Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan slam impeachment probe, calls hearings a ‘sham’

Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan slam impeachment probe, calls hearings a ‘sham’

100 Replies to “Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan slam impeachment probe, calls hearings a ‘sham’

  1. Oh, WOW!!
    This is a scam! Here’s what’s going to happen-
    The president’s case will be dismissed and the dems will scream “HE GOT AWAY WITH IT!”
    They are just looking for a new song to sing during the 2020 elections!

  2. Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows are two great guys. I give them a lot of credit.Thank God that he is in charge now. Enough is Enough!!

  3. If they think it’s corrupt why are they there. Then they have to praise her to not look corrupt themselves after Trump starts attacking and threatening her on Twitter. If it’s a sham why can’t you legally stop it? All those witnesses are on the butt end of Trumps actions. They are honest representatives of America. So why didn’t Trump establish the policy with them? He’s the president they would do it if legal. Oh yeah it wasn’t legal. Trump even praised the Corrupt prosecutors of Ukraine while on the phone call and talked bad about our American representatives who knew nothing about how he felt about them much less why.

  4. The smartest thing the Repub Committee did was put Jim Jordan in the Committee to grill Schitf's witnesses! When all Schitf's smoke clears the American people, including a good number of Democrats, will know how low down and corrupt he has been, and IS! There is going to be a huge Exodus of Dems voting for Trump in 2020 and it will look so good on schitfy, shitty, cow doing Schiff! He is utterly despicable and should be IMPEACHED himself IMHO!

  5. Jesse Watters thank you for helping President Trump relay to the public what d real truth is. Am wondering why most of d people seem to be blinded with what is truth including most of d media themselves. Do i make to understand there is also a "quid pro quo" between d media n d demonrats????

  6. Jim Jordan is the man. Meadows, Nunez and Stefanik have done well in these hearings also. The Republicans have to keep it up! Keep punching them in the mouth!

  7. They should put these guys on the front lines to defend Russia against Ukraine. These guys are special. They should be held in glory. Tried of being lied too.

  8. The left Democrats are basically a joy stick for the liberal left,people like Ted Turner and George Soros,and many others that want to push their main agenda a one world order, sad to say but even some so called Republicans are in their pockets, Mitt Romney acts more like a Democrat then he does a Republican conservative ,Trump is a real threat to their agenda ,but the people that love this great nation of ours elected Trump a man that wants to make America great again one nation under GOD, what this nation needs is more of GOD, the scriptures say blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD psalm 33:12

  9. WHY does EVIDENCE KNOWN in Closed to Public hearings and view NOT ABLE TO BE USED by Republicans as a means of defense? DEMOCRATS, YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE BIG TIME and many seats you have gained in the House. Adam Big Eyes… you are exactly what we the people call Slime of the SWAMP and the Democrats will pay with LOSSES.

  10. You three are going the way of Richard Nixon- down in shame. Trump's buddies are in jail, and he probably will end up there too. The truth has a way of coming out.

  11. Stop calling it an "impeachment." There is no basis since it's another rigged coup attempt; and the republicans haven't seen or heard or interviewed some of the so-called witnesses;
    plus the lying by Schiff.. "Impeachment sham" is better, or just "coup coup" is good too.

  12. Embarrassing. Jordan and Hannity are absolute embarrassments. The most egregious thing is that they think so little of the republican voters and the public. I know it’s in fashion to call Trump voters morons and idiots… but I don’t believe that to be true. They voted for a republican outsider hoping he would shake things up. So many dems were going for their own outsider, Bernie, because everyone wanted change. It was a gamble made not out of stupidity but hope. Status quo doesn’t work, try something different. Trump turned out to be a liar and a criminal. Fox viewers see through this nonsense and through embarrassments like Jim Jordan. It’s going to hit all these personalities and Trump loyalists pretty hard when they realize that most of the Trump voters aren’t nearly as stupid or as gullible as guys like Graham, Jordan, Hannity, Tucker and Trump himself would like to think they are. Guess what, the American people have a lot more in common with the ambassadors testifying than the gasbags who are calling them homeless, liars and “never-trumpets”. The next election will be a sobering experience.


