Mick Mulvaney walks back quid pro quo comments

Mick Mulvaney walks back quid pro quo comments

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  1. Anybody else notice the difference between the comments for the same video on Facebook vs youtube. Facebook comments are almost unconditional support for Trump. YouTube comments see through the B.S

  2. He's trying to baffle with footwork. Who's on first, what's on second and I don't know on third. A Laurel and Hardy act for sure! It boggles the mind. Mulvaney is the master of Nonsensical Spin!!!! Chris Wallace must've had an excruciating headache when the interview was complete. Just Pure Nonsensical Spin!!!!

  3. Chris Wallace logic: "You won't give your child an allowance unless he does his chores? How dare you? That's an illegal quid pro quo. You should be in jail!" This is getting beyond tedious.

  4. Oh no, not Chris Wallace! Mulvaney: Please, please, please…..let me explain! Wallace: Yes, please explain….better! Mulcaney: I can't explain better…..because my explainer is broken! I'll have to go back over my explainer notes to see if I explained it better! Where is my Quid Pro Quo?…..did anyone see my QPQ? Is everyone following the bouncing ball?

  5. I think a lot of people misunderstand who Chris Wallace is. He is a real journalist.

    I voted for Trump but I actually respect Wallace for holding feet to the fire the way he does and he does it with just about everyone who ends up on his show so stop with the pearl-clutching, please.

    He's one of the best at asking extremely tough questions.

  6. We do that all the time. What isn’t to understand? If he can’t make clear what he means at a press conference the he should never have given one

  7. Mulvaney you are just pitiful and a bold faced liar! You can try to twist and turn "the facts' all around but it is WAY TOO LATE! You meant what you said at that briefing and in your arrogance you didn't think it was a big deal. Stop defending investigating the DNC server fake Ukraine conspiracy theory lying fake news crap! And Biden got rid of that prosecutor because he was NOT prosecuting and doing his job! It's the total opposite of you, trump and his administration are saying..you are all lying about Joe Biden…straight up LYING!

  8. After reading the comments I am filled with joy as i see true real conservative turn on Trump who was never a conservative in the first place.

  9. Trump administration is a wrecking ball. Best sit com so far. But what's more interesting are the idiots supporting them with their delusional response to back their stupid behaviors. You can't fix stupid I guess.

  10. Between watching Mulvaney LIE and try to excuse himself away and watching "pompous lying pompeo" on ABC Sunday news with George Stepanopolous It made me sick to my stomach listening to both Mulvaney and pompeo. pompeo "George" every single time George asked a question and then repeated it trying to get an answer, pompeo constant condescending sarcastic arrogant "George, George, Look George, George"..and deflecting all over the place "The Former president, the Democrats the Democrats the Democrats"…the Democrats are not the problem they are trying to solve the PROBLEM which is trump and all you liars in his administration! Enough of your corrupt lying crap! Impeach, resign resign resign..

  11. This is an interesting interview! lol. I’d never sacrifice my personal and professional integrity for any body else. He’s going to get fired. lol

  12. If every news story included a direct link to the Phone Transcript, this issue wouldn't have any inertia. This is a very smart man: The Ukranian President is very interested in cooperating on rooting out these intrigues and back-room business dealing by office holders. Of course Biden and Clinton are related to corruption between the two countries. Both leaders are interested in rooting it out.

  13. Chris wallace is a plant and wants you to believe 20% of republicans want impeachment….hes a globalist now…youtard ban my comment.

  14. 2 things that I have learned from this administration. When being questioned, how to avoid answering the question, and how never to answer the question.

  15. “I do not acknowledge there were 3 reasons”
    “You said there were 3 reasons!”
    “I recognize that”
    Lmao this dude can’t help but shove his foot in his mouth

  16. Another 'train wreck' for the Trump administration from his hack chief of staff and national security advisor Mick Mulvaney. How is this administration doing folks? It's a dog and pony show joke fest and disgusting excuse for presidential leadership. PATHETIC.

