Liverpool’s dressing room celebrations after incredible Barcelona comeback

Liverpool’s dressing room celebrations after incredible Barcelona comeback

Mi? – Tervezed a nyaralást?
– Nem, még nem. Gyerünk! Mutasd, mutasd, mutasd! Héj, héj, héj! MEGYÜNK!

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  1. يامصريين كلكم حطو لايك عشان يبان ان الكومنت دة مهم وبيتكلم في حاجة عظيمة وكلهم يروحو يترجموه بقا عشان يفهمو وفي الاخر يكتشفو ان احنا تافهين جدا وانا هعمل الاشكال دي عشان يبان ان دة موضوع مهم 😠😢💔

  2. Congratulations Once more to Liverpool FC, hard work does pay off. From a Chelsea supporter

    But that Track is a killer💥

  3. when liver pool and Tottenham lock horn in Final KENYA takes rules the gmae as sons of our soil will be playing though opposing sides I mean Divock origi and victor wanyama Idid not mention when obama took it to white house….!!!!!

  4. WARNING ::all managers I mean of Tottenham and Liverpool should let the sons of soil KENYA PlAY >DIVOCK ORIGI and VICTOR WANYAMA
    before we perform black african magic or witchcraft to any of the team that will deny either of our boys game and make them lose drasticaly by 6-0

  5. Countino was in champion,s league final last year, all the what if,s noe. He been thinking.why did Ieave best club in reality, for best on paper for money

  6. The gal is only there in the review after a game of total delivery. It was fantastic what Liverpool did deserved and very much the vacant in the final of the champions 👏🔴⚽

  7. Congratulation to Liverpool and Barcelona players for this amazing prank spree on the entire herd ! We want more!  😀 Especially funny corner we enjoyed . Just next time at least move players to stand in the penalty area not outside. Too obvious some sheeple can start to doubt. In the past we enjoyed PSG and Barca greatest handball comeback , but its football for God sake not handball. You open a totally new page – A funny corner tactic ! Definitely it will add more colours to this fantastic game.

  8. I feel the atmosphere of that dressing room……..wwwoowwwww….. Liverpool you'll never walk alone……after you run so incredibly fast

  9. "Future – Extra Luv"for those who have been looking for the track! come on Liverpool lets get that CL Trophy!!

  10. whos the guy at 50 seconds doing his shoe laces that you see several times in the video. why is he celebrating and singing along, he was an UNUSED SUB and did nothing whatsoever for the victory, i hate free loaders like him, acting like hes a superstar when he hasnt done ANYTHING!

  11. You should be proud of your club, I'm a Barca fan and I'm literally waiting for the time I could be a proud Barca fan, you deserve the win

  12. Klopp deserves this and needs this more!! They all deserve a medal, what a great team ! Now .. ! Go and win it ! Good luck Allez Allez Allez YNWA!

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