Meet Pete Buttigieg’s Campaign Body Woman | NBC News Now

Meet Pete Buttigieg’s Campaign Body Woman | NBC News Now

100 Replies to “Meet Pete Buttigieg’s Campaign Body Woman | NBC News Now

  1. The media pushed Warren there for awhile. But her ideas were flawed and most Americans knew it. Same with Pete. He can't win the White House in a general. I'm seriously thinking you should take your chance with creepy Joe but don't think he's going to make it either. He's just a little bit older than Donald Trump but if you watch him ,he's acts like he's about forty years older than Donald Trump with the things he says and does while not understanding how they look or sound. He used to let kids rub on his legs and he loves them jumping on his lap . Then add the creepy Joe videos with that. Democrats are pretty much screwed in 2020. I seen that Kelly Conway was already tweeting about Creepy Joe yesterday. Tulsi Gabbord was yalls ticket. Oh well. I guess we're going to have to put up with the greatest president ever Donald Trump.

    Everybody on tell-a-vision are Masons and serve the zionist jewish owned media

  3. Pete for America!!! Curious? Read up on his issues before making your decision on who to vote for: #Pete2020 #PeteforAmerica

  4. Wow! This is a waste of time! This woman doesn't have the experience to deliver a winner and the candidate isn't a winner!

  5. Instead of girly man's shill, tell the American public why NBC hid the Epstein story for nearly 3 yrs. How many thousands of underage girls sexual abuse did NBC facilitate?

  6. This is amazing! No matter whether you like the mayor or not, shes a hard working woman and nobody should call her a little girl! I cant believe shes 24 and doing so much, that's just amazing! #Empowerwomen

  7. he wasn't even a very good mayor let alone president. I'm happy with Trump. I don't think American needs a homosexual at this time or anytime to represent the country.

  8. Wnen are we men going to take back the fact woman are taking "body man" away from us?….oh it was never body man? My bad LMFAO…i bet the "lady/man/l/b/g/t/q/r/s/t/u/v…wrote this title

  9. ummm so he needs someone help him to relate to people and take pictures? all this seems pretty basic, and it was really weird her just leaving the bag out the door lol doesnt seem too warm and cozy, idk this story comes off as really cold to me..

  10. Sad to see the women abused under the male patriarchy, women should never serve a man.

    We need more level headed woment that will fight against male toxicity like these.

  11. Shouldn't Pete be running as a Republican? see him praise the tea party here:

  12. Buttigieg frauded so badly with black people support from South Carolina that he actually put the names of white people in the fake list of black supporters.

  13. I don't remember NBC doing any puff pieces on Kellyanne Conway, who was basically Trump's "body woman" during the campaign.

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