Major WWE Leaks Surfaced! Sasha Banks Injury Confirmed! Scott Steiner Latest News! AEW & WWE NEWS!

Major WWE Leaks Surfaced! Sasha Banks Injury Confirmed! Scott Steiner Latest News! AEW & WWE NEWS!

Here is your news for
March 9, 2020 We’re kicking off today’s video
with news from the Elimination
Chamber, as Becky Lynch has her opponent for
WrestleMania 36. At the Pay Per View, Shayna
Baszler won the Elimination
Chamber main event, meaning she will challenge for
the RAW Women’s
Championship at WrestleMania, and in an interesting booking
decision, Baszler eliminated
every single one of her opponents with her Kirifuda
Clutch As the fourth entrant into the
match, the Queen of Spades
immediately tapped out Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan
with the Clutch, and then used
the same move to eliminate Natalya. After waiting for Liv Morgan to
enter next, she too fell to the
Kirifuda Clutch, as Baszler stared down Asuka,
who was the final entrant,
and also passed out in the devastating hold. Lynch herself was shown
watching the Chamber match
twice as it was going on, and once more after
Baszler’s win. Their feud was kicked off last
month when Baszler
appeared on RAW and bit Lynch in the back of the neck,
though the pair also met at
last November’s Survivor Series, where the then-
NXT Women’s Champion
defeated both Lynch and SmackDown Women’s
Champion Bayley. This match will certainly be a
huge thing for WrestleMania,
which will take place at the Raymind James Stadium
in Tampa, Florida, on April 5th. We’ve got news from WWE’s
corporate side now, as
several stockholders are suing the company over the
Saudi Arabia deal. Business Wire is reporting that
the Robbins Geller Rudman
and Dowd Limited Liability Partnership launched
the lawsuit against WWE,
alleging that the company quote “made false and misleading
statements, and/or failed to
disclose information regarding WWE’s
business and operations.” The complaint says that the
WWE deliberately misled
stockholders about the rising tension with the Saudi
government, and mentioned
the travel issues after last year’s Crown Jewel event,
and the recent exists of former
WWE Co-Presidents George Barrios and Michelle
Wilson. This lawsuit is the last thing
WWE wants to be dealing
with right now, so hopefully some sort of compromise will be
found sooner rather than later. Some more worrying news now,
as we’ve previously reported
about the c*****V**** that is popping up
around the world, and now a
WWE employee has apparently come into contact. Brad Shepard is reporting that
a WWE employee has come
into contact with the disease, but also said how this
employee doesn’t work at
WWE’s main headquarters in Stanford. According to reports, the
employee is under self
quarrantine, and a mass-email has been sent out to everyone
in the company, informing
them how to respond to questions about whether the
V**** will hurt WrestleMania plans. Shepard’s report also said that
everyone is shaken up, but no
symptons have been reported yet, though WWE will
still abide by all travel
restrictions that might come up as well, and hopefully, the
V**** vanishes soon. Interestingly, this report should
be taken with a grain of salt,
as the WWE on FOX Facebook account criticised
Shepard, saying that he isn’t
a trusted news source on anything. Whatever the truth may be,
WWE has no plans of
changing WrestleMania 36, despite a couple of cases of
c*****V**** popping up
around the Tampa area as well. Recently, the WWE held a
backstage meeting about the
V**** and how Superstars can protect themselves, as it’s
clear that WWE is still monitoring
the situation very closely. From WWE to Impact now, as
Scott Steiner recently
collapsed backstage at Impact’s A-Town Beatdown event,
and had plenty of people worried
when he was rushed to hospital. Several wrestling stars, including
Hulk Hogan, sent their best
wishes to Freakzilla, and the PW Insider reported that
Big Poppa Pump has undergone
a heart procedure, but didn’t specify
what kind of procedure he had. It seems to have gone well though,
as Tommy Dreamer took to Twitter
to say Steiner was doing okay, and
Impact Executive VP Scott
D’Amore later confirmed that Steiner is doing well, and
thanked everybody for their
support. Hopefully, this situation will pass,
and Steiner will go a very long
time without needing to go to the emergency
room, and it was very fortunate
that Big Poppa Pump was able to get the proper
help he needed so quickly. In an update from Brad Shepard,
one of his sources indicated that
Steiner is expected to recover from what
was a life-or-death situation,
and he reported that the former WCW World
Champion stopped breathing
at one point, and they had to shock his heart. On Twitter, Steiner’s wife Christa
thanked everyone who assisted
her husband throughout the ordeal, as its
clear the Impact Wrestling
works like a family, and that Steiner means a lot to
them, and their fans. It’s fortunate that the company
was prepared for this kind of
situation, and hopefully it won’t be too long
