LeBron James Under Fire For Comments On NBA-China Controversy | TODAY

LeBron James Under Fire For Comments On NBA-China Controversy | TODAY

100 Replies to “LeBron James Under Fire For Comments On NBA-China Controversy | TODAY

  1. James didn’t even finish high school ……lame as James …..HIS NO POLITICIAN!! Also didn’t even go to college …….. f*** JAMES!!!

  2. Lebron James complains that people don't understand each other and yet he intends not to understand that people in Hong Kong's lives are in danger, only concern for his peofits.

    I lost all respect for Lebron James.

  3. You know nothing about the situation in Hong Kong, continue to believe in the Western media, and now the media is credible? Instead, I would like to ask why Hong Kong’s "peaceful demonstrators" must wear masks. Why is the so-called peaceful demonstration destroying the city? Destroy traffic roads? Beating innocent passers-by? Gathered at the airport? Attack the police and expose their privacy information to threaten their families. As long as your ideas are different from them, they will be isolated and threaten you. Just a while ago, Hong Kong airport lost hundreds of billions of dollars a day. This is the so-called peaceful demonstration? Don't be a puppet in the Western media. If you really want to know what happened, please go to Hong Kong and ask the local people.

  4. Yes, freedom of speech is the right of everyone, but some people, as stars or public figures, should not make their remarks in the wrong place and at the wrong time. This is what you like to say: respect the situation in every country. In addition, you are not Chinese or Hong Kong. Why do you make irresponsible remarks? You don't know anything.

  5. Just another hypocrite who acts woke to gain clout and then flips the switch when doing what is right will hurt their wallet. Lebron wants to talk about how black people are still in bondage and then turn around and refuse to recognize the evils being committed by the Chinese government that is actually keeping their citizens in bondage? Yeah Lebron, you can miss me with that nonsense. I wish only the worst for you now.

  6. there is not real freedom of speech in America, people don't respect what lebron said, they only want to hear what they want to hear, if not they will attack the person by some reason, what a hypocrite.

  7. Labron James only cares for himself. He doesn't care about slave labor wages or free speech, marketing and enterprise in other countries. What matters to him the most is the millions of dollars he get from Nike who endorsed him and uses cheap labor wages on the Chinese to make their over price shoes. And also he's arrogant. He proclaimed himself the GOAT. He's a joke and a dumbbell.

  8. It's all your fault for watching stupid game NBA. You watch NBA you support oppression in Hong kong. I will watch NBA again as soon as they apologize and support freedom for Hong Kong

  9. To speak openly against a president was not risky, he only gained more notoriety and money for it. He has no honest or brave words when it counts. The underlying theme of LeBron James is he has no spine, no soul, and will do and say whatever he can to enrich himself.


  11. i like how the main point is ignored EVERYWHERE. what is the reason for of the ant-government protest???? besides to find out what was said about china you get results for apologies to china… RIGGED

  12. I understand what everyone is trying to say but don’t send people’s family members over to another country just to talk trash about them. Your free-speech doesn’t mean anything in someone else’s country.

  13. even Donald Trump keep quite about the Hong Kong, now the NBA does some things they all so scare to speak out about China, we all can see the power of money can change people.

  14. Lebron.. so the President of the United States got to be careful of what he did and said .. as he was not educated enough for bashing china .. hypocritical leftist

  15. So Lebron your shoes you make millions on is paid by people who work for pennies on the dollar and work for 60 hours minimum which is essentially slave labor….. hypocrite and all of your supporters in this are no better.

  16. For LeBron, money comes first, not freedom nor security of a country. He is a truly SELL OUT, TRAITOR. LeBron only defends democrat because they pay him to talk, same as the CCP pays him. No shocking there.

  17. What does the opinion of a sports athlete who dribbles a ball have to do with Politics?

    That’s like asking a plumber to fix ur electrical issues!
    Or Asking Kodak BlaQ how fix a nuclear ☢️ reactor ??❓

  18. Basketball is the #1 sport in China. If the NBA took a stand against the government and were banned, Chinese people might rise. Might. If the NBA didn't just care about (short-term) profit, they could make a huge difference; NBA stars have massive influence on the Chinese population.

  19. He’s right though. The problem is Americans have been programmed to make emotional decisions, so everyone bashed him for speaking facts.

    Meanwhile in America, 90% of the products and their parts you use are made and constructed in China. ??‍♂️

    You modern day slaves are too emotional to ever be freed. ?

