Mark Levin: Trump faces Dem opposition like never before

Mark Levin: Trump faces Dem opposition like never before

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  1. Definition of Cover Up……An attempt to prevent people's discovering the truth about a serious mistake or crime. What crime?
    He has NOT been found guilty of any crime.

  2. MSM uses speculation, innuendo, false quotes, fake scenarrios to create lies and talking points daily to make Trump look bad, guilty and take him down… those who know what propaganda is sees though it.. the enlightened ones are not fooled by FAKE NEWS.

  3. Fact: MSM=(DNC/Nye)^C_A=LIES/Treason. Prison Probability (PP)=1

    Prayer: May GOD bless Our President Trump, Admiral Rogers and all those who fight for US.


  5. Had a very revealing post here but they censored it off before I could post it..
    They watch what you type BEFORE you can post it.
    What I wrote they don't want you to know !

  6. The man that made a stab at taking up for the media is a Moron. There are no Journalist these days. You read Max Frankel’s definition of the news and then tell me what they are putting out. They lavished money on sports and celebrities, petty scandals, and crowed pleasing fiction or lies that they cynically defined as “reality.” When all its that they failed to make news interesting, there’s no Journalist today.

  7. Americans want a internet bill of rights and cameras to follow all are politicians and we can read all their text

  8. Reds what they wanna do is after 2016 democrats got a hammer ? to the internet they hate Americans blue hate you

  9. I must admit that during the campaign of 2016 I had grown tired of Levin's criticism of Trump's boorish ways. His nasal delivery and sharp, brusque habit of writing off Trump called to my mind the practice of book cover judgements.
    A book they don't make…

    That Levin supported the Canadian- Ted Cruz was all the more reason to avoid his brand of conservatism.

    I was truly shocked and amazed that, after the election, Levin saw what was happening. He called it out for what it was, and is currently fighting for liberty; knowing that Trump is our last, best hope to attain it in our lifetime.

    Kudos Mark Levin, thank you sir for standing up for ALL Americans!

  10. The Mueller investigation started when the Hamer..aka..foreign surveillance program turned on Trump, his team and millions of American's was exposed by patriotic Americans like Admiral Rogers. We know now the real Russian scandals and treason are Uranium 1 and the phony dossier used by the FBI as evidence to justify spying.

  11. The FAKE NEWS are pushing TRUMP to level they could NEVER dream of. You Trump haters had better be ready to DUCK.

  12. As a fellow Canadian, Conservatives need to know that Canada loves Trump and hates socialists. Except the fools thatmwent to university. But conservatives are military, gun owners, police, border patrol, farmers, and Patriots…. sooo…. good luck liberals. If you want civil war, and it seems you do. Good luck.

  13. They hate Trump because he doesn't need funding from people who can offer him money for his campaign in exchange for pushing their agenda. We have never seen a president so hated.

  14. I'd love to see Mark Levin go on CNN and MSNBC and decimate all of them. They wouldn't even allow him on tho. LOL

  15. The Republicans have the White House, the Senate and the law enforcement/intelligence agencies. The Democrats have control of the House and significant support from the so-called "Deep State" and the liberal media. If this was a game of chess, who is in a superior position? On paper, at least, the Republicans should win but the Democrats….?

  16. Mark levine was one of the most vehement Never Trumpers, he called Donald Trump every nasty name in the book. I have never heard him say he was wrong or apologize….

  17. The major Trump opposition occurred covertly years ago. Trump has outed them and has been. methodically demolishing them. They are panicked and disarrayed.

  18. Mark Levin and Victor Davis Hanson are the clearest thinkers in Western Civilization in the 21st Century.

  19. Finally someone has the courage to say it. Someone has to win. Like any war and we are at war. Do you think this was Trumps first choice to go out in his last years after having worked his whole life to accomplish what he has, you think he wanted to go through this? No, he did it because he saw the need and urgency and loves this country. These weak kneed republicans better get off their butts and stand up for the people of this country..