until Freakzilla is back to 100%. We’re going back to last night’s
Elimination Chamber Pay Per
View, as Braun Strowman’s Intercontinental
Reign wasn’t very long at all. After capturing the title from
Shinsuke Nakamura a few
weeks back, Strowman let his words get away from him
during a contract signing
against the King of Strong Style, and after claiming that
the match would end up with
him fighting Nakamura, as well as Sami
Zayn and Cesaro, the title
match was made into a three-on-one handicap match. Though Zayn spent most of
the match running from
Braun, he was able to avoid getting those hands long
enough, and pinned the
Monster Among Men to capture the IC title. This mark’s Zayn’s first title on
the main roster, as he was a
former NXT Champion, and it’ll be interesting to see
how Strowman, Nakamura
and Cesaro react to this shocking win, as we continue
on the road to WrestleMania. Speaking of the showcase of
the immortals, we’re looking
at a match that was planned, but probably won’t be
happening now, and it
concerns Sasha Banks. On Twitter, Alex McCarthy
reported that the original plan
was for the Boss to split with Bayley on the road to
WrestleMania, culminating in
a SmackDown Women’s title match between the two
on April 5th. McCarthy also said that with
Sasha’s recent injury, the
WWE has nixed these plans, and now its unclear
what role, if anything, Banks
will have at WrestleMania. With the Boss out of the title
picture, the current rumours
are that it’ll be Naomi who challenges Bayley for the
SmackDown Women’s title,
but even this rumor has been changed recently. During the Elimination Chamber
Pay Per View, Bayley tweeted
that she was giving the SmackDown Women’s
division the night off, but
according to McCarthy, the former Hugger will be defending
her title at WrestleMania in a
six-pack challenge. The current line-up for the match
sees Bayley facing Sasha Banks,
Naomi, Lacey Evans, Carmella and one more
name, but with WrestleMania
less than a month away, the WWE will need to work
fast to get this title match
announced for the show. From a current WWE Women’s
champion to a former holder
of the gold, as Stephanie McMahon has done
plenty in WWE, both in and
out of the ring. Recently, the Billion Dollar
Princess appeared to accept
the Women in Toys’ Changemaker Award at the New
York Toy Fair, and gave those
in attendance a history lesson about WWE’s
toy line. In her acceptance speech,
Stephanie said that growing
up with her mother Linda as the CEO, she naturally
assumed that women should
be in the top of business, and revealed that it was Linda
who came up with the idea for
WWE’s action figure line. She said: “It was actually my mom when
she saw my brother playing
with his GI Joes when she first had the
idea that we should have a
licensing business for WWE, I think our Super
stars should have action
figures and here we are so many years later with
our partners Mattel.” WWE’s action figure line is
stronger than ever, as the
WWE recently celebrated it’s tenth anniversary with Mattel,
after working for years with
Jakks Pacific. The Mattel’s basic series 100
was a huge landmark for
both companies, and the next time you pick up a figure,
you’ll know that you have
Linda McMahon to thank. One person who has had
plenty of WWE figures
throughout his tenure is Matt Hardy, and though he isn’t
with WWE anymore, the
former Tag Champion has had plenty to say about the
company. After returning to WWE in
2017 with his brother Jeff,
it wasn’t long until Matt became Woken, a play on
the Broken character he
played in Impact Wrestling, and recently spoke about his
Ultimate Deletion special in
WWE. Speaking on PW Insider Elite
Audio, Matt revealed that the
WWE had two more specials in the pipeline, but
unfortunately, couldn’t make
things work. He said: “I think the creative guys [got
the Broken character] you
can say it’s them, but it’s not them. I mean
you see it all the time. Vince
is the one. If he wants something to
happen, it’s happening.” “The Halloween special, myself
and JB [Jeremy Borash] and
what we did. I had creative control. This is
very sad for me in many
ways because in January I learned that they
green-lit two other House
Hardy specials because the first one did
very well. I mean I tried to
get them to do it forever like I’ll write things and
do it all myself these things
and knock it out.” Matt went on to say that though
he tried to get Vince McMahon
to approve things, the Boss wouldn’t, and
that the writers and producers
didn’t want to go ahead, without McMahon’s
say-so. He also said that though WWE
did have plans to bring back
the Ultimate Deletion match concept, the process too
took long, and by the time he
got the okay to film more specials, he had already
decided that he’d be leaving. In that same interview, Matt also
spoke about whether WWE
could have convinced him to resign with the
company, and admitted a more
relaxed schedule could have made a difference.
He said: ““There would be a possibility,
but I would need assurances.
Like, this is really important to me like how
I do these next 3 or 4 years.
