Melber: Lt. Col. Vindman Was Most Devastating Witness As We’ve Seen To Date | MSNBC

Melber: Lt. Col. Vindman Was Most Devastating Witness As We’ve Seen To Date | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Melber: Lt. Col. Vindman Was Most Devastating Witness As We’ve Seen To Date | MSNBC

  1. A true Patriot something the republicans and trump no nothing about being. Their gig is lying and bullying. Shame on them.

  2. We should not let Republicans defend the president and if they try lock them up. Once T-rump is gone we should ban the whole republican party. Once it's just us we can ban all firearms even automatic handguns and big clips to make everywhere a safe space for Americans and illegal immigrants! Only the government should have guns but not the big bombs they have just the smaller ones. Orange man bad.

  3. You clowns are delusional…..even Vindman didn't prove anything impeachable, all of you idiots with your stupid opinions which always proves you to be wrong and lying.

  4. Soldiers do, it's not unusual you know. We follow the chain of command and the rules, hence having the clarity to identify dangerous actions and the presence of mind to report them! The right time, the right info, the right people!

  5. How many times did msnbc call mueller investigation “devastating “ and it was a big nothing ?
    Every time 😂

  6. Ok – this is my take – you got a life long military guy who was prepare to risk his whole career on exposing what he perceived to be impeachable behaviour by the most powerful individual in the USA – president Trump.
    Then you have an ex wrestling coach who turned a blind eye to his boss sexually abusing the young men in the team – with and I paraphrase – well that’s just the head coach being the head coach 🙈

  7. As a Professor of Psychiatry I would like to commend the Joe Soap citizen of the American public on their patience with a mind set in presenting evidence that is not always easy to interpret even to skilled professionals from all walks of life Allow me to present guidelines about the nature of the streetwise tools that will assist you to make the best possible choice for 2020 First: if presenters could refrain from moving their hands when speaking The chances of your vote being externally influenced will be greatly diminished Serially the affect a nervous gesture which for Law to remain intact can , if unchecked result in the dissemination of unreliable sourcing Evidence shows that multiple such gestures were responsible for destroying our ability TO REFUSE that threatened lives and was detected only nationwide before proliferation was found in the USA Unfortunately this came from cosmopolitan Non Govermental Organizations whose people are automatically affiliated IN THE RSA Best to you and your families for the Holidays Dad and me

  8. Ari is right Vindman knew it was political and he knew it was a bribery plot! But Vindman also said that it was a national security issue, and ultimately this is the biggest concern, Trump is selling not just anyone under the bus, hes selling the whole of America under the proverbial bus!

  9. ,,the only quid pro que or bribery that there is proof of, is joe biden holding back aid until that prosecutor is fired that is investigating the corrupt company his son pockets millions of dollars from. bidens should go to jail.,,

  10. When Trump made his unscheduled ER visit Sunday, they should have covered him in in a sheet and put him in the hall to wait his turn like they do the rest of us..

  11. SOMEONE SHOULD REMIND TRUMP THAT “THE BIGGER THEY ARE THE HARDER THEY FALL”! In his case, a “fall” from the White House could easily land him in the Big House. Trump is under great stress and it’s likely that his abuse of drugs (uppers?) is spiking. Is that what led to his trip to Walter Reed Hospital? The GOP has been forced to defend his frequent excesses but finding it harder to cope with the fallout from his deranged behavior. Is it time for the GOP to dump Trump?

  12. Trump figured he could run the country like he ran his business. Unfortunately, the government is too big and there are people of integrity who work there.

  13. You numb nuts seem to have forgotten that you are innocent till proven guilty…NOT the other way around…and you STILL don’t have any PROOF of anything !!! If y’all are SO CONVINCED that Trump is bad and he’s done ALL THIS STUFF…THREE years and nothing…only 2 things come from this…he is either INNOCENT – or the democrats are SEVERELY INCOMPETENT !!! So which is it you whackos ????

