64 Replies to “Meghan McCain Didn’t Want Jared And Ivanka At Her Father’s Funeral

  1. I liked her father because he was a stand up guy! Her not so much, she’s arrogant, rude and thinks she knows it all on The View. News flash sweetie, your dad was the Senator not you, so pipe the fuck down. I hate the Trump family, but this idiot is an asshole.

  2. The view show needs to be shut down they promote violence and hate toward trump and that is wrong im not trying to be mean to megan but her dad was responsible for a lot of deaths he was involved in the sex trafficking of children and he helped arm terrorists

  3. You know what it's called respect maybe you didn't want them there but they were respecting the passing of your dad you guys in the political world suck especially this guy Cobert it sucks a lot of dick if you ever came through my neighborhood could get his ass kicked from one end of the street to the other he's just a punk

  4. Your dad ran for president and he didn't make it but Trump won and you guys are just jealous and this is what it's all about jealousy about a man who loves his country ran for president in one hit over it can you imagine if a Democrat gets in office there's going to be hell to pay

  5. If I had all the popcorn in the world
    Meghan McCain's
    Bitchy loud mouth would be CONSTANTLY stuffed with it.
    Meghan gets a million dollars for running her mouth.
    But she doesn't help anyone but herself.

  6. What an ignorant fool. To turn your fathers funeral into a political event. Rather than pay her respect for her dead father, she was too busy throwing shade at people and trying to score “woke” points with the media. She made it into HER big day, all about her.

  7. John McCain was a hero. He saved millions of people by voting against his party when they tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

  8. We get it you don’t like Trump or his family. We don’t care, give some RESPECT to the one’s who do Love Trump & his family WE DID NOTHING TO YOU OR YOUR FATHER!You’re starting to become Hillary an Angry Soul and the World evolves around YOU. You want Respect but You give None. It seems The View is your lot in Life .opinionated and flip flopping just like the rest of the one’s you use to put down. LOL

  9. She is not good daughter for her father. She is using father's funeral as political tool for her personal profits and revenge. Your father now don't need these political gestures , he now only need people prayers for him. Please understand this if you believe one God.

  10. As somebody who opposes the Vietnam war, McCain is no hero.. he is one of the many murders who exterminated innocent people in Vietnam during that war!

  11. Who cares what Meghan McCain didn't want? A funeral service isn’t her knitting club party. Obviously death and mortality has taught this brat nothing. Suck it up buttercup.

  12. Yuck she's just horrific to try to watch. Nails on a chalkboard, how is she at all popular? She's like listening to the sound your beloved bird would make as your hated neighbor's cat eats it.

  13. After the horrible stuff that Private dump bone spurs said about Senator John McCain, I cannot imagine the lack of taste and class that Ivanka and Jared thrust themselves into Senator McCain's funeral.

  14. For me, the defining moment of trump (what cemented his horrible legacy), was denigrating Senator McCain, who suffered and triumphed as a military hero, had grace as a true patriot and always acted with class.

  15. Hell, didn't need to attend the funeral. All a person needed to do was wait outside for the never ending parade to go by with the body. I still question whether the body made it to the grave yet. Probably on a European tour at this point.

  16. The ultimate disrespect towards someone and their family is to go uninvited to a funeral. Maybe that was the point.

  17. What a cow. MOOOO. I met that guy in Afghanistan. He kept asking my SGM why we cant just blow up the guy we were watching on ISR. like repeatedly. After 3 different people explained to him the laws of engagement and targeting process. "Well hes a bad guy ain't he" yes sir… "so why not just blow em up??" That's not how that works sir…

  18. Yeah, well, no POW’s/MIA’s or THEIR FAMILIES attending the funeral, eh? Let’s not forget— WE don’t forget.
    All smoke & mirrors. ???

  19. Unfortunately, I sense a hate from her for President Trump and I understand the difficulty considering the history between her Dad and him. Still, if she doesn't find some peace about it, that hatred will end up eating her up and destroying her potential for FULL happiness.

  20. Pro life, pro gun. Not two concepts I would put together. Come on America. How many more lives have to be lost? How many more shattered lives?

  21. Lol and we didn’t like your canary father “No Name”” honey ! Get over yourself! He became a big traitor to the service men and woman and was in charge of the Veterans and didn’t do shit for them! Remember that forever! To bad President Trump had to fixed all of that!

  22. "He designed the funeral to be a bridging for America… but you are not invited"! Think about that statement. ?‍♀️ AND my father's funeral is all about me. Geez, she is stuck on herself. I wish she would crawl in a cave and stay there.

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