  14. Donald Trump doesn't have "the right" he has the "duty" — I hope people understand the difference but on this channel, they don't.

  15. Yes!! Tho, I don’t believe it’s hard for them. Honorable individuals like challenges. Because they walk the truth. God leads. The truth sets you free. Godspeed…God continues to armor the RIGHTEOUS up! God bless America Thank you

  16. That brave, decent, non-partisan professional woman is head and shoulders above the morons on here. You know Trump is guilty so do your duty for once. Remember that oath you took??? Jim Jordan is scum.

  17. The problem with the democrats is the fact that they forget that Trump can speak and the people are hearing what he has to say. They're going to get destroyed.

  18. I would have never believed, if you told me three years ago, I would see this much corruption in our government. Or that the democratic party would be calling themselves socialist. Incredible !

  19. There has to be a way to arrest Schiff and Pelosi for treason. Let the House vote for impeachment. Let them confirm their positions publicly. Then send in Attorney General Barr with Federal Marshals.

  20. If shiff does not let up , it will need to go to another court, that way people will need to be question, this hearing has been a disgrase .

  21. There’s NO WAY in an American Court with an honest Judge that this idiotic mess would have made it this far!! Even this second phone call idiot repeating something he overheard about Trump is MOSTLY concerned about getting the BIDENS than caring about Ukrane. So WHAT? Trump isnt doing what the DNC & HRC did to him! But the truth is certainly is of great importance to a man who has so mercilessly been attacked, slandered, insulted, belittled all the while with no help from that been able to achieve so much and carried himself with great strength knowing, before God he is innocent of their charges!! He still is the President despite their attempt at limiting his Power! All these idiots coming in to criticize our President as if they know as much as he does I guess they think they would make a better President!! But don’t anyone even think of saying anything about Obama….eventhough you can’t separate him out of this current situation. It almost revolves around HIM NOW!! Dummies!

  22. Thank God President Trump is there! That’s the ONLY reason light is being shed on the DemonRats in Congress and the rats in the media. Imagine if the Clinton Crime Family would have taken over!!! America would have been driven right off a cliff of corruption. I sure hope arrests are to follow…… including Obama who is responsible for this Deep State conspiracy.

  23. Give Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows an A++ for their work against Pelsio's Circus. She wanted to be President so bad and it ain't going to happen.

  24. I don’t get it… if this is all a joke, why not have all the folks that were actually on the call testify and have the White House release the official transcript? It was save us so much time and heart burn and help us all move on.


  26. President Trump saved her from the same fate as the woman she was commentating the day she got the cryptic message. Can’t anyone else see that! Can’t she admit it? Or what…

  27. if all the convicts who were convicted without an eye witness we released, there would be no one in jail. Just ask the convicts.

  28. Congressman Adam Schiff is the very embodiment of the bottom feeders in The Swamp constantly violating the essence of what made the American political system great. He is a front figure of the Democratic oligarchy. He is not one of Democrat's ordinary garden variety fiction-mongers but a very conscious and deliberate liar as compulsive as they come. That was evidenced inter alia by his undisguised distortion of what Trump actually said in the Ukrainan phone call. Schiff calls it a parody. The one and only parody is Schiff himself due to his pathological determination to live out his fabler fantasies when he is surrounded by howling mythomaniacs. That guy is simply obsessed and after his impeachment attempt has failed his eyes will bulge out even more and his head will spinn on that pencil neck during the necessary session when exorcisms is being performed.

  29. The left lies about everything the left said and did. Blame everything on the right. Why are such things put up with in our government? Who voted for Dem, dum dums?

  30. Nancy Pelosi knew of all of the many Shifty Adam Schiff lies and massive perpetrated upon Congress and the American people, in the form of a fraudulent speech knowingly delivered as a ruthless con, and the illegal meetings with a highly partisan "whistleblower"
    In this generation have the power to stop this regime, stop this democratic party's to rule our government legislative, executive, and judicial, and the Congress. The President Donald J Trump in the White House and citizen of American on the voted ballot. We can do it, overthrow this regime for life. Stop this regime in 2020, together with the deep state too.

  31. I would like to be effective. If a civil war happens I will be effective. The Demonrats are actually communists who have taken over the house of representatives and want to take over the rest of the United states government.

