Matthew Continetti: The Goal For Both Parties Is ‘Keep The Trial Short’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Matthew Continetti: The Goal For Both Parties Is ‘Keep The Trial Short’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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  1. It is fascinating and saddening to see the dumbing down of America in real time. Putin must be laughing when he sees the Republicans trash the constitution in defense of trump. Is America to become a nation where corruption and dishonesty is unchecked?

  2. Thank you demoCraps for impeaching President Trump,
    his base is fired up, and he's raising millions of $$$$$$$.
    Trump – Pence 2020 in a landslide.


  4. Those pictures of Trump hugging the American flag could be interpreted two ways….He is protecting the country…or he is protecting his GOLDEN GOOSE.

  5. This is how trump keeps afloat , it's the media w keeps him from sinking. One minute, they talking against him , n next (she) they propping him up .

  6. i take umbrage with trump's sneaky widespread conspiracy approach to getting what he wanted. he is an arrogant, thuggish, 'take what i want' pos. he has no right to break every & any law to get what he wants. he thinks the world revolves around him, & we are all here to serve him. this may be ok in another galaxy, but not in our wh.

  7. the goal for both parties is not to keep the trial short. the goal in the house is to impeach the president as quickly as possible.
    and lay it on the senate's lap before they hit the last stage of grief. acceptance.
    and there this impeachment will languish for months. because republicans still havent accepted the reality that this is actually happening yet.
    they are in no way ready for a trial in the senate. the senate couldnt have a short trial even if they wanted to. and democrats know that. the democrats' goal is a long long long trial.

  8. Republicans desperately trying to claim testimony is all Hearsay?
    ?PMSL..thats Priceless, Seems Republicans have “Conveniently” overlooked that their own Trump WH is Hiding from public view all the Witnesses Texts, Emails and Documents corroborating details & timelines!
    Tell me,?‍♂️ why would Trump hide documents if they would Exonerate him?

    Flipping Heck..Wake up People!?

    Vote ALL these #CorruptedComplicitGOP members into Political Extinction in 2020 and beyond so we can truly & honestly MAGA! ??

    #FarmersAgainstTrump2020 ?

  9. Just IMPEACH TRUMP and PENCE! TRUMP and PENCE Impeachment Reasons:
    1. Obstruction of Justice
    2. Self-enrichment
    3. Hush-money payments
    4. Defying Congressional Subpoenas
    5. Racist Language
    6. Sharpiegate
    7. Abuse of power
    8. Emolument violations
    9. Unfitness
    10. Over 10,000 lies
    11. Witness intimidation
    12. Call memo MISSING INFO!
    13. Quid Pro Quo! (Bribery)
    14. Leaving the Kurds to die!
    15. Bombing our own military equipment!
    16. Letting ISIS out of prison back on the battlefield!
    17. ISIS Resurgence!
    18. Rick Perry Donor List; 50yr Ukraine Gas Contract!

  10. Go back and look at Adam shift dering the hearing boy he look scared it looks like THESE criminal democrats are in control but let thair be no mistake these Democratic criminals are in a fight for thair lives because of the crimes thay did under the obama administration remember the visa declassification turmp and barr have released yet turmp is seting on it for now democrats exposing them selves right turmp brilliant soon the helicopter rides will start arrest Will be massive and sudden turmp 2020baby

  11. Trump has tried to tamper with our elections by extorting on Ukraine for dirt on a political opponent. This rises to an impeachable offense. GOP will offer weak excuses for trump's crimes, but the American people are not that dumb. GOP will be wiped out in 2020


  13. Really struggling with these commentators. The American public aren't going to "understand" the difference between a regular diplomatic channel, and Trump's mafia style "irregular" one?! I sure as heck do, and IMO, that is the very evidence of Trump's abuse of office and culpable and corrupt INTENT. We're not idiots, out here….

  14. Corrupt intent is evidenced by hiding communications on secret server. Ukraine did't fabricate a false narrative against Biden because that's "wrong"

  15. So if the did the president's Administration has no faith that he knows what he's doing why would the American people need to vote to re-elect him for 4 more years because Republicans keep saying he's incapable understanding policies of our government

  16. If forty percent of the population can be brainwashed by millionaire charlatan television pastors then the findings of the impeachment proceedings are going to have negative impact and may actually reinforce their belief in a deep state coup.

  17. McConnell will trow trump under the bus and go with Pence. Pence knows how to behave and is not a complete embarrassment

  18. Doesn't matter what they use to impeach him, quid pro quo, bribery, extortion…. whatever it is, trump will use it to bully everyone with a new litany.

