Man FINDS Missing Malaysia Flight MH370 On Google Maps

Man FINDS Missing Malaysia Flight MH370 On Google Maps

Has missing flight MH370 been found? Well, sensational claims say that it has been
spotted on Google Earth peppered with bullet holes. Hello and welcome back to Inform Overload,
I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking about one of the biggest mysteries
in aviation history. So, 64 year old Peter McMahon has claimed
that he as discovered MH370, which has been missing for over 4 years. The plane dramatically disappeared on the
4th March 2014 and sparked an international search for the airline, carrying 227 passengers
and 12 crew members who have been missing, along with the Boeing 777, ever since. McMahon is an Australian Mechanical Engineer
who worked in crash investigations for a quarter of a century. He says he has extensively searched NASA and
Google maps images since the flight went missing. He now says that the aircraft is 10 miles
off the coast of Round Island, just north of Mauritius. He points to a google earth image in which
he believes the missing plane is visible. Looking at the pictures, you can arguably
see what looks like an aircraft shape below the
water. McMahon is said to have reported his suspicions
to the Australian Transport and Safety Bureau, who do not believe the image to be of any
significance. Given the evidence of the pilot’s deviation
from the intended flight path, the plane could reasonably have come down in this area; in
fact many experts believe the fathoms of the Indian Ocean hold the answers to the mystery. However, MH370 investigators have reportedly
rubbished the claims, saying the google images available were taken in 2009, 5 years before
the crash. Although I have to say, I am a little skeptical…
would a nearly 10 year old image still be on google earth when the company traditionally
retakes the images every one to three years? It seems McHahon is skeptical about the dismissal
too, and suspects world governments, including the Australian governments, know more than
they are letting on about the missing aircraft. But what of the bullet holes? Are they really even visible from the picture? Well widower Ghyslain Wattrelos who lost his
wife and two children on board is convinced the plane was shot down, and he too believes
governments are withholding information. Could this really be plane wreckage on Round
Island? It is thought some of the planes debris washed
up in Mozambique in 2016, with other pieces of debris spotted nearby Round island on Reunion
Island, south of Mauritius. As of yet though, nothing has been irrefutably
confirmed and there are a lot of questions and a lot of suspicion as to what really happened. What do you guys think happened? Do these pictures look like the missing plane? Why aren’t officials taking the findings
seriously? Okay, that is all I have on that story but
before I go, I just want to read a couple of comments from a recent IO video. This one is about Stephen Hawking’s chilling
warning before he passed away. Ivory Eurielle wrote : I would hope people
would actually take his warnings seriously….. and this was echoed by Hector Morales who
said: Stephen Hawking was one of the few that actually understood our worlds and universe
and it’s sad to know his warnings will be ignored by stubborn people… So… do let me know your thoughts on today’s

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  1. You are mine and my friends favourite narrator, but we have one question, do you like being called Becca or Beckie, please answer?

  2. Most of the comments here are like:
    "Aliens shot da playn down they is make dem for spacesheeps"
    "D govermnent nows butt dhey wont tel us"
    "A dood got dat weerd voice mayl aboot da pleyn"

  3. There is so much wrong with this it's difficult to know where to start.

    Let's start with the simplest. It's likely Google refreshes images of the open ocean far less frequently than urban areas… It's pretty much… yup still water…

    As for the pattern all I see is waver patterns that if you squint real hard look vaguely wing shaped.. That of course is a problem… The flaperon found on Reunion is on the trailing edge of the wing which is consistent the the plane making a high speed impact with the water so the wings wouldn't have been intact.

    Then there is the problem of where this is. By all accounts it would have run out of fuel at least and hour before it got to this place even by the most optimistic estimates. Then the whole scenario is ludicrous… So the plane flew for 8 hours in the wrong direction and some how didn't run out of fuel but then as it gets close to land it's shot down by some mysterious entity for what reason exactly?