Like, I’m not 23 or 24 years old. I have some
good matches left in me, but I
don’t have a good match every day of the
week, you know and I can’t
do it 4 or 5 days in a row like I used to.” Since his departure, Hardy has
teased joining various
promotions, and whilst the odds-on-favourite is that he
will be joining AEW, time will
tell what’s next for the former WWE Superstar. From one former TNA World
Champion to another now,
as Rob Van Dam has been doing a lot in Impact since
returning to the company, but
will be out of action for a while On Twitter, the former Impact,
WWE and ECW World
Champion revealed that he recently suffered a broken rib
that will keep him on the shelf
for some time, and that it was a fall to the floor on
impact two weeks ago, that
caused this injury to happen. As a veteran of Impact Wrestling,
WWE and ECW, Van Dam has
had plenty of injuries throughout his career,
but at the age of 49, it may
be time for the Whole F’n show, to think twice before
letting his body be slammed
into the hard floor. Back to WWE now, and we all
know that the company is all
about social media, and last week, the Vince
McMahon-led promotion
experienced a huge milestone. On Saturday, the company
revealed that the official WWE
YouTube channel had surpassed 40 billion views, and
acknowledged the fans who
made this incredible milestone possible. Though this viewership online
doesn’t seem to translate
directly into live TV numbers, its still a very good
indication that the WWE
brand is doing well all around the world, and
remains very popular. One man who knows all about
bringing in a big crowd is
Triple H, and last week, the Game did just that, but
outside of the world of wrestling. Recently, the WWE’s COO
picked up the Lifetime
Achievement award at the Arnold Classic, which celebrates
fitness and leadership in sports,
and was also presented his award by the
T-800 Terminator himself,
Arnold Schwarzenegger. In his speech, the Game cited a
desire to give back whenever
possible as one of his main mantras in life, and it’s
clear that Triple H’s work in
NXT, where he has helped develop the next
generation of Superstars,
shows him giving back. It’s no secret that the Game
and Arnie are friends, as the
two appeared on the 12th episode of SmackDown together
back in 1999, and the Predator
star was also part of the Game’s entrance at
WrestleMania 31. We mentioned Triple H’s work
helping to foster the next
generation of Superstars in NXT, and now we’ve got a
spoiler for NXT UK, so if you
don’t want to hear it, please skip the next minute
of the video. At a recent taping, a battle
royale was made to determine
the next contender for NXT UK Champion Walter, and
it was ultimately Ilja Dragunow
who was the last man standing. Though it wasn’t made official,
it’s highly likely that this title
match against Walter will take place at the upcoming
NXT UK TakeOver: Dublin
event, which is set to take place on April 26th, at the
3Arena, in Dublin, Ireland. From NXT to SmackDown now,
as Universal Champion Bill
Goldberg is preparing for his title match against Roman
Reigns, but the Hall of Famer is
looking at the end of his career. During an appearance on the
Bump, Goldberg spoke about
the possibility of retiring, but admitted that he
feels he can still go, and there’s
no chance of anyone convincing him otherwise.
He said: ““I remember ragging on Ric
Flair for being 42 and being
in the ring and here I am 11 years his senior
when I made the comment
and I’m still doing it. Just like I mentioned to
someone yesterday saying:
‘Hey when are you gonna hang it up?’ The fact is
that if I get a phone call and I
can still do what I did back in the day and
bring it to at least an
acceptable level then I’m not gonna say no.” Though Goldberg believes he
can still go, his Super
Showown 2019 match against The Undertaker has led many
to believe the Hall of Famer
should hang up his boots, though it’ll be a difficult
task to convince the reigning
Universal Champion to walk away from the ring
anytime soon. We’ve mentioned that Goldberg
will be defending his title
against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania on April 5th,
but that show will be just one
event of a huge week, which will include the WWE’s
annual Hall of Fame ceremony. So far, the NWO, the Bella twins,
Batista and JBL have all been
announced, and this week, the next inductee
will be revealed, on Corey
Graves’ After the Bell podcast. Out of all the names who were
reported, everyone except the
British Bulldog and Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger have
been confirmed, though it
looks like it’ll be just a matter of days before one of
these two legends is awarded
their rightful spot, in the WWE Hall of Fame class
of 2020. And finally today we’re ending
with an update on Dana
Warrior, as the widow of the Ultimate Warrior was brought
into the company’s creative
team around this time last year, but quickly
moved up the corporate ladder. Part of Dana’s success comes
reporteduly due to many in
the writing team either quitting or being fired, and whilst
fans haven’t heard much of her
in a while, the PW Insider is reporting that she
is still part of WWE’s creative
team. We’ll have to see what kind of
contributions she can make to
the WWE’s product, but for now, the wife of the
WWE Hall of Famer is still
going strong on the company’s creative team.

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