Meet the Hong Kong Families Caught Between the Police and the Protests | The Dispatch

Meet the Hong Kong Families Caught Between the Police and the Protests | The Dispatch

This is Sunny. She organized this rally on
behalf of police relatives. More than three months
of unrest have transformed the city. These Hong Kongers say
they’re defending their freedoms from China. Confronting them are also Hong Kongers in uniform. Clashes mark almost every demonstration, no matter
how peaceful it begins. And many Hong Kongers
don’t blame protesters for
the violence. They blame the police. As protesters scattered,
ordinary people stepped in from the sidelines. The tension you witnessed
doesn’t end here on the streets. It’s permeating
neighborhoods, homes and the most intimate
corners of society. We’re back with Sunny. She participates
in the protests. But her husband is a cop
who confronts demonstrators. Even though Sunny
supports the movement, she sympathizes
with the police. She says they’ve become
stand-ins for a government that is unwilling to compromise. Sunny is putting up fliers
for an activist group, people like herself, who have police
officers in their families. The members of Sunny’s group
are walking a fine line. They’re calling on the cops
to tone down the aggression and at the same time,
they want protesters to remember that the police
are their neighbors, stuck in the middle. Many officers who feel
conflicted don’t dare speak out They fear losing their jobs
or being ostracized. Their only real
choice is to quit. Cathy Yau was sworn in
as a Hong Kong police officer in 2008. But in July as
tensions escalated, and officers continued
to use excessive force against protesters,
she resigned. She has since decided to
go public with her story. Now she’s announcing her
campaign for City Council. If elected, she wouldn’t be able to grant
protesters their demands. But her hope is that
in her new position, she can better encourage others
to heal their divided city. Sunny is organizing
an upcoming rally with other police relatives. Sunny’s group
leads the rally, marching new demands to
police headquarters. [Protesters chanting] They’re calling for an
independent inquiry into police misconduct and they’re insisting
that the government take responsibility for the
violence in the streets. No one here is
under the illusion that their demands
will be answered. But they hope they’re
creating a space where people will come to listen.

60 Replies to “Meet the Hong Kong Families Caught Between the Police and the Protests | The Dispatch

  1. Holy crap they are seriously blaming the police and supporting the rioters. They find two people and make them represent all of Hong Kong. The police has been so nice to these rioter it is ridiculous. Just look at what happened in Missouri they literally sent in the army. The propaganda is real. Everything China is evil and bad everything US is good. Goodbye New York time you guys are BS

  2. New York Times is a prooaganda channel for the Hong Kong protesters! Do they even show how taxi drivers are suffering? How about destruction of MTR stations?

  3. This is sad. Carrie Lam should start a serious, honest dialogue. Maybe it's too late because the public anger is too big. Cathy is right about the government. …No response.

  4. We are Supporting the independence of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, the island of Argentina belongs to Argentina and Gibraltar belongs to Spain.

  5. 06:19 does this woman realize that instead of doing something in her children's best interest, what she would end up doing is placing the blame of her future unhappiness on them? This is actually quite selfish of her and her children would not necessarily appreciate it.

  6. Hk people stupid, they want police play fairly to the protester,who going to play fairly to the police. What type of hk society is, tear gas enter their home complain police, do complain why the protester in the area. If they are not protesting there no teargas, hk people selfish only care for themselves complain complaints

  7. NYT never shows how the police are usually surrounded and beaten by these "protestors" before retaliating. Always cuts the beginning off. Guys, please watch the live streams that show the whole story

  8. all forms of government are selfish, cowards and have no conscience.. sadly. it is always the people living under the system who suffer.

  9. A typical bloody biased reporting. She claimed the majority of the people support the protestors/rioters.she choose who to interview to rioters and their supporters. The reporter should know that if she behaves like those HK she will be arrested and if she resists she will be beaten!