  19. I can't believe how insulated Chuck Todd is. After days of the media saying maybe we shouldn't say a prid pro quo now that they're saying " I don't know why they changed to bribery"!. These crazy "pundits" live in an echo chamber of their own making!!

  20. Come on really do you think Donald Trump supporters know what quid pro quo is no sew yes saying bribery extortion those are words they can handle

  21. I think they DO need to make this a bigger thing by throwing all of his transgressions into the pot as separate articles, while keeping the main focus on the bribery (or whatever). It will give the repubs some things to say nay on, which will be a sort of concession, but it will also lay out just how despicable and unqualified trump is.


  23. Was there any concern for the people of Ukraine expressed during the call? I would think that a person concerned with the well being of another nations people would have gotten into how is it they are suffering to better align their needs with help being given. I haven't reviewed the call…

  24. Chuck Todd is the worst.

    Bribe, extort, abuse of power & failure to his oath of office by endangering national security for partisan political gain by ushering foreign interference into America’s elections.

    Inquiry needs to happen, as well as transparency.

  25. Ambassador Sondland a tweaker in way over his skis, but can't wax them fast enough for Toxic Traitor Trump to escape justice!

  26. These Republican senators think that trump is incompetent , committed these crimes, but does not meet impeachment but they think lying about a BJ is.

  27. America needs smarter journalists and pundits. The first day witnesses were chosen for their impartiality. To hold the fact that they did not say "The president should be impeached" against them is ignorant and wrong.
    And remember, the most successful impeachment process in history took over two years and started with a PowerPoint presentation. To complain about the first day of this one not being riveting is silly.

  28. The language is important. Somehow, Dems lost the message during the Mueller investigation when the Friggin word 'Collusion' became a thing. It's like a 2 percent thing among voters but that 2 percent becomes valuable in the messaging.

  29. Has Trump ever been in a non culpable state of mind, anytime in the last six decades?
    Has Chuck Todd ever moved beyond in college, bipartisan, 20th Century mindset?

    7:48 – I don't use Latin, per se.


  31. Rep. Denny Heck: "Using Latin, PER SE is not something I tend to do, Hallie"

    I hope he was trying to make a funny. "Per se" is Latin for "in essence" Hahaha 🙂

  32. You must not see this a Funny! What is your problem with the "newS"? IT IS NOT FUNNY!!!!!! Let me repeat IT IS NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. How can anyone pretend Trump is innocent, let alone good for the country? Any educated person who has worked to build an honest career and maintain it – We are insensed by Trump's lack of respect for anything. America deserves responsible leadership. Trump Is Not It.

  34. The defense is he is too stupid to pull off a crime? So he's not fit to be president then right? I think he is too stupid to pull it off too but unfortunately that is still illegal and he needs to be impeached for it

  35. Honestly, any sane person knows Trump is incapable of doing the job. Just go home Trump and cronies, let the people who have training, education, and respect take care of the country. Three years and Trump still doesn't understand what it takes to be president.

  36. Talk about moving the goalposts – the Republicans can feasibly deny Donny had a "state of mind" let alone a "culpable" one.

  37. I think at this point the Republican base wont push for impeachment on Ukraine and bribery unless they understand the reasoning behind it and self dealing of the President in a more personal way. I really think at this point most are ok with selling out the country if it means the Dems lose. Show the money trail, show how Trump is selling them out to line his pockets, its the only thing that will turn the base against him. Republicans haveshown theywill put party before country time and time again, but they will also put themselves before the party so thats how to reach them.

  38. All this chaos in Washington is a diversion from Illegal aliens still crossing our borders..Nobody reports on the numbers coming across, where are they going by the millions and why taxpayers are paying to teach, house and medically take care of them..Who's the government representing ??..Just Askin' !!

