Media, country divided over impeachment hearings

Media, country divided over impeachment hearings

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  1. The uninformed and oblivious left doesn’t care about justice or reality, as long as their nanny state ideologies are represented in Congress and their media.

  2. Everyone around Trump is either already in prison or resigns. The Born Rich white Entitled draft Dodger is the victim ? Most corrupt president of all time. IMPEACH NOW

  3. Socialism's plan to replace Democracy depends on the liberal media to promote it so never doubt that both are in bed together.

  4. Fucks News is for sale. You will soon be hearing from Communist News Network (CNN) that Disney is taking over the ownership of the Fucks News. That is why Fucks News getting us fooled to increase their rating to be more attractive to Disney.

  5. You could say the Democrat party is divided over impeachment, because 2 Dems voted against this inquiry. This entire impeachment deal is ridiculous, nothing criminal happened, but that is irrelevant to the Dem's, they're determined to impeach Trump regardless. I guess we can only hope that Republicans fight fire with fire, that way, the government will never be able to do anything, which might be best for our country.

  6. That's because a large portion of the country is being constantly fed misinformation by Fox News. Everyone that has a handle on reality is just fine with the impeachment. Of course without all you little mushrooms we wouldn't have to be dealing with having an insane, stupid criminal in the White House.

  7. Transcripts of closed-door testimony given to House investigators by two top White House officials shed new light on key details of President Donald Trump’s controversial dealings with Ukraine upon their release Saturday afternoon.
    Timothy Morrison, deputy assistant to Trump, told impeachment investigators late last month that Ukrainian officials were informed that both a coveted White House meeting and U.S. military aid were contingent on a public announcement about investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Morrison’s assertion backs up the public testimony given this week by acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor.
    Jennifer Williams, a top aide to Vice President Mike Pence, said in her testimony earlier this month that she found Trump’s requests in the July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to be “unusual and inappropriate.”
    She also said that ― contrary to an edited transcript of the call released by the White House ― Zelensky brought up Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company where Hunter Biden was on the board. Trump has alleged without evidence that Joe Biden inappropriately favored Burisma as he worked to curb corruption in Ukraine when he was vice president.
    “The testimony released today shows that President Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky immediately set off alarm bells throughout the White House. Both witnesses provided the Committees with first-hand accounts after personally listening to the call in the White House Situation Room,” the chairs of the House intelligence, oversight and foreign affairs committees said in a statement on Saturday

  8. Warning to all commies and commie supporters: You are the enemy to our republic and when our republic is restored you had better tuck tail and hide. We will not tolerate the destruction of our freedoms. If you side with tyrants you will be treated as one.

  9. The MSM is only going to say what there paymasters, the Democrat/Socialist/Communist's, tell them to say. Truth, honesty and facts be damned.

  10. No FOX.. you're wrong. We aren't divided about this impeachment farce, we see through the MSM bull crap, and the political sideshow put on by the Do-Nothing Democrats. The only people divided are either Fake News media whores, or Truth Telling journalists who still have a shred of integrity and decency, and a respect for their profession. There is no impeachment, there were no crimes committed by this President, and We The People know it, and we're sick of all of it.

  11. Didn't she answer "no" to the questions of did she see anything illegal done by him and if she had any evidence of him breaking laws?

    Isn't that the important take away or am I missing something? Seriously wondering here.

  12. The only division that exists is between us Deplorables… and the Leftist Vermin.
    After we reelect Trump in 2020… we'll push for the free re-education of the Left…
    they'll love it… it'll be like summer camp. ; ))

  13. Most of the people in that hearings chamber stood up and applauded that woman when she left the room. Did you see that? This is why the Dems and MSM want this B/S to go on as long as possible up to the next election if possible. The MSM will have more and more time to trash Trump and spread their propaganda and turn people away from The Trumpster. The Republicans better get off their butts and take some type of action and end this inquiry now. No more Mr. Nice Respectable Guy. You must fight fire with fire.

    That is all.

  14. The left wing news has no room to talk about intimidation or class or election meddling or any of the things they continually lying hippocrates

  15. Another hearsay but hurt toll for the Democrats testimony. Hypocrisy with all the hits on Trump now democrats whine and cry because trump challenges the Democrats. lol hahahaha too funny Democrats can dish it out but can't take it. Ya, what a bunch of kids. Republicans need to get the Democrats out… Republicans need to get the Democrats out… Republicans need to get the Democrats out… Republicans need to get the Democrats out… Republicans need to get the Democrats out… Republicans need to get the Democrats out… Republicans need to get the Democrats out…

  16. Hello Mr. Stable Genius, Mr. I Am The Team, Are you really that stupid to think intimidating and disparaging a witness during her hearing is
    protected free speech? A 9th grader knows better than that!
    "We The People" are sick and tired of our president acting and sounding like an immature goofball. The stupid names you give people you don't like is no longer cute or funny, that type of behavior is beneath the office of the presidency. "We The People" want better.
    A reckoning is coming for you Mr. Orange Babyman. The MAJORITY of us will be very happy when you get
    the same punishment as your attorney Cohn and your friend Stone!!

  17. It does not matter to me what they find now. You do not get to dig through the President's stuff until you find something impeachable. Talk about fruit from poison'd trees.

  18. FOX NEWS SUCKS. DON’T expect TRUTH here. Corruption is ok to them. Fox is as EVIL as Trump and the Republican Party. There are dozens of honest news channels out there and they are ALL telling the truth

  19. As an independent, the DNC look like complete idiots and desperate. Literally could have voted him out in a year if they could have produced a descent moderate candidate.

  20. What is even the point to this commentary? Aside from stating the obvious it only serves to confuse the audience. The fact is the main stream media, CNN, MSNBC, abc, and the like, has an obvious bias against the president and were discredited by being proven to be liers time and time again. The secret to fox news' success is that they offer a different perspective. Aside from the opinion pieces that are done at night like Hannity and Tucker Carlson, the news segments more balance. When it's all said and done, despite the politically correct, inverted reality we currently live in, the is still such a thing as absolute, and truth still exist. As it applies to sources of information like media houses only wisdom can be a trusted guide in search of who is telling the truth, and there is a reason why fox's ratings beats the mainstream media, it's because the truth always wins.

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