    Lastly perhaps most ludicrous of all is the idea that you can see bullet holes… That's not how modern planes are shot down… They are shot down with missiles…. missiles don't make little holes… they blow the plane apart… Look at MH 17 which was shot down… nothing left but tiny little pieces no intact plane is going to be under the waves….

  4. Can Google Maps find my girlfriend, she went to the shop for a pint of green top 12 days ago and hasn't come back ?

  5. I highly doubt this plane would still be in one piece after hitting the ocean, so I say no it's not the mißing plane!!

  6. Anybody with a basic understanding of physics knows that for a split second the water surface is just like hitting concrete once the speed of roughly 100 mph is achieved. If that plane was in one piece when it fell out of the sky, it would have been traveling, at the very least 300 mph , Which would have completely and immediately destroyed the airliner as soon as it made contact with the water surface

  7. I’m gonna say there was someone on that plane that the government wanted gone. So, they shot the plane down with no care who else was on the plane(loved ones, children, parents etc)! You think our government doesn’t hide things from us?…….That’s funny. Come on people. People believe they can’t find that plane, yea maybe. I do understand there are places in the world where the ocean is so deep we can’t go there or even discover what maybe live there but, all the technology in the world today and they can’t find a plane……r.i.g.h.t…. but they can find 1 marijuana plant on a couple hundred acre farm… yea I believe that. Lmfao

  8. The shadow government will probly kill me. But ill tell you what happened to MH370. It went threw a wormhole and hit the Pentagon 17 years ago! There trying to cover it up but its true trust me.

  9. I believe it was hijacked by a single young crazy man who had previously been banned from flying Malaysia Airlines. When the planes wreckage is discovered hopefully with the cockpit intact, the pilot and the hijackers bodies will be in the cockpit. Regards U.K.

  10. Ok then just say there was bullets from a person and then show a picture of the inside of a rolls royce engine cowling

  11. Hold on a second, just a question, as much as I want this to be found but how can you see the bottom of the ocean, if you can see the airplane from above you're supposed to see all the other things that they live on the bottom of the deep ocean. Also the planktons in the ocean water change the water color and it's no longer clear, correct me if I'm missing something

  12. There is technology available for commercial passenger aircraft manufacturers to include multiple floating-solar-powered-beacons that break off on impact and can easily be detected from the air. There is no excuse for them not to be working on this right now and even retrofit existing aircraft out there to have the same, with each set of beacons identifying the aircraft they came from. It's simple! That way we can all be spared this type of shenanigans. But no, that would put another block and way more workload on governments and the elites to cover up their crimes, so manufacturers are prohibited from carrying out such simple preventative measure

  13. Delta Oscar November Tango Bravo Echo Lima India Echo Victor Echo Tango Hotel Echo India Romeo Lima India Echo Sierra

    This is not a scary message! It’s a joke thing! Like if you enjoyed! ??❤️??????

  14. Why did you use a Malaysia airlines B-747? I thought the airline retired the 747 fleet 6 years ago, and they brought 1 B-747 plane back up and will not fly forever for 2 years again.

  15. The governen hiding something maybe someone didn’t want 370 to reach china cause something’s was in the plane that time its 2018 shit …. mayb just mayb idk either

  16. All they have to do is send 1 helicopter the where it is visible on maps, and search there!
    NOTHING MORE, its that easy… If they find out it isnt there, they tried at least.

  17. I don't think this is true. If the debris were real then couldn't they see it from there or dived to get a look. Also note that the plane was at a vertical angle which means it has gone UNDERNEATH the surface of the Indian Ocean.

  18. So so sad to see the pain and ?broken the families faced in this massssssiiveee tragedy.
    My condolences prayers and thoughts to all who are affected.
    if I could just offer a word of comfort it will be this….
    Hebrews 4:12 and then 13 to sum it up.
    may peace and love surface for the sake of those who are grieving and moarning for their love ones after lengthy period of waiting.
    Kia manuia. Te Atua te aroha

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