  39. "Quid pro quo" is not at all specific enough for the point being made. "Quid pro quo" literally means "this for that", and many trades of this for that aree perfectly legal and perfectly ethical. "This for that" is the essence of any barter system: "I'll trade you my Willie Mays for your Hank Aaron" (baseball cards). "I'll trade you five pounds of pure heroine for all that weapons grade plutonium you have in your trunk" is a "Quid pro quo" that is highly illegal, but it's not illegal from being a trade. "This for that" has very little to do with what makes the Pig's extortion efforts wrong, illegal, and impeachable. What he tried to do jeopardized our national security. He tried to use American federal assets to advance his own election chances. The contention is that the Pig (Trump) and/ or Giuliani, et al, committed attempted extortion, which, by definition, involves a form of bribery. It's an effort to get somebody to give or do something they don't want to otherwise do or give, and/ or will hurt third parties, often because it's illegal. If they don't do or give it, they or others will be hurt, lose something of value, have to receive something bad.
    The Pig blocked the transfer of funds with which to pay for the Javelin anti-tank missiles for several months after Congress appropriated the funds. The blockage was said by some D o D spokespeople to have gone on so long past Congress' appropriation, it was illegal. (Incidentally, this blockage of lethal defensive weapons funding paralleled the Pig's refusal to fully implement sanctions on Russian oligarchs imposed by unanimous vote of both houses pursuant to Russia's seizure of Crimea, an eastern portion of Ukraine. Both actions seem to be motivated by the Pig's inexplicable attitude of favoring Russian international crimes. The Pig's supporters claim that the Pig, but not Obama, was behind sending lethal weapons to Ukraine. This is a half-truth. Obama attempted to constrain all out war until late '16, when Russian regular troops were found supporting pro Russian Ukranians. The foreign affairs committees of both houses then passed bipartisan legislation funding the Javelins. This was not a Trump initiative. The fuller truth is that Obama moved up arms shipments to Poland which was also being threatened because he was convinced Trump would delay them. He made sure they shipped prior to his leaving office.)
    Ukraine's president was told he had to announce he was opening a corruption investigation into Biden and into Ukraine's alleged interference in the '16 American presidential election, or else he would not receive either a) the Javelin missiles Congress appropriated for Ukraine to fight off Russian attacks, or b) a visit with POTUS at the WH, which he had also been promised. He did not want to open any investigations, but finally agreed to do so, and agreed to announce that he was going to do so on Fareed Zakaria's globally favored show, GPS. Zakaria announced the scheduled appearance. Two days before the scheduled appearance and announcement of opening these unwanted (by Ukraine) investigations, Politico and WaPo published articles on how Trump was holding up the transfer and had been for months, illegally since Congress had appropriated them, until and unless Ukraine announced they were opening the investigations. At the same time, the so-called "call" in which the Pig talked of the extortion came to light through efforts of the whistle blower.
    The Pig's backers say that because the Pig let the money (missiles) flow, it is not a quid pro quo, and hence not not a bribery. This is actually false. Bribery refers to the solicitation, not the actual exchange. (There's no such crime as attempted bribery. If you solicit, you've bribed.) The planned exchange did not succeed because it was revealed by what the Pig calls "fake news", leaving him the alternative of shipping the arms as fast as possible, lest he be caught continuing the block. If the news media had not published the true stories, the Pig would have simply let Ukraine go ahead and get extorted, i.e., go on world news and say they were starting up these investigations.
    Chuck Todd clearly does not understand the nature of impeachment nor of high crimes and misdemeanours. I say this because he thinks election results and removing a president by means of impeachment are moral equivalents. If we knew today with 100percent certainty that Trump was going to lose 2020 election, that would not have any moral force in deciding whether to proceed with impeachment. Impeaching a president is not "overthrowing election results". Impeachment (and removal from office) are institutionally mandated actions when the President acts outside of and against the strictures of the Constitution. If you have a President who has essentially gone rogue you don't appeal to the voters as to whether they like rogue Presidents. The people who do like officials who violate the Consitution ad lib, have themselves abdicated the responsibility of citizens. There is no argument nor any set of circumstances which justifies that. Impeachment (with or without removal from office) cannot ethically take place unless there is a credible charge of an impeachable crime, and if so, it has a very high bar to clear, two thirds of the Senate. It hasa nothing to do with elections. I'm frankly amazed that Chuck Todd is so very ignorant of this.

  40. Goal of both parties is to keep trial short? You guys are clueless. Reps in Senate is going to drag this out past Iowa, by calling all the witnesses that Schiff wouldn't allow in the inquiry. Then, after that, they will vote to acquit, and the Democrats will end up with nothing more that a scrambled primary and a loss in the general election. Gonna be fun to watch.

  41. In reality, Trump has a very poor view of the American public. He isn't too wrong… Not using Latin language is a way of "dumbing down" a message and supports Trump's view of the level of education in America . After all, there's a thing called Google which even the educated use.

  42. The Democrats in my opinion are handling this trial in a bold professional manner and in the right way. Kent and Taylor should not have come out and said impeach that's the House's job. I only agree with Eugene Robinson's commentary in this video.