  20. Mark Levin is the smartest guy who is involved in this conversation about politics. If everybody listened to Mark Levin the Republicans would never leave office.

  21. Mark is right on the "mark" the ol' bull's eye hit on every issue – highly intelligent gentleman – FOX keep him in the forefront – we will be watching to see if you get this man on your couch often – if you don't – we won't watch FOX, it's just that simple

  22. Mark Levin is correct. "If you follow the Dems it's like following an insane asylum."

  23. As US citizens, we are living in very dangerous times right now. Everyone who agrees laws were broken in an attempt to remove Trump needs to show their support more than ever. The democrats are very nervous/desperate right now and will do ANYTHING to cover up their coup attempt. We have to get to the bottom of this and hold all of those responsible accountable so this never happens again, and the democrats with the help of the complacent media are going to fight us the whole way.

  24. obama was useing c.i.a fbi doj to blackmail people he didnt like like flynn thats the big cover up

  25. “If we had confidence the President did not commit a crime, we would have said so. We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the President did commit a crime.” – Robert Mueller, 5/19/19 According to the U.S. constitution, it’s now the congress’s job to make that criminal determination, but Trump’s supporters want to pretend there’s nothing to see. Trump supporters are either criminals themselves, or stupid and blind.

  26. Sorry mark! Long time listener, but seems all your calls are staged with actors. Can never get thru, too bad .

  27. LOVE YOU MARK!!!! They will try to pull a Scooter Libby on Trump! They will try to pull some civic BS to make their case! Our prez did not obstruct, as he is well with in his constitutional right, according to the powers act! TRUMP 2020!!!!

  28. Corporate controlled mainstream media is just about finished. The only ones who still believe any of the propaganda they spew are using it for background noise and people who are clueless. One can tell if they watch that crap when one talks to them on any level higher than a grade school kid.

  29. The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump. #1 New York Times bestseller. Legal analyst Gregg Jarrett reveals the real story behind Hillary Clinton’s deep state collaborators in government and exposes their nefarious actions during and after the 2016 election. The Russia Hoax reveals how persons within the FBI and Barack Obama’s Justice Department worked improperly to help elect Hillary Clinton and defeat Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. When this suspected effort failed, those same people appear to have pursued a contrived investigation of President Trump in an attempt to undo the election results and remove him as president.


  31. Levin , I have free hand cuffs for obama, hillary, comey, muller and the rest of the corrupt treason gang, smith&wesson, or peerless one size fits all gender, life time warranty.

  32. .As my friend Doug says, "it's not the tax returns and bank records of millionaires who become politicians we need to see; it's the tax returns and bank records of politicians who become millionaires we need to see." Mueller and his band of Weissman and dirty dems are neck-deep in corruption. After OJ trial unfortunately this dishonest carrying on has been normalized. When you get used to the smell of an outhouse, you know you're in trouble. That's what we have with the dem party.

  33. Take down the border fence between California and Mexico and build it between California and the US, would that please Pelosi?

  34. 7:34 That is exactly the point Democrats supporters don't have an IQ over 12, in fact those with an IQ of 12 are considered the brightest of the Democrats!

  35. Isn't the ""American"" legal B.A.R. system really the British Accredited Registry ? What influence does the Queen of England /the CROWN CORPORATION have on American courts ? Does she profit from or OWN the American court system ?

  36. the only way to deal with this is through the ballot box ,American people need to wake up to the corruption in the democratic party.
    Can you really see any of these democratic nominees as President??? they have done nothing since they took the house apart from trying to take down Trump at every opportunity ,they only deserve your utter contempt!!!!