  20. How can you say this particular president doesn’t care about the people when Barack osama and all the other presidents didn’t do jack for the people they’re politicians in wealthy back pockets

  21. It’s funny how they excluded Lebron’s statement explicitly stating that whether Morey was indeed informed of the situation, it was ill timed. As an organization it would ideal to inform your personnel of the “NBA’s” position to address your comments, especially if your employees are physically in the country. Im sure Trump didn’t condemn Kim Jong-in while visiting North Korea! Or Putin when traveling to Russia. Context Matters!

  22. So because lbj didn’t want to speak on a topic he’s not educated in because that’s not his profession is a problem?? An they attack him at the end sayin he ain’t speak up because of his business deals. ???? Come on dam if you do dam if you don’t. That’s not our country so we need to stay out how can we fix other countries when we still have race wars goin on at home. Everyone needs to grow a pair of them nuts an chill I swear this world is so feminine now it’s crazy. Must be something in the food ???

  23. Lebron is doing the right thing. He speaks about Black American issues, which is what he should do. Why concern yourself with people who have no concern for you. I haven’t seen the Chinese speak out about the injustice that goes on in Black America.

  24. I hope people go easy on james.he probably needs that contract money to feed his family,entrouge,dogs,cats and other expenses. We all know that nba players are grossly underpaid.he just doesn't have time to worry about millions of people struggling for freedom, he has more important things on his mind, like making playoff this year!!!

  25. LeBron …. Your words on Hong Kong will haunt you for the rest of your days.

    Since you understand the situation in Hong Kong so much, how about you educate us with your political wisdom?

    You obviously know absolutely NOTHING about the political situation in the worlds’ third most powerful economic city (Hong Kong) and economic gateway to China……third to London and New York … Yes, New York . NYC is in your country… It’s called America. It’s a democracy where people can say what they want UNLIKE CHINA …

    If I may help you in some basics of Modern Chinese history of which literally millions of non-Asian children around the world know… It’s called EDUCATION:
    Mao Zedong murdered between 25 million to 45 million of his own Chinese people between 1949-1976. That’s right 25-45 million. Mao Zedong made Hitler look like a peaceful guy (of which he was nothing but a devil).

    Xi Jinping currently has an estimated 1000,000 Uyghurs in concentration camps in Xinjiang Province.

    In Hong Kong dead children are being found floating in the waters around Hong Kong. Hong Kong police brutality is currently out of control as mainland China has broken its international agreement of “One country, Two systems”.

    Look up the word communism in the dictionary and you will see a photo of LeBron.

    LeBron you’re a traitor to The United States of America.,.. Shame on you. Oh but that’s right, we are all uneducated..

    The World!

  26. North Korea to the prisoners: yes y'all have all are free to escape but there's always negative ramification if you attempt to escape the camp.

  27. Daryl said ‘Fight for Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong’, Is there even a problem with that sentence? Doesnt freedom belongs to everyone that is born in this world? And this sentence by Morey did not harm anyone directly!!! It was how China reacted that harmed people!!! They freaking blocked NBA in China, thats how it harmed people. Its chinese government that harmed them not Morey. Talking about ‘Educated’, u sure bud? The more u support this chinese communism, the more ‘Educated’ You become.

  28. Y'all want lebron to speak & defend China
    But Colin isnt playing in the nfl right now for speaking up for Americans. Smh make up ya mind

  29. What do you guys want him to do?Someone will always say different words.And you are unhappy about it which is brave in China.So it must be the same whether you are in China or America

  30. The people in China should not have to live the way the government treats them. LeBron is upset about his loss of money with this political stand. In the end the people over there are being executed for wanting their freedom.

  31. What a cowardly move. Talks about using his platform for change and good and misses biggest opportunity yet. Very hypocritical and disappointing.

  32. Has this whole fiasco lowered NBA's stock price? I'm wanting to get into short selling and this would be a good example of when to do it.

  33. So he basically said dont hurt others and he gets down put for it. America in debt with china yet trying to tell china how to live. Kinda like a bum sleeping in your backyard trying to tell you have to pay your rent.

  34. James is narcis and should be kick out of the NBA for supporting any form slavery or discrimination it a sad day when I have to shut off the TV and explain why James supports the separation of muslims kids from their families in China
    Why must I be one to explain his racism to kids

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