  43. 10:15 The Pundit is wrong. He observed expert testimony. That is the perfect approach. All of the pundits are wrong.

  44. GOP apologist "We all hope Trump will change his ways". Anyone with a whit of psychological intelligence knows that Trump isn't going to change his behavior. The GOP doesn't care as long as their personal wealth is increasing and the donor class is in ecstasy.

  45. I am annoyed that my subscription to MSNBC surfaces Chuck's stuff too!! I wish there was a filter for me to block Chucks self grandstanding!

  46. regarding whether to use the latin, I am a fan of using english wherever possible,

    "quid pro quo" by itself is not misconduct, but it is specific forms of quid pro quo which
    are misconduct.

    eg if you go in a shop and buy something, that is a quid pro quo,
    quid = money
    quo = some biscuits

    corruption is where an employee exchanges something he doesnt own for personal gain.

    eg your kid needs A grades to get into a university,
    but in fact he has a C a D and an E,

    you give the admissions person 500 and he writes down that your kid got A's and
    your kid gets into the uni.

    that is corruption because the admissions person doesnt own the uni,

    the correct process is the kid needs A grades, this has been corrupted by allowing
    a kid who doesnt have A grades, in exchange for 500 which goes to the admissions
    guy and DOESNT go to the uni.

    a different form of corruption, is where the kid has A grades, and meets all entry requirements,
    but the admissions person wont let him in until you bribe him 600.

    this is also a corruption of process, because the admissions guy should let the kid in
    entirely based on him meeting the requirements, and say that there are still places left,
    a bit like going to the cinema, provided you pay the money and provided the cinema isnt full
    you WILL get a ticket and watch the film. You shouldnt have to slip the cashier
    5 before he issues you a ticket for the 10 (with 10 going to the cinema and 5 going to the
    cashier's wallet).

    the admissions guy has made 600 for himself and you pay an extra 600 which isnt
    part of the rules, its a corruption of process.

    Trump withholding the aid to Ukraine is of this latter form, the aid has already been approved
    for Ukraine, no official should be holding it up until some personal favour has been done,
    this is a hijacking of aid that isnt Trump's.

    if you run your own company, and someone asks if they can work for you, and you demand 500,
    that isnt corrupt because you own the company. But if your recruitment staff take 500
    before they give someone a job, that is corruption because they dont own that job that they trade for 500.

    this is the problem with rogue traders, that they gamble other people's money namely the money of the
    customers of the bank. If they gamble their own money then that is fine.

    all government employees including politicians and leaders dont own the government process,
    nor own the government spending money, they shouldnt hijack the process or money for their
    own gain, eg someone gets a government grant of $100000, and the official says:
    you need to give me $1000 otherwise I wont release the funds. That is corruption.
    if the government wanted that $1000, then the grant should have been for $99000.

    Trump doesnt understand the difference between owning a company versus working for a company.

    When you own a company you can do favours, you can give your kids jobs,
    you can tell your friend: I will give your dunce of a son some easy work if
    you give me a contract to redecorate your building.

    Because its your job to give, and its his building to choose who redecorates it, so the quid pro quo is ok.

    But if you are president you cant say: I will give your son an ambassadorship if you host your conference at the Dorral.
    BECAUSE you the president dont own the ambassadorship. The population own the ambassadorship,
    its not yours to barter. Similarly you cant host the G7 at your Dorral, because you dont own the US hosting of the G7,
    its not yours to personally monetise.

    Trump would not tolerate it if the recruitment person of his firm gave a job to their friends son in exchange
    for their friend redecorating their house. Trump would regard that as corrupt.
    But Trump could give his friend's son a job in exchange for the friend redecorating Trump's house.

    Trump giving government posts to Jared and Ivanka is an example of this kind of abuse,
    Trump doesnt own those posts. He is trying to own and barter government process.

    Anyway, Trump is bartering money that isnt his for an investigation of a rival.
    How would Trump like it if security didnt turn up at the white house until he pays $5000
    to the head of the Washington police. And a bodyguard refuses to do anything to help the
    president in a crisis until Trump agrees to give the bodyguard one of his mansions.

    or where his chauffeur refuses to do anything until Trump gives him an up front tip of $750.

    or where the chauffeur forgets the route until Trump gives him $100 to help him remember.