  14. Fake News Melber – I don't think so….you are full of it…..Lt. Vindman means nothing to me….he is deep state….However, if he was testifying against Joe Corrupt Biden and Hunter Biden….now we have treasonous behavior, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors. Furthermore Melber, you have no basis for touting his character you don't now this man from Adam. So cut the B.S., we are wise to you and your kind. You are the dark side.

  15. GOP was still trying to get info on the whistleblower. They literally have no defense! They had to warn the child in the playroom to stay off of Twitter.

  16. The dogs went after LtC Vinden.
    He kept his cool, showed little emotion and went for the GOP jugular.Still to early to call.
    But my guess is, the Chump Family should plan a move for the near future.The Beltway wants nothing to do with CULLS.


  18. The dumbest argument by RATcliffe to the witnesses and viewers, was – "not mentioning the word bribery in their testimony." As if that means Trump didn't commit it and it makes him innocent. What a joke!

  19. This guy is a disgruntled employee. Where's the whistle blower over pulling out of the Iran deal? Paris Accords? This was Trumps call not Vindman's. Dem's are done in 2020

  20. Nunez is the most rude, arrogant, deplorable I have ever been exposed to…tells the 2 afternoon men that TV ratings are down…Oh, I didn’t know we were watching to be entertained…are we watching the apprentice or the untouchables? You arrogant a—hole…enjoy your last term doing nothing…go file another worthless law suit, fruitcake

  21. Right. This was not a difference over US foreign policy. What was being sought was a unilateral public statement from the President of Ukraine that the Ukraine government had decided … on its own…to investigate Biden. No one has said that Trump was going to join that press conference and make clear to the US voting public that his administration had requested the Biden investigation as a part of his administration 's foreign policy. I think the plan was Trump and his administration would have no visible connection to the Ukraine investigation of Biden. You can't plan to have no public connection to an action that would have a huge influence on the US voting public and then…when it's discovered…claim it's US foreign policy. Unless you believe the US voting public has no right to know your administration's foreign policy…even if that policy could impact how Americans vote. How could such a "hidden" administration foreign policy be consistent with "free and fair" elections???

  22. Its great when you see the system working. Trump and all his goons are specifically in the WH to destroy the system. He has done a lot of damage especially to Americas credibility , power and reputation.

  23. I hate to say this but, I think LTC Vindman is as patriotic as can be, better someone who sides with Russia more than with our own CIA, NSC, FBI and the Military🧐

  24. For "Rupublicans" less than perfect conduct is unacceptable and makes that "flawed" individual ripe for abuse and useful in gaining political advantage.

    For DjT's more than corrupt, out in the open for all to see, possibly treasonous, conduct is not worth a mention by his "Rupublicans" even if well documented by DjT himself, his public confession and those of Giuliani and Mulvaney, and with eyewitness, under oath, testimony before Congress.

    Rupublican rejection of the Mueller Report shows that they are more than ready to ignore the high probability that DjT is a Russian asset.

  25. SO TRUMP ASKS for ukraine to look into corruption… but democrats thats all of the clown democrats in america thinks ?????? this is WRONG .. but democrat BIDEN stands up infront of a camera , and said .. REMOVE THAT LAWYER IN 6 HOURS OR YOU WILL GET NO BILLION $ AID..and all schiff drunk pelosi. and every corrupt democrat say move along nothing wrong here.JUST HOW STUPID ARE DEMOCRAT VOTERS. and think what they have done for your city. look around .. more and more voters leaving them so .. they want open borders and bring in illegals who will vote for democrats

  26. but its his opinion versus everyone else in the room. the notes from the conversation. i dont see how his opinion is devastating.

  27. The Opposite – Vidman said Biden was wrong Joint of Barisma…. WTF the fake news — Watch yourself with Elise Stefanik – DO NOT BE lazy to see the TRUTH yourself !!!!!!

  28. Too many spoilers in this administration. By focusing on individuals you neglect to recognize the party members who support and share the same twisted ideals. You are witnessing the implosion of the republican party from the top down. Progressive democrats will put an end to money and corruption in american politics. Npt America first. American people first and Medicare for all,

  29. it only occurred to me today as I watched that Trump wanted the investigations announcement so he could do a smear campaign for 2020 but that he never intended to give the aid!!!! he was going to help Putin and deny the Ukrainians aid even if they announced investigations…what a pos slug he is, vile sociopath to the core

  30. I hope he will enjoy his next duty station in the south pole He will be surrounded by snowflakes so he should feel pretty safe there.

