100 Replies to “LIVE SPECIAL REPORT: U.S. Officials are confident Iran shot down passenger jet carrying 176 people

  1. Before the conspiracy nonsense starts, ask yourself what WILL make you believe this story. I use to always be skeptical until everyone makes everything out to be a conspiracy.

  2. Have the US NTSA given any explanation or evidence the backs up this claim. How would anybody other than the investigators on site have any evidence at this time. Sounds like wishful thinking on behalf of the US.

  3. The press will blame Donald Trump, you know Rachel Maddow will. They will say Trump's agression made the Iranians paranoid and that's why they made this mistake of misidentification Of course, the fact that it is leaving a civilian airport and flying too slow for an attack plane or misslle and I believe sending off an electronic beacon identifying itself as a civilian plane should have been a clue.

  4. Look out Iran, the war mongering usa wants you next. Defend youselves the best you can, take out as many troops as possible 👍😀

  5. What is possible, that these people feared war in Iran and were leaving to escape tragedy. And there are people in the US who trust and champion Iran.

  6. I am way ahead of the gov. If it was only 1 engine he would have been able to turn around & land no problem. They do it all the time with 1 engine during bird strikes,so i knew there was something fishy right away.

  7. sophisticated response, you mean a better "lie" like what they have done in everything that they have done – when will people realize the hypocrisy of this

  8. Hey Iran?
    Do you think it's a good idea to set up that surface to air missile pad at the end of the runway there?
    (Why YES, what could possibly go wrong?)
    Ooookkkk then

  9. The great nation of Iran, where if you're smart you go into engineering and if you're dumb you join the military 😆!

  10. Trump likely shot the airliner down. He is behind everything else. Or maybe it was Rudy? The airliner had both Iranians AND Canadians on it. Both mortal enemies of the US under Trump. Especially those Canadians.

  11. That aircraft wasnt a missile free zone? That's all they needed right? I mean gun free zones are spot on safe.

  12. i have to watch american news to find out about what happened, Trudeau says its an accident. Trudeau is an accident, wtf

  13. Fake news. Smith Mundt. I heard they were throwing babies out of incubators while delivering wmd's to Assad and the Easter bunny. Lies by the tribe.

  14. Surely the people who operate the surface to air missiles have been trained , And would know the difference between a passenger plane , And a Jet fighter ……

  15. I would believe Iran before I would believe the Idiot Infowarior in the white house. He doesn't understand how Paper Punch cards work.

  16. Russia makes weapons for Iran. Earlier Russian Buk shot down a Malaysian jet, this time a Ukrainian jet… it goes to show they are just badly made, those rocket radars

  17. Troudeau said to his people it could have been an accldent they don't know.He agreed that it was shot down but it could have been a mistake said they did not know.

  18. The US is a big trouble maker around the world, I wonder what they will do in 2050, when the US become a Diminished world super power and China takes the leadership in the world military aggressions. No super power last forever, eventually others will catch up and overtake them and can be more aggressive.

  19. Mr. Trump caused that plane to come down. It is true that all Iran air defense systems are on. It can be a mistake to shoot it down.

  20. Shot down at Tehran's International Airport at take off, hundreds of miles from the Iraqi border…..complete propaganda…..false flag!

  21. No…. of course this was a “mistake” by the nice regime in Iran. We should invite them back to the White House, shake there hand and make a deal with them. Maybe send them home with pallets of cash. lol

  22. Iran needs to be held accountable for this atrocity, they need to be hit very fast and very hard, Today it wasn’t US citizens killed but tomorrow it could be

  23. Funny how these mainstream idiots raced over to Tehran to cover the funeral and siding with a known terrorist's death. Wearing their hijabs and everything to virtue signal to the world and politicize this against Trump. What a bunch of phonies…

  24. When empowered women who would never wear what a white man told them to wear without calling abuse – submits to the will of the diverse men who they know will attack them – then when asked they say its religious – nowhere in any book does it say to wear clothing on threat of violence – its cultural abuse – I just don't get why they are held to super low expectation and standards compared to the good guys!
    Its like the most oppressive guys get respect and the ones showing genuine love and respect get venom – as they say nice guys finish last – but why – is liberal ideology worth it, who wins some backwards people who will harm the people who defend them in the name of not being called racist unfairly.
    People are different – treat them equally but please do notice how people act when they subscribe to certain groups, if you cant call people out for bag group behaviour how can they improve?
    No matter the colour or culture evil is evil – patterns do exist – its never all of a group but when they lean towards tyranny they need calling out without people reverting to the who victim group lie – words cant hurt the mentally healthy, but physical actions can and should be a higher priority than policing words

  25. As soon as I heard this news shortly after the missle attack I had a feeling that this was likely an Irian missile that shot down the airliner. Prayers 🙏 go out to the family of the loved ones that were lost!