  17. Caught with his hand in the cookie jar, with a cookie in his mouth, covered in cookie crumbs, while denying that he had touched any cookie in the jar. Liar liar, pants on fire. LOCK HIM UP!! He will be a prison bride, in white!

  18. I hope that people would listed this time ! … once again …. oooohhhh god you didnt listen ? are you stupid or what ? …ooohhh yeessssssss we can play with you

  19. I did support trump but this whole thing was so embarrassing. I sit back and think what would I think if Obama did the same..? Gotta be honest with myself I would have been outraged

    Idk about impeachment but I am certainly not voting For Trump in 2020 (or a dem either probably)

    This is so embarrassing for our country. The Doral thing was messed up too. It was crazy self dealing like the clintons.

  20. How can there be any quid pro quo when Zalinsky didn’t know anything about the funds?
    Wallace thinks investigating democrats is a crime haha

  21. I don't think Dems have realistic chance to impeach Trump based on some phone conversation, but man, Trump and his minions are bad at covering up their mess.

  22. Patriots, the only reason these hateful leftists are trying to take down Mulvaney is because they're trying to take down the president, who won the 2016 election and will win the 2020 election. What do they want and what do they fear? They fear that their corruption will be exposed, which is why they're trying every dirty trick in the book and some that have never been in any book. Do you think they aren't going to fight? What do they want? They want to seize power. Power over you. They hate Trump and they hate you because you support him. Ask yourself what your life will be like if they get the power over you that they seek. Don't let them do it.

  23. republicans and specially the administration has a lot of balls and I love it because this will be the last republican administration in the white house. thank you lord trump the greatest republican to help democrats ever.

  24. This guy deserves what he gets from this scandal he has been a thorn in the side of America for such a long time …I really wish the worse to this guy.

  25. I'm just trying to grasp the basics here….so the POTUS can't investigate corruption because it has to do with a democrat….is that about right?

  26. Lessons learned. Never speak much and give room to the reporter/media to slip into your pants to bully. Cut off and stick to what is correct and limited edition of press release.

    Stay calm and do home work and don't answer to what you don't know or don't have clear information.

    Doral is a good place and better place and a lot of playing spot. Camp David is skilled and giant slaying place.

    Doral is Amusement park which reporter's/media can enjoy using changing room's. They just lost their free date's of doral privilege's. Canceled.

  27. The Rinos like war! They are "distancing" themselves because they are dirty! allegedly many of them have been accused of doing favors for people ? the truth is coming out1

  28. No matter what Chris Wallace or anybody else has to say they have been crying for three years about Russia now Ukraine either way Trump 20/20 get over it Chris Wallace

  29. Well to be honest, if Trump came on tv and said yes he wanted Ukraine and even China to investigate the Bidens and then next day say he never said that then you can't blame Mick for trying his hand at it.

  30. It's NOT a transcript It is a MEMO on the bottom it says "CAUTION: A Memorandum of a Telephone Conversation.·(TELCON) is not a verbatim transcript of a discussion"

  31. Mulvaney is a twisted, immoral RAT.
    This man is now UTTERLY CORRUPTED by the corrosive administration that he doesn't know up from down. Mulvaney, you are a JOKE and you will soon be crawling back into the hole you crawled out of!

  32. Ongoing investigation should not be OBSTRUCTED indeed that would be significant corruption on the part of Ukraine. Zelensky still has to prove he's not continuing more of the same corruption as his predecessor.

  33. It's cracking me up how they are trying to put Pandora back in the box. The president of Ukraine knew very well he would have to do what Trump wanted to get the money. It is what it is. Period. Only Trump supporters will believe what Mulvaney is saying.

  34. I liked the plan about the "El Doral" for the G7 Summit. The logistics were fine… when you look to some other summits in so many countries, you will realize is so complicated to move so many people from point A to point B. Airports, roads, cities close their public access and streets making imposible for the regular citizens to move around the area. So sorry the media made a big deal: instead of accusing the planners, why haven't they asked them which logistics were considered? I mean, RESEARCH and know the EXPERTS within they expertise before jumping into childish accusations with low emotional intelligence. No matter what… I know they are going to perform the best in any location.

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