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Donald Trump has hit back at his critics
after an embarrassing leak of his private schedule revealed how little
work he does at the White House according to the leaked schedule which
covers almost every working day since the midterms on November 6th Trump
spends about 60% of his day in executive time according to Axios it accounts for
time spent away from the Oval Office and overall showed Trump has spent about two
hundred ninety seven hours in executive time in the past three months compared
with only 77 hours spent in meetings the president hit back against the leak on
Twitter where he explained what executive time actually means after
accusations he enjoyed a lot of free time the term was coined by former chief
of staff John Kelly for unstructured time in trumps day that time often
coincides with when mr. Trump is on Twitter I probably work more hours than
almost any past president Trump tweeted he said it should have been reported as
a positive not a negative and added that when the term executive time appears on
his schedule it means he is generally working not relaxing the president’s
work ethic has been a topic of Washington conversation after Axios
obtained the three months of his private schedules acting chief of staff Mick
Mulvaney said the leakers identity should be known this week a bank programmer in China stole over
800,000 pounds from his employers by exploiting a system failure within a
cash machine Kim Kishen 43 discovered that the cash
point didn’t record transactions made around midnight meaning the user would
receive money without the numbers in their account changing this kind of
activity would usually send out an alert to those working at wok Co bank but the
programmer allegedly inserted scripts so that the issue was no longer flagged
cashing then went on to withdraw more than seven million yuan approximately
eight hundred five thousand pounds the South China Morning Post reports that he
started taking the money out in November 2016 but wasn’t caught until 1358 later
in January 2018 Boxey a bank brought the case before the
authorities but shockingly they reportedly decided to drop all charges
once Kishin gave the money back instead they reportedly accepted the
programmers explanation that he was testing the bank’s security and had held
on to the money for them to reclaim the bank also admitted that a formal
investigation of the system fault would have been difficult to conduct meaning
that kitchens test might have been a way of saving them time and money but police
refused to drop the charges and qingxue District Court found him guilty of theft
those investigating found that Kishen had deposited the stolen money into his
personal account rather than the bank’s dummy account he was jailed for 10 and a
half years with a fine of 11 thousand yuan about 1200 pounds the Kishin filed
an appeal after his trial arguing he did not deserve such a severe punishment but
the original sentence was upheld one man has come up with an incredibly
unique way to ensure he has a date for Valentine’s Day by selling himself for
the evening Peter Wilding from New Zealand is
offering women the chance to buy a date night package with him the singleton
claims to have suffered a bleed on the brain when he was 12 years old which
nearly killed him and prevented him from dating in his younger years he’s now
hoping to make up for missed time by offering his romantic services with the
goal of finding someone special to date Peter advertised his date packages on a
topo notice board page on Facebook where he shared a date options for women plus
two extras they could purchase he wrote Valentine’s Day is 10 days away so it’s
time to get booking rent me for Valentine’s Day I offer different
packages price is negotiable prices for the dates start from $15 around 7 pounds
and 81 bends which will get you a basic hang out for an hour in the morning just
as friends double this price will get you two hours
together in the morning with chocolates and holding hands thrown in as you shell
out more money you’ll be entitled to more perks such as a swim at the spa
park a slice of pie into drink a classy mcdonald’s mia lond a photo of the two
of you together to cherish forever peter will also let you pay him to have dinner
with your parents but he’ll charge more if he has to play it with your younger
siblings and if that weren’t enough you’ll even pretends to be your
boyfriend on Facebook for two whole weeks if you want something a little
steamy err you can always purchase the 15 hour overnight combo for $150 78
pounds and 14 bends for this price you get picked up by Peter we’ll enjoy
dinner together and then we’ll go camping in his Nissan Basara there will
also be some snuggling and kissing offered if you feel like it at the end
of the Facebook post Peter stipulates that he will be rejecting women for
dates based on their age and that even though he’s mainly doing this for a
laugh it it would be cool to go on a semi blind
date with someone so prices are negotiable speaking to stuff he added
that if anyone needed more incentive to date him he promises to always make you
laugh and revealed that his greatest asset is his rocking beach body so there
you have it ladies many of the residents of this bleak outpost are Russian
military personnel head of the local administration Zygon Shah muezzin said I