  47. HEY YOU! ARE YOU STUPID or WHAT? ~ THE REPUBLICANS ARE BETTING YOU ARE, IN FACT THAT'S THEIR DEFENSE STRATEGY, NOT EVEN A DEFENSE FOR DONALD TRUMP! ~ OMG AMERICA, WAKE UP! ~ The Republicans are looking at everything non-criminal about Trump, everything irrelevant to the case, "looking" at everything except for the undisputed incriminating facts about the bribery and impeachment, and then saying there's no crime. Are they being stupid or expecting us to be? YES TO BOTH! ~ NO MORE STUPIDITY IN WASHINGTON PLEASE ~ HEY REPUBLICANS! STUPIDITY ASIDE AND DO WHAT YOU WERE ELECTED TO DO ~ HONOR YOUR OATH TO THE CONSTITUTION, HONOR YOUR COUNTRY AND YOUR PART IN HISTORY AND DO WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY! ~ NO MORE PLAYING STUPID FOR DONALD TRUMP, BECAUSE BELIEVE ME, AMERICA IS NOT STUPID! ~ NO MORE GAS LIGHTING!

  48. Bribery is in the description of high crimes that’s why it should be used. The Ukraine operation also matches the dictionary definition of both extortion and bribery! Also why is no one talking about the $350,000 in dark Russian money Parnas donated illegally to Trumps super pack and the $500,000 Rudy was paid by Parnas to remove the Diplomat and help move the LNG project ahead?

  49. How can one make this a grass roots effort to remove: Graham, McConnell, Jordan, Nunes, and the other GOP senators? Can Twitter be flooded with "American social media Patriots"? The Russians did this to us in 2016. Why can't we do this to ourselves in 2019? With our own demands for a "partriotic civil Hiroshima' on the GOP and let them know we are tired of their un-partirotic selling out of the USA?

  50. On 7/26/2019 Trump and Sonderland discussed plot on a cell phone in Kiev,Ukraine in a restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine. Guess who heard the contents? The U S Embassy people at the table. The cell phone electronic intercept was probably heard by the following: Putin and Russia, Ukranian secret service, European intel services(there are loads of those), Saudi Arabia(big intel budget), maybe Iran, for sure the NSA, MI6 Britain. These intel services are backed up by agents with personal snooping devices and vans with sophisticated long range acoustical snooping ability (as well as electronic). All that information was immediately sent back to foreign capitals and governments, who are now laughing their backsides off at Donald Trump and Gordon Sondland. With this blackmail data, Trump is horn of plenty to foreign governments who have this intel. Putin asks Trump to sell out the Kurds. Trump says "ok, but please don't tell" Turkey wants to by Russian Air defense, Trump says "ok, but please don't tell" This one gib reason Trump gets no where in foreign policy dealings. Its not "America first", its America gets nothing.

  51. …It's AMAZING how some think you need to "dumb down" information for the minds of the average American. News flash… we can read, see and understand. The average American understands crap and stupidity IMMEDIATELY when we see it!! …..and we can spot crimes in progress in the blink of an eye. We are mostly patriotic and will NOT tolerate any official throwing our constitution UNDER THE BUS!!!!! …but, we also wonder…. who's following the money trail of this mess? …..there's more to this than is being reported….

  52. Republicans used to be conservative, but now those Repugnicans are just making trash I.e. pizza boxes are thrown on the floor causing someone else to get them in the garbage truck

  53. Oh he doesn'twant to take credit? What do you say on the south lawn that he is the whole team!!!! And why is he need attorney general Barr to protect him,Mike pompeo John Bolton list goes on and on but Trump needs to help him stay out of prison. JUST ONE LAST THING. THE MAJORITY OF THE PUBLIC TRUMP WANT YOU OUT OF OFFICE IMMEDIATELY ??

  54. Republicans I think need to ask themselves if they want to babysit this president for another 5 years? I would think they would jump at the opportunity to cut and run with this guy. And let the southern district of New York silence Trump.the state will supply him a pad and paper and a pencil even a stamp I think. Good luck Trump

  55. thanks eugene! the woman and man don't know what they're talking about! they have to wait until after all the witnesses have presented before so they can draft the articles and then call for his impeachment

  56. Anybody wondering about tRump's corrupt mindset hasn't been paying attention for the past three years. Forget the Latin, lets call tRump's treachery for what it is, bribery and extortion.

  57. Republicans want to have, expand and keep power. No matter how illegal or morally reprehensive this gets. It will never move them to vote for removing the president or even vote to impeach him. Because doing so is ceding power. That's what guides them, not anything else. Remember McConnel is "The Grim Reaper" if he can do something that is in his interest, he will. No matter what. Removing this president is not in his interest.

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