so much for everyone being in
here and much love and respect from duty Ron love it to all of you take care
we’ll talk to you soon pace

44 Replies to “#Mississippi #Walmart Incident #BreakingNews #DutyRon

  1. Your channel feels like the old school cop on the beat who knows his community and we can come to you with our concerns. From carolyn fitzgerald

  2. Much Love, Respect & Support to you DutyRon. Thank you for always serving & protecting us. 🙏🙏💛💛

  3. Oh no…😕 I prefer hearing it from you than the news. Rest in Heaven to the two employees killed. My heart goes out to their families. Thank God the Officer was saved by his bullet proof vest!

  4. I barely missed your LIVE Dutyron. OMG not again. Thank you for bringing this breaking news. Praying for healing of our nation and those impacted by another senseless crime. It's no wonder Walmart wanted to rid itself of this sick person. Too bad they couldn't see these serious concerns prior to hire.

  5. I missed this live but, some Walmarts are 24hr but many have just closed down (different subject). I am glad to hear he had a vest on, why more officers dont wear them all the time is beyond me in this day and age. Thank you for information!

  6. Thank you DutyRon for the way you report things. You’re definitely my first go to for this type of new.

  7. So sad another shooting my heart goes out to all victims and the very brave people who risk their lives to protect others

  8. I was at YMCA today. A bustling, wonderful place I've belonged to over 35 years. I actually thought " what if a shooter came in here, what would I do". Terrible to havevto imagine that…..

  9. I'll sign that letter Ron send it over! We have lots of retired police and military vets that could really benefit from a program like the one you are talking about I LOVE this idea. Might get some of our heroes off the street too. Big fan of this

  10. Know very little about US gun laws being in the uk. It’s illegal to carry here, but my daughter was shot in the leg at the local park when she was 10 by some teens who’d got hold of rifle. The bullet was too deep to be removed. Thinking of the victims families involved in today’s shooting 🙏❤️

  11. Hello I am from Mississippi. The suspect name is Martez April. He had gotten suspended for pulling a knife on a shopper he got fired. He shot the 2 manager. He is in a hospital in Memphis Tennessee.

  12. Hey. I live in Mississippi on the Coast. The Walmarts are 24 hours. We have 6 within 30 minutes from my house plus several Walmart grocery store. That is sad.

  13. Always glad to see your broadcasts Ron. So sad that it has to be sometimes for ugly truths in the world. Thank you for keeping us all aware and informed.🤗

  14. This is just craziness Dutyron!! So sad that there were 2 victims, may they R.I.P. ❤❤❤ So glad that the police officer was saved by his vest! That must have been petrifying! Glad the threat was neutralised quickly, but it would be nice if all these active shooter situations just stopped. Wishful thinking, I know! You and your wife, have a great day!❤❤❤

  15. OMG! I'm from that area. Lived in MS for most of my life. I sure hate to hear that happened. I left MS 7 years ago because of crime. So since my brother lives in NV I moved to this nice little small town.

  16. An off balanced ex employee( or he had just got let go) did this in my town about 1.5 yrs ago. They put him down very fast. He didn't kill anyone but it was close.

  17. Hi Dutyron I am in tears right now as I heard (hopefully not true) that Joeseph Shmoe has passed??? Please tell me I read this in error. Thank you very much. 😢

  18. Ron, agree totally with your opinion. Especially about an unarmed security! I pray one day we can control this out of control shooting rampages. I really enjoyed this broadcast as always!! Im so sorry for missing your lives I have had so much going on medically and personally. Love you anc your channel.

  19. Yikes what a scary situation in Mississippi. Sorry I missed your stream. Replayed the discussion.

  20. I carry my gun into church with me. We have security outside the church during services.

    I'm not agreeing with the way this person acted or handled things but Walmart makes $1000000 at hour so they can afford to pay their employees more than minimum wage to nine or $10 an hour. They can also afford armed security and they would never miss the money.

    What scares me, even though I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, I feel like if I ever had to use it in self-defense that I would go to prison. So it's kind of darn if you do darn if you don't.

  21. You have such a calm and reassuring voice! If I was going to receive bad news from a police officer I can only hope it would be a person with these traits. Thank you for giving us the information without added drama and anxiety. Love this channel! Prayers of continued safety for you and the brothers in blue 🙏

  22. It all boils down to the mental health of our society. Our society has become a pressure cooker where incidents like this are bound to happen. Also drugs are a huge part of the violence that is taking place. Look at these shooters to see what were the stressers that brought about this behavior. As far as our government funding any security, it's easier said then done. In 2017, our government passed a $2 trillion dollar tax cut where most of that money went to the wealthy. Those who survived the Parkland School shooting have tried with our politicians and nothing came about after their pleas.

  23. Oh no! So sad that these things keep happening. More Americans need to protect themselves and learn what to do in a active shooter incident. I developed policies for active shooter incidents at a mental health center I was the Director of QA for. I also used to conduct trainings on what to do. I am a concealed carry citizen and try to always be aware of my surroundings. thank you for this stream sir!

  24. People do not get it that an UNARMED SECURITY GUARD IS FOR EYES ONLY!!! We are there to watch and call the police, to ask questions, etc….. And most of the times the Businesses think we should do work like their employees,,,,, That is dumbass on their part!!! Security Guards are not there to be maids and stockers or to go get carts !!!! They should have at least 1 armed security on every shift.

  25. Hey how are you brother how crazy us that so sad stop by to show some love blessings new friend God bless

  26. Thanks for sharing just subscribed and thanks for sharing! Saw you at Pusa studios . Thanks for the update . This is sad 😢

  27. Wow how sad! This is exactly what happened at our Walmart in Virginia a jealous girlfriend killed her girlfriend I was in shock

  28. Thank you for sharing this out that incident was crazy. So much chaos going on its redicolus. But anyways have a great day new Subscriber here.

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