Lillie McCloud – Crowd-Surprising Cover of CeCe Winans’ “Alabaster Box” – THE X FACTOR USA 2013

Hello lady! Hi there! Who are you? Lillie McCloud Lillie? Why are you here? I’m here to win. Really? Really. Okay. Give it to me. Mamamamamam Okay mama, go for it. I go. I go. Where are you from? I’m from. Well I’m from Rochester New York, but I live in Orlando And how old are you now? *Shouting* 54 What? Oh, in this life. Oh MY. 54? Don’t say it mama. Don’t say it. *Laughing* Wow! My name is Lillie McCloud I am 54. I have three children. And seven grandchildren So, there’s a house full My daughter was with me today. And my other children are home. Calling me every like 20 minutes. I always knew I wanted to be a singer. this I can’t wait I’ve been waiting for a long time for this opportunity. It’s just wasn’t my time Because I wanted it to just be around the family I made the right decision Even though I’m still searching the same dream I would do it again the same way Who gets an opportunity like this? at 54? I’ve waited for this. This is my chance It’s now Or never What are you singing tonight? Alabaster Box Wow By CeCe Winans Kill it mama I love this song *Lillie McCloud was singing* Wow! *People shouting* Wow! Oh My Godness Oh My *People shouting* *People shouting and clapping* That was unbelievable lady. Unbelievable! Thank you! Where’ve you been? Where’ve you been hiding? The fact that you sang to people a song they didn’t know and y’all could feel that, couldn’t you? *People shouting and clapping* Every single part of this room. You touched. With your voice Blessed us all. Thank you! Uuhh. Oh My God. I think you have, ah. Honestly, an incredible voice. You absolutely nailed it. I’m really. It really was that good. Oh My God *People shouting and clapping* Oh My God like. Ripped my heart out on my chest And I feel like I’m listening through windy. *People shouting and clapping* And I feel like maybe your time Wasn’t supposed to happen until now. *People shouting* So, we’re gonna vote I don’t think it’s necessary but *Laughing* Si. (Yes.) Para mi es un si rotundo. (For me it’s an absolute yes.) *People shouting* Si (Yes.) (mumbles in spanish) *Laughing* Yes. *People shouting* Would be the easiest yes I’ve said In this entire competition. Ahh. How do you say that? Kidding. *People shouting* For your assist. *People shouting and clapping* Jesus! *People shouting and clapping* *Laughing* That’s right. I love her. Whooaah Can we discuss her voice? I never hear that song before. But you felt it. Oh My God. I’m like still crying. I love her. Oh My God. I don’t even know what to say. I’m, I’m speechless.

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