  37. Levin is correct that the free inter prize system is driving all the lying clown national media out of business. That doesn't mean, however, that we couldn't speed things up a bit as follows: I remain convinced that any decent Congressman could file a suite today against certain named ones of our National Media (probably as high and 90 percent of them). These certain named medias can be charged and thus convicted of lying, misleading, contriving false news and, worse yet, ignoring and suppressing invaluable and important information vital keeping an informed voting public. Just the precipitous and consistency of lie after lie being visited daily to on the public is very convict-able as failure to perform it's duty to the American public as a free press. Each and every named perpetrator can thus be stripped of it's first amendment protection as a free press thus rendering each of these jerks to be subject being sued by virtually any private citizen for all they are worth for simply being a perpetual liar.

  38. The National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO), in 1986 awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor to Donald John Trump. Along side him; recipients Rosa Parks & Muhammad Ali. ;…how's that for some racist company! 😉 Democrats want us to buy the idea, he and his entire family are racist. Ridiculous. The man has done more in 2 years, than 24 years of; Clinton, Bush, & Obama combined for ALL of us.. Trump 2020 !

  39. You forgot oboma used the IRS and Lois Lerner to gain office ..he would not if won in a constitutional run election ..

  40. Check pur UN Agenda 21 & Agenda 30, the lefts Satanic end game.
    For the real reason for Brexit, See Sir Patrick Moore vid. Scroll down to "what All Britons need to know".

  41. A G William Barr, and Prosecutor Durham have my permission to throw the book at all the guilty from Obama and Hillary down to the least!! Enough is enough.


  43. God works in strange ways!
    Our President will be redeemed and the Dems won't believe how God works!
    The swamp is being cleaned out, slowly but surely!
    Our country has never had so many problems until the Dems got in!
    The truth will all come out!
    We have a strong president, he will be OK!

  44. Trump's opposition is from the McCain wing of the GOP, which Levin represents. I just heard that piece of garbage question the loyalty of Rand Paul to the US and the Constitution on what's left of his radio show. Rand is more of a patriot than so-called "Constitutional scholar" Mark Levin could ever be, who is being teabagged by Bolton and Pompeo as I type this. Rand Paul will keep my 12 year old son from being sent to the desert to die for the next idiotic neocon cause. Go to hell Mark, send your own son, you won't get mine.

  45. Lois Lerner abused the power of the IRS under Obama's directions and retired on full pension. On the American tax-payers dime. Zero justice.

  46. It's now two months later and we still don't know what happened. Open up the story of this disaster and let us know. Open it now, please.


  48. Bradee Lee is a psychotic feminist who I'm certain suggests women become lesbians. Anyone can be Brandee. She was forced through school with fake grades. Her education is worthless and means nothing. Brandee is insane and dishonest. She's not a real Dr. or professor.

  49. just look at the numbers! Everything I see concerning Trump vs. Dems has thousands in his favor hundreds in there favor, it's clear what the public wants to happen! This is all that should matter! They have hijacked this Country long enough! We have to make a stand, for real, Demand justice and make them obey the law! They are projecting their behavior onto him, and it needs to stop!

  50. The President has to hire Mark even part time if need be he would be a huge help. He is the real deal a fact finder like a old hound once he gets on something he becomes tenashes. Example, watch Mark and Ed Henry go at it. Mark exposed just how little these reporters know.

  51. Presidents should be victim to ALL scrutiny. Also, Cambridge Analytica was employed under Trump's supervision. Mark doesn't talk about the 2016 election at all.

  52. I do not know how the President keeps going I would be drained and ready for the insane asylum dealing with all crooked lying democrats

  53. These demonrats are sick heads they dont like Donald Trump they have hatred in their hearts because they lost cannot recover from their Barbie sick f n heads South Africa????????

  54. I said so before, writing books for the left to elevate their thinking is a waste of time. Most do not read anything !! You can not educate the stupid.

  55. FROM 5:40 to 6:53, I never heard anyone answers a hard question with all boldness and confidence like Mark Levin 🙂 I hope this video will never be deleted. So much information in only 10 mins and Mark Levin is one wise human being. If only you have an IQ of 12%…Does that mean Democrats have an IQ of below 12% or they prefer or acting ignorant and fools to justify their rants and rambling against the POTUS?

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