Mass Effect 3 DLC Details + Big News for E-Sports! – GeekSpeak #3!

Mass Effect 3 DLC Details + Big News for E-Sports! – GeekSpeak #3!

but dark report is dead one lamp speak speak now majhi were about massive victories
and being and do you remember how mad you were at
me when i said game creators don’t tell a story and is that we want well you win this time internet because
it looks like to hear deal scenes are being released are very credible restaurant with a very
not credible name draft emp six six nine eight had leaked details of what might happen namely there’s expected to be expanded
ending with additional scenes and extended epilogue revealing the impact
of shippers choices on the future of the galaxy on top of that the rebellion
multi-player expansion clings to a new friends three new weapons new equipment
consumables and sticks new classes from species that were wiped out by june
first the other d_l_c_ listing based on
current and includes newmont here and maps from real vancouver and wanted is also comes with three weapons and
again six new human classes available nor rage has been rewarded in other news i was right and everyone
else in the common room was ron for daddy it looks like he supports mason
mentally to mainstream t_v_ because major-league gaming has signed a deal
with c_b_s_ does that mean you can catch appealed to
me after c_b_s_’s n_f_l_ coverage no not yet anyway but it’s likely you’ll
soon see the pro circuit on gamespot which is owned by c_b_s_ and shift this
penalty more prominent online twitch t_v_ is involved here because
they’re also sign into an exclusive deals c_b_s_ this of course means bigger sponsors hopefully not hot pockets or a porn
again and probably bigger price pple this also mean that i am that much
closer to sideline reporting for sport kite actually understand and care about there was a bake sale to benefit nasa
over the weekend and no i did not make that up there was also an asset car wash and
shoeshine not made up by me either about twenty
different groups including several university students held p_t_a_ great
fundraisers to help the united states healing space program the weekend events were organized by the
southwest research institute in response to congress’s proposed three hundred
million dollar cut the planetary science projects which would effectively and i’ll not meant military space
missions for the next twenty years reps eva small-time fundraisers were
just to raise awareness not money by sound like someone is making its says
for not sell enough cupcakes everything report from a korean
newspaper says the north korean intelligence agents planted now when
testing video games in south korea that once distributed denial of service
attacks well that’s one way to keep them in
starcraft again endeavor apart anonymous south korean
gain distributor no only as jul baat several video game from north
korea’s reconnaissance general bureau for distribution in south korea it’s not really clear which titles were
affected but it looks like mainly online games with one hundred thousand users or
more south korean officials say gel knowingly
with the malware into this country but he says he had no idea many people use
the games and they were even connected to the inching on airport tax it’s all this is true it’s another
example after stocks net in iran or cyber warfare was introduced to a
seemingly innocuous legitimate commerce local software pirates commented dot well that’s it for this week let us
know what you think in the comments on well i notice matthew this is crazy does not sweater indicating

100 Replies to “Mass Effect 3 DLC Details + Big News for E-Sports! – GeekSpeak #3!

  1. Kim went from being a very boring, untrained girl with no concept of camera presence to a bit over the top. She is trying a bit hard to get herself over with us. You're fine Kim, no need to put so much tempo in the routine.

  2. LOLLL – so goddamn clear she doesn't know what she's talking about when the specifics of the game contents come up, you can tell by the blank look xD

  3. Kim is rally something… Ana need to watch out. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Great show and still, she is talking a bit fast.
    Not everyone is fluent in American-English…

  4. definitely fix how she's reading the lines or I don't know what it was but it distracted me the whole video lol.

  5. I want to like this, but I cant help but feel TYT shouldn't go near gaming unless they bring the army vet guy back who reviewed Dragon Age, MAG and Dark Void or let someone who knows their stuff about gaming host this and don't read the script like a robot or force humor please it makes me (and by the looks of it others) cringe, in fact drop the script entirely and discuss it like a normal conversation like the E3 2012 Top Games! video.