  26. Thanks God, the United States was finally given a resolute, strong and non-politician type leader Donald J. Trump, who do not bow down to political correctness. God bless our troops, Christians and Jewish people!!!!

  27. Look at the pictures… it looks like the frame of place was peppered with shrapnel. That is how a Russian anti air missile works. Iran has a ton of Russian air defense systems. Iran shot it down.

  28. I'm sure "U.S. Officials" would NEVER lie to us.
    LMAO…🤣🤣🤣 Their probably the same ones that told us about aluminum tubes, Syrian gas attacks, and weapons of mass destruction. Same BS as before….

    See "Afghanistan papers"

  29. USA bombs a military target.
    Everyone loses their mind and calls the USA "wrongful" or making "unnecessary attacks" and that's it.

    But if Iran or Russia shoots down a passenger airliner over Ukraine..
    Everyone tries to understand and reason with the news or distort facts to justify their own political agendas.

  30. This is war, propaganda is rife during war. This is Fake News. At least the Russioan and the Chinese people know their state news is Fake. Looks like people here still believe this BS

  31. the women in green has way too many teeth in her head to even talk properly i like her eyes but she needs speech therapy can not understand a word.The reporter in iran aint much better are they on drugs or something ?

  32. You mean the mossad shot the missile. MOSSAD. Welcome to the zionist's long awaiting third and final world war. Suckers.

  33. A stinger missile can do this damage. The plane was at altitude 8000 feet according to the news..I looked at the stinger missile range and below is its range. This means that a person somewhere in the area can do the damage. It is a shoulder carry missile as you know and it is easy to carry and can do the damage. Could it be a third party involved and their interest is for the USA and Iran to go to war?

    "The Stinger missile itself has an outward targeting range of up to 4,800 m (15,700 feet) and can engage low altitude enemy threats at up to 3,800m (12,500 feet). The AN/PAS-18 is a rugged, lightweight thermal imaging sight that mounts on the Stinger weapon round to provide a 24-hour mission capability."

  34. Well that's an extremely irresponsible mistake ,and to first to denie it all together, not to wait and make an correct statement at first?? Just to be fair and responsible to everyone concerned.

  35. Thoughts and prayers for the innocent civilians who lost their lives. My heart goes out to them in these difficult times.

  36. Trump cut off the head of the snake. He did what needed to be done and no more, and walked away. Iran did the rest. Meanwhile Dems are wringing their hands, secretly fantasizing about Obama actually doing this.. Instead of dumping a pallet of cash on the tarmac.
    God Bless these victims.

  37. It's always the Citizens that pay the ultimate price for Government Turf Wars. The few Ego's and demented power struggles have way too much power over the Majorities of Lives in the World today.

  38. love it how the media says shot the plane by mistake … a mistake is when you forget to put the food back in the fridge … killing 170+ people is a mass murderer not a mistake. god bless the innocent passengers and the crew . pray for the victims

  39. 82 Iranians were on that plane 63 Canadians and 11 Ukrainians so why would they do this. I guess that's why they place the possibility of an accident. Ralph Nader on Democracy Now on the suit against Boeing the 737 Max could have been a defective plane.

  40. I hope the World can see that lie iran can't manage anything's how can we give them the power of a Nuke i am with Trump on this he seems to be pn top of things unlike our Canada P M

  41. so a russian missle system was used to attack an ukrainian target, (you
    know the nation russia ilegally went to war against in 2012 that the
    rest of the world including the us has basically allowed) but now im
    supposed to beleive it was iranians who have never had a problem with
    ukraine when blamed by the west… totally makes perfect sense doesnt
    it, and right when we need iran to be the "bad guys" the most to start
    our distraction war for trumpy?!!!

  42. so a russian missle system was used to attack an ukrainian target, (you
    know the nation russia ilegally went to war against in 2012 that the
    rest of the world including the us has basically allowed) but now im
    supposed to beleive it was iranians who have never had a problem with
    ukraine when blamed by the west… totally makes perfect sense doesnt
    it, and right when we need iran to be the "bad guys" the most to start
    our distraction war for trumpy?!!!

  43. Canada's man child Trudy is probably throwing up because he is terrified to make big decisions. Experts expect him to surrender within the hour.

  44. Trump and his games have caused more deaths.
    I cannot wait until he is dragged out of office and dragged into jail.
    I will never feel good about being an American since Trump.

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