13 Replies to “Milwaukee Trump rally draws supporters from Midwest

  1. Bernie Sanders voters plan to burn down cities while Trump voters are peaceful and want a good nation free of negative influences. You wouldnt even find fringe right wing groups who plot riots that is how far the Democrats have fallen.

  2. Bunch of no life jerk-offs standing in 20 degree weather since the day before? GTFO Morons, he wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire. That's the real truth about this con-job.

  3. This reporter sounded like a trump idiot! STOP giving trump a voice! It's because of stupid ass reporting like this is why the idiot is even president! Absolutely horrible reporting!!!

  4. There he stood Donald Lucifer Trump in all his majestic Glory. Messiah, Savior, Redeemer. Walks on water, turns water into wine 🍷, forgives sins, raises the 💀 dead. Cancervative, Evilgelicals waiting patiently for their orgasm at the sight and sound of his voice.

  5. Jesus’s disciples asked him what does God looks like? Jesus says; when you look at me you see God. I imagine he was talking about God’s Character and Nature. Are you curious what Lucifer aka Satan aka the Devil 👿 looks like? We know Lucifer is a Narcissistic Psychopathic, Pathological Liar. Irredeemable. Evil 👿 Wicked. Chaos, Confusion and Destruction is his Nature. Donald Judas Trump is the Face and Character of Lucifer. The man shits brimstone, pisses sulfur. Dude wouldn’t piss in your mouth if he saw you on the side of the road with your teeth on fire 🔥. Unless you paid him. If Trump thought a plate of his 💩 Crap would save lives. He would insist on making a profit.

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