  6. Wow. Since when did this gaming interest happen?

    If anything, get the news before 100's of the best review and preview sites get it. OLD NEWS

  7. Esports, where our teens waste time, and money while screaming how "faggy" the other team is. How lovely that this shit is going to. E more widespread. (this coming from someone who spent 3+ years wasting my time with competitive gaming in college, so don't flame me)

  8. Game creators owe us story endings that act like we were promised. Look at what they said about the endings pre-release, they said it would not be a simple "here's ending A, B and C", that is EXACTLY what they gave us. They said each ending would drastically differ, they are indentical in almost every way.
    Besides, I don't know if fans are saying we are entitled to better endings, but that they should release a better ending for the sake of their bottom line (ie this means many people won't…

  9. … buy DLC for the game, and I now find it hard to recommend any of the Mass Effect games to others).
    Besides, this is part of a consistent downhill spiral for Bioware, and the fact that fans felt that story essential and EXPENSIVE day 1 DLC was them trying to cheat us financially, especially given the cost of the game at launch.
    Extended Cut and Resurgence were mentioned ages ago, Resurgence and Earth will be exclusively multiplayer, and all will be free (Bioware's in damage control mode).

  10. I really don't care about watching people game competitively for anything. Sorts video games and whatever else included.

  11. frenetic comic panels, 8-bit color pallet and pixelation, video game fight scenes, geek pop culture references, mushrooms, the Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy, Indie Music, the story telling and art stylings of Bryan Lee O'Malley…

  12. The name is now about 20 % cooler. Good idea for a show. So Kim makes all the stories herself? That's awesome, she seems like a great addition for TYTU.

    A tiniest of criticism is the level of scriptedness in it all ^ ^ It could be a bit more natural like the rest of TYT. I want to see Kim blink x]

  13. Do I remember how bioware fucked us over again, change the ending or its not worth it. If I extend my shit its still a shit

  14. Anyone who lays a single buck on EA should be publicly humiliated, his family should be hanged upside down with their faces in barrels full of flesh eating fish and then all of them should be dipped into acid until dead. Please, let EA disappear from this world once and for all. ๐Ÿ™

  15. โ€œFans want to make sure that they see things resolved, they want to get
    some closure, a great ending. I think theyโ€™re going to get that.โ€ -Casey Hudson

    โ€œ[The presence of the Rachni] has huge consequences in Mass
    Effect 3. Even just in the final battle with the Reapers.โ€ -Mac Walters

    โ€œThere are many different endings. We wouldnโ€™t do it any other way. How
    could you go through all three campaigns playing as your Shepard and
    then be forced into a bespoke ending that everyone gets?โ€ -Mike Gamble

  16. Just a few pre-release developer quotes I felt were relevant, trust me though I could go on… I'm hoping they will help illustrate how this is not just something they owed us, it's something they've been promising all along. ๐Ÿ™

  17. Looking/Listening is no where near as fun as touching, trust me, I am a scientists!

    Edited: Due to my getting 3.0's in English…

  18. 2:24 that's probably why Blizzard failed sooo badly with Diablo 3 among MANY other unfortunate reasons…

  19. Well perhaps if they're clever enough they can tweak it in a way that fixes the initial problems. – John

  20. Just wanted to say that while I disagreed with Kim about the Mass Effect 3 ending, and could provide many quotes from the developers themselves to back up my argument… I still happen to think Kim is very smart, pretty, and cute. Some of these commenters need their internet privileges taken away.

    I really hope my minor disagreement did not encourage any trolling here. ๐Ÿ™

  21. Not that I don't like Kim, but how come you didn't give your input on the games, John? You gotta take some time out for the gaming bro! <3 ya

  22. Tweaking won't solve some MAJOR issues with the ending. Namely the starchild and stupid logic that is presented to the player.

  23. Uh let me know if I'm wrong but, you stated the rebellion pack was coming when the picture was of the resurgence pack and either way both of those packs came out way before the date of this video, you late?

  24. Oh an explanation of what happened after the ending. So same choices, same hologram kid, same crashed Normandy, and same unnecessarily sad death. Well that's much better.

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