  32. So this is what a Cult look like..Scary…I thought the Tea party was bad..So this is where they're Racism turned into…WoW

  33. Trump needs to get away with this so bribes and soliciting campaign help from foreign governments is legal. Meadows and Jordan are jostling with other Republicans to be first in line for those bribes and campaign help from foreign governments. It's the latest GOP "core value"!

  34. All those that do not like America and does not want to work like working people and taking advantage of working people's money and does not like our president they want to live like a third world country and hate one another and keep everybody divided and hate family value and hate our Second Amendment and all our amendments needs to get out of our country we are not idiots uneducated people like the left and a left needs to be punished for all their crimes Democrats want to go back to the slave days that they had back in the days Democrats got their butts kicked in the Civil War days because they are slave drivers and liars and tricksters and don't care about our country all they want to do is keep us divided and hating one another as long as Democrats can keep colors against colors they have control over uneducated Minds

  35. Witchhunt #2 Circus #3.
    Russia collusion delusion, Mueller impotency, and the Kavenaugh smear campaign.

    All the Democrats do is accuse Trump of what THEY ARE DOING AND HAVE DONE

  36. Love Both These Guys.
    Thank you for your Servicel protecting (I hate to say it) the "rule of law"
    Our President is great because there are people of great courage which are finding their voice and righteous passions.
    We've all backed up and listened to shift for too long because we do desire peace but our kindness was mistaken for weakness.
    Be Strong & of Good Courage.

  37. Ed Buck, the standard hotel, Clinton's poisen aids meds, epstein island and letters to Amazon & FB to censor vaccine info.
    Just another slick toung I'm sorry to say.
    I liked Obama cause he had such a way with words. Ignored his "fruits" even when I lost my healthcare cause of his aca.
    No more.
    These people need to be sentenced to life in the shift holes they have created. LA, San francisco. No more DC pulpit for shiftless. No more globetrotting for Pelosi. Street justice. Let them live out their days regretting abusing the people on the street who henceforth will not stay on the street long.

  38. WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE RIGHTFUL MASTERS OF BOTH CONGRESS AND THE COURTS, NOT TO OVERTHROW THE CONSTITUTION BUT TO OVERTHROW THE MEN WHO WOULD PERVERT THE CONSTITUTION. ABRAHAM LINCOLN Also, the USA is a Republic, quit calling it a "democracy is for the democrats (crazy demon rats)" as per Benjamin Franklin at the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention when asked "What have you wrought?" He answered, "a Republic, if you can keep it" and it states this in the pledge of allegiance ………."and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands". A Democracy is Socialism is Communism – they have changed "for" to "of" in the title it should be "The Constitution for the United States" not The constitution of the United States which is the fake, everything is a lie timeline.

  39. Also, when in the Course of Human Events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the Political Bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the Earth, the separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the Separation. WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness – That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness – as quoted from The Declaration of Independence itself. WE THE PEOPLE HOLD THE POWER OVER THESE FOOLS and when we don't say anything at all, THEY TAKE IT AS MEANING WE DON'T CARE DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!

  40. The American people should ask for impeachment all the democrats for don't do anything in all these years, they were stealing the taxpayers' money just not do it anything anything. And why the reals corrupt Joe Biden and his son are still free they should be in jail. And the Democrats are distracting using the sold press to put all their corruption in others. History says they were the big slavers and when they were lost in the civil war they change their minds and start defending the freedom, but just for convenience, Like always.

  41. How about you MAKE Giuliani, Pompeo and Trump testify?!?!?!
    Lying SOBs. Hannity says Lt. Col. Vindman was offered Security position with Ukraine, making him look like a traitor, but REFUSES to tell you that Lt. Col. Vindman turned down the post each time and reported to his Superiors, per testimony!!!! FOX NEWS ARE LYING A-HOLES!!!!!! BS PROPAGANDA!!!

  42. JIm Jordan's argument, "Ukraine got it's funds and there was no Biden Investigation", is a sham. Imagine walking into a bank with a gun and handing the teller a stick up note. Then you say, "never mind", and go outside and stand there. How soon do you think the cops would be there to arrest you? Defend that.

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