LeSean McCoy signs with the Chiefs

LeSean McCoy signs with the Chiefs

I’ve had good numbers, which you know, and I have done good things but
I want to win, with a winning team. And whatever it takes to get that done,
we’ll do. There’s group of teams I called in, and I thought this is probably
the best fit for me. You see the offense. I’m just trying to get into
this fit a small role. These guys are rolling,
and be part of that. I think I have a great
chance at a championship. If you had to pick a team
that you want to play for. And I think the best part about is Andy
Reid, who is one of my favorites, coaches, of my NFL career. Something about this being here. The players are all good friends. Sometimes you have a lot of superstars. This guy has his own routines and
it’s different the other side. But they’re all on the same page. And that right there is special. And just to be part of that, and
I think it’s a realistic shot. Well, I’ve been into
a playbook all day today. Tomorrow then we’ll keep going. But the thing is some of
the terminology is a little different. But a lot of concepts are kinda the same. The hard part is different
offensive schemes. The code words are kind of the same so
it confuses you a little bit. But I should be fine. Smart dude and I have nothing else to do. But-
>>[LAUGH]>>So it’ll be like homework here and at home. I just felt better with coach Reid. I know him very well, I like the offense
and I think that’s probably my best fit. Over there it’ll be good too. But LA is far. I got a seven year old son so he wouldn’t
like that very much, and also the taxes.>>[LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO]

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