  31. I can't believe how Republicans are posting things all over social media right now claiming to absolutely be roasting all Witnesses in this impeachment proceeding and telling the world they're proving the impeachment proceedings are sham. Clearly they're trying to keep they're brainwashed electoral base on side

  32. GOP lawyer seems more interested in protecting Pence than Trump. If Trump didn't use normal channels and he pressured Ukraine through Gulliani… How guilty is he? GOP struggling to find justification to keep Trump in office.

  33. Devastating to the Democrats. They left that out. Like the "Bombshell" that that chick wasn't even there yet for some reason is testifying. Nobody cares about your "impeachment" joke.

    Also like how you're pretending that dude you had on who let out a massive ripper is a conspiracy. LMAO YOU PEOPLE ARE A JOKE!

  34. Why was it wrong to consider impeachment from day 1 when Trump's own campaign manager and national security advisor were both known -and since convicted – to be working for Russia?

  35. The Republicans have never had the interest of America it has always been for their gain and certain level of people or organizations. Everytime they leave office we're in debt to their tax breaks for these companies and rich people. I have nothing against people that have money but it's something wrong when I pay more taxes than a celebrity?


  37. Vindman is a whiner & leaker, when my dog wants attention, I pet her and say good dog. Someone should have petted him & said good boy !

  38. Devastating my Butt ………… Uh Oh …………… Ambassador Volker is telling the truth , not good for Shifty the super prosecutor POS ……… LOL !

  39. Why is Ari saying Vindman respects chain of command but didn't go to his boss. I thought that was the only points repubs scored…anyone? Thoughts?

  40. The only holy war in America is Barr and his DOJ war on Gospel truth, war on the rule of law and his war on the justice system

  41. DEVASTATING………..for democrats!!
    all we know is Vindman was a self important minor player who leaked to the whistle blower.
    his claim to fame is that at a meet & greet with many people present way more important than he, he warned Zelinsky about the Russians……5 years AFTER the Russians took Crimea.

  42. Holy smoke…just stop for few sec to see this derainged lunatics of reporters talking gibberish…lasted only 30 sec…well give you heads up TRUMP 2020 LANDSLIDE AGAIN…a lotta crying Ari


  44. The republicans have no integrity.They will attack anyone who isn't supporting Trump's crazy Presidency.Trump is guilty of Treason and there is no defence to change that.

  45. It's ultimately all going to amount to a charade.
    The Senate Republicans are going to legitimise the practise of criminality in the White House.
    That's USA's future.

  46. Turns out he was the leaker,traitor double dealing between two countries. His testimony was completely undone by witnesses who followed him . He was just an Army uniform devoid of any substance

  47. If THIS is the most devastating witness to date that the Dems have (who says that there was nothing exchanged for the aid) then Jeffrey Epstein is the most devastating witness against Prince Andrew. What a farce. (Or as Eric Swalwell would say, a FART…)

  48. I'm watching the second half of tbese hearings. And the republicans have no shame. Yeah we as a country deserve what's coming the rest of the world finally see what this country is really about. We are a hore nation we will sell ourselves out too the highest bidder. First it was the Japanese then the Saudis then the Chinese now the Russians we reap what we soe let it all burn seems thats what Trumps Republican party is set out too do in protecting Trump.

  49. Get it straight you guys…it’s Lieutenant Colonel Vindman!! For a country that is supposed to revere its military, you and the GOP can’t even get his rank right, which was well earned in servive, sacrifice and blood. The person who does not deserve his title and who is totally unfit to be commander-in-chief of the most powerful military in the world is sitting in the oval office. Please America, get out in droves and vote blue across the board in 2020 and get him and his GOP enablers and sycophants out of your congress and your government, federal and state, institutions. Only then will you be able to move forward and meet the challenges of the 21st century and create a more just, fair and healthy society.

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