Makandiwa Mnangagwa Prophecy Unfolds, ✓..Pray, ⛪ Condition Critical, ? 17 August 2017 LATEST NEWS

Vomiting, Vomiting, At First its food then blood Hi There Dr Clarence Here, You are Watcing
TV7 Live, This is Prophet Makandiwas Prophecy on The Emmerson Mnangagwa Tragedy, Please
Dont Rush into Conclusions Before you Even Watch The Video.
I see someone in authority, who is loyal to There is a very prominent person in politics that we need to play for Because i see something entering his stomach Vomiting, Vomiting, At first its food,then blood And he is in the hospital, Only Prayer Can save him. And the man has been so loyal to his authority I dont know weather i should mention his name or not He is a local person, in politics You See, You Can notice that um very comfortable Mentioning Other People, Other Countries, But When it Comes to here…………… I know some people may say its just a coincidence I was one of those people Untill Today, This
Prophecy, is too acurate to be just a mere coincidence.
Prophet Makandiwa Gets Four Points Acuratelly 01. Food
He Says i see something entering his Stomarch he says something, to make it clear that its
something else other than food. 02.Vomiting Food then Blood
VP Mnangagwa Vomited Food Then Blood 03.He States The Exact Person by Statust,
Watch he says to his Authorities his hand is Slightly Lower then he says To his Authority,
the Hand goes higher. When he says Authority, Authority means this person has only one Authority Above him.
04.The Helicopter He Hints this With Just The Sound
The Hospital Prophet Makandiwa says he is in the Hospital
and Only Prayers can Save this Man, If The Vice President is well as said to be Then
We Should Have seen him speak. And him going to South Africa just to make sure as is said
he wouldnt have been acompanied by all his Family, His Son, Wife and The Wife General
Chiwenga. We need to pray For The Vice President and
They Must Send Makandiwa To Pray For Him, To Doubt Prophecy is to doubt the poor and
existance of God. And if you Believe in Gods Existance and you believe this Prophecy is
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My Name is Dr Clarence and as Always Thank you for Watching, im out

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