Majority Says Senate Should Vote To Convict, Remove President Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Majority Says Senate Should Vote To Convict, Remove President Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Majority Says Senate Should Vote To Convict, Remove President Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Do you believe these polls? Trump Election Rallies are at Stadiums. Biden Rallies are at Elementary school auditoriums. We're being lied to.

  2. I think he should be fired on Twitter and then His go home paperwork on his desk. Make sure you it has lots of pictures and diagrams so he will understand what just happened.

  3. Every single time you show the negative polls but still nothing has changed the president’s popularity.who is right?For the last three years we listen to the same polling index.Economy is good,job market is fine,tax relief and so many good has happened and media polling doesn’t reflect that.who is baking or faking or manufacturing the news?

  4. The real problem is that the USA has a huge number of people who are not very well educated and that number is growing with each new generation. If there is any doubt about the truth of that, then just take a look at the number of people who will still vote republican even after the republican politicians publicly display their disdain for the people. Apologies to all the decent folk there, but sadly you only get one vote each. Your votes are being hijacked and you are already in the minority..

  5. Just reading the comments tells you how accurate the polls are anyone who is a republican does not take or answer any poll cnn msnbc etc they won’t take it

  6. Majority of American did not Vote for Don the Con, Majority of American want this Lying/TREASONOUS Trump out of Thier White House!

  7. Everyone knows that trump lies, he is a con man, its just that 4 out of 10 just do not care. Now that is scary. There are those that likes to be abused and be lied to. Its just that simple.

  8. if you look at the poll it says that it among was 1,156 adults (with landlines i might add ) so Joe says that is 6 to 7 out of 10 american people…wow America became teeny tiny country all of a sudden lol

  9. U.s senators, Republicans, care more about guarding criminal president's hide than citizen's rights under the law. They made a devil's bargain with each other to secure power and are now holding the Constitution hostage.. the people must take action and save what freedoms we have not lost altogether.

  10. The majority of trumpard cultists are still shouting, whatabout Hillary, whatabout Obama, whatabout Biden. they dont care what trump has dome , and would never believe he was guilty, even if he went on faux news and confessed. Hence the GOP are afraid of these trumpards, voting for a trump sponsored candidate in the primaries. This is the reason . They see not opposing trump as way of clinging on to POWER. the only reason a minority of republican senators , may put pressure on moscow mitch, to include witnesses and evidence, is because they are in swing states with a slim majority at present, and fear being voted out at the next election, again , it is all about clinging to POWER. I have heard many commentators, saying that trump is what the founding fathers feared most. They are WRONG, the GOP enabling trump is what they feared the most. the mechanism was put in place to rid the country of a corrupt president, but america, has a corrupt president, corrupt, senate and a corrupt house of representatives

  11. One survey i would love to se is how many Republicans have switched parties or gone non partisan since this has become so obviously a non democracy style term.

  12. How will Trump's presidency be canonised if the Senate thwarts the impeachment? I mean, how would such corruption be sought to be legitimised?

  13. We are weaker and the world is stronger since Trump's been in office. China and Russia are collaborating in war games together, practicing for what? A unified attack?! N Korea and Iran are nuclear ready….. And more angry than ever. This POTUS has dropped the ball on these dictatorship countries and is going about hos foreign policy like a child . . . He will ruin us in another four years. He needs to get out if the oval. With is Putin loving self

  14. Most flagrant number: "no 45%", so if 1% benefits from taxcuts, what about the remaining 44%? Will Canada and Europe soon face numbers of american refugees seeking asylum?

  15. Is Joe Scarborough NOT the stupidest human being on the planet? I think he may even be dumber than Brian Costanza Stelter, if that is possible.

  16. Trump will flee to Russia,. if he is impreached in the Senate. He's going to tell Putin everything he knows. Sounds familiar, Edward Snowden?
    He's already working on his plan B.

  17. Where are these polls? I recieved and gave said nothing. Majority of the black and brown people I know don't do surveys. We don't agree with your President. Add and talk to us too.

  18. I honestly don’t think McConnell cares about the public’s opinion. He’s a man who has clung to power despite being incredibly unpopular in his home state.
    He may run again but he’s just about 78 now, so may well decide to retire in/before November rather than risk defeat at the polls – he has more money than he can ever spend, more millions coming via his wife and her family, and continued political influence through her position as Transport Secretary.
    His legacy is already assured – he has been packing the courts with
    conservative judges to shape US laws and ‘justice’ for generations to come, and he has struck a deal to get a (Russian) factory in Kentucky as a sop to his voters.
    All he really wants to do here is rub Dems’ noses in it as he eases Trump’s passage to re-election.

  19. Kicking and Screaming they should remove the big baby. Trump is a disgusting human being. I cant stand to even look at him at this point. Let alone listen to what #45 has to say.

  20. The majority do not believe anything that this clown says and we will speak at the next election like we did atthe last one.So sick of these two idiots and their polls

  21. this explains the contempt of the public for a senate that does not
    represent nor execute the will of the people.