  10. 似乎有一种错觉,香港的所有人都自觉站到政府的对立面上了,口中不这么说,只是说警察的不公平,可笑的是世界上可没这么公平的警察,诸多示例都早已指出,没有哪国警察会站在这种对警察施暴的人群上。他们似乎认为自己的权利是平白无故得来的,能用一切手段去争取自己觉得想要的权利,然后暴力也需要无条件包容,但世界上哪里有这么便宜的事情,那些所谓的民主国家的进程那个不经历长时间的阵痛和反复,美国黑人几十年前还低人一等,现在也只是改善。香港的市民似乎觉得自己高人一等,要拿到世界最好的权利,似乎与其他发达国家的人相互联系或勾结就能拿到利器一举定乾坤。这种思维习惯和看待世界的方式,在长时间的有心熏陶下,他们估计打心底就忘记了这个世界根本就么有那么美好的事情。只能预祝他们求仁得仁。

  11. I wondering The New York Times is on which sides? Please respect policemen because they are doing their jobs and not politic.

  12. I really can't believe these monstruous people speaking against the protesters for fighting for their rights. People who argue that they are destroying stuff are missing the point : not spending the rest of their life as prisioners. So come on, stop saying crap. Stand with Hong Kong !

  13. Police: they claim to be families of the policemen, but I don’t know any of them.

    Report: I see. So you think they’re posing as fake families?

    So desperate to make stories

  14. Video and song I wrote whilst visiting family in Hong Kong recently and seeing first hand what is happening #standwithhongkong

  15. Homg kong police attacked and fights back. America police pulls over black man points gun at his head ??‍♂️??‍♂️

  16. Democracy is destroyed by Communist China, HK use to be much better than this mess! I feel sad, don't need NYT to tell this story, we know.

  17. Either the police in Hong Kong is incompetent or they are extremely lenient, otherwise , how do you explain the rioters are still doing damage to Hong Kong for 4 straight months without one of them being killed or the movement crushed. If police brutality is alleged, then most of the rioters would have been locked up, killed, or at least seriously injured by now. Much like what would happen if they tried to attack the police in the West. The police in Hong Kong is showing too much constraint. The Western media is being selective in what they report or show. Then the question is why?

  18. If you're unhappy with the bill, protest outside the government legislation building stop them from functioning. Why destroy the whole city? Now, normal HK citizens are living with fear, have limited access to transportation, and many will lose jobs because of what these lunatics have done to the local economy. Because you wanted more freedom than what you already have, you don't have the right to make other people suffer.
    Protester: "When we're little our parents said police are just and only catch bad guys, now we can't tell the same to our kids anymore."
    Me:"The police are still just and only catch bad guys. YOU ARE THE BAD GUYS!"

  19. It's not the polices' fault, they're just following orders and trying to control the situation and the protesters just want their freedom, the government needs to act!

  20. Australian news channel reports the calm situation

    Young teenagers playfully tackle without risk, laying down glowing liquid gently

    Passerby is kindly interrupted at a subway station, thankfully helped by kind woman

    Another angle from a British news agency

    Touchscreens are given a kind makeover with shiny rods
    Old lady has a thoughtful discussion with teenagers

  21. Excessive force against protestors? New York Times, you are a biased trash channel and you don't even bother to show the protesters throwing rocks and petrol bombs.

  22. The CCP is wicked. The more mess Hong kong is in, the happier they are, especially when hong kongers and fighting amongst hong kongers. Once the economy of hong kong goes down, hong kong will need to rely on china's economy. Vola – total re unification. No more one country 2 systems even before their agreed 50 years contract is up

  23. The police are just doing what the police are telling them to do because it is their job to follow orders from china and if they don’t do their job they won’t get paid and can’t raise their children

  24. Stop damaging public property and hurting average residents. These protests are pathetic, get some lunch and rest in before you march like mindless zombies – you are hurting yourselves.

  25. The protesters lost support from Hong Kong citizens when they started to vandalize, destroy properties and violent toward others.

  26. that's what evil communism does,e turn family against each other, child against mother and father, husband against wife, sister against brother, brother again sister, and turn people against each other. "death to Communism'

  27. 只是一群活在口罩下面的废青,打着自由的名义做着一些损害香港损害国家的勾当,西方国家的镜头永远对着警察,全是片面的报道,希望美国拥有越来越多这种“美丽的风景线。”

  28. The real China has gone when the communists took over China in 1949. Now China uses ‘Digital Leninism’ to manage economy and monitor citizens.
    Its online propaganda is more ‘Brave New World’ than ‘1984’ !! China is a totalitarian state !!

  29. The real China has gone when the communists took over China in 1949. Now China uses ‘Digital Leninism’ to manage economy and monitor citizens.
    Its online propaganda is more ‘Brave New World’ than ‘1984’ !! China is a totalitarian state !!

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