have been in Novaya Zemlya since 1983 yet I’ve never seen such a massive polar
bear invasion he warned the animals are literally chasing people and even
entering the entrances of residential buildings despite this some go outside
even when the Bears are a few feet away the beasts have lost their trepidation
of people and measures to deter them like shooting in the air sounding car
horns and the erecting fences around waste dump have all failed reported the
Siberian Times buddy request to Moscow to allow the shooting of some bears has
met with a flat refusal from nature preservation apparat chicks the species
are endangered and instead a team of specialists has been dispatched to the
outpost to advise residents on other measures to discourage the Bears
yet there are acute concerns over attacks infection is not taken to scare
away the bears teachers have pleaded for security measures to protect pupils the
Bears come and go but there are always at least six or ten prowling the
apartment blocks said many of resident Anastasia Bondarenko has moved out but
she said the Bears were no longer threatened by humans she said there are
no more enemies . they became insolent this is scary when they walk under your
window at night it is creepy the town with a population of just under 2,000 is
the main permanent settlement on Novaya Zemlya the archipelago in the Arctic was
used by the USSR for nuclear tests this is the moment a drunk driver tried
to dance his way out of a DUI arrest Christopher Larson 33 was confronted by
a police deputy in holiday Florida who found him sleeping behind the wheel of
his running truck with his foot on the brake
Larson appears to bust out some fancy dance moves to evade arrest but needless
to say the deputy was not impressed according to police Larson was found to
have had a 0.28 blood alcohol content BAC which is triple the legal limit in
Florida which is point zero eight when the officer found the Larson asleep
behind the wheel he knocked on the window and shouted for some time before
he finally woke up according to Fox 13 at that time Larson
seemed disorientated and waved to the police officer the arrest report says
when Larson got out of his truck he did not realize that it was still running
and it began to roll forward the officer was able to jump in just in time to stop
it from hitting a gated was idling in front of the deputy administered a field
sobriety test and asked Larson to complete some simple tasks to
demonstrate his motor control but instead Larson busted a couple moves
this gentleman started to not take it seriously he started dancing and while
some citizens may find that funny we don’t at the sheriff’s office when asked
to walk a straight line Larson begins sidestepping and bouncing
in the manner of a man who is unaware he is about to be taken to jail
the deputy asks Larson if he is complete with the exercise but he just mumbles
and continues his shuffle he was eventually arrested and told the deputy
that he thought he was in Clearwater Florida not Holliday Larson later spoke
with Fox 13 and said he would not call what he in the video dancing and would
not comment on the arrest a collection of five watercolors thought
to be painted by Adolf Hitler have failed to sell at auction
he has feared the works could be fakes after prosecutors seized 63 other
paintings attributed to Hitler from the wilder auction house in Nuremberg to
investigate them last month three other paintings were taken following
complaints about their authenticity the Nuremberg urn ah Krypton newspaper
reported that no bids were received on the paintings which had starting prices
of between nineteen thousand euros sixteen thousand six hundred pounds and
forty five thousand euros thirty-nine thousand three hundred pounds an
investigation was opened and two unidentified individuals on suspicion of
falsifying documents and attempted fraud Nuremberg birth chief prosecutor and
gabriel’s Igor Salk said the auction house did not comment on the
investigation but did say the items will be available for bidding at a later date
if they are real they were painted in the years before Hitler became a
tyrannical dictator responsible for the deaths of more than six million Jewish
people as a young man Hitler is thought to have painted some 2,000 pictures as
he failed to become an artist in Vienna before World War one he was twice
rejected from the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and his works are widely regarded
among art experts as being poor quality the city they were to be sold in was
once used as a show ground for Hitler’s mass rallies and where prominent Nazis
were tried for war crimes in the years after the Second World War also going
under the hammer was a wicker chair emblazoned with a swastika symbol which
he is believed to have owned it also failed to attract a bidder under German
law the use of the Nazi symbol is illegal except for a few circumstances
such as education to get around the law and picture the items the auction house
pixelated the symbols in their brochures the sale sparked anger among politicians
and the public before Rik Mayall II the mayor of Nuremberg accusing it of being
in bad taste in the sewage died in newspaper auctions of hiders paintings
have long been controversial with campaign groups arguing
our right organizations may purchase them to idealize his regime

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