  22. Republicans have been twisted by fear and hatred, they would rather be under the thumb of a communist Russian murderous dictator than have Hillary as president. They are guided by a level of cowardice that would make the founders of America utterly  ashamed of them.

  23. If he’s not impeached and removed, Americans will remove him and he and all complicit will be prosecuted. No American President has had so many misconducts in the history of America. What has racism done to America?

  24. There are 2,868,686 votes that were denied and not represented. A deligate can or may have been bought with russian money laundered through narcissist trump! REMOVE ASAP or VOTE BLUE!

  25. Mitch is on Donald wig wearing Trumps payroll. And all of the rest of his legal team. They all got a nice fat payout to try to keep wig from being impeached. They are not backing him for nothing nor for free. How many millions possibly billions have Mitch gotten from wig to try to help him win this impeachment??

  26. You’re either with the Constitution or you’re with Trump. The majority of Americans are not with turning Trump into a dictator. It’s terrifying that there are any Americans in favor of Trump.

  27. Now that sotero's Corrupt FBI/DOJ/DNC/IRS/DOD/CIA/MSM COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for Treason begin? The U.S Constitution has a 'cure for Treason. Love of country Trumps hate for Donald.

  28. If President Obama had done only half of what Trump has done, the Republicans would be ready to hang him from the highest tree limb. Incidentally, I no longer consider that cross-dressing Rudy Giuliani "The Mayor of America." He's a no good #$on of a B%#* The world is finally seeing just how conniving, conspiring and deceitful the Republicans truly are.

  29. Saw the Trump interview today the thought of Bolton testifying is the first time I've seen him humbled we need to hear from Mr Bolton


  31. Republican Morning Joe would still vote for the guy he voted for before…He and his always talked over wife/co-host are laughing to the bank with the tax cuts they got on the millions they make from this gossip show. Conservative hypocrite would be all over President Clinton if she rang up the debt that Morning Joe's fellow blowhard buddy is ruining this country with. Morning Joe contributes to the teabag cancer in US politics. MSNBC, please replace these two hosts with Willie Geist.

  32. The white is now under the control of an organized criminal syndicate being supervised by Putin. If Trump does not go you can say goodbye to what Used to be America .

  33. Whats the big deal, every politician is corrupt and only looks for their own personal interest. Us, American people are slowly losing our freedom and choice. Another corrupt individual will take his place and it’ll be the same drama over again. But this is our fault, we forgot the truth and good ethics of this country through distractions and misleading ethical values. Stay informed, learn, focused, and enjoy your everyday life with your loved ones, that’s what matters at the end of the day. God Bless


  34. The senate majority are Republicans…they are agreeing with the ATROCITIES of Trump's presidency and DICTATORSHIP! Screw them all !

  35. We would hope if they have a conscious they meaning Republicans will want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help them, God. Nobody is that blind. 71% of Americans want witnesses and documents. This is blatantly showing Americans how much power they have under Trump's Administration. He doesn't care about what the American people think. He's not working for the American working class or the poor. Bet this is truly the first time Republicans really listen to learn what happened.

  36. That's funny. When you watch MSNBC or CNN, you thought everyone hates Trump and wants to get rid of him. When you switched to Fox News, The Sun channels, you thought everyone admired Trump, Trump 2020! what a world!

  37. Trump MUST be impeached and we need it NOW so we can be FREE of a TRAITOR and all the Republicans that were okay with it THE END

  38. 202-224-3121
    WH switchboard – ask to speak to the senator of your state.

    Mr/Ms Senator, I, as a constituent and registered voter in your district, want witnesses and evidence presented in the impeachment trial, then let the chips fall where they may. Thank you.


  39. No we wont vote to remove our innocent President Trump out off Office, he did nothing wrong, You are talking to wrong people

  40. Democratic party is full of safe space, cry babies. You all want to smear someone just because you don't like his disposition. Because he somehow hurts your feelings. There's no pragmatism with you fools. When the finger is pointing at you, I'm sure you'll all lament this time in your lives.

  41. What majority you morons? In the house? Once it goes to the Senate thats who has the final say, but you clearly knew that? Please stop posting dishonest/fake news because no one believes you. You are the ‘press’, a bunch of nobodys with air time. Liberal losers

  42. You are damned liars the American public don't want him impeached!!!!!! The news will say any lie than want perpetrated on us!!! Don't think we don't know it. You make me sick!!!!

  43. What's wrong with these Democrats? (I am one, FWIW.) Stop pushing the line that Trump abused his power, or that he broke the law. The non-committed viewers don't CARE about that. TRUMP ENDANGERED THE UNITED STATES, and its allies, FOR PERSONAL GAIN. (And did the same with the Kurds issue.) Trump also extorted / bribed the Ukraine to LIE about Hunter Biden. That's much worse than just bribing them to announce an investigation. – The wording matters. A LOT.

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